Quiz All About The Film Love Actually

Enter an answer into the box. All questions are related to the British romcom Love Actually which is one of my favourite films ever! Happy quizzing please leave any comments or suggestions n thanx for playing x
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: November 8, 2017
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In what year was Love Actually released in the UK?
Which English city was the film set in?
Which UK holiday do the storylines in the film centre around?
Which actor is narrating the beginning of the film?
Hugh Grant
Which UK airport does he talk about during this voiceover?
Complete this quote ' Love actually is ....'
All around
What was the name of the ageing rockstar who was trying to make a comeback?
Billy Mack
And which actor played him?
Bill Nighy
What was the full title of the song he recorded to release in a bid to get Christmas No.1?
Christmas Is All Around
Which band recorded the song 'Love Is All Around' which this song was based on?
The Troggs
How many backing singers did he have in the studio?
What was the name of this singer's long-suffering manager?
And which Scottish actor played him?
Gregor Fisher
At the start of the film how many weeks were there till Christmas?
What was the name of the married managing director of the design agency where a few of the other characters worked?
And which actor played him?
Alan Rickman
What was his wife called?
And which British actress played her?
Emma Thompson
What were the names of their two children?
Daisy and Bernie
In one scene we saw one of these children tell their mother they won the part of what in the school's nativity play? (be specific)
First lobster
What was the name of the male body double who was seen simulating sex scenes for a film multiple times?
And which British comedy actor played him?
Martin Freeman
What was the name of the female body double who simulated sex with him for a film?
And which actress portrayed her?
Joanna Page
What was the name of Great Britain's newly-elected Prime Minister in the film?
What relation was he to Karen?
Complete the address of the UK Prime Minister as seen in the film No.10....?
Downing Street
What was the man who is in charge of everything at No.10 ?
What was the name of the housekeeper at No.10?
What was the name of the new member of household staff at No.10?
Which British soap actress played her?
Martine McCutcheon
What was the name of the couple who got married on the film?
Peter and Juliet
The bride was portrayed by which famous British actress?
Keira Knightley
What was the name of the groom's best man who filmed the wedding?
Which actor played him?
Andrew Lincoln
The best man surprised the bride and groom with a choir and a singer who sang which Beatles song?
All You Need Is Love
A band was hidden in the guests at the wedding ceremony it consisted of people playing instruments including trumpets,flutes,trombones and which other instrument?
And another person was hiding behind the pulpit in the church which instrument did he play?
What was the name of the writer who's girlfriend cheated on him with his brother?
Which famous British actor portrayed him?
Colin Firth
Which excuse did his brother give him for being in his house with his girlfriend while he was at the wedding? He was borrowing what?
At the wedding reception what was the name of the guy serving food and flirting with women?
Colin Frissell
Which British comedy actor played him?
Kris Marshall
This person describes himself as a God of what?
He describes the food on the tray as dodgy and looking like what part of a baby?
What was the name of the lady he tells this to who catered the reception?
What was the name of his best friend who was also an assistant on the movie that the body doubles were being filmed for?
How did Colin describe English girls to this person?
Stuck up
John tells Judy he was a body double for Brad Pitt in which film?
7 Years in Tibet
Which road junction did he say was total gridlock on his way into work that day?
What was the name of the recently widowed stepdad?
Which famous British Hollywood star portrayed him?
Liam Neeson
What was the name of his stepson?
What was the name of his wife whose funeral we see in the film?
Which famous model did this person suggest her husband bring as his date to her funeral?
Claudia Schiffer
Which Bay City Rollers song did she choose to say her final farewell at her funeral?
Bye Bye Baby
Back at the wedding reception Mark is asked by a friend if he is in love with who?
And what was the name of this friend?
Which American actress played her?
Laura Linney
Which British comedian played the wedding DJ who was 'the worst in history'?
Junior Simpson
Which song did he play which gave him that title?
Puppy Love
Harry calls Sarah into his office to ask if she was going to make a move on which of her colleagues?
How long does she admit she has been in love with this person for? (Be specific)
2 years 7 months 3 days 1 hour 30 mins
Which British comedian played the radio DJ who interviewed Billy on his radio show?
Marcus Brigstocke
And what was this Radio DJs name?
Which radio station was this interview broadcast on?
Radio Watford
Which American popstar did Billy say was the best shag he ever had but then changed his mind and said she was rubbish?
Britney Spears
What was the name of the Deputy Prime Minister?
And what was the name of the Prime Minister's female assistant and advisor?
David likes to have which type of biscuits with his cups of tea?
Where did Colin say he had booked a ticket to in America?
What was the name of Harry's attractive new secretary?
Where did she say she would be at the Christmas party waiting to be kissed?
Under the mistletoe
How old was Sam in the film?
Karen tells Daniel that no one will shag him if he does what all the time?
Which part of London did Natalie live in the 'dodgy' end?
Who does she live with there?
Which part of her body did she say her ex said were like tree trunks?
Which previous UK Prime Minister's picture was on the wall in David's office which he referred to as a 'saucy minx'?
Margaret Thatcher
Which presenting duo appeared in the film as themselves ?
Ant and Dec
What personalised gift did Billy give away in a competition on their show in the movie?
Felt Tip Pen
Which British boyband's poster did he write on on the show and were his competition for Christmas No.1?
What christmassy item did the nude photos have on them in Mark's gallery?
Santa hats
In which country was Jamie's cottage?
What was the name of his housekeeper there who he falls in love with?
Which nationality was she?
Who played the U.S President in the film?
Billy Bob Thornton
What song did David dance to around No.10?
Jump For My Love
Which of his staff caught him dancing? (Name please)
What did Aurelia move off the table that made all the pages of Jamie's novel blow away?
When Aurelia jumps in the lake to rescue the papers what does she warn Jamie to look out for?
What type of novel was Jamie writing?
What dessert did Juliet take to Marks when she went to ask about a wedding video?
Banoffee Pie
What sweets did she also have in her pocket?
Which American TV Show did Mark say he probably taped over her wedding video with episodes of?
The West Wing
When she realises the video is all of her and questions Mark he said it was a what type of thing?
Self preservation
Which Dido song was playing when Mark walked out?
Here With Me
David asked Annie to 'redistribute' Natalie after catching her in a clinch with who?
What was the name of the popular girl who Sam was in love with at school?
Which film did Daniel and Sam watch to help him win this girl?
Which instrument did Sam take up to try and impress this girl?
Which food and drink did Jamie pack in the boot of his car before he left to fly home?
Brandy and garlic
What two things about Jamie did Aurelia say she was going to miss about him?
Slow typing and bad driving
What did Jamie say was his favourite time of the day while he was away?
Driving Aurelia home
What Sugababes song was playing at the Xmas party?
Too Lost In You
What did Mia wear on her head at this party?
Which chatshow did Billy appear on to promote his song?
On which day did Billy say he would perform his song naked on live TV if he got to No.1?
Christmas Eve
A song by which artist was playing while Sarah and Karl were dancing at the Xmas party?
Norah Jones
Who rang Sarah's phone while she was kissing Karl at her flat?(name please)
And what relation to her were they?
What did they want to ask The Pope and Jon Bon Jovi to perform?
An exorcism
Karen compared herself to which classical singer while discussing Mia with Harry?
When Sarah went to visit her brother in the mental health facility who did he say was trying to kill him?
When Harry rang Mia to ask if she needed anything along the stationary line for xmas she asked for something what?
Karen left Harry in the department store to buy boring presents for which of their relatives?
Which actor played the shop assistant in the film that went a bit OTT with the gift-wrapping?
Rowan Atkinson
How much was the necklace Harry bought for Mia?
Which four things did the shop assistant put in the bag with the giftbox?
Roses lavender cinnamon holly
What did Karen say Harry normally gets her as a gift?
Silk scarf
What was written on the chalkboard on Sam's bedroom door 1 week before xmas?
Ringo Rules
Jamie went to which language school to study portuguese?
Central London
Harry wrote on the card on his gift to Karen that he was sorry for being such a what?
Grumpy Bugger
What did Colin stuff his bag full of instead of clothes for his trip to America?
When he arrived in America which Santana song was playing?
What drink did he order at the bar?
What were the names of the three gorgeous American girls who invite him to stay with them because he's cute?
Stacey Jeannie and Carol-Anne
What was the name of the other girl who lived in the house?
The girls said he would have to share a bed with them because there's no what?
Where was Colin's British accent from?
Karen allowed the kids to open how many presents each before they went out?
When she opened hers she got a CD by which female artist?
Joni Mitchell
What did she say this artist taught her how to do?
Which track number did she play in the bedroom?
Did Billy get to Christmas No.1?
Which famous British artist invited him to a party?
Elton John
Which house number did Jamie drop off christmas presents to his family at?
What did Sarah give Michael for christmas?
What did Mark tell Juliet to say to Peter was at the door to cover up him being there to tell her how he feels?
Carol Singers
Which christmas carol on the cd player was playing while he did this?
Silent Night
On the cards he showed her which word did he use to describe her?
And which word did he use to describe his heart?
When he finished showing her the cards what did he give her before he walked away?
Thumbs up
Did she chase after him and kiss him?
Billy decided to leave the party and spend christmas with who instead?
He decided this because he had a what?
They both were going to spend christmas getting what and watching what?
Drunk porn
In Natalie's christmas card to David she wrote that she was what ?
Actually his
What was the name of David's driver?
And the name of his bodyguard?
Which number house did David knock on where two little girls answered?
Which carol did he and his bodyguard sing for them?
Good King Wencelas
Which number house did Mia live at?
Which meant Natalie lived next door to Mia so her house number must have been what?
When she saw David on the doorstep she was coming downstairs looking for what?
What were the names of her Aunt and Uncle?
Lynn and Tony
To which school event did David escort her and her family as they were running late?
Christmas Pageant
What sea creature was her nephew dressed as?
What song did the children sing on stage together at this event?
Catch A Falling Star
What superhero did one of the children dressed as a king have painted on his face?
What was the name of the teacher who introuduced the show?
Mr Trench
What waa the full name of Joanna's Mum who choreographed her performance?
Jean Anderson
Which song did Joanna sing for this performance?
All I Want For Christmas
Who played the drums during this song?
Who were caught snogging when the curtain came down?
David and Natalie
After the show Karen challenged Harry over his behaviour with Mia he said he had been a what?
Classic Fool
What was the name of the other parent Daniel ran into on the way out played by Claudia Schiffer?
And what was the name of her son who was Sam's classmate?
How many sexy women or 'vixens' danced with instruments in Billy's video for his song?
This video was a parody of a real music video of the song 'Addicted To Love' which is by which artist?
Robert Palmer
What was the name of Aurelia's sister who her Dad thought Jamie wanted to marry?
The crowd followed Jamie and Aurelia's family through streets because they thought he wanted to do what to her?
The owner of the restaurant didn't want Aurelia to marry Jamie because she was his best what?
Aurelia's sister told her to say yes and move to England so she could marry who instead?
Prince William
Did Aurelia agree to marry Jamie?
Which departure gate number did Sam tell Joanna how he felt about her before she got on the plane to America?
How long after christmas did we catch up with everyone at the airport?
A month
What was the name of the woman Billy came off the plane with and introduced to Joe?
When Juliet Peter and Mark met Jamie and Aurelia off the plane Aurelia described them all as what?
Good looking
What did Karen say to Harry when her and the kids met him off the plane? (Exact words please)
Good to have you back
Which couple were jetting off on their honeymoon and saud goodbye to Tony?
John and Judy
What was the name of the American Colin brought home with him to meet Tony along with Harriet?
When David arrived back Natalie ran up to him and did what?
Jumped on him and kissed him
Which Beach Boys song played in the closing scenes of the film?
God only knows
The scenes of people faded out and fused together to form the big symbol of a what?
Level 75
Aug 6, 2017
Wonderful quiz - brings back cool memories of a great movie. Some answers get accepted for other ones (eg "Christmas" and "Christmas is all around", and 7 and 7) - maybe worth looking at ways of getting unique answers for questions. Also, also accept "President" for "The President"?
Level 49
Dec 23, 2018
Some issues, 1. Billy Mack said 'let's get pissed and watch porn' not drunk porn. 2. allow 'her brother' or 'siblings' instead of just brother. 3. Be more lenient on spelling (Kiera Knightley, Wenceslas) 4. You allow some things but not others (London for Centeral London but not Scarf for Silk scarf)