Quiz All About Easter

Enter an answer into the box. Questions all about Easter including questions about films,religions,myths,traditions and of course chocolate! Hope you enjoy all comments or suggestions about this or any other of my quizzes always greatly received thank you xx
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: November 6, 2017
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What is the period leading up to Easter called where people traditionally give up something?
How long does this period last for?
40 days and 40 nights
What day in the Christian calendar does this period traditionally begin on?
Ash Wednesday
What is the day called that comes before this day (traditional name)?
Shrove Tuesday
In the UK this day is known by another name what is it?
Pancake Day
What is the Sunday before Easter also known as in the Christian faith?
Palm Sunday
In the Christian faith Easter celebrates the death and resurrection of who?
Jesus Christ
How many disciples did this person have as written in The Bible?
Which one of these disciples betrayed that person and led him to be crucified?
Judas Escariot
Who ordered for the crucifixtion of Christ as written in The Bible?
Pontius Pilate
What is the special day known as to Christians when he was crucified and is a bank holiday in the UK?
Good Friday
What did he have to carry on his back to the place where he died?
Wooden Cross
What was the name of the hill where this item was placed and where he died?
Which parts of his body where nailed to this item?
Hands and Feet
He had to wear a crown of what?
After he died he was placed in a tomb wrapped in a cloth which is called a what?
According to The Bible he rose again on what day?
Easter Sunday
Who visited his tomb on Easter Sunday to find it empty?
Mary Magdalene
Christians believe that he died so that they may be forgiven for their what?
In the Jewish faith a festival is celebrated around the same time as Easter what is this called?
Who is said to visit homes delivering chocolate eggs at Easter?
Easter Bunny
What other animal is shown on Easter cards and made as gifts as they are usually born at this time of year?
Easter falls in what season in the UK?
Children traditionally decorate what type of egg at Easter?
Hard boiled egg
What do children like to take part in during Easter carrying baskets?
Easter Egg Hunts
What do they make to wear on their heads?
Easter bonnets
What is the name of the chocolate eggs only usually brought out at Easter by Cadburys?
Creme Eggs
Which confectionary company make the gold chocolate bunny with a little bell?
Which sweet company often release a special bag of jelly sweets for Easter?
Which company are responsible for making chocolate kisses?
What do you call the marshmallow treat sold in the U.S that is quite popular at Easter?
What other jelly candy is said to be pooped out by the Easter bunny?
Jelly Beans
What is traditionally eaten for dinner in the UK on Good Friday?
Fish and Chips
What is the name of the Disney film about a girl who follows a rabbit down a hole?
Alice In Wonderland
What is the name of the comedy film released in 2011 about a rabbit who wants to join a rock band as a drummer rather than be like his dad?
Name the animated film that features the Easter Bunny and his fellow mythological friends who try to stop Pitch Black from covering the world in darkness?
Rise of The Guardians
What is the name of the animated film based on a book about a group of rabbits who escape their homes and their search for a new one?
Watership Down
Name the British religious comedy satire film which is one of the Monty Python series
Life Of Brian
What is the name of the Oscar winning 1959 film based on The Tale Of Christ?
Ben Hur
What is the famous musical based on Jesus' life called?
Jesus Christ Superstar
Which chocolate-themed Roald Dahl book has been adapted twice to make two successful films?
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
What is the name of the clay-mation film about a man and his dog trying to catch rabbits?
Wallace And Gromit The Curse Of The Were Rabbit
Name the Biblical epic filmed written and directed by Mel Gibson
The Passion Of The Christ
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