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3,2152021-12-05A-Z British Comedy
7702022-09-17Scottish Football Teams
6842021-10-02British Royal Family
4062022-08-27English Football teams 2022-2023 Season
3912022-07-03British Racecourses
3462018-05-11English Cathedral Cities
3312021-12-31TV UK Detective Series
2822020-12-19A-Z wildlife
2782021-09-24Number One Hits in the UK in the Seventies
2692018-06-30Counties of England in Alphabetical order
2662019-08-30English football teams - 2019-2020 season
2512022-12-01Number One Hits in the UK in the Sixties
2452023-01-01Best British Actors
2412021-11-12British Pop Singers and Bands
2402022-10-22British Royal Family
2322021-08-17100 Best Musicals
1922021-03-30Number One Hits in the UK in the 1980s
1592018-09-28British Literary Classics
1572018-10-04Female Celebrities A-W
1552021-11-27Bond Films
1482021-09-27Watching the Detectives
1472022-09-04Wimbledon Open Winners
1452020-09-14Words in Dicken's Titles
1422022-12-18Countries of the world
1302018-10-20British Wildlife A-Z
1222018-04-25Famous English People A-Z
1172018-09-11Male Celebrities A-Z
1142020-05-09Famous Duos
1132018-05-03English Counties by Size
1122021-02-05A-Z British sports heroes
1112018-08-03Shakespeare Plays
1062020-02-13London tube stations on the Circle line
982020-03-18Famous British Landmarks - A-Z
972022-03-29Oscar Winning Films
952019-08-17Iconic places in the UK
912021-11-27British Coastal Towns
862020-09-26Famous A-Z British Landmarks 2
812018-08-11What the Dickens!
812021-05-12100 Greatest Britons
782018-08-08A-Y Birds to find in Britain
762022-08-27A-Z British Birds
762021-10-06British TV Quiz Shows
702018-05-09Countries taking part in the Football World Cup 2018
672018-07-13A - Z British authors
672020-06-03Carry On
652020-02-14London Tube Stations on the Piccadilly Line
642020-02-14London tube stations on the Central line
642019-10-04Premiership Rugby Union Teams in England
632022-10-30British Prime Ministers
622018-05-10A-Z Pop Groups
582018-04-30A-Z birds
582020-01-08Novels by Jane Austen
572018-05-12British Sports Personalities of the year
522020-06-17Olympic Venues
502018-06-30States of America in Alphabetical Order
492021-11-25USA State Capitals
492021-10-08Films with Food or Drink in their Title
482018-11-04British Statues A-Z (no X)
452018-08-30US States Nicknames
452020-02-13London tube stations on the Jubilee line
432021-12-05Famous people with Double Initials
432020-03-18Literary Heroes and Heroines
412021-09-14Harry Potter Title Words
412021-11-13Who painted??
402020-02-16London Tube stations - District Line
402020-05-12Words in the Harry Potter series Titles
392018-06-11British artists and sculptors
372018-09-21Harry Potter and His Fellow Bookmates
362020-02-16London tube stations on the Bakerloo line
352021-08-09Know your Shakespeare Plays
322018-05-01A-Z flowers
312020-02-13London Tube stations on the Victoria line
312019-09-25Colourful books
302022-01-0920th Century Stars from the UK and Ireland
292021-11-23James Bond music
292022-09-12British Throne Succession
292021-09-28English County Towns
282022-10-09Oscar Winning Best Male Actors
282020-02-16London tube stations on the Metropolitan line
262021-05-30Castles of the UK
262021-11-26A-Z Where in Britain?
252019-09-25British Grand Prix Winners from 1950
242021-10-05Indiana Jones Movies
232021-11-10London tube stations on the Northern Line
222020-06-09Middle Names
222019-09-232019 Rugby World Cup
212021-05-23Alphabetical African Countries
202018-06-30Counties of Ireland
152020-02-16London tube stations on the Hammersmith & City Line
152020-02-13London tube stations on the Waterloo & City line
152020-12-23Twelve Days of Christmas
142021-11-24Wonders of the World
132023-01-15UK National Parks
122018-08-08First Lines and Final Resting Place
72022-10-29Dr. Who
52021-08-26Our feathered friends