Ultimate Glee Quiz Vol 1

Here is my quiz dedicated to Glee Seasons 1-3 it features questions about songs,characters,actors and scenes basically everything. If any of you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to tell me. Happy quizzing x
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: July 28, 2019
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What is the name of the high school where Glee is set?
William McKinley High
Each Glee episode began with what school-themed sound effect?
School Bell
What is the full name of the mean Cheerleading coach at this school?
Sue Sylvester
And what did she call her National Championship winning squad?
What is the full name of the teacher who taught the Glee club?
Will Schuester
And what other subject did he teach at the school?
What was the full name of the Glee coach who this teacher replaced after they were fired?
Sandy Ryerson
What is the name of the Principal of the school where Glee is set?
Which song from the musical Oliver did Will perform in the Showchoir Championships in 1993?
Where Is Love
What name was this school's Glee club known by?
New Directions
What was the full name of the bossy wannabe-star with two gay dads?
Rachel Berry
And which musical was her audition song 'On My Own' from ?
Les Miserables
What was the full name of the diva with a big voice and bigger personality member of Glee?
Mercedes Jones
And which Aretha Franklin classic did she sing in her audition?
What was the full name of the only openly gay student who was often thrown into the bin by jocks?
Kurt Hummell
And which song from the musical Chicago did he perform in his audition?
Mr Cellophane
What was the full name of the east Asian goth who spoke with a stutter?
Tina Cohen Chang
And which Katy Perry song did she perform in her audition?
I Kissed A Girl
What is the full name of the paraplegic member of Glee?
Artie Abrams
What is the title of the song we saw Glee club perform during their first rehearsal?
Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat
What is the first name of Will's wife?
And what is the name of the store she works in?
Sheets & Things
What is the full name of the football quarterback who joined the Glee club?
Finn Hudson
And which 80s power ballad was he heard singing in the showers?
Can't Fight This Feeling
What was the full name of the Head Cheerleader who was also President of the Celibacy Club?
Quinn Fabray
Which career did Will decide to quit teaching to do when he found out his wife was pregnant?
Which song by John Denver did he serenade Glee club with before he left?
Leaving On A Jet Plane
Which Journey song did Glee perform first that became the song the show was most famous for?
Don't Stop Believin
What colour t-shirts did the Glee clubbers wear for this first performance?
What was the first name of the bearded man who played piano for Glee club?
Which classic disco track by Chic did Will want Glee club to perform for the Pep Assembly?
Le Freak
What was the name of Will's wife's sister who was a bad influence on her?
Glee performed 'Golddigger' to get motivated for their assembly performance but who sang it originally?
Kanye West
What position in the school staff did Will become to earn more money for his wife's dream home?
What is the full name of the school's guidance counsellor who has a huge mutual crush on Will and suffered from severe OCD?
Emma Pillsbury
Which provocative Salt-n-Pepa song did Glee perform for the Pep Assembly that angered Sue and the Principal?
Push It
What was the full name of the Football Coach who was in love with Emma?
Ken Tanaka
What was Quinn's audition song by Aretha Franklin she performed with her two cheerleader friends who joined Glee to spy for Sue?
I Say A Little Prayer
After Rachel realised her feelings for Finn she took to the stage to perform which Rihanna song?
Take A Bow
What was the name of Glee club from Carmel High who were the biggest competition in the ShowChoir World?
Vocal Adrenaline
This group performed 'Mercy' but which British artist sang it originally?
What was the full name of the expensive choreographer Glee hired to help Will?
Dakota Stanley
What was the name of the male acapella group Will set up?
Which song did this group perform in the sports bar that made them successful?
This group consisted of Will,Ken,Sandy and who else? (He was Will's wife assistant in the store)
When Kurt rebuked her advances at the car wash fundraiser Mercedes performed which song before smashing his windscreen?
Bust Your Windows
Which inappropriate song by Color Me Badd did Will's group perform for the school's PTA?
I Wanna Sex You Up
What is the full name of the football playing Jewish member of Glee with the mohawk who runs a pool cleaning business to sleep with older women?
Noah Puckerman
Which Beyonce track did Kurt perform with the football team to help them win their first game with him as kicker?
Single Ladies
What was Sue's catchphrase on her TV news segment called 'Sue's Corner'?
That's how Sue sees it
What was the name of airline did the Principal film a rather cheesy safety video for that Sue used to blackmail him?
Mumbai Air
Rachel auditioned and won the lead part in Sandy's version of which musical?
What was the full name of Will's high school crush who first made an appearance in Glee in Episode 5 Season One?
April Rhodes
Which song from Cabaret did Rachel and this lady sing simultaneously?
Maybe This Time
What were Finn and Rachel doing when they shared their first kiss?
Which classic song by Queen did Glee perform during the second act of Invitationals?
Somebody To Love
After Terri became the new school nurse she was later fired for giving the students what type of medication?
Which songs by Usher and Bon Jovi did the boys perform in their boys vs girls mash-up competition?
Confessions Part II It's My Life
What colour dresses did the girls wear to perform their Halo/Walking On Sunshine mash-up for the same competition?
What position in the Glee club was Sue given that annoyed Will?
What is the full name of the school's gossip blogger who had a huge crush on Rachel?
Jacob Ben Israel
Which song did the Sue's kids members of Glee perform which was by Jill Scott?
Hate On Me
What 'rainy' name did Finn suggest to Quinn that they call their baby?
What was the name of Terri's obstetrician?
Dr Wu
Which song by The Supremes did Quinn perform with the Cheerios after her first baby scan?
You Keep Me Hangin On
What occupation did Mercedes' Dad have?
Glee performed 'Keep Holding On' at the end of Season One Episode 7 but who sang it originally?
Avril Lavigne
What drink were members of Glee often attacked with by jocks?
Which song did Emma and Ken ask Will to mash-up with 'I Could Have Danced All Night' for their wedding?
Thong Song
Puck dated Rachel because both of them followed which religion?
What did Finn and Quinn decide to wear to make themselves cool again?
What was the title of Will's favourite hip-hop song?
Bust A Move
Which Neil Diamond song did Puck perform for his first Glee solo?
Sweet Caroline
What was the name of the news anchor who dated Sue after she learnt how to swing dance thanks to Will?
Rod Remington
But she later dumped him after she caught him snogging his co-anchor what was her name?
What did Glee hold to raise money to pay for Artie's wheelchair-adapted bus to take them to Sectionals?
Bake Sale
Which Generation X song did Artie perform solo in the auditorium and around the school in Season One Episode 9?
Dancing With Myself
Which song from the musical 'Wicked' did Kurt and Rachel go head-to-head to perform as a solo?
Defying Gravity
What was the name of the marijuana that Sandy sold to students and that Puck used to spike the cupcakes?
Chronic Lady
What was the full name of the new member of the Cheerios who became Sue's assistant?
Becky Jackson
This girl suffered from what condition as well as Sue's sister Jean?
Downs Syndrome
Which classic Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross ballad did Rachel perform with Will?
Endless Love
What were the names of Quinn's parents?
Russell and Judy
What was the name of the pupil who became infatuated with Will who tried to kill herself by eating the world's hottest chilli pepper?
Suzy Pepper
Which ballad by The Pretenders did Kurt and Finn sing separately Finn performing it to the baby's sonogram video?
I'll Stand By You
Which apt song did Will use in a mash-up with 'Don't Stand So Close To Me' to try to warn Rachel off fancying him?
Young Girl
And who sang the song 'Crush' which Rachel sang to Will in his car in retaliation?
Jennifer Paige
Which song did Finn serenade Quinn with that told her parents she was pregnant that led to her being kicked out?
You're Having My Baby
Glee club performed 'Lean On Me' at the end of Ballad Week to which two members?
Finn and Quinn
What was the name of the magazine that named Sue Cheerleading Coach of the Decade?
What was the name of the school for bad girls that competed in Sectionals against McKinley?
Jane Addams Academy
The leader of the Glee club of this school Ms Grace Hitchens was portrayed by which Female Rapper?
When this club performed at McKinley which Destiny's Child song did they sing?
What was the name of the type of dancing Will gave Glee wigs to perform 'Hair' the musical called?
What type of car did Will's wife buy him as a pet project?
What was the full name of the leader of McKinley's other rival for Sectionals from the Haverbrook Academy School For The Deaf?
Dalton Rumba
Which song from 'Grease' did Rachel and Finn sing when Kurt encouraged her to dress as Sandy to impress Finn?
You're The One That I Want
What were Puck and Quinn doing when they performed an acoustic version of 'Papa Don't Preach'?
Which John Lennon song did Haverbrook Academy perform using sign language?
Which song did Glee led by Tina perform wearing t-shirts of different colours?
True Colours
What was the official name of McKinley High's annual yearbook?
Which Lily Allen song did Rachel perform with Finn to show him how to pose for a photo properly?
Glee performed Van Halen's 'Jump' in a commercial selling what household item?
What was Will looking for in a drawer when he found his wife's fake pregnancy bump?
Pocket Square
Which Musical is the song 'And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going' belted out by Mercedes to prove she is just as good a soloist as Rachel?
Which Tina Turner classic did Jane Addams Academy perform in Sectionals in wheelchairs copying McKinley's setlist?
Proud Mary
Which song from 'Funny Girl' did Rachel perform as their first song for Sectionals?
Don't Rain On My Parade
Who sang 'My Life Would Suck Without You' performed by Glee in celebration of winning Sectionals?
Kelly Clarkson
Who was Rachel's version of 'Gives You Hell' directed at after she heard they went on a date with Finn to try to seduce him?
Brittany and Santana
What was the full name of the lead vocalist of Glee's rival club who dated Rachel after meeting her in a music library?
Jesse St James
Which Neil Diamond song did Will serenade Emma with after they started dating?
Hello Again
Which AC/DC song were Vocal Adrenaline performing when Will visited their school to meet their coach and ended up kissing her?
Highway To Hell
Which was the first song by The Beatles that Glee ever performed?
Hello Goodbye
Who is the Queen of Pop who is also Sue's idol and had an entire episode dedicated to them?
And which classic song by this artist did Sue perform copying the original music video with help from Glee?
Which two songs by this artist did Rachel and Finn perform in a mash-up?
Open Your Heart/Borderline
While simultaneously singing 'Like A Virgin' as couples Finn was the only one who lost their virginity to which Glee member? (full name please)
Santana Lopez
Which two Glee members became Cheerios in retaliation of never being given the chance to shine?
Mercedes and Kurt
What was the name of the local roller disco rink where Will met up with April and performed 'Fire'?
Rinky Dinks
Which Christina Aguilera song did Mercedes perform as a Cheerio at the Pep Rally?
Who originally sang the song 'A House Is Not A Home' performed by Kurt about his Dad dating Finn's Mum and later sung by Will and April in a mash-up?
Dionne Warwick
Which 'Grease' actress appeared in an episode in Season One and performed one of her hits with Sue?
Olivia Newton John
What was the list made by Sue called that ranked the members of Glee by sexiness?
Which cheesy 90s rap song did Will perform for Bad Reputation week?
Ice Ice Baby
Where in the school did some of Glee try to cause a disturbance by singing MC Hammer's 'U Can't Touch This'?
Which David Geddes song did Rachel sing a video featuring Finn,Jesse and Puck as her boyfriends?
Run Joey Run
What type of hairstyle did Puck have before he had to have his head shaved due to a mole?
Which Miley Cyrus song was Rachel trying to sing before she lost her voice?
The Climb
Which two Glee members performed a duet with 'The Lady Is A Tramp' and briefly dated afterwards?
Mercedes and Puck
Which song by Rick Springfield did Finn perform to prove to Rachel how much he liked her?
Jessie's Girl
What was the name of the paralysed friend of Finn's Rachel met and sang U2's 'One' with?
Sean Fretthold
Which comedy actor starred as Bryan Ryan Will's high school glee club rival?
Neil Patrick Harris
Which song by The Monkees did this actor perform in Will's flashback?
Daydream Believer
What did Artie dream he would become and which song did he perform during a fantasy while at the mall?
Dancer Safety Dance
Which song by Aerosmith did Will and his rival sing as a battle for the same part in the musical 'Les Miserables'?
Dream On
What was the full name of the coach of Vocal Adrenaline who also turned out to be Rachel's Mum?
Shelby Corcoran
Which Mamas and Papas song did Mike and Tina tap dance to while Artie sang?
Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Tina was told by Figgins not to dress like a goth anymore because he is scared of what?
Kurt and the Glee club girls spent a whole episode dressed as which pop icon known for her crazy fashion style?
Lady Gaga
The boys of Glee chose to dress up as and sing 'Shout It Out Loud' by which rock band?
After Jesse returned to Vocal Adrenaline which Queen classic hit did they perform?
Another One Bites The Dust
In the episode that Vocal Adrenaline toilet papered Glee's choir room they suffered from what emotion?
Which song by Rufus and Chaka Khan did Will sing to seduce Sue as revenge?
Tell Me Something Good
Who had to get a job where Terri worked to pay for damages caused to the rival Glee club's cars? (two people)
Finn and Puck
Quinn performed 'It's A Man's Man's Man's World' with which group of girls?
Unwed Mothership Connection
Which funky number did Glee perform to show other clubs they were not bothered by their attempts to bully them?
Give Up The Funk
Which singer was a judge at Regionals with Sue,Rod and Olivia Newton John?
Josh Groban
What was the full name of Emma's dentist who she started dating later married?
Carl Howell
What was the name of the first Glee club to perform at Regionals in Season One?
Aural Intensity
New Directions performed a tribute to which 80s group for their set at Regionals?
What was happening while Vocal Adrenaline were belting out 'Bohemian Rhapsody' at Regionals?
Quinn gave birth
What did Quinn and Puck name their baby?
Which was the last song of Season One? (from The Wizard Of Oz)
Over The Rainbow
What was the full name of the other Asian member of Glee that started dating Tina in Season Two?
Mike Chang
What was the full name of the new football coach who joined in Season Two?
Shannon Bieste
Which Jay-Z and Alicia Keys song did Glee perform in the school yard to try to recruit new members?
Empire State Of Mind
Finn overheard a teammate singing in the showers and recruited him for Glee what was his full name?
Sam Evans
Rachel recruited a girl from the Philippines in the girls bathroom when they sang which Lady Gaga and Beyonce duet together?
What was the full name of this girl who Rachel was jealous of so sent to a crack house instead of her audition?
Sunshine Corzoran
Which B.O.B song did Sam perform with his guitar for his Glee audition?
What had Santana done that led to her being demoted as Head Cheerleader and replaced by Quinn?
Boob job
Which position in the football team did both Finn and Sam play at one time or another?
While under anaesthesia at the dentists Glee dream they are performing hits by which female icon?
Britney Spears
Which of this icon's hits did Glee perform at the Homecoming Assembly?
What type of car did Will buy to try and impress Emma after he saw her boyfriend drives one?
What did Finn nickname his grilled cheese sandwich that looked like Jesus?
Grilled Cheesus
What happened to Kurt's Dad in Season Two which meant he was hospitalised for a while?
Heart Attack
Which Yentl song did Glee perform at Burt's bedside?
Papa Can You Hear Me
Which injury did Sam sustain during a football game?
Dislocated Shoulder
Which Simon & Garfunkel song did Mercedes and her church choir sing when Kurt joined them during a service?
Bridge Over Troubled Water
What was Puck sent to Juvenile Detention for stealing using his Mum's car?
During Duets week Finn and Rachel performed 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' which was originally sung by who? (two people)
Elton John and Kiki Dee
Which pair performed 'River Deep Mountain High' together?
Mercedes and Santana
Who did Artie lose his virginity with? (full name please)
Brittany S Pierce
Which Season Two episode began with Santana's red lips singing 'Science Fiction Double Feature'?
Rocky Horror Glee Show
In this episode Mercedes took on the role of Dr Frank N Furter and sang which song from the musical?
Sweet Transvestite
The role of one of the new managers of Sue's TV station called Barry Jefferies was played by which British rock singer?
Finn got suspended for walking the corridors wearing what?
Who did Will ask to help him rehearse 'Touch A Touch A Touch A Touch Me' ?
The members of Glee thought of who to stop them getting too excited while making out with their partners?
Coach Beiste
Which Katy Perry song did we see The Warblers performing first on screen?
Teenage Dream
What is the full name of the jock who bullied Kurt for being gay but then kissed him?
Dave Karofsky
Which two songs did the girls mash-up for their Boys V Girls competition in Season Two? (Bon Jovi and Rolling Stones)
Livin On A Prayer/Start Me Up
Which illness did Principal Figgins contract while in Borneo that led to Sue replacing him?
Monkey Flu
Which actress played Holly Holliday who was substitute for Will in Glee and his Spanish class?
Gwyneth Paltrow
The first song she sung in Glee club was 'Forget You' but who was the original artist who sang it?
Ceelo Green
Which food did Sue ban from the school menu much to Mercedes' dismay?
Tater Tots
Which two weather-related songs did Glee perform as a mash-up to celebrate Will's reinstatement as a teacher? (Gene Kelly Rihanna)
Singin In The Rain/Umbrella
Which other couple got married on the same day as Sue married herself?
Burt and Carole
Which nickname did Kurt agree that Sue could call him?
What was the name of Sue's Mother and what was her occupation?
Doris Nazi Hunter
Which two songs by Bruno Mars were performed in the Season Two episode 'Furt'?
Marry You Just The Way You Are
Which school did Kurt transfer to to escape his bully?
Dalton Academy
What is The Warbler's mascot and what was its name?
Canary Pavarotti
What is the full name of the lead singer of The Warblers?
Blaine Anderson
What did Artie give Brittany so she wouldn't feel scared about performing in Sectionals but she lost it?
Magic Comb
What was the name of the show choir who performed 'The Living Years' at Sectionals?
The Hipsters
Who sang 'I've Had The Time Of My Life' at Sectionals?
Sam and Quinn
Which legendary childhood character does Brittany believe actually exists?
Santa Claus
Which song from the musical 'Mame' did we see Glee carol singing around the school to raise money for homeless children?
We Need A Little Christmas
Which 70s duo sang the song 'Merry Christmas Darling' that Rachel sang to Finn while looking at Christmas trees?
The Carpenters
Sue dressed up as which Christmas Character and stole all her secret santa gifts back?
The Grinch
What was the name of Artie's walking equipment that Coach Bieste bought and put under Brittany's tree?
What did Sue want to shoot Brittany out of in a stunt during a cheerleading routine?
Which love song by Lady Antebellum did Rachel and Puck sing together to make Finn jealous?
Need You Now
Glee club and the football team performed a mash-up of 'Thriller' and 'Heads Will Roll' at the Championship half-time show dressed as what?
Which song by Destinys Child do The Warblers practise for Regionals?
Bills Bills Bills
After her cheerleading squad lost at Regionals what title was Sue given?
Loser Of The Year
What was the full name of the new member of Glee club who Puck tries to seduce by singing 'Fat Bottomed Girls'?
Lauren Zises
What did Finn set up on Valentines Day to raise money for Regionals?
Kissing Booth
What was the name of Blaine's crush who worked in Gap?
Sam started a tribute band with the other Glee guys but which Canadian pop star was it a tribute to?
Justin Bieber
Which religious song did Will and Sue sing with the kids on the cancer ward at the hospital?
This Little Light Of Mine
Which item of clothing did Brittany wear on her arms that started off a new clothing trend at school which was supposed to be an imitation of Rachel's style?
Leg Warmers
What was the title of the first original song that Rachel wrote for Glee to sing at Regionals? (girls hair accessory)
My Headband
While playing spin the bottle at Rachel's party which two people shared a kiss then sang karaoke together?
Rachel and Blaine
Which Kesha song did Glee perform hungover for the assembly about the dangers of drinking alcohol?
Tik Tok
What was the name of the all-girls school that The Warblers performed 'Animal' for to try to be sexy?
Crawford Country Day
Which song was performed by Emma and the Celibacy Club that was supposedly about desserts but was actually about sex?
Afternoon Delight
Which band did Sue write to telling them that Glee were planning to perform one of their songs at Regionals and so banned them from doing so?
My Chemical Romance
What was the title of the song Santana wrote about Sam that she sang for him accompanied by Tina? (fish part of our face we move to speak)
Trouty Mouth
What was the title of the song Puck wrote about Lauren? (large bum body organ that pumps blood)
Big Ass Heart
What were the titles of the two original songs that led Glee to win Regionals?
Get It Right Loser Like Me
What did the Glee club decide to sell to raise money to attend Nationals in New York?
Salt Water Taffy
What was the name of the academic TV show that some of the brainier members of Glee appeared on as 'The Masters'?
Smarty Pants
Sue recruited Will's ex-wife,the ex Glee club director and the former coach of Vocal Adrenaline to join her club to help destroy the Glee club what was the name of it?
League of Doom
What was the title of the benefit concert set up by Will and Holly?
The Night of Neglect
Which ballad by Celine Dion did Sunshine perform on her return to McKinley High?
All By Myself
What part of Rachel's body did Finn cause to break leading her to consider plastic surgery?
Which two songs did Quinn and Rachel perform together but felt sad about as they both have body issues? (West Side Story TLC)
I Feel Pretty/Unpretty
Which dance song did Glee perform in the Mall for Rachel? (her favourite broadway star)
Barbra Streisand
What did Will give the Glee members to wear highlighting their flaws during their performance of 'Born This Way'?
What was the name of Santana's and Karofsky's anti-bullying campaign?
Bully Whips
Which song by Keane did Blaine and The Warblers perform for Kurt to celebrate him moving back to McKinley?
Somewhere Only We Know
What was Quinn's nickname before she had plastic surgery and reinvented herself?
Lucy Caboosey
What was the title of Brittany's online talk show?
Fondue For Two
What is the name of Brittany's cat?
Lord Tubbington
Which British music icon did Sue disguise herself as to get a coffee?
David Bowie
What was the title of the school newspaper that Sue revived just to spread false rumours about the members of Glee?
The Muckraker
Which British band's music was used during the episode 'Rumours' as a tribute?
Fleetwood Mac
What was the title of the musical April was trying to make a success about her life that she asked Will to join her on Broadway?
Brittany dumped Artie after he called her what?
Which Eva Cassidy song did Santana sing to Brittany alone to explain her feelings towards her?
What were the names of Sam's younger siblings?
Cody and Stacey
Which band had Principal Figgins booked to play at Prom but they cancelled so Glee performed instead?
Air Supply
Which Adele song did Rachel perform on Jesse's return to McKinley?
Rolling In The Deep
Which class was Brittany in when Artie serenaded her with the song ''Isn't She Lovely'?
Home Economics
What did Kurt wear to Prom which led him being given the nickname 'Braveheart'?
At Prom Blaine was singing 'I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You' which two Glee members got into a fight and were kicked out?
Finn and Jesse
Who were voted Prom King and Queen?
Dave Karofsky and Kurt
The Prom episode ended with everybody dancing to which ABBA song?
Dancing Queen
Where did Sue try to get Glee's flight re-routed to so they would miss Nationals?
Tripoli Libya
What was the name of Becky's Mother?
What did Sue's sister unfortunately pass away after suffering from?
Which flower is Sue supposedly allergic to?
Which Amy Winehouse song did Santana perform for her audition to be a soloist at Nationals?
Back To Black
Jesse annoyed Mercedes during her audition by calling her what?
What was Sue's sister's favourite movie which the song 'Pure Imagination' is from?
Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
Who did Sue make the new Captain of the cheerleaders during an episode of 'womb rage'?
Where did Will's ex wife move to?
What was Principal Figgins' AOL email name?
At the start of the New York episode where was Rachel standing when she declared she 'made it' ?
Times Square
During the hotel lockdown what was the title of the song Brittany wrote? (her drinking vessel)
My Cup
Which song did Will perform on the Broadway stage? (song written for Matthew Morrison)
Still Got Tonight
Where in Central Park did Finn and Rachel meet to make up?
Bow Bridge
Which Broadway star did they both meet in Sardi's who gave them advice?
Patti LuPone
Outside which famous store did Rachel and Kurt enjoy bagels and coffee for breakfast?
Which song from 'Wicked' did Kurt and Rachel perform on stage in the Gerschwin Theatre?
For Good
What was the full name of Vocal Adrenaline's coach who wickedly informed Glee of Will leaving to do Broadway?
Dustin Goolsby
The first group to perform at Nationals Singaz Wit Attitude performed 'Yeah' by which r&b singer?
What happened on stage after Finn and Rachel performed 'Pretending'?
They Kissed
What was the title of the song Glee wrote and performed at Nationals?
Light Up The World
Where did Glee place at Nationals?
Which two Glee members started dating after Nationals?
Sam and Mercedes
In Season Three what was the full name of Mercedes' new boyfriend?
Shane Tinsley
What colour were the pianos donated to Glee by businessman Al Motta?
Which college in New York did Kurt and Rachel wish to attend but discovered they have no Musical Theatre Department?
Which US TV Personality did Quinn have tattooed on her arm after becoming a skank?
Ryan Seacrest
If Sue won her position in Congress what did she want to abolish from public schools?
Which song by The Go-Gos did Glee perform in the school canteen to help recruit new members?
We Got The Beat
What was the full name of the girl with the bad singing voice who auditioned for Glee singing 'Big Spender'?
Sugar Motta
Which Tom Jones song did Blaine perform with The Cheerios to celebrate him joining McKinley?
Its Not Unusual
What did Will throw at Sue to show his disapproval of her campaign to stop Arts programs?
What position did Kurt run for with Brittany as a campaign manager?
Senior Class President
What did Will set up for the Glee members to learn how to dance better taught by Mike?
Booty Camp
Which musical was directed by Artie Emma and Coach Bieste?
West Side Story
Which song from this musical was performed by Rachel and her Mother?
What word did Brittany use to describe herself as she ran against Kurt in the campaign?
What was the alternative name for the grade A- according to Mike's Father?
Asian F
Which song by Jennifer Hudson did Mercedes perform in anger at all the attention Rachel gets in Glee club?
Which University did Mike's Father want him to attend?
Brittany and the Glee girls performed 'Run The World (Girls)' at the pep rally but who sang it originally?
Which song from 'Fame' did Rachel and Mercedes perform in their diva-off for the role of Maria in the musical?
Out Here On My Own
What were the names of Emma's parents?
Rusty and Rose
What was the full name of the Irish student who joined McKinley and who Brittany thought was a leprechaun?
Rory Flanagan
Which Katy Perry song did Blaine perform to remind Glee what being in the club was all about?
Last Friday Night
Which Foreigner song did Puck sing to his daughter to get her to go to sleep?
Waiting For A Girl Like You
What was the name of the all-girl group set up by Rachel's Mother?
Trouble Tones
What were the names of Mike's parents?
Mike and Julia
Which song by Christina Aguilera did the all-girl show choir perform first?
Which two of the show's characters shared a kiss at the end of an episode in Season Four?
Puck and Shelby
Who was given the lead male role in the musical?
What was the full name of the Ohio State Buckeye's talent scout who came to watch Finn play football who was also a love interest of Coach Bieste?
Cooter Menkins
What was the full name of the new member of The Warblers who fancied Blaine?
Sebastian Smythe
What was the name of West Lima's only gay bar where Kurt and Blaine went?
Which song from the musical is playing when Finn and Rachel and Kurt and Blaine are together romantically?
One Hand One Heart
Which Van Halen song did Puck perform while fantasizing about his substitute Geometry teacher Rachel's Mum?
Hot For Teacher
In Sue's smear campaign against Kurt's Father what animal did she refer to him as?
Which sport did the two McKinley show choirs play against each other in a game?
And which two songs did they perform as a mash-up? (Pat Benatar Blondie)
Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way Or Another
What was the full name of the candidate running against Sue who used Santana being a lesbian to smear her?
Reggie Salazar
What did Santana do that led to her nearly being suspended and missing out on Sectionals?
Slapped Finn
What did Coach Bieste name her food that was a combination of three poultry meats?
Finn sang 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' with the Glee boys for Santana but who sang it originally?
Cyndi Lauper
Which Dolly Parton song did Coach Bieste sing after seeing Cooter and Sue together?
Which Katy Perry song did the girls perform after Josh Coleman tried it on with Santana in the corridor?
I Kissed A Girl
Who rigged the vote so that Kurt would win the school election?
What does Santana call her Grandmother?
Who won the Congress election against Sue?
What was the name of the bar in Kentucky where Sam performed as a stripper?
Which University did Mike apply to as a pre-med student on his Father say so?
What were the name of the show choir who performed 'Buenos Aires' in Season Three Sectionals?
What was the name of the girl who was lead singer of this show choir who became a friend of Kurt's?
Which song by Fun did the reunited members of Glee perform together after Sectionals in Season Three?
We Are Young
Which Mariah Carey song did Glee led by Mercedes perform first in the Christmas episode of Season Three?
All I Want For Christmas Is You
What type of animal did Finn adopt for Rachel as a Christmas gift that she nicknamed Barbara? (nationality as well please)
African Pig
Sue decided to volunteer at the Lima homeless shelter as her request to shoot reindeer out of a cannon was turned down by which American politician?
Sarah Palin
Which festive song by Elvis Presley did Rory sing as dedication to his family who couldn't afford to visit him for the holidays?
Blue Christmas
Glee were asked by a TV director to create a Christmas Special to be aired on Lima's local station of which TV channel?
Which song by Joni Mitchell did Rachel perform as a sort of audition for this TV special?
What was the title of the Glee original song for Christmas sung by Blaine and Rachel on the show?
Extraordinary Merry Christmas
Which classic Christmas song by Dean Martin was performed by Kurt and Blaine at the start of the TV special?
Let It Snow
When Mercedes and Rachel arrive on the TV special they perform 'My Favourite Things' from which musical?
The Sound Of Music
Finn and Puck arrived next dressed as characters from which sci-fi movies series?
Star Wars
Which song was performed when Brittany,Santana,Tina,Mike and The Cheerios joined in the fun?
Christmas Wrapping
What was the name of the elf portrayed by Rory who read the nativity story?
Which Band Aid song did the Glee members perform for the families at the homeless shelter?
Do They Know Its Christmas
Which charity did Finn and Rachel decide to donate the money from selling their gifts to?
Salvation Army
Finn also got Rachel another present which he named after her what was it?
Which song from the musical Grease did Sam and Mercedes perform to tell their friends about their time together at the lake?
Summer Nights
During an episode in Season Three Becky had her voiceover performed by which royal lady? (voiced by Helen Mirren who portrayed this person on the big screen)
The Queen
In this same episode who do we discover eloped on Christmas Eve and got married?
Cooter and Bieste
Which Laura Nyro song did Emma perform about her relationship with Will?
Wedding Bell Blues
Which sports team did Sam join in order to get a Letterman jacket to impress Mercedes?
Synchronised Swimming
Which two songs did the boys perform with Will to help him find a way to propose to Emma? (Maroon 5 The Rolling Stones)
Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin Jack Flash
Which Roberta Flack song were the girls singing when they and Will reminisced about meeting their loves for the first time?
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Which two characters started dating but then broke up during the same episode in Season Three after one of them found the other intimidating?
Becky and Artie
What did Will ask Finn to be after he told him he sees him like a son?
Best Man
Finn's Mother told him the truth that his Father actually died in Cincinnati of a drug overdose after being given what by the Army?
Dishonourable Discharge
In which part of the school did Will and the Glee members sing 'We Found Love' to propose to Emma?
Swimming Pool
In the episode dedicated to Michael Jackson which song did Blaine perform in the school corridor?
Wanna Be Start Somethin
When Santana threatens to hit back at a bully for being mean or criticizing Glee she says she is going to go what?
Lima Heights
Where did New Directions and The Warblers have a 'Jackson-off' singing "Bad"?
Car Park
Where was Blaine injured by a Slushie during this by Sebastian after defending Kurt that meant him needing surgery?
Right Eye
In a dream sequence which song did Artie and Mike perform that was originally sung by Michael and Janet Jackson?
Quinn performed 'Never Can Say Goodbye'after receiving her acceptance letter from which prestigious University?
After displaying her name in lights Sam asked Mercedes to perform which of the King of Pop's classic hits?
Human Nature
At Dalton Academy Santana performed 'Smooth Criminal' with Sebastian while secretly recording him after he confessed to putting what in the slushie that hurt Blaine?
Rock Salt
Which MJ song united the New Directions and The Warblers except Sebastian?
Black Or White
Will is replaced as Spanish teacher by David Martinez who taught him at night school but which Latino heartthrob portrayed him in the show?
Ricky Martin
What did Sue ask Will and the Glee boys to donate to her?
What was the full name of the Bronze Winning Olympian Coach who wanted to replace Sue as Cheerleading Coach?
Roz Washington
The new Spanish teacher told Will he has to have what to show how passionate he is about his performance which means 'dwarf' in English?
And which LMFAO song did he perform with the Glee members?
Sexy And I Know It
Which popular supernatural teen film was Rachel watching with Mercedes and Kurt when she decided to tell him about her engagement to Finn?
Which song by Gloria Estefan did Mercedes perform for Sam during their week of no contact?
Don't Wanna Lose You
What type of Latino boots did the boys wear for their mash-up of 'Bamboleo' and 'Hero'?
Hipster Boots
Which Latin-themed song by Madonna was sung by Santana with David?
La Isla Bonito
Will performed a Spanish version of 'A Little Less Conversation' with dancers dressed as bulls and a Mariachi band dressed as a what?
Which award was given to Will at his Spanish night school teacher?
Best Improved
Which subject did Will start teaching at McKinley after he was replaced?
Emma was awarded what by Principal Figgins after a successful pamphlet campaign?
What are the first names of Rachel's two Fathers?
Hiram and Leroy
They both sang to Finn and Rachel which song by The Dixie Cups to celebrate their engagement?
Chapel Of Love
Sugar held a party for Valentines Day in the local hangout but what did she change its name to for the party?
Sugar Shack
What was the name of the group Mercedes led with Sam and Quinn that performed 'singing telegrams' to couples?
The God Squad
What was the full name of the new member of this group who played the guitar and had bible quotes as tattoos?
Joe Hart
Which two Glee members fought over who got to be Sugar's date for her own party?
Artie and Rory
Which love classic by Nat King Cole did Tina and Mike sing to each other?
Which song did Finn get Mercedes' group to perform for Rachel in the school yard? (Maroon 5 Gym Class Heroes)
Stereo Hearts
Which Michael Buble song did Rory sing for Sugar after lying that his Visa application had been denied?
Mercedes sang 'I Will Always Love You' to Sam after she broke up with Shane but who originally sang it? (not Whitney Houston)
Dolly Parton
Karofsky confessed his love for Kurt on Valentine's Day dressed up as what animal?
Which song by Madonna were Mercedes and Quinn singing when Brittany and Santana shared their first kiss in public?
Which classic by The B-52s did Blaine perform on his return minus his eyepatch?
Love Shack
As an engagement present Sebastian gave Rachel what that featured Finn to blackmail her into not singing at Regionals?
Nude Photo
Blaine sang a song to Kurt that he had been practising for Regionals with a strange title what was it called? (something to cure one symptom of a cold)
Cough Syrup
Which word was written on Karofsky's locker by the bullies that made him want to commit suicide?
The Warblers decided to take donations during their performance for 'Born This Way Foundation 'which celebrity set up this charity
Lady Gaga
Which popular sandwich spread had Rory never tried before until Will gave him some to try?
Peanut Butter
When the Glee club members discussed what they were most looking forward to Mike said he wanted to dance in which venue?
Carnegie Hall
The Warblers performed 'Glad You Came' as their second song at Regionals but which British boyband sang it?
The Wanted
The second show choir to perform at Regionals sang 'She Walks in Beauty' but what was the name of their choir?
The Golden Goblets
The second song the Troubletones sang in Regionals was which hit by Kelly Clarkson?
What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
Which song did Rachel finish their Regionals performance off with originally sung by Halestorm?
Here's To Us
The judge who declared the New Directions winners of Season Three Regionals was dressed in what type of Halloween costume?
What did Karofsky aspire to be working as in 10 years time?
Sports Agent
What was Quinn doing when she missed the stop sign and a truck crashed into her car?
Texting Rachel
What was the full name of Sue's lawyer?
Gloria Allred
Which classic hit of Elton John's did Quinn and Artie perform together in their wheelchairs?
I'm Still Standing
After she is replaced as cheerleading coach,Sue coaches Glee in which activity?
Booty Camp
What was the first name of Blaine's brother who is a successful commercial actor?
Blaine and his brother performed a mash-up of 'Hungry Like The Wolf' and 'Rio' which are both songs from which 80s band?
Duran Duran
In which city in California did Puck want Finn to join him running his pool cleaning business after graduation?
Los Angeles
What did the Senior members of Glee call their day off from school?
Ditch Day
Which popular crime TV series did Blaine's brother use a script from to teach about acting?
In the flashback to Blaine's childhood which Hanson song is he dancing to?
Which theme park did the Seniors visit on their day off?
Six Flags
Instead of going to the theme park Artie and Quinn went to where?
Skate Park
Which Christina Aguilera song did Blaine sing about his brother?
Blaine and his brother reconciled after singing 'Somebody That I Used To Know' but who sang this originally?
The episode dedicated to the film 'Saturday Night Fever' began with Blaine,Britney and Mike performing which song from the film?
You Should Be Dancing
Which college was Mercedes accepted into?
Defiance College
What was the name of Will's high school school choir?
The Singsations
What was the full name of the new male lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline who performs as a woman called Unique and is a huge fan of Kurt and Mercedes?
Wade Adams
Which Bee Gees song did Will and Sue dance to then use as a dance-off for the Glee members?
Night Fever
Which Disco hit by The Trammps was Mercedes singing when Sam recorded her to post on the internet?
Disco Inferno
While performing 'If I Can't Have You' Santana admitted that what is her mistress and she can't live without it?
Which disco song did Vocal Adrenaline perform at their Regionals?
Boogie Shoes
Which college did Finn decide to apply for?
Actor's Studio
Which University had Santana been accepted for with a cheerleading scholarship?
What were Will,Sue and the Glee members wearing to perform 'Stayin Alive'? (colour as well please)
White suit
The episode 'Dance With Somebody' was a tribute to which singer who had died two months earlier?
Whitney Houston
Which song by this artist was performed first?
How Will I Know
What was the full name of the guy Kurt met at the sheet music store who he swapped numbers with?
Chandler Kiehl
What was the name of the wedding planner Will hired?
Mr Lavender
Who performed 'Saving All My Love For You' and discovered they have for feelings for each other after doing physiotherapy? (two Glee members)
Joe and Quinn
Which song did Santana and Rachel perform together from the same episode?
So Emotional
Which song did Blaine perform after finding out Kurt had cheated on him?
Its Not Right But Its Okay
What did Puck give the guys as a graduation gift to remember their times together?
Party bag
Kurt planned to perform 'The Music Of The Night' for his NYADA audition but which musical is this song from?
Phantom Of The Opera
What was the full name of the Dean from NYADA who watched the auditions?
Carmen Tibideaux
And which 'Sister Act' actress portrayed her?
Whoopi Goldberg
Which Kelly Clarkson song did Rachel sing after she failed her audition?
Which injury did Coach Bieste have that she claimed was caused by a speed bag?
Black Eye
Which song from the musical 'Chicago' did the girls perform supposedly about domestic violence and women empowerment?
Cell Block Tango
After upsetting Coach Bieste the girls then sang 'Shake It Out' to support her after her abuse from her husband but which British band sang it originally?
Florence And The Machine
Which subject did Puck have to pass to graduate?
European Geography
What was the full name of the teacher who taught this subject who Puck tried to seduce?
Eleanor Doosenbury
Which Alice Cooper song did Puck sing after dropping out of school?
School's Out
Which song from 'My Fair Lady' did the boys sing with Puck to help him revise for his test?
The Rain In Spain
Which theme did Brittany pick for the Senior Prom?
Who was nominated for Prom King alongside Finn and Britney and who had the nickname 'The Stick'?(full name please)
Rick Nelson
And which girl was nominated for Prom Queen alongside Quinn and Santana? (full name please)
Missy Gunderson
What did Britney ban from the Prom leading to Blaine deciding not to go?
Hair Gel
What did Becky go around school breaking because she was angry she wasn't nominated for Prom Queen?
Which Fergie song did Rachel sing to show how down she was?
Big Girls Don't Cry
What was Britney dressed as when she kicked off the Prom by performing Kesha's hit 'Dinosaur'?
Cave Girl
Santana performed 'Love You Like A Love Song' at the Prom but which female artist sang it originally?
Selena Gomez
What game did Becky and Puck play in the hotel room where the anti-Prom was hosted?
Strip Poker
Which One Direction song did some of the Glee boys perform at Prom that sent the girls into a wild frenzy?
What Makes You Beautiful
Which film was the song 'Take My Breath Away' sung by Quinn and Santana as she revealed she could stand again and Rachel and Finn danced as Prom King and Queen from?
Top Gun
What was the first name of Coach Bieste's sister who she told everyone she went to stay with but she didn't?
What was the name Sue gave Kurt after she told him he had to perform in drag for Nationals?
Which Jason Mraz song was Rachel singing as she fantasised after reading her journal about NYADA being her destiny?
I Won't Give Up
Which film song was the song 'What A Feeling' from that Sue had Glee recreate as a possible song for Nationals complete with props?
While shopping at the mall for costume material Tina fell and hit her head in the what?
After this happened the Glee members had all switched places but she saw Blaine and Kurt first but who had they morphed into?
Puck and Finn
Tina had morphed into Rachel and performed which Celine Dion song?
Because You Loved Me
What was the name of the complicated new dance routine that Kurt secretly filmed their rivals practising?
Human Centipede
What was Puck's drag queen stage name?
Which Taylor Swift song did Puck and Coach Bieste perform together on stage about their recent experiences with bullying?
Which city was Season Three Nationals held in?
What was Mercedes suffering from that meant she nearly wasn't well enough to perform at Nationals?
Food Poisoning
What did Finn buy for the Jewish part of their wedding ceremony?
Which 'Mean Girl' actress starred as herself as one of the Nationals' judges?0
Lindsay Lohan
Another of the judges was a famous gossip blogger but what was his name?
Perez Hilton
The girls performed which Lady Gaga song as their Nationals opening number?
Edge of Glory
The second two songs 'It's All Coming Back To Me Now' and 'Paradise By The Dashboard Light' were both by which music producer?
Jim Steinbeck
Vocal Adrenaline performed which Nicki Minaj hit as their opening number?
What was the name of the other show choir who performed songs from 'Starlight Express' at Nationals?
Scale Blazers
Which award was Rachel secretly hoping to win but was given to Unique instead?
When Glee returned to school to celebrate their win at Nationals which GROUPLOVE song did they sing?
Tongue Tied
What did Principal Figgins give Finn and Rachel as a gift for winning Nationals along with a cheque?
Bumper Stickers and mini pom-poms
Which accolade was Will given in Season Three?
Teacher Of The Year
Which Queen hit did Glee perform at this award ceremony?
We Are The Champions
Which Rod Stewart hit did Will sing to the Seniors as his way of saying goodbye to them?
Forever Young
Who did Kurt's Dad dress up and perform as with Brittany and Tina to show proud he was of his son?
Which Madonna song did Kurt perform to say goodbye to Glee club?
I'll Remember
What was Mercedes offered as a back-up singer after a video of her performing was uploaded online by Sam?
Recording Contract
Which college had Mike been offered a scholarship for in Chicago?
Joffrey Ballet Academy
Why did Brittany not graduate with Santana?
She Flunked
Which famous 80s Latino songstress played Santana's Mother on the show?
Gloria Estefan
Finn and the Seniors sang 'You Get What You Give' to the rest of Glee but which band originally sang it?
New Radicals
Which song by The Beatles did Will and the underclassmen of Glee perform in Finn's honour?
In My Life
What did Quinn give Rachel in the girls bathroom so they could still meet up after they graduate?
Train Ticket
What grade did Puck when he retook the test he failed which meant he could graduate?
What colour were the graduation gowns and in which year did they graduate?
Red 2012
Which Bruce Springsteen was Finn singing during the graduation ceremony?
Glory Days
Where did Finn take Rachel instead of their wedding where everyone was waiting to say goodbye to her?
Train Station
Which song did she sing by Room For Two as she left?
Roots Before Branches
In which state was Finn going to go to join the army to make his father proud?
Which 'White Collar' actor starred in Season Three as Blaine's older brother?
Matt Bomer
Which two Broadway actresses starred in the first two seasons of Glee and had both starred in the musical 'Wicked'?
Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel
Which former 'ER' star portrayed Emma's ex on the show?
John Stamos
Which star of Glee went on to voice Kristoff in 'Frozen'?
Jonathan Groff
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