Fictional Places in the UK and Ireland in Alphabetical Order

Here is my quiz featuring clues to fictional places in the UK and Ireland all you have to do is name the place. The quiz includes fictional places featured in books,films and TV shows.For your convenience I have put them in alphabetical order. Thanks for playing. All comments and suggestions welcome
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: January 6, 2020
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Multi-Cultural Town near Halifax West Yorkshire with a famous High School where two teenage girls put the world to rights sat in a skip
Ackley Bridge
Village set in the 1960s in the North Riding of Yorkshire where 'Heartbeat' is set
Housing Estate in e20 where the Eastenders live and Arthur's bench can be found
Albert Square
Local Shop in Yorkshire that a grumpy,money-grabbing shopkeeper and his bumbling assistant run that is 'Open All Hours'
Fortress on an island in the North Sea that serves as the prison for evil witches and wizards
Street in London that does actually exist where the home of a famous detective can be found
Baker Street
Small island in Scotland with multi-coloured houses featured on a preschool children's TV show
Town in the UK where comic characters like Dennis The Menace and Minnie The Minx live
Yorkshire village which was the original name of a famous village in a British soap opera where an aeroplane crashed in 1994 killing some of its residents
Town in which the BBC Radio 4 series 'The Archers' is set
Coastal town in Dorset where a young boy was murdered causing a media frenzy to affect the town's residents
Street in a suburb of Liverpool where a British Soap Opera was based and where a resident was murdered and buried under a patio
All-Girls Magic School where 'The Worst Witch' books are set
Cackle's Academy
Market Town in Wiltshire near 'Lark Rise' where Flora Thompson's memoirs are set which was adapted into a drama by the BBC
London Suburb where the short-lived British Soap Opera 'Family Affairs' was based
Fictional Village where Mr Blobby lived
Crinkley Bottom
Fictional Motel in the Midlands where a British Soap Opera of the same name was set
Town situated near Bristol where 'A Touch Of Frost' is based
Street somewhere in London where Magical Folk buy their pets,clothing,wands and other supplies
Diagon Alley
Village in Oxfordshire where the residents are shocked to find that their new vicar is a woman and hilarity ensues
Public House in Hollyoaks Village
The Dog In The Pond
Large Stately Home where the Crawley family reside
Downton Abbey
Scottish Kingdom where the Disney Princess Merida lives in the castle with her family
Borough in Suffolk where Blackadder The Third is set
English Village where 'Hellboy' is set
East Bromwich
Suburb of Scarborough where St Aidan's Royal Free Hospital is located
Village in Yorkshire where a popular soap opera of the same name is set which was originally named after a farm that was located in the village
Town in County Durham where the film musical 'Billy Elliott' is set
Public House in Manchester made reference to a number of times by the members of 'The Royle Family'
The Feathers
Warehouse owned by the company Ebeneezer Scrooge worked as an apprentice for
Public House in Fingus where Mrs Brown and her family drink
Supermarket where many a Coronation Street resident has worked
Village in the West Country where Harry Potter was born and his parents were murdered
Godrics Hollow
Stately Home in Buckinghamshire were a shooting party leads to a murder
Gosford Park
Name of the Department Store where you would hear 'I'm Free'
Grace Brothers
Village in Cheshire where the men were sent to fight in World War II and the women were left to keep their livelihoods going where 'Home Fires' is based
Great Paxford
Large Village in Cumbria where Postman Pat lives
House in London which serves as the Headquarters of the Order Of The Phoenix
Grimmauld Place
Wizarding Bank situated on a magical shopping parade somewhere in London
City in the Midlands where 'Dream Team' is set
The only all-wizarding town in Britain situated in the Scottish Highlands
The British school of Witchcraft and Wizardry also set in the Scottish Highlands
City near Bristol where two famous medical dramas are set
Borough of Chester where a British soap opera about the lives of students and residents is set
Name of Rita's corner shop in Coronation Street
Village in The Cotswolds where the local priest Father Brown is also a detective
Coastal village in Scotland where Tintin is based
Village where the Crossroads Motel is located
Kings Oak
Town on the estuary of the River Els where the main station of Thomas The Tank Engine is set
Women's prison where evil prison officer Jim Fenner finally met his maker
Town near Birmingham where Mill Health Centre is located
Town in Surrey where Harry Potter grew up with his Muggle Aunt and Uncle and Cousin
Little Whinging
Town where 'On The Buses' is set
Holiday Camp in Essex where the guests said 'Hi-De-Hi'
Seaside Kiosk on Barry Island where Stacey worked
Town in Norfolk where 'Kingdom' is set
Market Shipborough
Farm in the Lake District where a rabbit steals radishes by avoiding capture by the evil owner who wants to cook him in a pie
Town in the Midlands where a novel of the same name by George Eliot is set
Town in Oxfordshire which is famous for people being murdered
Railway Station where 'The Railway Children' was set
Suburb of Greater Manchester where a drama of the same name centering around the Johnsons took place
Mount Pleasant
Public House in Peckham where Delboy Trotter can often be seen drinking with his mates
The Nags Head
Tower Block in Peckham named after a famous South African President where The Trotter family resided
Nelson Mandela House
Village where Rupert Bear and his friends lived
Wandmakers Shop on the Magical Street situated somewhere in London where Harry Potter purchased his first wand
Village in Devon where The Wealeys live in The Burrow
Ottery St Catchpole
Country Estate owned by The Darcy family
Village where the Rawlins children were evacuated from London to and met a witch with a magic bedknob
Pepperinge Eye
Platform in Kings Cross station where you would board the Hogwarts Express
Platform 9 3/4
Welsh village where Fireman Sam lives
Cornish Fishing Village where 'Doc Martin' is set
Street in Surrey where Harry Potter grew up in a cupboard under the stairs
Privet Drive
Public House where many Eastenders have lived,worked and died
The Queen Vic
Corner Shop run by a jolly Asian man who features in David Walliams' books
Town in Glasgow where a BBC Drama series of the same name is based
River City
Seaside City in Scotland where the children's TV Show 'Me Too' is set
Public House where the residents of Coronation Street like to drink
The Rovers Return
The cafe also near Coronation Street
Roys Rolls
Town in Cumbria where 'The League Of Gentlemen' is set
Royston Vasey
Seaside Town in Somerset where Jane Austen's unfinished novel is set
Legendary place in Nottinghamshire that actually exists where Robin Hood lived
Sherwood Forest
The most haunted place in Britain according to J.K Rowling
The Shrieking Shack
Yorkshire Town where the drama 'Where The Heart Is' was set
Prison in Hertfordshire where Norman Stanley Fletcher carried out his 'Porridge'
Island off the coast of Cumbria where Thomas The Tank Engine works
Hospital for Magical Maladies And Injuries located in London
St Mungos
Seaside town in Suffolk where 'Grandpa In My Pocket' is set
Manor House in Berkshire near the River Bank where Toad lives
Toad Hall
Part of London where Doctor Who and its spin-off is based
Village in England where Hugh,Pugh,Barney McGrew,Cuthbert,Dibble and Bob live
Farm in Yorkshire where the nasty owners wanted to kill chickens to make dog food
Tweedys Farm
Village in Yorkshire where St Oswalds Home For Old Witches and Wizards can be found
Upper Flagley
Posh Restaurant found at a junction of Coronation Street
Viaduct Bistro
Borough of London where the Eastenders live
Seaside Resort in Norfolk where the Home Guard of 'Dads Army' could be found
Walmington On Sea
Town in Salford Greater Manchester where the residents of Coronation Street live
New Town in Hampshire with a famous Leisure Centre with an idiot called Gordon Brittas as a manager
Tavern in London that is a frequent haunt for Shaun and Ed much to his girlfriend Liz's annoyance
The Winchester
Public House in Yorkshire where the residents of Emmerdale meet to share a drink
The Woolpack
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Dec 30, 2019
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