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Enter an answer into the box. This is my quiz dedicated to all things Eurovision including winning songs and artists past to present (as of 2017) ,competing countries and trivia. Hope you enjoy playing and as always all comments and suggestions welcome. Thank you for playing x
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: February 27, 2020
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What is Eurovision short for?
Eurovision Song Contest
In which month is Eurovision held annually?
Eurovision is broadcast by which European organisation? (initials)
In what year did Eurovision begin?
Eurovision is based on which Italian music festival?
The Eurovision theme tune is Marc Antoine Charpentier's prelude to what?
Te Deum
2017 is the what annual Eurovision Song Contest?
Eurovision is watched by countries all over the world including Australia,Canada,China,Japan but is it watched in the United States? Yes Or No
In which year was Australia allowed to compete for the first time?
Which anniversary was Eurovision celebrating in this year which is the reason they were allowed to compete?
Is Australia still allowed to compete in 2017? Yes Or No
In which year was Eurovision first broadcast over the internet?
Which country holds the record for winning the most times?
And how many times have this country won the contest?
Which country as of 2016 holds the record for the highest number of winning votes?
On what date was the first Eurovision song contest?
24th May
Which country hosted and won the first Eurovision Song Contest
Which town in this country was the first Eurovision held in?
How many countries took part in the first Eurovision Song Contest?
In which year did the UK make their Eurovision debut?
Which Western Asian country is a member of the European Union and so participates in Eurovision?
Which Northern African country made their Eurovision debut in 1980?
Which other Asian country made their Eurovision debut in 1973?
In which year did the broadcasters decide to use a theme or slogan?
How many countries participated in Eurovision in the final in 2016?
And how many countries submitted entries that year?
Since 2002 the UK France Germany and which other country automatically qualify for the final?
Which country made a return to Eurovision after a 14 year absence and automatically qualified for the final in 2011?
Which country withdrew from the contest in 2013 because they had a problem with the new voting system?
In which year was the sem-final stage introduced?
Which successful band launched their career by winning Eurovision in 1974 for Sweden?
Which Canadian singer won the contest in 1988 for Switzerland?
Celine Dion
How many times have the UK won Eurovision?
What is the name of the Irish performer who is the only one who has won more than once?
Johnny Logan
In which year was Eurovision first held in London?
Which other language is Eurovision broadcast in?
In which year was Irelands entry sung in Irish for the first and only time in the history of Eurovision?
What was the title of the song who won Eurovision for the UK for the first time in 1967?
Puppet On A String
And who sang this song?
Sandie Shaw
Which UK male solo artist competed in Eurovision twice?
Cliff Richard
And what was the title of the song this singer came second in Eurovision with in 1968?
Who sang 'Boom Bang A Bang' for the UK at Eurovision in 1969?
What was the title of the song sung by The New Seekers for the UK in 1972?
Beg Steal Or Borrow
Despite being Australian which Grease actress represenyed the UK in 1974 with 'Long Live Love'?
Olivia Newton John
With which song did the UK win Eurovision in 1976?
Save Your Kisses For Me
And what was the name of the group who sang this?
Brotherhood Of Man
What was the title of the song that won Eurovision for Ireland for the first time in 1970?
All Kinds Of Everything
And who sang this song?
With which did ABBA win for Sweden in 1974?
Which item of clothing was ripped off during Bucks Fizz's winning song in 1981?
What was the title of this song?
Making Your Mind Up
In which UK Yorkshire Spa Town was Eurovision held in April 1982?
Which Eastenders actress represented the UK in 1991 with 'A Message To Your Heart'?
Samantha Janus
Which famous West End star sang 'One Step Out Of Time' for the UK in 1992?
Michael Ball
Sonia represented the UK in 1993 with which song?
Better The Devil You Know
What is the song title of the UK 1995 entry these lyrics are from 'in the morning when the sun shines down on your body yeah were really making love now'?
Love City Groove
Who wanted 'Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit' in 1996?
Gina G
What was the song title of the UK's last winning entry in 1997?
Love Shine A Light
And which band sang this?
Katrina & The Waves
Who won in 1998 for Israel with 'Diva'?
Dana International
Which girlband represented the UK in 1999?
Where did Charlotte Nilsson want you to take her in 1999 winning the contest for Sweden?
Which Danish group won in 2000 with 'Fly On The Wings Of Love'?
Olsen Brothers
In what year did the UK receive nil points for their song 'Cry Baby'?
And what was the name of the awful singing duo who sang this song?
Who won for Ukraine in 2004 with their 'Wild Dances' and returned to entertain the crowds at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest?
Who rapped about 'Teenage Life' for the UK in 2006?
Daz Sampson
Which country were Lordi representing when they won in 2006?
And what was the name of their song?
Hard Rock Hallelujah
Which country sang that they were 'the winners of Eurovision' in that same year?
What were Scooch 'Flying' for the UK all over the world in 2007?
Who became a German superstar overnight when she won Eurovision for Germany in 2010 with 'Satellite'?
Which boyband sang 'I Can' for the UK in 2011?
Which country were 'Running Scared' in 2011 for their first and only win ?
Which Irish pair represented Ireland in 2011 and 2012 consecutively?
Who sang about 'Love Will Set You Free' for the UK in 2012?
Engelbert Humperdinck
Which winning 2012 Eurovision song sung by Loreen for Sweden was one of the biggest dance hits of the year in the UK and beyond?
What was the name of the Welsh power ballad songstress who sang for the UK in 2012?
Bonnie Tyler
And what was the title of her song?
Believe In Me
Which bearded lady won Eurovision for Austria in 2014?
Conchita Wurst
And what was the title of her winning song?
Rise Like A Phoenix
What was the name of the singer who wrote and performed Australias Eurovision debut in 2015?
Guy Sebastian
And what was the title of the song?
Tonight Again
Which was the last year Sweden won Eurovision?
What year did Jamala sing about to bring the Eurovision win home for Ukraine in 2016?
Which former member of Westlife represented Ireland at Eurovision 2016?
Nicky Byrne
And what was the title of their song?
In which position did Australia finish at Eurovision 2016 with the song ' Sound Of Silence'?
Which country won the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest?
Which X Factor star represented the UK in Eurovision 2017?
Lucie Jones
Which countrys song featured a mixture of yodelling and rap in Eurovision 2017?
Which country announced they would no longer be taking part in Eurovision as of 2018?
Level 53
May 15, 2017
very nice quizz. would suggest using yellow boxes though, as some answers are given away by typing answers to other questions
Level 76
Oct 3, 2018
Spain won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1968 not the UK. Cliff Richard came 2nd that year. The winning Spanish entry was entitled "La La La" and was sung by Massiel.
Level 25
Jan 23, 2020
Du you know what? I got a WRONG for saying "Save your kisses for me", and that´s the real name of the song who won Eurovision song contest for the United Kingdom 1976, NOT "Save ALL your kisses for me".

Shit quiz.