The Wedding Singer Quiz

Enter an answer into the box One of my favourite films of all time is The Wedding Singer so i decided to write this quiz dedicated to it. It features questions about the plot,characters,actors and the soundtrack.Hope you enjoy it feel free to post any comments or suggestions thanks and happy quizzing x
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: July 10, 2018
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What year was this movie set in?
What was the name of the town it was set in?
What was the full name of the main male character?
Robbie Hart
Which comedy actor played him?
Adam Sandler
Which song by Dead Or Alive was he singing during the opening titles of the film?
You Spin Me Round
What was the name of the Grandma he sang to while singing this song?
What colour suit jacket was he wearing for this wedding?
What was the full name of the groom at this wedding?
Harold Veltri
And what was the name of his brother who was also his best man?
In this man's speech where did he say he and the groom were when they picked up prostitutes?
Puerto Rico
What was the name of the keyboard player in the band who entertained the guests during their meal?
And what was the name of the actor who played him?
Alexis Arquette
What was the title of the song by Culture Club that he sang numerous times in the film?
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
What was the name of the limo driver who was Robbie's best friend?
Which actor portrayed him?
Allen Covert
What was the full name of the new waitress at the Reception Hall?
Julia Sullivan
Which actress played her?
Drew Barrymore
What was the name of her cousin who was also a waitress?
And who was the actress who portrayed her?
Christine Taylor
What did this waitress show the chef at the Christmas party that meant he was nice to her?
Her breasts
Which two dishes were served at the wedding?
Prime Rib and Fish
Which song by After The Fire was playing on the radio in the kitchen that the chef is happy about?
Der Kommissar
What word was written on the chef's t-shirt?
How long had Julia and her fiance been engaged for?
2 years
What did Robbie ask Julia was in her drink of coca cola?
What did he tell her he had seen coming out of the kid who threw up in the bin?
What were the crowd shouting at George while he was singing?
You Suck
What was the name of the old lady who Robbie was teaching to sing?
Which Beatles song was she learning to sing?
Till There Was You
She was learning this song to perform for her husband at a party celebrating which wedding anniversary?
What was the name of her husband?
What did the old lady give Robbie as payment for the singing lessons?
What was the name of Robbie's Fiancee?
What did Julia's Mum tell her she should fake to get her fiance to marry her?
Which actress played Julia's Mum?
Christina Pickles
Which Journey song were the violinists playing while Robbie was waiting at the altar for his fiancee?
Dont Stop Believin
What did Robbie's sister say his fiancee had left to say she wasnt going to show up for her wedding?
What did Robbie do after hearing this that made George cry?
Smashed a mirror
Which music video by Billy Idol was shown on the TV?
White Wedding
What was Robbie's nephew dressed up as?
Freddy Krueger
In what grade at school did Robbie's parents die?
Third Grade
What was the name of Robbie's band where he was the lead singer?
Final Warning
How much does Robbie earn per wedding according to his fiancee?
60 bucks
What did Robbie tell his fiancee one of his nephews were being tested for after they called her a bitch?
Tourettes Syndrome
Which song was Julia singing along to on her walkman when her fiance surprised her?
99 Luftballoons
What was the full name of Julia's fiance?
Glenn Guglia
Which actor portrayed him?
Matthew Glave
What type of flowers and what colour did Julia get from her fiance?
Red roses
Where were the plane tickets to where her fiance wanted them to get married?
Las Vegas
Which song was playing on the radio when Sammy went to visit Robbie?
Pass The Dutchie
In which part of his sister's house did Robbie live in?
What was the house number?
What were the name of the bride and groom at the second wedding at the Reception Hall in the film?
Cindy and Scott
Which Madonna song did Robbie sing at this wedding?
What colour suit jacket did he wear for this wedding?
What did Robbie threaten to strangle the Bride's Father with after he complained?
Microphone wire
In his speech about never finding true love Robbie made reference to a fat man a table of mutants and a lady with what feature?
Which song did Robbie sing as 'mood music' while they cut the cake?
Love Stinks
Which song by The Thompson Twins played when Robb8e went home to babysit his nephews?
Hold Me Now
What was the name of Robbie's brother-in-law?
Which TV show did this person say he was watching in which J R was dead?
What nickname did Robbie have for his nephews?
Goofball brothers
Which song by Kajagoogoo was playing at Julia's engagement party?
Too Shy
Glenn was a massive fan of which 80s TV crime show and liked to dress like the characters in it?
Miami Vice
What date was Julia's wedding going to be?
August 5th
Who did Sammy dress up as for the engagement party?
Michael Jackson
What was the name of Glenn's best man?
Which Lionel Ritchie song also played at the engagement party?
All Night Long
Where did Julia say she got her wedding flowers from?
Robbie told her she would get a cheaper deal and a better selection from?
What type of event did Robbie sing in Hebrew at the Reception Hall?
Bar Mitzvah
What part of her body did the boy grab while he was dancing with her that made the other dancing couples do the same?
What was the title of the song Robbie sang while they were dancing?
Thats All
What was the name of the lady who ran the photography company Robbie and Julia had a meeting with?
When this lady thought they were a couple they pretended to be what and had a playfight?
Brother and sister
What was the full name of the other wedding singer who auditioned for the chance to play at Julia's wedding?
Jimmie Moore
Which song did he sing during his audition?
Ladies Night
Julia told him he had inspired her to hire a what to play at her wedding instead?
What was the name of Robbie's song that he played for Julia?
Somebody Kill Me
This song was written while he was listening to music by which other band?
The Cure
The other wedding singer said Robbie was losing what and he was reaping all the benefit?
His mind
Julia took Robbie out for what?
Ice Cream
What song by The Police was playing in the background while they were eating this?
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
A strange-looking lady acted like she was part of the group while they were sampling what?
What song by Hall & Oates played while they were finding Julia's wedding dress?
You Make My Dreams
Who was wearing the perfect dress?
When Sammy did a time trial in his limo for Robbie and Julia what did he knock over and how many?
2 cones
What did Robbie go to Holly's house to give back to Julia after she left it in the back of the limo?
When he walked in what part of the Church service were Holly and Julia having a discussion about?
First kiss
What toy was Holly trying to solve?
Rubiks Cube
Julia said she would use what in her first kiss with her Fiance after they were married at the altar?
Church Tongue
During this scene who tried out this kiss?
Robbie and Julia
What did Julia's Fiance bring her as a present?
CD Player
How much did he say he paid for it?
What word did Holly use to describe Robbie when she told Julia she should go out with him?
Where did Robbie and Holly go on their double date with Julia and Glenn to?
What song by New Order played first in this place?
Blue Monday
On the double date Holly was dressed to look like which pop icon?
Glenn works in what on Wall Street?
High Yield Bonds
Robbie said his Grandmother left him $25 in a savings bond but which year did he say he would get it?
Which David Bowie song did Julia and Holly sing a long to?
China Girl
What words did Glenn use to describe women he would like to sleep with?
Grade A Top Choice Meat
What did Julia get drunk on?
Julia asked Robbie did what smell bad as she had thrown up on it?
What make of car did Glenn drive?
What word did Holly use to describe her kiss with Robbie?
Holly told Robbie that Julia was marrying Glenn for money and what?
On what day of the week did Robbie give his singing lessons with the old lady?
Robbie went into the city to get a job at what type of institute?
What song was playing by The Flying Lizards played while Julia was waiting for Robbie to come home?
Robbie recited lyrics to which Madonna song while talking to Julia about why she was getting married?
Material Girl
After he had upset her what did Julia call Robbie before throwing his gift on the ground?
What did Julia give Robbie as a gift that she had personalised?
Sheet Music
At the bar Sammy told Robbie he always wanted to be which TV character?
What did Julia's Mom say the reason she was upset and anxious about getting married was?
While Julia was talking to herself in the mirror about marrying Robbie who was watching her from the street outside?
What famous dance move was Sammy trying to teach the old man in the bar?
Robbie walked into the bar with a bottle of what?
In the alley he bumped into Glenn coming back from his what with two women?
Bachelor Party
After Robbie gets home drunk and falls over in the yard who takes care of him?
When this person answers the door to Julia in the morning what band was on their T shirt?
Van Halen
What name did this person call Julia?
What song by Wham did this person sing to Robbie to get him up?
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
Robbie called this person a what?
At her anniversary party the old lady sang the song Robbie taught her and which rap song by The Sugarhill Gang?
Rappers Delight
Julia tells Glenn she had been what in making him have a big wedding so they decide to board a plane?
What was the name of the airline?
Vegas Air
The check in assistant at the airport had a hairstyle that resembled those of which band?
A Flock Of Seagulls
Julia was made to sit in the aisle seat because the trolley hits Glenn on the what?
Glenn told her she could lean over him when they fly over the lights of the what?
In which class did Robbie fly in?
First Class
What was the name of the flight attendant who gave Robbie a hot towel?
What drink did Glenn want from the cart after it went past and hit Julia?
Who did the flight attendant describe Glenn as after he chatted her up?
Don Johnson
Glenn had asked her to join which club with him?
Mile High Club
Which rock star was also on the plane who read out an announcement after hearing Robbie's story?
Billy Idol
What magazine was Julia reading on the plane with this star on the front cover?
Rolling Stone
How high did he say they were cruising at on this announcement?
26,000 feet
What was the title of the song Robbie sang to Julia on the plane?
I Wanna Grow Old With You
Which two foods were they serving on the plane?
Chicken or Fish
Where did Glenn get locked in after he tried to fight back?
Who did the rock star say he would tell about Robbie's song?
Record Company
Which Spandau Ballet song was sung during Robbie and Julia's wedding?
Who was the wedding singer for their wedding?
What colour was the theme for their wedding?
During the credits which song by The Presidents of The USA played?
Video Killed The Radio Star
Level 32
Sep 11, 2018
I love that the maker of this quiz clearly loves this movies as much as I do, but its is a bit too long!