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16,3982022-05-04 NHL Hockey Top 50 All-Time Goal Scorers
12,3972022-07-09 #1 NHL Hockey Draft Picks
11,0052019-10-14WWE Intercontinental Champions
2,3212013-04-26WCW World Heavyweight Champions
2,2492018-04-15NHL All Time wins (goalie)
2,1392017-08-07Canada Facts
1,8322017-08-07Name that Wrestler
1,5632013-04-28ECW World Heavyweight Champions
1,4852018-04-15NHL All-Time Career Shutouts
1,4202012-11-29Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Series Characters
1,1852017-08-14Canadian Major Junior Hockey Teams
1,1532013-06-17Top 100 PS3 game units sold
9562018-04-15NHL All-Time Games Played by a goalie
7192013-03-23Saturday Morning Cartoons 1990-1995
4352012-06-23Detroit Red Wings Records
4112012-06-21Boston Bruins Records
4022012-08-26Famous people named Jack
3192012-06-23Edmonton Oilers Records
2692017-08-141990s Nickelodeon Cartoons
2672012-06-21Colorado Avalanche Records
2632015-04-11Retired Atlantic Hurricane Names
2212017-08-10MLB One Team Hall of Fame Players
2032012-06-21Chicago Blackhawks Records
1822012-06-21Buffalo Sabres Records
1692012-06-21Anaheim Ducks Records
1372012-06-21Calgary Flames Records
1172012-06-21Dallas Stars Records
1032017-08-10NBA One Team Hall of Famers
992017-08-07NHL All Time Power Play Goals leaders
972012-06-23Los Angeles Kings Records
952014-05-13Columbus Blue Jackets Records
882018-04-15Wrestlemania Cities
792012-06-21Carolina Hurricanes Records
782017-08-14US Game Shows by Host!
732017-08-07Multiple Time Inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
642012-06-23Florida Panthers Records
632012-08-20Cloud Types
582018-04-162017 Top 25 Highest Earning Musicians in the World
372017-08-09Name that Brand!
362017-08-07NHL All Time Penalty Minutes Leaders
322018-04-15Forbes 2017 Top 25 highest paid athletes in the world
302017-08-07Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions
102012-06-25Minnisota Wild Records
82018-04-15Top 15 most popular google keyword searches