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Enter an answer into the box. Here is my quiz dedicated to the Back To The Future Trilogy. It features questions about plot,locations,characters,actors and soundtrack. Hope you enjoy it any comments and suggestions welcome.Thanks for playing Happy Quizzing
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Last updated: July 31, 2018
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This trilogy of films was directed by which E.T director along with Robert Zemeckis?
Steven Spielberg
At the beginning of the first film what time can be seen on the clocks?
What was the headline on the newspaper in the laboratory?
Brown Mansion Destroyed
In which year was the first film set?
What did the teenager blow up in the laboratory at the beginning of the film by overloading it?
What was the name of this teenager?
Marty McFly
Which actor played him?
Michael J Fox
What word was this character's favourite word throughout all three films?
On the phone this teenager agreed to meet someone at which Mall and at what time?
Twin Pines Mall 1:15am
What time were the clocks in the laboratory set to be slow by?
What was the name of teenager's Scientist friend who owned the laboratory?
Doctor Emmett Brown
And which actor portrayed this scientist?
Christopher Lloyd
What was this scientist's favourite saying throughout all three films?
Great scot
What was the title of the song that become the song the film trilogy was known by?
The Power Of Love
And which band sang it?
Huey Lewis And The News
What was the teenager's favourite mode of transport in the first film?
What was the name of the fictional town the film was set in?
Hill Valley
Who was Mayor of this town at the beginning of the film?
Goldie Wilson
On his way to school while hitched on the back of a truck the teenager waved at a group of ladies in what sort of exercise class?
What was the full name of the teenager's girlfriend?
Jennifer Parker
What was the name of the teacher in charge of discipline at the High School?
Mr Strickland
What was this teacher's favourite word to call his students?
What was the name of the teenager's band who failed their audition for being too loud?
The Pinheads
Which instrument did he play in this band?
Electric Guitar
Where were the teenager and his girlfriend planning to go at the weekend although their parents didn't know?
The Lake
What two words were written on the walls near where the teenager lived?
Lyon Estates
What was the name of the teenager's parents?
George and Lorraine Mcfly
And which two actors portrayed them?
Crispin Glover and Lea Thompson
What was the name of the guy who bullied the teenager's father and crashed his car?
Biff Tannen
And which actor played him?
Thomas F Wilson
What were the nicknames of the members of Biff's gang?
Match Skinhead and 3D
What type of car did this man total that the teenager was going to borrow for the weekend?
Chevrolet Nova
What name did this bully like to call people before tapping them on the head?
What were the names of the teenager's brother and sister?
Dave and Linda
What was the name of the teenager's uncle who was in prison?
What was the teenager's Dad supposedly doing when he fell out of a tree and got run over by his Mother's Dad's car?
What did the Doc ask the the teenager to bring with him to their meeting place?
Video camera
What was written on the side of the lorry parked at the Mall?
Dr E B Enterprises
What type of car did the Doc make into a time machine?
What was written on the back licence plate of this car?
What was the name of the Doc's dog?
And what was this dog's favourite brand of canned dog food?
What speed did the time machine have to reach to allow time travel to occur?
What time was on the stopwatch around the dog's neck after he was sent into the future and came back?
What date did Doc say he had an accident in the bathroom and invented time travel?
Nov 5 1955
What component in the car was what he invented to make time travel possible?
Flux Capacitor
Which nuclear substance was used to power this compionent?
What nationality were the terrorists the Doc stole from after they asked him to make them a bomb?
How much electricity needed to be created to power the time machine?
1.21 gigawatts
What colour was the campervan full of terrorists who chased Marty in the time machine before he got transported back in time?
What year was Marty transported back to?
What was the family called that owned the barn where Marty crashed the car?
The Peabodys
This family thought Marty was an alien because he was wearing what colour radiation suit?
When Marty arrived in the old town square after the car wouldn't start what song by The Chordettes was playing?
Mr Sandman
Who was Mayor of the town in 1955?
Red Thomas
What was the name of the gas station in 1955?
What was the address of Brown Manor?
1640 Riverside Drive
What drink did Marty order in the diner only to be given coffee instead?
Biff came into the diner to see if George had done his what?
Where did Goldie Wilson work in in 1955?
What was the name of this diner?
Lous Cafe
What did Marty call George after following him home and catching him spying on a girl with binoculars from up a tree?
Peeping Tom
What were the names of Lorraine's parents who took Marty in after he got knocked down by their car?
Sam and Stella Baines
What did Lorraine think Marty's name was as it was written on his purple underwear?
Calvin Klein
What were the names of Lorraine's siblings besides the baby?
Milton and Sally
What did Marty have for dinner at Lorraine's house?
Which TV show starring Jackie Gleason did they watch during dinner that Marty said he had watched re-runs of?
The Honeymooners
What type of experiment did Doc do on Marty after they first met in 1955?
What year does Marty's driving licence expire?
Who did Marty say was President of the United States in 1985 when Doc asked?
Ronald Reagan
What was the name of Doc's dog in 1955?
In what year was the photo of Marty with his siblings taken that kept fading during the film?
What sign was taped to George's back at school?
Kick Me
What was the theme of the school dance where Marty's parents kissed for the first time?
Enchantment Under The Sea
What type of stories did George like to write?
Science Fiction
Which 80s rockband was on the cassette in the walkman that Marty used to wake George up pretending to be an alien?
Van Halen
When he did this Marty pretended to be which famous Sci-Fi character from the planet Vulcan?
Darth Vader
When George tried to ask Lorraine out at the diner he told her she was his what?
What did Biff crash into with his car after he chased after Marty around the town square?
Manure Truck
When Lorraine followed Marty to Doc's what relative did Marty tell her Doc was to him?
What was the motto Marty was given to follow by his father that he tells George?
If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything
What did Marty put in Doc's jacket pocket warning him about being shot that he found and ripped up?
What did Doc tell the cop he was doing when he was setting up the equipment ready to send the time machine back to 1985?
Weather experiment
What was the name of the band that played at the school dance?
Marvin Berry and The Starlighters
Marty was shocked to discover his Mother had two bad habits at his age what were they?
Smoking and drinking
When Lorraine kissed Marty she said it felt wrong like she was kissing her what?
How much damage did Biff say Marty had caused to his car?
Where was Marty locked by Biff's gang along with the keys?
Car Boot
After Biff pushed Lorraine over George said what words to him before he punched him?
Get your damn hands off of her
What was the title of the song the band played when George and Lorraine shared their first dance and kiss?
Earth Angel
What song did Marty sing on stage with the band when he played guitar with them?
Johnny B Goode
Who originally sang this song that happened to ne the cousin of the band's lead singer?
Chuck Berry
When Marty said good bye to Lorraine and George he asked them to go easy on their kid at what age if he sccidentally set fire to their rug?
8 years old
What date did Doc set the time circuits to in 1955?
Oct 26 1985
What was connected to the component inside the car to conduct the electricity to make it work?
Metal hook
What town square feature did Doc climb to reconnect the cables that ended up breaking after being struck by lightning?
At what exact time did the lightning strike that created the electricity to send the time machine back to the future?
When the time machine has disappeared what does it leave on the road ?
Which building did Marty crash into when he arrived back in 1985?
Assembly of Christ
What was the name of the tramp who slept on.the bench?
When Marty returned to 1985 the name of the Mall had changed to what?
Lone Pine Mall
What was Doc wearing when the terrorists shot him thanks to Marty's warning?
Bulletproof Vest
What did Doc say can get disrupted if you tell someone too much about their future?
Space Time Continuum
What was Marty's house number as written on his gate?
What time was on the clock when Marty woke up the next day?
And what song by the same band as the film's theme was playing on the radio?
Back In Time
Where was Marty's brother working at the end of the first film?
An office
Marty's parents shared a mutual.interest in playing which sport?
What was different about Marty's Mother's appearance at the end of the first film?
She was thinner
What kind of company did Biff run in 1985?
Auto Detailing
What was the title of Marty's Dad's first published book?
A Match Made In Space
What type of car does Marty drive in 1985 and what colour was it?
Black Toyota Pickup
Marty told Jennifer she was a what when she visited him at his house?
Sight for sore eyes
When Doc came back from the future what did he use got fuel for the time machine?
What was the name of the home energy reactor that converted this into electricity to power the time machine?
Mr Fusion
Doc told Marty he needed to go back to the future with him because who was in trouble?
His kids
What could the time machine do thanks to Doc's alterations?
Complete this famous Doc quote ' ... where we're going we don't need ...' what word is missing twice?
What was Biff trying to show Marty that he had made for his business before he saw the car fly away?
In the second film what date did they travel into the future to?
Oct 21 2015
What did Doc use on Jennifer when she started asking too many questions about their future?
Sleep inducer
Who was the Mayor of the town in 2015?
Goldie Wilson Jr
What type of place had Doc visited to make himself look younger that he told Marty about as he peeled a mask off his face?
Rejuvenation Clinic
What was the weather like when they first arrived in 2015 but soon changed as Doc correctly predicted?
What brand of automatic-lacing shoes did Doc give Marty to wear?
What happened to the red jacket that Doc gave him to wear after he pressed a button on it?
Shrunk to fit
How did the kids wear their jean pockets in 2015 in or out?
What was the name of the diner Doc told Marty to meet someone in pretending to be his son?
Cafe 80s
What was the name of Biff's Grandson that he was told to meet?
What headline was written about Marty's son in the newspaper Doc showed him?
Youth Jailed For Theft
How long does a trial take to find a person guilty in 2015 as thete are no lawyers?
2 hours
What were the names of Marty and Jennifer's children?
Marty Jr and Marlene
How long did Doc say Marty's daughter would be sent to jail for for trying to breakout her brother?
20 years
The cinema in the town square had a holographic image of what creature from another of Spielberg's films?
The petrol station sold what type of gas in 2015?
The Mayor of the town's family owned a business that offered what alterations on cars?
Hover conversions
Which Michael Jackson song was playing in the diner when Marty entered?
Beat It
What drink did Marty order in the diner?
Which 80s celebrity was featured on the TV screen reading out the menu?
Michael Jackson
What was the arcade game that Marty showed two kids how to play in this diner?
Wild Gunman
What did Biff carry with him to help him walk in 2015?
Where did Marty hide from his son and Biff's grandson?
Behind the counter
What did Biff's Grandson call Biff?
What did Marty call his son after hearing him not stand up to Griff?
Complete wimp
After his son was thrown over the counter Marty hopped back over and told Griff No and asked if he was what?
Deaf and stupid
What weapon did Griff carry with him that he tried to hot Marty with?
Baseball bat
Complete this famous Marty quote 'Nobody calls me ...' what?
What did Marty borrow from the little girl to escape Griff and his gang?
Where was Marty when this ran out of power?
What brand of these did Griff have?
Biff and his gang ended up flying and smashing into which building?
Courthouse Mall
What did the jacket say to Marty when he pressed the button on it?
Jacket dry
Which sports team did Marty support that the won the World Series against Miami?
Chicago Cubs
What did Marty buy from the antique store as a souvenir?
Grays Sports Almanac
The lady who ran the store asked Marty if he would be interested in buying which 80s household item?
Which feature of Marty Jr's jacket was wrong?
What had the headline on the newspaper changed to when Doc looked at it?
Gang Jailed Hoverboard rampage destroys courthouse
Doc tells Marty he did not invent the time machine for what after he finds Marty's souvenir?
Financial gain
What did Doc say could be creayed that eould destroy the universe if Jennifer met her future self?
What is the freeway or a motorway called in 2015?
What was the estate called where Marty and Jennifer lived in 2015?
And what was their house number?
What does Jennifer say to turn the lights on in the house?
Lights on
Where was the TV in Marty's home in 2015?
What channel was it on when Jennifer was left there by the police?
Scenery Channel
In a photo in the house Jennifer was disgusted to find her and Marty had got married where?
Chapel of Love
Where did Jennifer hide when her daughter came downstairs looking for her?
Hall closet
Where did George injury himself on the golf course putting himself in a floating brace?
What nickname did George have for his Granddaughter?
What did Lorraine bring for the family to share for dinner ?
What was the name of the kitchen appliance she used to cook this food?
Marty's daughter told Lorraine that their TV still wasn't fixed because her Dad did what to the repairman?
Threw him out
What type of accident was Marty supposedly involved in 30 years ago?
Car accident
How much did the cab driver charge Biff for following Doc's car?
How many different channels did Marty Jr like to watch on thr TV at the same time?
What was the piece of equipment above the dining table that came down for people to pick fruit off of called?
Garden Center
What was Marty's colleague called who made him join in a dodgy deal?
Douglas J Needles
And which Red Hot Chilli Peppers band member played him?
Marty had what type of call with this person about this deal?
Video Call
What was the name of Marty's boss?
Fujitsu Ito
What was written on the fax this boss sent Marty that he said was an office joke?
Youre Fired
What was used instead of a key to get in and out of houses in 2015?
Thumb print
What happened to 1985 Jennifer when she came face to face with 2015 Jennifer?
She fainted
When Doc and Marty had arrived back in 1985 what were they nearly hit by?
What did Doc and Marty leave Jennifer laying on on her porch?
Bench Swing
What were on Jennifer's windows that weren't there before?
Iron bars
Why was Marty chased away from his own house when he returned to 1985?
Another family lived there
When Marty met his teacher in 1985 he told him that his high school had burnt down how many years ago?
The Courthouse in 1985 had been turned into a casino hotel called what?
Biff's Pleasure Paradise
Inside there was a museum about Biff what age did it say Biff was when he made his first million on the film about it?
21 years old
What was the name of Biff's relative who lived in the Old West as shown on this film?
Buford Tannen
What was the name of the toxic waste management company Biff set up?
What did Biff fight to get legalised in 1979?
In which year did the film say Biff had married Lorraine?
Which floor of the hotel did Marty wake up on after he was knocked out by Biff's security guards?
What was different about Lorraine when Marty woke up in the hotel?
Breast enlargement
Which country was Marty supposed to be away in at boarding school?
Marty's discovered Biff was bank rolling his sister's credit cards and hos brother was out of jail on what?
What was the name of the cemetary where Marty's Father was buried?
Oak Park Cemetary
On his gravestone what was written as the date he died after being shot?
Mar 15 1973
And what date was he born?
Apr 1 1931
Doc told Marty that the new 1985 they found themselves living in when they came back was a what?
Alternate Reality
What was the name of the town's newspaper?
Hill Valley Telegraph
What did Doc find in the time machine along with the top of Biff's cane that was shaped like a fist?
Plastic bag with a receipt
What did the newspaper say had happened to Doc after he was declared insane?
Which Clint Eastwood western film was Biff watching with two women in a hot tub?
A Fistful Of Dollars
Which date was the Hill Valley lightning storm on that Biff said he was given the book by a relative?
Nov 12 1955
Biff said he totalled his car in what type of race when he really crashed it into the manure truck?
Drag race
What was hidden behind Biff's portrait in his office?
What did Marty steal from Biff's office?
Book of matches
What did Marty throw at Biff to distract him after he threatened him with a gun?
Where did the Biff and his security guards chase Marty to where he had a showdown with Biff?
Biff told Marty that his Father was murdered by who?
Back in 1955 Doc gave Marty some money to buy some 50s clothes but to get some clothes that were what?
How did Doc and Marty communicate with each other in 1955?
Walkie Talkie
Which house number did Biff live at in 1955?
Who did he live with?
What make of car did Biff drive in 1955?
What was the name of the auto bodyshop that fixed Biff's car?
Western Auto Stores
What colour was the dress Lorraine picked up from the dress shop for the dance?
When Biff asked Lorraine to go to the dance with him she told him she was busy doing what?
Washing her hair
Where was Marty hiding when Biff from 2015 met Biff from 1955 to give him the book?
Backseat of the car
Complete this Biff quote that was wrong 'Why don't you make like a ... and get out of here' what word is missing?
What song was playing on the radio when Marty was trying to get the book from Biff in the car on his way to the dance?
Papa Loves Mambo
What did 1955 Doc ask 1985 Doc to pass him from the toolbox while preparing the wiring ready to send the time machine back to 1985?
When the teacher takes the book from Biff and takes it to his office Marty follows and hides under what?
When Marty finally gets the book back from the bin its just the cover but what was the title of the other book was inside it?
Oh La La
After George has punched Biff Marty pretends to perform CPR on him but steals something inside what did one of the onlookers think he stole?
When Marty was chased by Biff's gang at the dance what did he use to knock them out while his other self was performing on stage?
Who knocked Marty out by pushing a door open which meant Biff got the book back?
After Doc and Marty chased Biff in his car where did Biff stop and try to run over Marty in?
Marty with book in hand grabbed hold of what that was tied to the time machine to get to safety?
Flag bunting
What did Marty do to the book afterwards?
Burnt it
What had the newspaper headline about George to after Marty did this?
George McFly Honored
And the newspaper headline about Doc also changed to say he had been what?
What happened to make the time machine disappear in the sky?
Struck by lightning
A man gave Marty a letter but which organisation was he from?
Western Union
This man told Marty the organisation had had this letter in their possession for how long exactly? (years months and days)
70 years 2 months 12 days
What date was written on the letter from Doc?
Sept 1 1885
Which kids TV show featured on the TV in 1955 when Marty woke up in Doc's house in the third film?
Howdy Doody
In his letter Doc wrote that he had a job as a successful what?
Where did Doc write that he had hidden the time machine so Marty could fix it and get back to 1985?
Delgado Mine
Doc likened the trek to find where the time machine was hidden to which famous book by Jules Verne?
Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
What was written on the planks of wood hiding where the time machine had been hidden?
In the repair instructions what part of the time machine needed replacing?
Time Circuit Control Microchip
In 1955 Doc refused to believe that in the future necessary products were produced by which country?
What did the dog find in 1955 near where the time machine was hidden with Doc's name on?
What date was written on this?
Sept 7 1885
Doc had apparently been shot dead by Buford Tannen for the matter of how much?
What was Buford Tannen's nickname?
Mad Dog
What was the name of western clothing store Doc got Marty a cowboy outfit from ready to send him back to 1885?
Which date did Marty get sent back to in 1885?
Sept 2
When Marty arrived in 1885 he was chased by a group of what?
This group were being chased by a group of what?
What did Marty pull out of the car in the cave?
What was living in the cave where Marty hid the time machine and chased after him?
Black Bear
Marty rolled down a hill and hit his head on a fence on who's farm?
McFly Farm
What was the name of the Farmer and his wife who were Irish?
Seamus and Maggie McFly
What was the name of their baby son who was Marty's first relative born in America?
Who did Marty tell the farmer's wife he was?
Clint Eastwood
What did Marty have for supper at the farm?
Rabbit and corn on the cob
What was wrong with the water in 1885?
In the 1885 town what was the name of the horse breeder?
Honest Joe Statler
What was the name of the manure supplier?
A Jones
A sign was on the Marshall's Office door that said he was in Haysville for the hanging of who?
Stinky Lomax
What was the name of the bartender in the saloon bar?
What did Marty ask for in the saloon bar?
Iced water
What did Buford call Marty in the saloon bar?
What dance did Marty perform in the saloon bar while Buford was trying to shoot him?
What did Marty swing on in the saloon bar after soaking Buford so he could escape?
After lassoing Marty and dragging him down the dirttrack Buford was going to do what to him?
What happened to Buford's horse that caused him to get thrown off that he blamed Doc for?
Threw a horseshoe
Who came to visit Doc at the stables to remind him.aboit picking up the new school teacher from the train station?
Mayor Hubert
The machinery in the stables resembled what modern kitchen appliance that creates ice?
As there is no gas invented yet in 1885 Doc suggested they use horsepower to get the car to 88mph but which speed did they reach instead?
When they tried pouring strong whisky in the tank to power the car which component did it cause to blow up?
Fuel Injection Manifold
What did Doc and Marty decide to use to push tje time machine to 88mph?
Steam Train
What was the ravine called in 1985 after a lady fell to her death there?
Clayton Ravine
But what was it called on the map in 1885?
Shonash Ravine
What was the name of the new school teacher that Doc saved from death and fell in love with?
Clara Clayton
And which actress played her?
Mary Steenburgen
What did this lady ask Doc to repair for her?
What event did the town host in 1885 to celebrate the building of the clocktower?
Town Festival
What was the name of the gun supplier in the town in 1885 who had a shooting arcade at this event?
Where did Marty say he learnt to fire a gun?
7 Eleven
What was written on the metal plate Marty threw to stop Doc being shot by Buford?
What was Buford and his gang planning to rob on Sunday?
Pine City Stage
What did Biff call Marty in 1885 instead of chicken?
What time on Monday morning did Buford want to meet Marty?
How many days in county jail would brawling cost you according to the Marshall?
Complete this Buford quote 'If you ain't here i'll shoot you down like a ...' what?
What was Marty given for free for his showdown with Buford?
Gun Belt
What did Seamus say his brother was called?
Martin McFly
A store owner gave Marty a free what for standing up to Buford as he strolled through town looking for Doc?
An undertaker also measured Marty for a what?
A sprig of which flowering plant was used as a pin on Doc's jacket?
What did Clara do to Doc after she didn't believe his story about the time machine?
Slapped his face
What drink did the bartender offer Doc before he asked for whiskey?
The bartender was reluctant to give Doc whiskey after the incident that happened on what date?
4th July
Doc told the men in the saloon bar that people drive what in the future instead of ride horses?
He also told them people do what for fun?
What happens to Doc after he drinks the whiskey?
What was the name of the bartender's assistant who was asked for a black coffee to wake Doc up?
After the coffee didn't work the bartender made some what?
Wake Up Juice
After Doc drank this he ran outside and threw himself into a what?
Horse trough
When Buford started calling Marty out he told him he would have to what?
After Buford said he couldn't do that he called him a gutless what?
Yellow Turd
When Buford was counting up to 10 which number did he get stuck on?
Where was Clara going to travel to on the train?
San Francisco
Clara overheard two men talking about her on the train as Doc was suffering the worst case of what they had ever seen?
Broken heart
What did Clara use to stop the train?
Emergency stop cord
What did Marty do when Buford told him to draw his gun?
Dropped the gun belt
Marty told Buford they should settle it like what?
Buford shot Marty bit he didn't hurt him because he was wearing a what that he used to knock Buford over?
How many times did Marty punch Buford on total before he fell down?
What happened to the gravestone in the photo after this incident happened?
What happened to Buford and his gang in the end after he fell into the cart of manure?
Put in jail
What did Marty give Seamus before he left to trade in?
After catching up with the train what did Marty and Doc wear as masks before hijacking it?
When the train drivers asked Doc if the hijack was a hold up he told them it was a what?
Science experiment
What did Marty have to do first by pulling a lever beside tbe rails?
Switch tracks
What number was written on the side of the train's tender?
What had Doc wanted to do all his life?
Pull the train whistle
What date did Marty program into the time circuits this time?
Oct 27 1985
What did Doc use to throw into the furnace to increase the water pressure?
Presto logs
Which colour of these items pushed the time machine to 35mph?
The yellow one of these items pushed the time machine to which speed?
Doc said that the boiler will explode when the water temperature gauge reached what level?
After Clara had boarded the train and it exploded which word did she say when she was thrown backwards?
What did Clara use to get Doc's attention from the cab after he had nearly got back into the car?
Train whistle
What building was used as a landmark to show the point of no return?
What did Doc shout out to Clara not to do as she was walking along the side of the tender?
Dont look down
After the train exploded again Clara was left hanging upside down by her what?
Dress skirt
What colour smoke was protruding from the chimney after this happened?
Marty sent what to Doc to help him.catch Clara before she fell?
What crashed into the ravine at the end causing an explosion?
When Marty arrived back in 1985 on the railway track what was the ravine called on the sign?
Eastwood ravine
What happened to the time machine after Marty got out?
Destroyed by a train
When Marty went home what was Biff doing to the car?
Applying wax
Marty's brother came out of the house and said he was late for what?
What did Marty do to wake Jennifer up?
Kissed her
What did Marty say after him and Jennifer stopped outside Hilldale?
This is where we're gonna live
Who pulled up beside them and challenged Marty to a race?
What did Marty do when the traffic lights turned green?
Sped backwards
What type of car would Marty have crashed into if he had gone the opposite way?
Rolls Royce
After he did this what happened to the note from the future that Jennifer had in her pocket?
Marty told Jennifer that he would really what to Doc?
When Doc and Clara reappeared in their steam engine time machine what colour was it?
What did Doc and Clara call their two sons after their mutual interest in an author?
Jules and Verne
What did Doc give Marty as a souvenir?
Clock photo
Complete this Doc quote 'Your ... hasn't been written yet no one's has.Your ... is whatever you make it so make it a good one both of you' what word is missing twice?
What did Doc say to Marty when he asked if he was going back to the future?
Already been there
What was the last thing we saw on screen before the end crdits of the third film rolled?
Flying train
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