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How much do you know about Nintendo? Feel free to send me questions and answers about Nintendo to add to the quiz. I especially need some more about Nintendo games and characters.
Quiz by Roflknife34
Last updated: June 3, 2012
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What year was Nintendo founded?
What country was Nintedo founded in?
What is the FIRST Nintendo game to be produced?
Laser Clay Shooting System
What year did Nintedo start developing video games?
Who is the "mastermind" behind Nintendo's successful game production?
Shigeru Miyamoto
What was the first line of consoles Nintedo produced?
Color TV Game
What was Nintedo's first extremely successful video game?
Donkey Kong
What was Nintendo's first handheld video game?
Game & Watch
What was the Japanese version of the NES called?
What year was the NES realeased in North America?
What is the name of the oiriginal Mario arcade game?
Mario Bros.
Roughly, how many million copies of Super Mario Bros were sold?
What is Nintendo's best selling handheld console of all time?
Nintendo DS
What bit console what the SNES?
What console did Nintedo produce in an attempt to create virtual reality?
Virtual Boy
What was Nintendo's slogan before the release of the N64?
Play It Now
What add on to the N64 allowed the player to feel vibrations?
Rumble Pak
What year was the N64 released in North America?
What console did Nintedo release in 2006
What is the name of the next console Nintendo plans on releasing?
Wii U
How many Zelda games have there been to date? (2012)
How many games in the Metriod series to date? (2012)
What is Luigi's full name?
Luigi Mario
How old is Mario? (Actual age)
Who is Wario's brother?
Who is Princess Peach's cousin?
What is the name of the female member of the DK crew?
Tiny Kong
What game does the term "I AM ERROR" come from?
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Which game in the Legend of Zelda series do we discover Ganondorf?
The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time
What is Ganondorfs last name?
In Super Mario Galaxy 1, what comet forces you to race against a dark version of yourself?
Cosmic Comet
What game is the sequal to Paper Mario?
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Level 8
Feb 5, 2014
A lot of these facts are blatantly wrong. First of all I am error come from Legend of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. I know because I've played it. Nintendo's slogan was not "Play it now." it was "Now you're playing with power." Luigi Mario was a term coined from the Hollywood movie and has been said to be not true by Nintendo. And finally there a many female members of the DK crew and Tiny Kong was actually the second. But other than the many mistakes this is a good quiz and if it is fixed this is probably one of the best Nintendo quizzes on Jetpunk.
Level 20
Nov 1, 2015
this is full of wrong and non-canon facts
Level 59
Nov 23, 2017
Daisy is not Peach’s cousin and Waluigi is not Wario’s brother
Level 61
Feb 14, 2020
Please update and fix this
Level 55
Apr 15, 2021
this is so wrong.
Level 34
Aug 1, 2022
In the 2nd question, Nintendo is written Nintedo. Please correct this.