Ultimate Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Quiz

Enter an answer into the box Here is my quiz dedicated to the Stageplay The Cursed Child written by J K Rowling,Jack Thorne and John Tiffany. This is the story of Harry Potter and his family 19 years after Voldemort was defeated. It features questions about characters,quotes,places and spells. Thank you for playing and as always all suggestions and comments welcome. Happy Quizzing xx
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: December 11, 2017
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How many Acts does this Play have altogether?
In the first scene at which location were the characters?
Kings Cross Station
How old was Harry in this story?
What was the name of Harry's eldest son?
And his youngest son's name was what?
What was the name of Harry's daughter who was his youngest child?
Who was married to Harry and Mother to their three children?
How often did Harry's wife say she would write to their youngest son?
How often did Harry say he wrote to his eldest son last year?
Three times a week
Complete this Ginny quote 'All you have to do is walk straight at the wall between platforms ... and ...' what two numbers are missing?
9 10
Complete this Harry quote 'Don't stop and don't be scared you'll crash into it that's very important.Best to do it at a run if you're ...' what?
Who did Harry's daughter run to see on the platform?
Who was this person married to?
And what was the name of their daughter?
And what was the name of their son?
Which Weasleys Wizard Wheezes product did Ron use to show Lily a trick?
Nose stealing breath
What did Lily say Ron smelt like when he performed his trick?
Complete this Ron quote 'Because of me! I'm extremely famous.My nose experiments are ...' what?
What did Ron tell Harry he passed although Hermione thought he wouldn't without having to put a spell on the examiner?
Driving Test
Complete this Albus quote 'Slytherin is the House of the snake of Dark magic It's not a house of ... wizards' what word is missing?
Complete this Harry quote 'Albus Severus you were named after two ... of Hogwarts.One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew' what's the missing word?
What did Harry tell his son will take his feelings into account?
Sorting Hat
Complete this Harry quote 'Hogwarts will be the making of you Albus.I promise you there is nothing to be ... of there' what word is missing?
What did James tell Albus to watch out for that are invisible but not to those who have seen death?
Who did Hermione tell Rose to send her love to?
What did Ron say Hogwarts was full of and he wishes he could go back?
Complete this Ginny quote 'People always ... when you three are together and apart.People always . at you' what word is missing twice?
Complete this Rose quote 'On the contrary it's exciting.I'm a Granger Weasley you're a Potter everyone will want to be ... with us we've got the pick of anyone we want' what word is missing?
What was the full name of the boy Albus and Rose shared a carriage with on the train to Hogwarts?
Scorpius Malfoy
Name one of the sweets this person offered them?
Fizzing Whizbees
What did Rose do to Albus to try to get him to stop talking to that person?
hit him
What did Rose say this person's parents were?
Death Eaters
Complete this Scorpius quote 'The .... is that my parents couldn't have children.That my Father and Grandfather were so desperate for a powerful heir to prevent the end of the Malfoy line that they used a Time Turner to send my Mother back' what word is missing?
Who did Rose say was supposedly the Father of Scorpius?
What did Scorpius tell Albus Rose was quite what?
Complete this quote from the Sorting Hat 'I've done this job for centuries On every students head i've sat Of thoughts I take inventories For i'm the famous Sorting Hat I've sorted high i've sorted low i've done the job through thick and thin So put me on and you will know which ... you should be in' what word is missing?
Which House did Rose get sorted into?
Which House was both Scorpius and Albus sorted into?
Which lesson do we see the students having on stage first?
And which teacher taught them this lesson?
Madam Hooch
Who said this line 'Oh Merlin's beard how humiliating! He really isn't like his father at all us he' ? (full name please)
Polly Chapman
What were the names of the other two Hogwarts students seen on stage quite a lot during the play?
Karl Jenkins and Yann Fredericks
Complete this James quote 'Slythering Slytherin stop with your dithering time to get onto the ...' what?
What did Draco ask Harry for at the train station?
Complete this Draco quote 'These rumours about my sons parentage they don't seem to be going away.The other Hogwarts students tease Scorpius about it relentlessly.If the Ministry could release a statement reaffirming that all Time Turners were destroyed in the Battle of the Department of ...' what?
Complete this reply from Harry 'If you answer the .. you feed the ... They've been rumours Voldemort had a child for years.Scorpius isn't the first to be accused.The Ministry for your sake as well as ours needs to stay well clear' what word is missing twice?
Which position did Rose play in for Gryffindor Quidditch team?
Which class did we see Albus take next in the play during his second year at Hogwarts?
Which Magical place did Albus not want to visit in his third year at Hogwarts because he hated it?
What spell did Albus use on a ball of paper on the station platform that set it on fire?
Who did Harry say he had been exchanging owls with because of Albus' behaviour at Hogwarts?
Professor McGonagall
Complete this Albus quote 'So what would you like me to do? Magic myself popular? Conjure myself into a new House? Transfigure myself into a better student? Just cast a .. Dad and change me into what you want me to be okay? It'll work better for both of us' what word is missing?
Complete this Sorting Hat quote 'Are you afraid of what you'll hear? Afraid i'll speak the name you fear? Not Slytherin Not Gryffindor Not Hufflepuff Not Ravenclaw Din't worry .. I know my job You'll learn to laugh if first you sob' what's the missing word?
Complete this Albus quote 'I didn't ... you know that I didn't ... to be his son' what word is missing twice?
What job title did Hermione have at The Ministry?
Minister Of Magic
What was the full name of the wizard who Harry put in custody and took a magical object from?
Theodore Nott
And what was the magical object he took from them?
Time Turner
Who had a messy office with neglected paperwork at the Ministry?
In which country did Hernione say there were mountain trolls riding Graphorns through?
What job title did Harry have at the Ministry?
Head of Magical Law Enforcement
What did Harry say you could become addicted to?
What was the first name of Hermione's secretary?
Conplete this Hermione quote 'Do you think there's a point where we made a choice ... of the year or Ministry official of the year?' what word is missing?
What number did Harry dial in the telephone box to leave the Ministry?
Who came to see Harry at his house in the middle of the night to talk about his son? (full name please)
Amos Diggory
And what was his the name of his son that he wanted Harry's help to get bsck?
Complete this quote from this person 'Voldemort wanted you! Not my son! You told me yourself the words he said were Kill the ... The ... My son my beautiful son was a ...' what word is missing three times?
What was the name of the girl who looks after this man who she tells Albus is also her Uncle?
What did she tell Albus she was there to steal?
chocolate frogs gold and wand
Where did she say she worked at St Oswalds Home For Old Witches and Wizards?
Upper Flagley
What colour did the magic comb Ron sent James turn his hair?
What did Ginny tell Lily she couldn't wear for school?
fairy wings
What did Ron send Lily as a joke gift?
farting gnomes
And what did he send Albus?
love potion
What did Harry give Albus as he thought it might bring him some luck?
Complete this Albus quote 'The poor orphan who went on to save us all So may I say on behalf of wizarding kind how grateful we are for your ...Should we bow now or will a curtsey do?' what word is missing?
Complete this Harry quote that was originally told to him by Dumbledore 'The truth is a beautiful and terrible thing and should therefore be treated with great ...' what?
How old were Rose and Albus when they were best friends?
What did Scorpius tell Rose she smelt like?
Fresh bread
Who tried to stop Scorpius and Albus from jumping off the roof of the train?
Trolley witch
How long had this person worked on the Hogwarts Express?
190 years
What did their hands magically change to?
What spell did Albus cast to create a Cushioning Charm when he jumped off the train?
What type of General Meeting was organised by Hermione and Harry at the Ministry?
How many years had it been since Voldemort was defeated and The Battle Of Hogwarts took place?
Who did Professor McGonagall think was responsible for stealing from the Potions store at Hogwarts?
What made Harry think that something connected to Voldemort was back to cause trouble?
Scar hurt
What pages in the Daily Prophet does Ginny edit?
At St Oswalds what type of dance are male nurses made to do?
Ron told Harry he could write songs about the pain his what give him?
Complete this Hermione quote 'If some part of Voldemort survived in whatever form we need to be prepared and i'm ...' what?
What potion did Delphi produce to transform herself Albus and Scorpius into Ministry employees?
What did this potion taste of?
Who did Delphi transform into?
Who did Albus transform into?
And who did Scorpius transform into?
Who did Hermione tell Draco she had asked to help them look for Albus and Scorpius after they were reported missing?
Complete this Draco quote 'If you need gold everything the Malfoys have He's my sole heir.He's my only ...' what?
What did Amos tell Delphi to put in the Ministry official's drink so he would tell them where the Time Turner was hidden?
What spell did Scorpius use to open the door to Hermione's office?
What did Albus as Ron tell Hermione he wanted them to have?
baby or holiday
Complete this Scorpius quote 'I don't know whether to high five you or frown at you for kissing your ... about five hundred times!' what word is missing?
What was the title of the book written by Sybil Trelawney that spoke to the trio in Hermione's office?
My Eyes and How To See Past Them
The riddle this book gave them the name of what creatures?
The next riddle was a book about the truth about which name?
What was the title of the book the Time Turner was hidden in?
Shadows and Spirits
What tried to kill the trio in Hermione's office?
At the beginning of Act Two a young Harry woke up from a nightmare where was he?
The Dursleys
When the old Harry woke up from his dream he told Ginny he had seen Albus dressed in which schools robes?
Where did Harry think Albus and Scorpius were hiding at Hogwarts?
Forbidden Forest
What spell were Albus and Delphi practising in their hiding place?
In Task One of the Triwizard Tournament what did Cedric transfigure a stone into?
Complete this Delphi quote 'Today you get an opportunity few are given.Today you get to change history. to change ... itself.But more than all that today you get the chance to give an old man his son back' what word is missing?
What was the name of the centaur Harry asked for help finding Albus in the forest?
What did this centaur tell Harry he had seen around Albus that would endanger them all?
black cloud
What year did Albus and Scorpius use the Time Turner to go back in time to?
What was the full name of the announcer of the Triwizard Tournament?
Ludo Bagman
What noise did the Time Turner make before it returned Albus and Scorpius to the present?
When Albus ended up in the hospital wing Madam Pomfrey had to reset which part of his body?
Which Professor spoke to Harry from their portrait in the hospital wing?
This portrait told Harry he was blinded by what?
What did Madam Pomfrey tell Albus to eat a lot of?
Harry told Albus to stay away from Scorpius because he was what?
What was Professor McGonagall going to use to watch Albus' every movement to make sure he stayed away from Scorpius?
Marauders Map
In the alternate present who was Ron married to?
And what was the name of their child?
What subject did Hermione teach at Hogwarts in the alternate present scenes? (abbreviation accepted)
Defense Against The Dark Arts
In which room in the Potter's house did Harry and Draco have a duel?
Why didn't Delphi get to go to Hogwarts when she was younger?
What was the game Scorpius used to play with his imaginary best friend Flurry?
After Albus and Scorpius had changed the events of the Triwizard Tournament Hermione attended the Yule Ball with Ron as she was too suspicious of who?
Viktor Krum
Complete this Scorpius quote 'Professor Croaker's Law-the furthest someone can go back in time without the possibility of serious harm to the traveller or to time itself is ... hours' how many?
And this one 'The smallest moment the smallest change it creates ... And we've created really bad .. ' what word is missing twice?
Complete this reply from Albus 'Things need fixing Scorpius.Cedric still needs saving.Rose needs bringing back.We'll be more careful.Whatever Croaker says ... me ... us We'll get it right this time' what word is missing twice this time?
What did Albus and Scorpius use to hide from Professor McGonagall?
invisibility cloak
Albus told Scorpius he couldn't be Voldemort's son because he was too what?
Ron had to go to Hogwarts because his son got into trouble and gave himself a what?
What spell did Albus use to make the soap bigger in the girls bathroom?
Which Hogwarts ghost did Albus and Scorpius ask for help to get them to the lake?
Moaning Myrtle
Which substance did the pair use to help them breathe underwater when they travelled through the pipe to the lake?
After Scorpius returns from trying to stop Cedric the second time who was headmistress of Hogwarts in the alternate present?
Dolores Umbridge
In this alternate present was Harry dead or alive?
What day were people celebrating that Scorpius was apparently ruining?
Voldemort Day
Which Quidditch position did Scorpius play in for Slytherin?
What nickname did Scorpius have?
Scorpion King
What was the special event that Polly wanted Scorpius to ask her to go with him to called?
Blood Ball
In the alternate present what type of people were kept in the dungeons?
What was Hogwarts motto in the alternate present? 'For Voldemort and ...' what?
In the alternate present who's job did Draco have?
Complete this Scorpius quote 'The Malfoys.The family you can always rely on to make the world a ... place' what word is missing?
Who was Potions master in the alternate present?
Professor Snape
What was the full name of the student Scorpius told to do his Potions homework for him?
Craig Bowker Jr
While reading The History Of Magic in the alternate present who did Scorpius find out was still alive and had become a Death Eater? (full name please)
Cedric Diggory
Who did this person kill in the Battle Of Hogwarts? (full name please)
Neville Longbottom
What was the room under the Whomping Willow called where Scorpius told Hermione and Ron about the real present?
Campaign Room
In the alternate present was Snape a Death Eater or a member of Dumbledore's Army?
Dumbledore's Army
What did Ron tell Scorpius that would set the changes they made right to block the spells they used on Cedric?
Shield Charm
In the alternate present who was the most wanted rebel in the Wizarding World?
If this person goes outside what will they be subjected to that will kill them ?
Dementors Kiss
Who got hurt after Scorpius and the others managed to block Albus' spell on Cedrics wand using the Time Turner after they got back to the present?
What were Ron and Hermione doing when they were killed by the Dementors in the alternate present?
Complete this Snape quote 'One person.All it takes is one person.I couldn't save Harry for Lily.So now I give my allegiance to the ... she believed in.And its possible that along the way I started believing in it myself' what word is missing?
Complete this Scorpius quote 'The ... changes and we change with it.I am better off in this ... But the ... is not better.And I don't want that' what word is missing three times?
When Snape cast a Patronus against Umbridge what animal form did it take?
When Albus and Scorpius were reunited in the present what did Albus say he saw underwater?
Complete this McGonagall quote 'So to be clear you illegally jumped off the Hogwarts Express you invaded and stole from the Ministry of Magic and you took it upon yourself to change time whereupon you ... two people' what's the missing word?
And this one 'And your response to disappearing Hugo and Rose was to go back in time again and this time instead of losing two people you lost a huge number of people and killed your Father and in doing so ... the worst wizard the world has ever known and heralded in a new age of Dark Magic' what word is missing?
What punishment did Professor McGonagall give Scorpius and Albus?
She also cancelled their celebration of which holiday?
Complete this other McGonagall quote 'Your intentions to save Cedric were honourable if misguided. And it does sound as if you were brave Scorpius and you Albus but the lesson even your father sometimes failed to heed is that ... doesn't forgive stupidity. Always think.Think whats possible.' what word is missing?
Complete this Harry quote 'If you were trying to do what I did you went the wrong way about it.I didn't volunteer for ... I was forced into it.You did something reckless something really stupid and dangerous something that could have destroyed everything' what's the missing word?
In Harry's dream where did he visit with his Aunt Petunia that she called a 'hive of filth' ?
Godrics Hollow
In this same dream who also appeared at the same place with Albus in their cloak?
Lord Voldemort
What did this person say he could smell the stench of in the air?
What name did Rose call Scorpius in Potions class?
Bread Head
Complete this Scorpius quote 'Its time that time turning became a thing of the ...' what?
Complete this Ginny quote 'I can ... you for one mistake Harry maybe even two but the more mistakes you make the harder to .. you it becomes' what word is missing twice?
What spell did Scorpius initially want to use to destroy the Time Turner?
And which spell did Albus want to use?
Albus also suggested which spell?
Scorpius decided they would use which spell to destroy it?
Which part of Hogwarts did they go to destroy the Time Turner?
What did Delphi have tattooed on the back of her neck?
What was the full name of Delphi's guardian who looked after when she was growing up for gold?
Euphemia Rowle
Which spell did Delphi use to bind Scorpius and Albus to stop them running away from her?
Complete this Delphi quote 'I am the new past.I am the new future.I am the ... this world has been looking for ' what word is missing?
What group of creatures were arriving to have a meeting with Hermione about security at Gringotts?
What did Ron suggest to Hermione that they do again as he was too drunk to remember it the first time?
get married
What was Ron and Neville drinking in Hogsmeade when they saw Albus Scorpous and Delphi on the roof?
What colours were Delphi's hair?
Silver Blue
Complete this Amos quote 'I know I don't have a ... because I never had any brothers or sisters.Nor did my wife' what word is missing?
Where did Delphi take Albus and Scorpous where the third Triwizard Tournament task was held?
Quidditch pitch
Complete this Delphi quote 'I want a return to pure and strong magic. I want to rebirth the ...' what?
Delphi wanted Cedric humiliated so he would fly naked on his broomstick made of what colour feather dusters?
What spell did Albus say Delphi would have to use on them to make them obey her?
What spell did she use on Scorpius instead?
And which spell did she use to kill Craig?
Avada Kedavra
What did Delphi tell Albus his weakness was?
Complete this Prophecy quote 'When spares are spared when time is turned when unseen children murder their ... Then will the Dark Lord return.' what word is missing?
What object did Delphi call an 'unwielding unnecessary object'?
What spell did Cedric use to free Albus and Scorpius after rescuing them from Delphi?
Who told Cedric that his dad loved him.very much?
How did Delphi escape after destroying the Time Turner?
What did Ginny find in Delphi's room thst spoke in parseltongue to reveal the wall were the Prophecy was written?
Who was revealed to be Delphi's real father?
Lord Voldemort
Complete this Hermione quote 'We haven't given up.We've gone to the giants.The trolls.Everyone we can find.The ... are out flying searching talking to those who know secrets following those who won't reveal secrets.' what word is missing?
Complete this Harry quote 'But there is one truth we can't escape.Thst somewhere in our past a witch is trying to rewrite everything we ever knew and all we can do is ... for the moment she either succeeds or fails' what word is missing?
Which train station did Albus and Scorpius end up at in Act Four?
Complete this Scorpius quote 'Let's focus on the fact that we have no wands no brooms no means of returning to our time.All we have is our ... and we have to stop her' what word is missing?
What year was it that Delphi had returned to?
What was the name of the church at Godrics Hollow?
St Jeromes
Dumbledore told Harry that he had never loved anyone without causing them what?
Complete this Dumbledore quote 'To suffer is as human as to ...' what?
Who did Draco's Time Turner originally belong to? (full name please)
Lucius Malfoy
Was Draco Scorpius' real father?
Who did Albus and Scorpius decide to send a message to from the past?
And what did they decide to use to send them this message on?
What ingredient in love potions would cause this object with the message on to burn if demiguise was mixed with it?
pearl dust
What did the message say that was burnt into the object?
Dad Help Godrics Hollow 31 10 81
Complete this Harry quote 'I shouldn't have survived.It was my destiny to die even Dumbledore thought so and yet I lived.I beat Voldemort.All these people my parents Fred the ... Fifty and its me that gets to live?How is that?All this damage and it's my fault' what word is missing?
Complete this other Harry quote 'Of course you're coming.We have a ... Ginny by Dumbledore and that's all we need a ...' what word is missing twice?
What was a new feature of Godrics Hollow in the present day?
Farmers Market
In what type of building did the parents and Ron and Hermione find Albus and Scorpius in at Godrics Hollow when they went back in time?
Which feature of Godrics Hollow did they all choose to hide to wait for Delphi as it gave them.the best view from all sides?
What game did Ginny say children just want someone to play a game of with them?
Exploding Snap
Complete this Ginny quote 'Harry you'd do anything for anybody.You were pretty happy to sacrifice yourself for the world.He needs to feel specific love.It'll make him ... and you ... too' what word is missing twice?
Complete this Harry quote 'You know it wasn't until we thought Albus had gone that I truly understood what my mother was able to do for me.A countercharm so powerful that it was able to repel the spell of ...' what?
Ginny told Harry she thought Delphi was here to see Voldemort but not to kill Harry but to stop Voldemort True or False?
What did Harry use to change himself into Voldemort to stop Delphi?
Harry discovered he still had the ability to do what eventhough Voldemort died years before?
Speak Parseltongue
What did Ron say they would do to Delphi once they had trapped her?
zap her
Who was Delphi's mother? (full name please)
Bellatrix Lestrange
Where was she born before The Bsttle of Hogwarts?
Malfoy Manor
Who did Delphi say told her all about the Prophecy and who her parents were? (full name please)
Rodolphus Lestrange
Complete this Delphi quote 'Do not mistake I would not claim to be ... of you Lord.But I have devoted my life to being a child you could be proud of' what word is missing?
Which spell did Harry and Delphi fire at each other simultaneously?
Which spell did Delphi use to seal the doors so the others couldn't get out to fight her?
What did Harry hide under after Delphi disarmed him?
How did Albus get into the room to help protect his Dad from Delphi's curses?
What spell did Hermione use to trap Delphi and bind her?
Delphi told Harry that if he wouldn't let her see Voldemort then he might as well do what to her?
kill her
Where did Hermione tell Delphi she would be sent?
Did Harry save his parents from being killed by Voldemort?
Who came to rescue Baby Harry from the Potter house before the police came?
Who did Scorpius ask to the Ball although they turned him down?
Which team were Slytherin playing in the Quidditch match Scorpius went to watch?
What did Albus and Harry go for together when Harry visited him at Hogwarts?
What did Harry tell Albus he was scared of as well as the dark and small spaces?
Complete this Harry quote 'But the thing that scares me the most Albus Severus Potter is being a dad to you because i'm operating without ... here' what?
Harry told Albus he had a what type of heart?
Whose grave did Harry take Albus to at the end of the Play?
Level 15
Mar 7, 2023
This a very good quiz! It is quite long