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My first Quiz about my favourite ever TV show all questions are my own all names must be their FULL names to count. Thank you for taking this quiz hope you enjoy it!
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: November 10, 2017
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What was Rachel wearing in the pilot episode?
Wedding dress
What was the name of Ross first wife and her lesbian life partner?
Carol and Susan
How did Monica get her revenge on Paul The Wine Guy?
Broke his watch
What did Phoebe find her can of soda?
What part of Al Pacinos body did Joey land a role as a stunt double?
Which model did Chandler get trapped in an ATM vestibule with during the blackout?
Jill Goodacre
What was the name of the East German laundry detergent?
What was Ross pet monkey called?
What was Marcel's favourite song?
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Who did Ross kiss much to Chandlers disgust in Season 1? (Full name please)
Nora Bing
Whos private parts did Monica end up walking in and seeing during the 'Boobies' episode?
Joeys Dads
What word did the stoned guy keep repeating until it last all meaning?
Who won at poker?
What game where the gang playing where there was a plate throwing incident?
What did Monica say her name was to the Fake Monica?
What did Ross buy Rachel that made her realise how he felt about her?
What was the name of Ross girlfriend he came back from his trip with in Season 2?
Finish this quote from Ross 'Hey Hey im your Daddy im the one without any ...?
What did Rachel take from Mr Heckles apartment after he died?
Where did Chandler and Joey leave Ben while they were babysitting?
What strange item did people have to wear at Phoebes Grandmas funeral?
3D glasses
What did Phoebe tell her Dad Frank her Grandma had left him in her will?
What was the name of the Ross look-a-like Rachel dated in Season 2?
What team does Joey support?
The Knicks
What sea creature did Phoebe compare Ross and Rachels relationship to?
Where did Ross and Rachel spend their first night together?
Who was going to take Rachel to her High School prom when her date failed to show up?
What was the name of Chandlers new roommate when Joey moved out and what was his pet?
Eddie Goldfish
How did they kill off Dr Drake Ramoray?
Fell down an elevator shaft
What was one of the films Phoebes mom never let her watch to the end and the name of an episode in Season 2?
Old Yeller
What of Chandlers did the bullies take?
Why did Rachel have to have 2 birthday parties?
Parents fighting
What did Phoebe have when her military lover came to visit?
Chicken pox
What was the name of Rachels best friend who ended up marrying her ex fiance?
Who did Ross accidentally fantasise about wearing the Princess Leia costume?
What did Joey do to get back at Chandler for sitting in the chair?
Put on all his clothes
What got spilt on Phoebes dress?
What did Monica make as the opposite to having a man?
What were the two stocks Monica chose to invest in?
What does Frank Jr like to do?
Melt things
What type of bed did Monica end up with as a mistake?
Race car bed
Who did the gang make the giant poking device for?
Ugly naked guy
Who told Rachel about Ross sleeping with Chloe?
And who told him?
What was the name of the troll doll trophy Monica and Ross played for in the Football game?
The Gellar Cup
Whose jersey got ripped during the football game?
What did Ross get hit in the face by at a sports game?
Hockey puck
What kind of trip does Rachel and her family take?
Ski trip
Which of Joeys sisters did Chandler fool around with?
Mary Angela
Who was Ross obsessively jealous of when Rachel started her job at Bloomingdales?
What body part does Rachel hate being touched?
What were Ross and Rachel going to go out for before they went on a break?
Frozen Yogurt
What was the name of Phoebes ex singing partner?
Why did Chandler start listening to a hypnosis tape?
stop smoking
What did Phoebe give Chandler to stop him smoking?
$1000 and a football phone
What was written on the tiny t-shirt?
Where did the fire start in Phoebes dollhouse?
Aroma room
What did Joey and Chandler have as pets?
Chick and a Duck
Which actor played Rachels date nicknamed The Screamer?
Ben Stiller
What was the name of Julia Roberts character on the show?
Susie Moss
Who had a third nipple?
What was the name of Monicas billionaire boyfriend who wanted to become the Ultimate Fighting Champion?
Pete Becker
What game did Joey want to play at the beach?
Strip Poker
What was Phoebes birth mothers hobbies?
Pottery and erotica
What happened to Monica at the beach?
Jellyfish sting
What was the name of the bald girl?
How many pages was Rachels letter to Ross?
18 front and back
What did Rachel call her pet sphinx cat?
Mrs Whiskerson
Who taught Joey how to ballroom dance?
Mr Treeger
Which of these items were not one of the presents given by Joey and Chandler to the rest of the gang during one episode? (Wiper blades,condoms,cans of soda,toilet seat covers and a car air freshener)
Car air freshener
What did Chandler get for Kathy for her birthday?
Velveteen Rabbit book
And what did Joey get her?
Clock pen
According to Monica how many erogenous zones are there?
What was the name of the guy Chandler and Ross like to party with when he comes into town?
Complete this line from Phoebes song to the embryos... 'Are you in there little foetus? In 9 months will you come greet us,I will buy you some...'
Where do Ross and Emily end up on their first date?
What was the name of Rachels client she developed a crush on and dated for a while?
What nickname does Ross have for when he gets angry and when he plays rugby in one episode?
Red Ross
What does Rachel dress up as at the fake party for Emily?
What name is written on the TV guide?
Ms Chanandler Bong
What is Rachels favourite movie?
Weekend at Bernies
Who does Joey think stole Ross' ring?
What did Joshua have a phobia of?
Farm birds
What were Emilys parents names?
Stephen and Andrea Waltham
And who played them?
Tom Conti and Jennifer Saunders
Which two famous Brits did Joey meet while in London?
Fergie and Richard Branson
What TV show did Joey watch while in London that made him homesick?
Which actor did Rachel sit next to on the plane to London to stop Ross marrying Emily?
Hugh Laurie
How did Emily escape from her wedding reception?
Bathroom window
What did Phoebe say Chandler should change his name to?
Who did Phoebes doctor have an obsession with?
What did Frank and Alice call their triplets?
Frank Jr Jr, Leslie and Chandler
Which TV network does Phoebe hate?
Who did Rachel and Monica fog in the basement as they thought he was a Yeti?
What does Chandler eat for Thanksgiving dinner?
Mac and Cheese
What game did Chandler and Joey invent?
What of Ross possessions annoys Chandler the most when he moves in with him and Joey?
Air Purifier
What does Ross call his leftover sandwich?
How does Chandlers boss like to greet him much to Chandlers annoyance?
Smacks his butt and shouts Bing!
What was Monicas New Years Resolution in Season 5?
Take more photos
What sport do Monica and Chandler play with his boss and his wife?
What does Rachel give Joey to help him with his audition?
Man bag
Who finds out first about Monica and Chandler?
What is the name of Joeys secret penguin pal?
How does Rachel find out about Monica and Chandler?
Overhears them on the phone
What does Phoebe do after she finds out about Monica and Chandler?
Tries to seduce Chandler
Why was Ross put on sabbatical from work?
What was the name of the girl who hits Joey?
What did Ross send to Ugly Naked Guy to try and get his apartment?
Mini muffins
What is the name of the cop Phoebe impersonates and ends up dating?
And why do they break up after moving in together?
He shoots a bird
What did Joey dive to save when a car backfired on the ride-along in Garys cop car?
Who does Ross try to flirt with?
Pizza delivery girl
What does Joey dress up as in a casino when his movie gets shut down?
What is Phoebes alter-ego?
Regina Phalange
What table does Monica play in Vegas and keeps winning?
What does Joey find he has in common with a croupier in Vegas?
Identical hands
What food do Rachel and Ross eat a lot of before they got drunkenly wed in Vegas?
What condition does Joey end up with after he loses his health insurance?
What type of car does Joey pretend he owns to impress women?
Who does Rachel move in with after Chandler and Monica decide to live together?
What are the names of Ross and Monicas parents?
Jack and Judy Gellar
Why does Rachel not want to run with Phoebe?
Its embarassing
What does Ross do to change his appearance that goes horribly wrong during Season 6?
Whitens his teeth
Who got high in college?
What was the name of Joeys roommate played by Elle Macpherson and what was her profession?
Janine a dancer
Which furniture store does Phoebe hate?
Pottery Barn
Whos joke got published in Playboy?
Name Rachels sisters
Jill and Amy
What does Ross say is unagi?
A state of total awareness
And what does Rachel say it is?
Who made the mix tape Chandler gave to Monica as a gift?
What is the name of the student Ross dates?
And what is the name of her father who Rachel dates?
Paul Stevens
What game does Chandler invent as a way of secretly giving Joey money?
What is the name of the TV show Joey gets a lead role in alongside a robot?
Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E
What does Chandler find at Richards apartment with Monicas name on?
video tape
Which two books do Joey and Rachel swap reading?
The Shining and Little Women
Where does Joey hide the book when he gets scared or upset?
What is the name of Rachels young hot assistant?
Who are the nap partners?
Joey and Ross
Which animal is Chandler afraid of?
Which fruit is Ross allergic to?
What do Ross Chandler and Joey dress up as for Ben? (In this order)
Holiday Armadillo Santa and Superman
What type of dessert did Rachel and Chandler steal from their neighbour?
What was Joeys nickname for his chair?
What was Tags present to Rachel for her 30th birthday?
Who got drunk on their 30th birthday?
What was Phoebes twin sisters name and her occupation?
Ursula Waitress
What was Mikes girlfriend called?
Why did Monica really go to Chandler and Joeys room in London?
To sleep with Joey
What type of award did Joey get nominated for?
Who was responsible for the fire at Phoebe and Rachels apartment?
What was the name of Ross and Monicas cousin?
What is Chandlers Dads stage name?
Helena Handbasket
And what is his proper name?
Charles Bing
Who did Ross threaten to hunt down and kick their ass?
What did Joey wear to Monica and Chandlers wedding?
WWII movie costume
What was the name of the woman Ross chats up at that wedding?
Joey has unusually small what?
What item of clothing was the father of Rachels baby wearing?
Red sweater
What did Monica and Chandler dress up as for the Halloween party?
Catwoman and a Bunny
What did Joey dress up as for the Halloween party?
Who was Ross supposed to be dressed as at the Halloween party?
What was the name of Ursulas boyfriend who started dating Phoebe?
Where did Monicas jeans that she thought the maid had stolen have a stain?
Who was the co founder of the I Hate Rachel Green club alongside Ross?
Will Colbert
What was the rumor about Rachel that they spread around high school?
She had a teeny weeny
What did Chandler take into the bath with him to make it more manly?
A boat
Who did Rachel tell Joey was trying to steal her baby?
Her boss Mr Zelner
What did Chandler think was in Monicas secret closet?
Which magazine did Joey have an interview for?
Soap Opera Digest
Who did Monica and Phoebe forget to invite to Rachels baby shower?
Who is in labour at the same hospital as Rachel?
Monica and Joey attend which two classes together?
Cooking and Acting
What is the name of Emmas paediatrician?
Dr Weiner
What does Monica think turns Chandler on?
Shark porn
What was the name of the male nanny and who played him?
Sandy Freddie Prince Jr
Which song made Emma laugh?
Baby Got Back
How did Phoebe meet Mike?
Blind date
Which song did Monica perform on stage at the piano bar?
Delta Dawn
Who mugged Ross when he was younger and what did they take?
Phoebe His Science boy comic
Where did Joey hold his secret soap opera parties?
On the roof
What was the name of the girl who decided to give her baby to Monica and Chandler to adopt?
What did Monica have put in her hair in Barbados to tame it?
Who proposed to Phoebe in Barbados?
Mike and David
Where did David move to when he broke Phoebes heart?
Who ends up kissing in Barbados? (Two couples)
Joey and Rachel and Ross and Charlie
What does Ross say when he finds out about Joey and Rachel?
Im Fine
To prove it Ross cooks what dish for dinner with them and Charlie?
What was Emmas first birthday cake supposed to be of?
How does Ross count up to 5?
What happens to Emma when Amy babysits her?
She gets her ears pierced
Why were Rachel and Phoebe late for Thanksgiving dinner at Monicas?
They took Emma to a beauty pageant
What did Rachel put in the trifle that wasnt supposed to be in it?
Beef sauted with peas and onions
Which actor played the stripper who cried?
Danny De Vito
What happened on Phoebe and Mikes wedding day?
It snowed
What two skills did Joey try to learn but failed to do so in 2 episodes?
To play Guitar and speak French
What did Phoebe want to change her name to?
Princess Consuela Bananahammock
What did Mike say he would change his name to if she did?
Crap Bag
What was the name of Joeys agent who dies in Season10?
Estelle Leonard
Who was the only person Rachel couldnt say goodbye to because it was too hard?
What did Chandler and Monica name their twins?
Jack and Erica
Did Rachel get off the plane in the last episode?
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