Ultimate Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets Quiz

Enter an answer into the box.Here is my quiz dedicated to the second of J K Rowling's Harry Potter series The Chamber Of Secrets. It features questions about the book and film. Happy quizzing and please feel free to leave any feedback Thank you x
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: December 3, 2017
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Who is Harry living with at the beginning of this story?
The Dursleys
What was Harry looking at at the start of the film?
In which room did Harry use as his bedroom in this film? (be specific)
Dudley's second bedroom
According to Dudley his mother gave Harry this room for fear he would turn them into what?
What is the name of the drill-manufacturing company that Vernon works for?
What was the surname of the clients The Dursleys were entertaining to clinch Vernon 'the deal of his career'?
The Masons
Petunia was finishing off a special dessert for their dinner with whipped cream and sugared what?
Complete this quote by Harry 'I'll be in my bedroom making no noise and pretending I don't ...' what?
What type of creature does Harry find in his bedroom jumping on the bed?
House Elf
And what was this creatures name?
What does this creature wear as clothes?
What did this creature bang its head on when it nearly spoke ill of its family?
Vernon told his clients a cat was making all the noise upstairs but what did he say its name was?
This creature was visiting Harry to warn him not to return to Hogwarts because he would be in terrible what?
Which item in the room did Dobby use to hit himself on the head with that Harry had to wrestle it out of his grasp?
When an angry Vernon comes upstairs he tells Harry off for ruining his joke about a golfer of which nationality?
Where did Harry hide the creature from Vernon?
What did the creature keep hidden from Harry so he thought none of his friends liked him anymore so he wouldn't return to Hogwarts?
What type of charm did this creature use to drop the dessert over the heads of Vernon's clients in order to get Harry in trouble?
How does this creature perform magic?
Clicks fingers
Vernon explains to his clients that Harry is very what?
When Vernon receives a letter about Harry and the fact he is not allowed to do magic outside of school what do he do to him?
Locks him up
Dudley gives Harry stale bread and tinned what to eat?
What coloured pattern does Harry have on his white pyjamas?
Blue stripes
Ron and his twin brothers came to Harry's rescue in a flying what? (be specific)
Ford Anglia
What colour was this vehicle?
Who was driving it?
In the film what was the registration number of this flying vehicle?
7990 TD
In the book before their escape Fred and George had to retrieve what of Harry's from the cupboard under the stairs?
When Vernon grabs hold of Harry's foot so he can't escape who hurts his hand so he has to let go?
What do The Weasleys call their farm?
The Burrow
Which two types of farm animals do we see they have in the film?
Pigs and chickens
The Weasleys have a clock hanging in the kitchen what type of clock is it?
Chore clock
There was also enchanted objects performing household tasks by themselves including washing up and playing cards shuffling and which other?
In a scene in the book and the video game the Weasley boys had to get rid of what from the garden?
At breakfast where does Molly say Ginny's jumper was?
On the cat
What is the name of Ron's father?
In which office of the Ministry of Magic does he work?
Misuse of Muggle Artefacts
How many raids did he say there was the previous night?
Which object does he ask Harry what the function is of?
Rubber duck
What is the name of The Weasley's owl who is quite accident-prone?
How did Harry travel to Diagon Alley to shop for school supplies?
Floo network
In order to access this he used what feature of The Weasleys house?
When accessing this he disappeared in a flame of which colour?
Which word did Harry say accidentally when it was his turn?
After saying this Harry ends up in a shop full of dark magic objects what was the name of this shop?
Borgin and Burkes
What was the name of the street that this shop was located on?
Knockturn Alley
Harry looks around the shop and spots a mysterious hand on a mantelpiece which grabs him when he touched it what was the name of this object?
Hand of Glory
In deleted scenes from the film Draco and his father enter the shop to sell some potions to the owner he talks about Ron's father's new law what was it called?
Muggle Protection Act
When Draco and his father entered the shop Harry hid inside a large cupboard that started to try and squash him what was this called?
Crushing cabinet
Once Harry had left the shop he ran into an old witch holding a tray of what?
When Harry runs into Hagrid who was there buying Flesh Eating Slug Repellent what was he buying it for?
In the book Arthur Weasley mended Harry's glasses but in the film who mended them?
What is the name of the bookshop on Diagon Alley?
Flourish and Blotts
In the bookshop Harry's new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher was signing copies of his new autobiography what was it called?
Magical Me
And what was his full name?
Gilderoy Lockhart
He tells the audience his book has spent how many weeks on the bestseller list?
Who does Ron tell Harry has a crush on this man?
What is the name of the newspaper that this man and Harry have their picture taken together for the front page?
The Daily Prophet
What is the name of Draco's father? (full name please)
Lucius Malfoy
What does Draco's Father call Harry for saying Voldemort was a murderer out loud?
Brave and foolish
Complete this quote from Hermione 'Fear of a ... only increases fear of the thing itself' what word is missing?
Who is Draco's father referring to when he says they are a disgrace to the Wizard name?
The Weasleys
When Harry and Ron couldn't access Platform 9 3/4 and crashed into the wall what did they say happened to the trolley when the Station Master asked?
Lost control
When Ron suggested they use the flying car to get to Hogwarts he pressed a silver button what was it?
Invisibility booster
When they caught up with the train and almost got hit by it Harry fell out the car was this a scene just in the film or the book?
When Harry and Ron arrived at Hogwarts they crashed into a tree that proceeded to attack the car what was this tree called?
Whomping Willow
When the pair ran into Hogwarts who was there to greet them and said ' Oh dear we are in trouble'?
How many Muggles did Professor Snape had seen the flying car?
What punishment did Professor McGonagall give them both?
Dumbledore wanted to return to the feast to try which dessert?
Custard Tart
On the way to the feast in a deleted scene Harry finds a letter addressed to Filch from which company?
Which class is taught by Professor Sprout?
Which number greenhouse did Harry have his first lesson in this subject?
What was the name of the plant he was learning to re-pot in this lesson?
What did Harry and his classmates have to wear to protect them from the cries of this plant?
Who fainted despite the fact that they wore these protectors?
What did Ron use to try and mend his broken wand?
A first-year Gryffindor student who is a fan of Harry's takes some photos and asks for an autograph what was his full name?
Colin Creevey
What did this student tell Harry his Muggle father does for a living?
What type of letter did Ron receive from Molly telling him off for stealing the car?
In Harry's first Defense Against The Dark Arts lesson with Professor Lockhart the students had to do a 30minute quiz about him the first question was about his favourite colour what is it?
Hermione was the only student to answer his question right about his secret ambition to rid the world of evil and market his own range of what?
Haircare potions
What tiny mischevious creatures did he release from a cage?
Cornish pixies
What colour were these creatures?
What spell did Lockhart use to try and bring these creatures under control?
Peskipiski Pesternomi
When that spell fails to work and Lockhart leaves it to the class to sort them out Hermione uses which spell to freeze them?
Neville had been picked up by his ears and hung from the chandelier by these creatures what does he say? (exact words please)
Why is it always me
Who is being trained as Slytherin's new Quidditch Seeker? (full name please)
Draco Malfoy
What horrible name did this person call Hermione when she pokes fun at them for buying their way into the team?
Filthy little mudblood
Ron tells them to eat what in retaliation but ends up throwing them up himself because of his broken wand?
What task did Ron have to do for his detention?
Polish trophies
And what did Harry have to help Lockhart do for his detention?
Answer fanmail
What does Lockhart describe as a 'fickle thing'?
When Harry hears voices and leaves Lockharts office he finds a message written on the wall in blood what were the exact words this message said?
The Chamber of Secrets has been opened enemies of the heir beware
Beside the message hanging from a sconce was which pet that had been petrified?
Mrs Norris
In Transfiguration class Professor McGonagall asked her students to turn animals into what?
Water Goblets
What was the spell that she taught them to use to do this?
Vera verto
In the film who was it who told the class what they knew about the Chsmber of Secrets?
Professor McGonagall
But in the book it was who? (full name please)
Cuthbert Binns
Hogwarts was founded by four people whose Houses the students all belong in but what were all four of these founders first names?
Godric Helga Rowena Salazar
The Chamber of Secrets was created by the founder of which of these four Houses?
What is supposedly hidden inside the Chamber of Secrets that only the Heir of this House can control?
Hermione comes up with idea of finding out if Draco knows anything about the Chamber of Secrets by brewing what potion?
How many school rules does she say they will be breaking if they do brew it?
How long will it take to make?
1 month
Where in Hogwarts did Hermione decide to brew this potion because nobody ever goes in there?
Girls bathroom
What is the nickname of the ghost who haunts this place?
Moaning Myrtle
In the book Harry is in Potions class and throws something into Crabbe's cauldron to distract Professor Snape so Hermione can steal supplies for the potion what was it?
And what potion was he brewing in the cauldron at the time?
Swelling solution
During Harry's Quidditch match against Slytherin what name did Draco call him?
What object tried to kill Harry and ended up knocking Draco off his broom and caused injury to Harry's arm?
In the book who tried to save Harry from this object?
Fred and George
In the film Hermione used a spell to try this object what was this spell?
Infinite Incantatem
Lockhart tried to mend Harry's broken arm but made it worse with which spell?
Brackium emendo
What is the full name of the matron of Hogwarts hospital?
Poppy Pomfrey
What is the name of the medicine she gives Harry to help him regrow his bones in his arm?
How many bones did she say he has to grow back so he's in for a rough night?
What did Dobby say he had to do to himself for trying to kill Harry and for stopping him getting to Hogwarts on the train?
Iron his hands
When Harry threatens to strangle him Dobby states he's used to getting death threats as he gets them how many times a day at home?
When Colin is the next victim to be petrified what was he holding when he was attacked?
What did Lockhart set up in the Great Hall to teach the students to defend themselves?
Duelling club
In the book what date did the first meeting of this happen at 8pm?
17th December
Which spell did Professor Snape use against Lockhart?
In the book who was Ron's opponent in this club? (full name please)
Seamus Finnigan
Which spell did Harry use on Malfoy during their duel in the film?
And which spell did Draco use to counterattack Harry?
What type of creature did this spell conjure up to attack Harry?
Harry talks to this creature and tells it not to attack in which special language he never knew he could speak?
What spell did Lockhart use on this creature to try and kill it?
Alarte ascendare
Which spell did Professor Snape use to kill the creature?
Vipera Evanesca
In a deleted scene in the film Harry overhears two Hufflepuff students talking about him what were their names?
Hannah Abbott and Ernie Macmillan
Harry bumps into Hagrid who is off to ask Dumbledore for permission to put a charm on the hencoop to stop what animal being killed?
What was the name for the party thrown by Sir Nick to celebrate 500 years since he died?
Deathday party
What was the name of the Hufflepuff student who was found petrified on the same day as Sir Nick and this party?
Justin Finch Fletchley
When Harry is escorted to Dumbledore's office by Professor McGonagall what does she say is the password?
Sherbet Lemon
In Dumbledore's office an object on a shelf says 'Bee in your bonnet Potter?' what is this object called?
Sorting Hat
What type of mythical bird does Dumbledore have as a pet?
And what is this pets name?
Where did Ron Hermione and Harry spend Christmas?
What did Hermione put in cupcakes for Crabbe and Goyle to find which would knock them out?
Sleeping draught
Where did Harry and Ron hide Crabbe and Goyle once they were knocked out?
Broom cupboard
What was the full name of the female Slytherin student Hermione stole a hair from for her potion?
Millicent Bulstrode
After he drank the potion who did Harry turn into?
What did Ron say in a deep voice so he sounded more like Crabbe?
Bloody hell
How long would Harry and Ron have as Crabbe and Goyle before they changed back to themselves?
1 hour
Who did they meet on their way there that Draco said was trying to find the Heir of Slytherin single-handed?
Percy Weasley
What did Goyle say was his reason for wearing glasses?
Who did Draco say was 'the worst thing to happen to Hogwarts'?
Who did Goyle say was worse than them?
Harry Potter
How long ago did Draco say a student was expelled because a Mudblood died?
50 years
In a deleted scene from the film when Harry and Ron started to change back into themselves did they run into the real Crabbe and Goyle on their way back to Hermione?
After drinking her potion Hermione had changed into what animal?
What colour were her eyes?
Hermione had to stay in hospital until she stopped coughing up what?
Hermione kept what gift from Lockhart under her pillow while she was in hospital?
Get Well Soon Card
What is the name of the Hogwarts Librarian?
Madam Pince
The Ministry Of Magic fined Arthur for keeping the car but what was the fine?
50 Galleons
What kind of a party did Lockhart throw for the students in the book that wasn't shown in the film?
At this party Lockhart had what type of creatures dressed as cupids giving out cards?
A ghost flooded the bathroom because someone threw what at them?
Complete the quote from this ghost ' I was circling a ... thinking about death' what is the missing word?
U bend
This book turned out to be a diary belonging to who? (full name please)
Tom Marvolo Riddle
Which bookstore can be found at 422 Vauxhall Road as written on the back of the diary?
What spell did Hermione use on the diary to reveal what was written on it?
When Harry wrote in the diary asking about the Chamber of Secrets the diary wrote back about showing him what was the date on the page?
13 June
In the flashback shown to Harry by the diary who was the Headmaster of Hogwarts? (Full name please)
Armando Dippet
Who was blamed for opening the Chamber of Secrets 50 years and expelled from Hogwarts?
While Ron Harry and Hermione were chatting to Hagrid who came to tell them the dorm had been ransacked?
What was stolen when this happened?
Where was Hermione found holding when she was petrified?
What was the full name of Ravenclaw prefect who was found petrified as well as Hermione?
Penelope Clearwater
What time did Professor McGonagall say all students had to be in their common rooms by?
She also stated thst all students would be escorted to their lessons by a what?
What weapon does Hagrid use to protect himself as seen in the film when Harry and Ron snuck out to visit him?
Who turned up at Hagrid's hut with Dumbledore to talk to Hagrid while Harry and Ron hid under the invisibility cloak?(full name please)
Cornelius Fudge
Where did this person order Hagrid to go?
Azkaban prison
When Lucius arrives at Hagrid's he tells Dumbledore he has to step down because of what document?
Suspension order
How many School Governors signatures did he get on this document?
Complete this Dumbledore quote '.... will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it' what is the missing word?
What did Hagrid say to do before he got taken away?
Follow the spiders
What did Ron say he wished Hagrid had said to follow instead?
Following the insects led Harry and Ron to a hollow in the what?
Dark Forest
What type of huge talking creature did Harry and Ron discover lived in this hollow?
And what was its name?
This creature tells Harry that the monster wasn't him because it was born in the castle and he came from a distant land in the pocket of a what?
It also tells Harry that the monster is a creature spiders what above all others?
When Harry and Ron tried to leave this hollow the creature said they couldn't because he couldn't deny his sons and daughters what?
Fresh meat
What came to the rescue of Harry and Ron after that happened?
What was the spell Harry used to try and fight off the insects?
Arania exumai
What did Harry and Ron find in Hermione's hand at the hospital?
And what did she find out the monster was?
How did this monster travel around the castle?
What was written on the wall in blood when a student was taken into the Chamber of Secrets? (exact words please)
Her skeleton will lie in the chamber forever
Who was this student? (full name please)
Ginny Weasley
When Lockhart admits to Harry and Ron he was a fraud and never did any of the things written in his books he states he is gifted with what types of charms?
What was the full name of the student who teased Myrtle about her glasses which was the reason she was in the bathroom crying when she died?
Olive Hornby
The entrance to the Chamber of Secrets was in the girls bathroom on what feature with a serpent on?
Myrtle tells Harry if he dies down in the chamber he is welcome to share her what?
How long does Ron reckon the snakeskin is meaning the monster must be how long or more?
60 feet
Down in the tunnel Lockhart pretends to faint and steals Rons wand which spell did he use that backfired on him?
Who gets trapped with Lockhart when the tunnel collapses?
How many snakes were depicted on the hatch Harry opened to enter the Chamber of Secrets?
In the Chamber Tom picked up Harry's wand when he dropped it and when Harry asked for it back Tom said he won't what?
Be needing it
Tom also talked about how he had put Ginny in a what to make her do things?
How old was Hagrid when Tom framed him for opening the Chamber the first time?
Tom told Harry that Lord Voldemort was his 'past,present and ...' what?
This was because he used the letters from his name to invent himself a new name what was that name?
Lord Voldemort
Who does Harry say is 'the greatest sorceror in the world'? (full name please)
Albus Dumbledore
Which bird appeared carrying the Sorting Hat to help Harry?
When Tom called the monster to kill Harry which part of the Salazar Slytherin statue opened to let it free?
When Harry runs away from the monster and trips over the bird attacks which part of the monster?
When Harry finally escapes the monster and runs back to save Ginny Tom tells him as she is growing weaker he is getting what?
What does Harry find in the Sorting Hat to help him kill the monster?
Sword of Gryffindor
While fighting with the monster Harry gets bitten on what part of his body?
When Harry has killed the monster he takes what from it to stab the diary with?
What happened to Tom when Harry did this?
When Ginny awakes Harry tells her to not worry and to do what?
Get herself out
When the bird reappears Harry thanks it and says he 'just wasn't ... ' what?
Quick enough
How did the bird heal Harry's wound?
Despite the fact that Harry and Ron broke a dozen school rules and should be expelled Dumbledore awarded them both with what award?
Special Services to the School
He also awarded them how many Housepoints each?
Dumbledore asked Ron to send an owl with what papers to get Hagrid back?
He also thanked Harry for showing him real what down in the Chamber?
Dumbledore tells Harry that Voldemort unintentionally passed some of his what to him when he gave him the scar?
Complete this Dumblefore quote 'It is not our ... that show what we truly are.It is our choices' what is the missing word?
Dobby arrives with his master which family did he serve?
The Malfoys
Dumbledore tells this master that he knows he threatened to put what on the school governors and their families if they refused to sign his order of suspension?
Harry chases after Dobby and his master because he wanted to give the diary back to him who put the diary in Ginny's cauldron?
When Dobby opens the diary he finds what item of clothing inside meaning he is free?
When Harry gets threatened Dobby stands up to his ex-master and says what before sending him flying backwards? (exact words please)
You shall not harm Harry Potter
What does Harry ask Dobby to promise to never do again?
Save his life
When Harry and Hermione are reunited in the Great Hall they hug but Ron and Hermione only do what?
Shake hands
The school applauds because Dumbledore has cancelled all what in light of recent events?
When Hagrid returns and apologises for being late he says it was because Ron's what got lost and confused?
Hagrid thanks Harry Ron and Hermione and Harry tells him 'there's no ... without you Hagrid' what word is missing?
Level 13
Aug 17, 2017
BEST QUIZ YET!! This is awesome- 5 stars!! :)
Level 38
Aug 27, 2021
few spelling errors that need to be fixed.

it's "finite incantatem" not "infinite incantatem"

tom didn't disapparate, his memory form just vanished

other than that pretty good and challenging quiz :)