Ultimate Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part One Quiz

Enter an answer into the box. Here is my quiz dedicated to the seventh story in J K Rowling's Harry Potter series The Deathly Hallows but specifically the first film of this book.It features questions from both the book and the film. Hope you enjoy playing and as always all comments or suggestions welcome.Thank you and Happy Quizzing x
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What is the full name of the Minister Of Magic who is giving a speech at the beginning of the film?
Rufus Scrimgeour
Complete this quote from this speech 'These are dark times there is no denying.Our world has perhaps faced no greater .... than it does today' what word is missing?
Complete this quote from the same speech 'But I say this to our citizenry.We ever your servants will continue to defend your ... and repel the forces that seek to take it from you!' what's the missing word?
At the end of this speech the Minister describes the Ministry as what?
Where was Hermione when her Mother called her down for her tea?
What was Mr Granger eating that he said were not sugar-free?
What animal was featured on the Australian wildlife TV programme in the background at The Grangers house?
What spell did Hermione use on her parents to erase all memory of her?
What was Arthur trying to fix in his shed when Ron went to see him?
In a deleted scene from the film which family is seen fleeing from their home?
The Dursleys
How long did Petunia tell Harry she had lived at No.4 Privet Drive?
20 years
Complete this Petunia quote 'You didn't just lose a mother that night in Godric's Hollow you know.I lost a ...' what?
Complete this Vernon quote 'This isn't just goodbye boy is it?This is ...' what?
When Vernon explains to Dudley that Harry isn't going with them because he doesn't want to Harry describes himself as a what?
waste of space
In the book two members from the Order took The Dursleys to safety what were their full names?
Dedalus Diggle Hestia Jones
Where did Lord Voldemort hold a meeting with his Death Eaters?
Malfoy Manor
Who arrived late to this meeting in both the book and the film? (full name please)
Severus Snape
On which day did this person tell Voldemort Harry will be moved at nightfall?
Where did this person tell Voldemort Harry will be taken to once he is moved?
safe house
Complete the quote from this person 'I've been told he's been given every manner of ... possible.It would be impractical to attack him' what word is missing?
What is the full name of the other Death Eater who was also late for the meeting but only shown in the film as being late?
Corban Yaxley
This person tells them Harry will be moved on which date?
30th July
What was the full name of the Auror who gave this person this date?
John Dawlish
Complete this Voldemort quote 'Ha! Spoken like a true ....You will I think prove most useful Pius' what word is missing?
Which Death Eater volunteers to kill Harry? (full name please)
Bellatrix LeStrange
Complete this Voldemort quote 'I must kill Harry Potter.But I face an unfortunate complication.My wand and Potter's share the same .... They are in some ways twins.We can wound but not fatally harm one another' what word is missing?
Which Death Eater's wand did he ask for and then snaps in two? (full name please)
Lucius Malfoy
What was this wand made of and what was it's core?
Elm Dragon heartstring
What was the full name of the Hogwarts Professor who was killed by Voldemort at this meeting?
Charity Burbage
And which class did they teach at Hogwarts?
Muggle Studies
Which member of the Order led the mission to move Harry from Little Whinging? (full name please)
Alastor Moody
Who was the member of the Weasley family who introduced himself to Harry as they had never met before?
And what was the full name of his fiancee who we have met before?
Fleur Delacour
What does Harry have on him that means the Ministry knows where he is which means so does Voldemort?
the trace
How old do you have to be to stop the Ministry from being able to know where you are?
What are the means of transport that the Ministry cannot detect?
brooms and thestrals
What potion did Fleur,Ron,Hermione,Fred and George drink to change them to look like Harry?
What did Moody say this potion tastes like?
Goblin piss
Once she had transformed into Harry Fleur said not to look at her because she was what?
Who described Harry's eyesight as 'awful'?
In the book and in the film where was Harry being moved to?
The Burrow
In the film Moody set Hedwig free before they left but in the book where was she?
In her cage
Who flew with the real Harry on a motorbike?
Who travelled with George?
Who travelled with Hermione? (full name please)
Kingsley Shacklebolt
Which part of George was damaged by a Death Eater when they were all attacked in the air?
Who cast a curse on George that caused this injury?
Which member of the Order was killed during this attack?
What did Harry tell Lupin was the creature in his office when he is interrogated by him to make sure he was the real Harry?
When Lupin told Kingsley the last words Dumbledore spoke to the pair of them '... is the best hope we have Trust him' who was he talking about?
Who travelled with Tonks and was described by her as brilliant?
Complete this quote by George to Fred 'Saint-like i'm ...' what?
Who does Harry say gave them all away to Voldemort and the Death Eaters by trying to protect him?
But in the book he gave himself away by trying to disarm who? (full name please)
Stan Shunpike
Who took care of Hagrid and Harry at their home after this attack in the book? (full name please)
Andromeda Tonks
When Harry had a vision who does he see Voldemort talk to about wands after being kidnapped and held captive in a cellar?
Complete this Harry quote when Ron catches him trying to leave 'No one else is going to ... not for me' what word is missing?
Complete this reply from Ron 'For you? You may be the Chosen One mate but this is a whole lot ... than that'
How long did Ron say him and Harry would last with out Hermione?
2 days
Complete this Harry quote 'I don't care about a bloody ... !No matter whose it is.I have to start searching for the Horcruxes.It's the only chance we have to beat him.' what was he talking about?
Complete this reply from Ron 'Tonight's not that night mate.You'd only be doing him a ... what'?
What was the full name of the journalist for the Daily Prophet who produced a book all about Dumbledore and his secrets?
Rita Skeeter
Who catches Harry and Ginny kissing after Harry helped her zip her dress up?
What did George stick inside the hole where his ear was?
Where did Arthur and the others put up a marquee in the grounds of their farm?
What were The Weasleys Hermione and Harry celebrating when they were interrupted by the arrival of The Minister in the book?
Harrys 17th birthday
What is Ron's middle name?
What did Dumbledore leave Ron in his Will?
What is Hermione's middle name?
What was the full title of the book left to Hermione by Dumbledore in his Will?
The Tales Of Beedle The Bard
Complete the title of this story from that book? 'The Wizard and The ... Pot' what word is missing?
And this one 'Babbity Rabbity And Her Cackling ... ' what?
What is Harry's middle name?
What was the first item Dumbledore left Harry in his Will?
Golden Snitch
He also left Harry what other item that wasn't his to give and was missing?
Sword of Gryffindor
Complete this quote from the Minister 'I won't pretend to be your friend Mr Potter.But i'm not your ...' what word is missing?
Who did Hagrid attend the wedding with? (full name please)
Olympe Maxime
Who attended the wedding in the book but was not shown in the film that made Ron jealous? (full name please)
Viktor Krum
Who tells Harry that she is having a baby and asks him to be Godfather?
What did Luna tell Harry she was bitten by?
What was the name of Luna's father?
Complete this quote from Luna's father 'I trust you to know Mr Potter that we at the Quibbler unlike those ... at the Daily Prophet fully supported Dumbledore during his lifetime and his death and support you as fully' what word is missing?
What was the full name of the friend of Dumbledore who wrote his obituary in the Daily Prophet?
Elphias Doge
This person described Dumbledore as very what ?
This person told Harry that Dumbledore what him?
How long did this person tell Harry he had known Dumbledore for?
100 years
What was the name of Dumbledore's brother?
What was the name of The Weasley's Aunt who believed the lies about Dumbledore?
Who was the author of the History Of Magic who betrayed Dumbledore? (full name please)
Bathilda Bagshot
Where did Harry discover that this author and Dumbledore once lived?
Godrics Hollow
How many Muggles did Dumbledore's Father supposedly kill?
In what animal form does Kingsley Shacklebolt's Patronus make?
Complete this Kingsley quote 'The ... has fallen.The Minister Of Magic is dead .They are coming' what word is missing?
Who tells Harry to go when he is trying to get to Ginny once the Death Eaters have crashed the wedding?
On which street in London did Hermione Ron and Harry apparate to from the wedding?
Shaftesbury Avenue
Hermione used to go to this street with her parents to go to what type of establishment?
What spell did Hermione use on her beaded bag?
Undetectable Extension Charm
What did all three of them order to drink at the all-night cafe?
What did the waitress say Harry's scar was?
Where did Ron suggest they go from the cafe?
The Leaky Cauldron
Complete this Hermione quote 'I've had the .... packed for days.Just in case' what's the missing word?
What were the two Death Eaters disguised as when they attacked the trio in the cafe?
What spell did Harry use on one of them that knocks the backwards?
Which spell did the other Death Eater hit back with?
What spell did Hermione use to finish the other one off after he was scalded by the cappuccino machine?
Petrificus Totalus
What was the full name of the first Death Eater?
Thorfinn Rowle
And the full name of the second one?
Antonin Dolohov
Complete this Ron quote 'Kill us if it was turned around wouldn't you? Suppose it's him that did Mad-Eye.How would you ... then?' what word is missing?
Complete this Hermione quote 'It's better we ... their memories.We kill them they'll know we were here' what's the missing word?
What did Hermione tell Harry Ginny and her had prepared for his birthday?
What disease had Ron caught which was the reason he couldn't return to Hogwarts in the book?
Where did the trio go to next?
Order HQ
When they entered this place a dust ghost of who came towards them to frighten them?
What spell did Hermione use to check for any human presence in this place?
Homenum Revelio
What was the name of the other wandshop owner Voldemort visits in Harry's visions?
Harry found a letter from whom in Sirius' bedroom?
What did Ron call Harry after he had disappeared upstairs and they had been looking for him?
What was Regulus Black's middle name?
What was the name of the Black family's House-Elf that was asked to destroy the locket?
Who did this Elf tell the trio stole the real locket? (full name please)
Mundungus Fletcher
What was the full name of the new Minister Of Magic?
Pius Thicknesse
Complete this quote from this new Minister 'You have nothing to fear as long as you have nothing to ...' what?
When Snatchers board the Hogwarts Express looking for Harry who threatens to tell his father about them?
And what did Neville call them?
Hermione tells Harry that Golden Snitches have what?
Flesh memories
Where was the locket thief captured by the House-Elf?
Diagon Alley
Which other House-Elf helped to capture them as they were 'curious'?
What item of Dobby's clothes did Ron say were 'wicked'?
The thief did not like to be known as a thief he preferred to be known as a what of rare and wondrous objects?
Who did the thief say had taken the locket from him?
Complete this Hermione quote 'Remember what we said.Keep your ... down.Don't speak to anyone unless absolutely necessary.Act as normal as possible' what word is missing?
Complete this Harry quote 'This is completely ...' what?
What was the full name of the Ministry worker Hermione disguised herself as to gain access to the Ministry?
Mafalda Hopkirk
Which Department of the Ministry did she work in?
Improper Use Of Magic Office
And who was Ron disguised as? (full name please)
Reginald Cattermole
Which Department did this man work in?
Magical Maintenance Department
Harry was disguised as whom? (full name please)
Albert Runcorn
Which Department did they work in?
Muggle Born Registration Commission
What did Harry and Ron use to flush themselves into the Ministry?
Public Toilet
The black statue in the Ministry Atrium depicts a witch and a wizard sitting upon what?
Complete this Ron quote 'I gotta tell you.I'm starting to ... ... a bit' what two words are missing?
freak out
What are the group of young wizards who hunt muggle-borns and blood-traitors for the Ministry called?
How long did Yaxley say it had been raining in his office?
2 days
What did Ron tell him to try as a solution to Yaxley's problem?
Complete this quote by Ron 'Oh my god.What am I going to do?My ... is all alone downstairs' what word is missing?
What spell does Hermione suggest to try to stop the rain in Yaxley's office?
Finite Incantatem
What was the name of Reg's wife who was being interrogated over her blood status?
Complete this Harry quote 'I say if we don't locate Umbridge within the ... we go find Ron and come back another day.' what's the missing word?
Who did Umbridge send to find Mafalda/Hermione to bring her downstairs?
Which member of the Weasley family did Harry see in a corridor at the Ministry but was written in the book as being in the lift with the trio?
The eye that adorned the door to Umbridge's office belonged to who?
What did Harry use to cause a blackout in the department of the Ministry so he could enter Umbridge's office?
Decoy Detonator
What spell did Harry use to try and retrieve the locket once in Umbridge's office?
Who did Harry tell in the lift that they were being tracked? (full name please)
Arthur Weasley
What creatures were outside the courtroom?
What animal form did Umbridge's Patronus take?
What were the names of the Cattermole's three children?
Maisie Ellie and Alfred
What was the first line of the Cattermole's address?
27 Chistlehurst Gardens
What was Mrs Cattermole's wand made out of?
Complete this Harry quote 'You're lying.And one mustn't tell lies ... Stupefy ' who's name is missing?
Who did the locket belong to originally before Voldemort stole it and made it into a Horcrux?
Salazar Slytherin
What spell did Hermione use to set Mrs Cattermole's hands free?
Who out of the trio was the first to transform back into themselves?
Who did the real Mr Cattermole catch his wife kissing?
After the trio escape the Ministry in what type of location did they end up?
What did Hernione ask Harry to get from her bag to heal Ron's arm?
Essence of Dittany
Complete this Hermione quote 'Yaxley had hold of me.I knew we couldn't stay once he'd seen so when he let go I brought us here.Ron got ... ' what?
Name any one of the four protective enchantments Hermione used to protect their campsite?
Protego Totalum
What did the trio have to eat in the tent?
Complete this Harry quote 'Dumbledore had a theory.He felt that the Horcruxes would not be made from ... objects.And he felt they wouldn't be hidden randomly either' what word is missing?
Ron tells Harry and Hermione that they can trace them now if they use who's name?
What sound did Harry say he heard from the locket like it had a metal heart?
What was the first spell Harry cast on the locket to try and destroy it?
And which one did Hermione use first on it?
What was the second spell Harry tried to destroy it with?
And Hermione used which spell on it?
Complete this Ron quote 'Seems strange mate Dumbledore sends you off to find a load of Horcruxes but doesn't ... to tell you how to destroy them. Doesn't that ... you?' what word is missing twice?
What was the full name of the wizard who stole the wand from Gregorovitch that Harry saw Voldemort was looking for in a flashback?
Gellert Grindelwald
Complete this Hermione quote 'I thought it had stopped.You can't let him in Harry.Dumbledore himself said it.You have to ... your mind.' what word is missing?
Complete this reply from Harry 'It's not a candle I can blow out Hermione.It always burns even if it's just a ... 'what?
Hermione tells Harry not to say anything to Ron about the radio because it does what to him?
Harry tells her that the radio sets his what on edge?
When Hermione took the locket from Harry she said it was what despite the fact it had been against his skin for days?
Who was appointed the new Headmaster of Hogwarts?
What was the name of the leader of the Snatchers?
What of Hermione's nearly gave them away to the Snatchers when one of them could smell it?
Who did Ron say can make food appear out of thin air?
What does Hermione say is the first Principal Exception to Gamps Law?
In a deleted scene from the film what type of animal did Harry and Ron chase after to try and catch it then ended up having a duel?
Who gave Harry a haircut?
What type of creature made the Sword of Gryffindor?
Complete this Hermione quote 'You don't understand.Dirt and ... have no effect on the blade.It only takes in what makes it stronger' what word is missing?
What was impregnated on the Sword which means it could destroy Horcruxes?
Basilisk venom
Complete this Hermione quote 'Actually i'm highly ... which allows me to look past the extraneous detail and perceive clearly that which others overlook.' what word is missing?
Complete this Ron quote 'All right.I'll spit it out.Don't expect me to ... up and down because now there's some other damn thing we have to find' what's the missing word?
Complete this Harry quote 'What part of this isn't living up to your ...?' what word is missing?
Ron tells Harry that he reckoned he had a what?
Ron and Hermione admitted that they both felt what about their experience looking for Horcruxes so far?
Complete this Ron quote 'No! You don't know what it's like! Your parents are dead! You have no ...! 'what?
Before Ron left did he accuse Harry and Hermione of being in a relationship with each other?
What colour was the scarf that Hermione tied to a tree so Ron knew they had been there?
What was the title of the song that Harry and Hermione danced to in the tent that wasn't included in the book?
O Children
With what part of this body did Harry have to touch the Golden Snitch to get it to open?
And when it opened what did it have written inside? (exact words please)
I open at the close
The symbol that Hermione found drawn in her book was a symbol that which person wore around their neck? (full name please)
Xenophilius Lovegood
Where did Harry tell Hermione he wanted to visit as he thought a Horcrux would be hidden there?
Godrics Hollow
What did Hermione also think might be hidden there?
Who did Harry say he had tossed the History Of Magic book at once when they were snoring?
In the film did Harry and Hermione visit his birthplace disguised as other people and under his invisibility cloak like they did in the book?
On which night did Harry and Hermione visit his birthplace?
Christmas Eve
What was the name of Dumbledore's Mother?
And his sister's name was ?
Complete this that was written on the Dumbledore family grave 'Where your ... is there will your heart be also' what word is missing?
The gravestone that bore the same symbol that was in the book belonged to whom? (full name please)
Ignotus Peverell
In what year were Harry's Parents James and Lily born as shown on their gravestones?
Complete this that was written on The Potters gravestone 'The last enemy that shall be destroyed is ...' what?
With what type of Christmas flowers did Hermione produce a wreath of to put on The Potters grave?
In the film Bathilda Bagshot watches Harry and Hermione at the graveyard but in the book she watches them looking at what?
The Potters Home
Complete this Harry quote 'This is where they ... Hermione.This is where he murdered them' what's the missing word?
What did Bathilda struggle to do that Harry helped her with in her house?
light a candle
What did Hermione not like about Bathilda's house?
The bad smell
What was wrong with Bathilda's eyes?
In what language did Bathilda speak in both the book and the film?
What did Rita call Bathilda in her note in the book about Dumbledore thanking her for her help?
What did Hermione find lots of in Bathilda's kitchen? (two answers either one or both is acceptable)
Blood and Flies
When Bathilda's body collapses what comes out of it to attack Harry?
Where did Harry and Hermione apparate to from Bathilda's house?
Forest of Dean
Complete this quote from Hermione 'If I brought my .... here now they wouldn't recognise any of it.Not the trees.Not the river.Not me' what is the missing word?
What did Hermione say her parents new names were?
Wendell and Monica Wilkens
And where did she say they now lived and ran a sweetshop and owned two dogs?
Sydney Australia
How old was Grindelwald when he was expelled from Durmstrang?
What did Hermione say both Dumbledore and Grindelwald believed in 'for the greater good'?
Wizard rule over Muggles
Complete this Harry quote 'Here we are risking our lives to fight against the very thing Dumbledore ...' what?
Who put Grindelwald in prison?
What caused Harry's wand to break?
Rebounded curse
Complete this Hermione quote 'He ... you Harry.I know he ... you' what word is missing twice?
In what form did the Patronus take that led Harry to where the sword was hidden?
And who did we find out cast this Patronus in Part 2?
In what was the sword hidden?
Ice pool
What spell did Harry cast using Hermione's wand to get into whete the sword was hidden?
What strangled Harry when he had got the sword back and was trying to get out?
Who saved him when this happened?
Complete this Ron quote 'I'm not making excuses for how I acted but that ... affects me more than you and Hermione.' what's the missing word?
Complete this Harry quote 'I'll have to speak to it in order for it to open.When it does don't ...' what?
What words did Harry speak in Parseltongue to get the locket to open?
Take me inside
Complete these lines from Voldemort's voice inside the locket 'I have seen your heart and it is ...I have seen your dreams Ronald Weasley and I have seen your fears' what word is missing?
And this one '... loved by the mother who craved a daughter. .... loved by the girl who prefers your friend' what word is missing twice?
The locket spoke to Ron as Harry and Hermione and repeatedly he was what compared to Harry?
Complete this Harry quote 'After you left she cried for a week.She's like my ...' what?
Complete this Hermione quote 'You complete arse Ronald Weasley .You crawl back here after all these weeks and say ... ' what?
Complete this quote from Ron 'I only destroyed a bloody freaking horcrux Why would that change anything?Do you know what it was ... for me to hear those words coming from you' whst word is missing?
In what sort of establishment did Ron say he was sleeping in on Christmas Day?
What did Ron say he used to find them?
Who's voice did he say he heard speaking his name from this device that produced a tiny ball of light when he clicked it?
Ron tells them the tiny ball of light went straight through to his what?
Complete this Ron quote 'I've always liked it.These .. Hermione makes' what word is missing?
What was the wand made out of that Ron gave to Harry that he took from a Snatcher?
What spell did Harry use to practise with this new wand that made the flames bigger?
And what spell did he use to make them smaller?
What did the sign say to keep off at the Lovegood's house?
dirigible plums
Complete this quote from Xenophilius 'Yes well the thing is helping Harry Potter rather ... these days' what word is missing?
Ron told Xenophilius that he had written in issues of the Quibbler that it was everyone's first what to help Harry?
In the book were issues of the Quibbler released to support Harry or against him? (anti or pro)
Complete this Ron quote 'He's mental.Let's face it.Luna's always good value but she's nutty as ... ... ' what?
squirrel poo
What was the object Hermione spotted on the wall of Luna's house that was a Class B Tradeable Material?
Erumpent Horn
Luna's Father offered the trio a tea which was an infusion of what?
In the book Luna's Father told the trio that Luna had gone to collect some what?
freshwater plimpies
Luna's Father told Harry that the triangular symbol he wore on a chain around his neck was the symbol of the what?
Deathly Hallows
What was the full title of the story in Hermione's book that was about this symbol?
The Tale of the Three Brothers
Complete this Hermione quote 'There were once three brothers who were travelling along a lonely winding road at ... ' what?
And this one 'In time the brothers reached a river too .... to pass ' what's the missing word?
Complete this quote from the story 'But being learned in the magical arts the three brothers simply waved their wands and made a ... ' what?
And this one 'They were halfway across when they found their path blocked by a hooded figure.It was ... and he felt cheated for travellers usually drowned in the river' who was it?
Complete this quote 'But Death was cunning.He granted each brother a wish for their cleverness.The oldest a combative man asked for a ... more powerful than any in existence' what word is missing?
And this one 'So Death fashioned one from an ... ... on the banks of the river' what two words are missing?
elder tree
Complete this quote from the same story 'The second brother who was an arrogant man asked for the power to recall others from death.So Death plucked a ... from the river ' what's the missing word?
And this one 'Finally Death turned to the third brother.A humble man he asked for something that would make him disappear.And so it was that Death handed over his own ... ... ... Death then stepped aside and the brothers went their separate ways' which three words are missing?
Cloak of invisibility
Complete this quote 'The first brother travelled to a distant village where with Elder Wand in hand he killed a wizard with whom he had once ... Proceeding to an Inn he bragged of his own invincibility' what word is missing?
And this one 'But that very night another wizard crept upon him as he lay sleeping.He took the Elder Wand and slit the brother's throat for ... ... And so Death took the first brother for his own' what two words are missing?
good measure
Complete this quote 'Meanwhile the second brother journeyed to his home where he took out the stone and turned it ... in hand.To his delight the girl he had once hoped to marry before her untimely death appeared before him.' what's the missing word?
And this quote 'Yet soon she turned sad and cold for she did not belong in the ... world.Driven mad with hopeless longing the second brother killed himself so as to join her.So Death took the second brother' what word is missing?
Complete this quote 'As for the third brother Death searched for many years but was never able to find him.Only when he had attained a great age did the youngest brother shed the Cloak of Invisibility and give it to his ... ' what?
And this one 'He then greeted Death as an old friend and went with him gladly departing this life as ... ' what?
The Wand The Stone and The Cloak of the Deathly Hallows make a person a what?
Master of Death
What were the names of the two brothers of Ignotus Peverell who are thought to be the original owners of these objects?
Cadmus and Antioch
Complete this Ron quote 'You're supposed to say the Cloak but who wants to spend all day being invisible.Dead boring if you ask me but an ... wand' what word is missing?
Complete this Hermione quote 'But according to the story they don't want to come back.It's all ... anyway.There's no such thing as the Deathly Hallows' what's the missing word?
Complete this Harry quote 'And I think i've held the Resurrection Stone in my hands that night in Dumbledore's office when he showed me the ... he'd destroyed the Horcrux.It had a symbol on it.' what word is missing?
What did Luna's Father forget for the tea?
Complete this Xenophilius quote 'You're my only hope.They were angry you see about what i'd been writing so they took her.They took my ... But it's really you they want' who is he talking about?
What object hit the horn on the wall and caused the Lovegood's house to explode?
What did Ron call Luna's Father for using Voldemort's name to call the Death Eaters to get them 'treacherous ...' what?
old bleeder
Once the trio apparated back to the river what were hiding in the trees above them?
What did the leader of this group call Hermione when he greeted her?
When Harry had a vision Voldemort visits the wand thief in the topmost tower of what type of location?
Complete this quote from the wand thief 'It lies with him.of course.Buried within the earth.It is he who possesses it even in death.Your old friend and mine ...' who?
When Ron defends Hermione and tells one of them not to touch her which one of them punches him in the face?
Fenrir Greyback
What type of spell did Hermione use on Harry to change his face so he wouldn't be recognised
Stinging jinx
In the film they were caught because of the red scarf but in the book they were caught because who triggered the taboo on Voldemort's name?
What name did Harry give them once he was caught? (full name please)
Vernon Dudley
And which name did Ron give them first? (full name please)
Stan Shunpike
When they told him he was lying he said his name was what?
Barney Weasley
What did Hermione say her name was? (full name please)
Penelope Clearwater
What did the leader of the gang who caught them tell Hermione she smells like?
Complete this Fenrir quote 'Hear that ...?The list says you're lying.How come you don't want us to know who you are?' what word is missing?
Where were the gang going to take the trio after they caught them?
The Ministry
But where did they take them instead?
Malfoy Manor
Which Death Eater asks to see Harry's face once they get there?
And what feature of his face could she see that gave him away?
Lightning Scar
Who was called upon to identify Harry?
Complete this Lucius quote 'If we are the ones who hand Potter to the Dark Lord everything would be ... It would all be as it was you understand?' what word is missing?
Complete this Bellatrix quote 'Now if this isn't who we think it is Draco and we call him he'll ... us all.We need to be absolutely sure.' what word is missing?
Where did Bellatrix ask Narcissa to put Harry and Ron while she had a conversation with Hermione?
Bellatrix accuses Hermione of stealing the Sword from her what?
In the film who did Harry and Ron find in the cellar with Luna? (either or both names accepted)
In the book there was someone else in the cellar with them who was it? (full name please)
Dean Thomas
Who appeared in the cellar to rescue Harry?
Where did Harry ask them to take the others prisoners to?
Shell cottage
Dobby told Harry and Ron to meet him at the top of the stairs in what?
10 seconds
Where does Griphook tell Bellatrix there is no safer place than?
Complete this Bellatrix quote 'Well well well look what we have here.It's Harry Potter.He's all bright and .. and new again just in time for the Dark Lord' what word is missing?
What did Dobby drop onto Bellatrix to try and kill her?
Complete this Bellatrix quote '... elf You could have killed me How dare you take a witch's wand.How dare you defy your masters' what word is missing?
Complete this Dobby quote 'Dobby never meant to kill.Dobby only meant to ... or seriously injure.Dobby has no master.Dobby is a free elf and Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends' what word is missing?
What is Dobby killed by when it is thrown by Bellatrix while they were disapparating?
Complete this quote from Dobby 'What a beautiful place to be with ... 'what?
Complete this Luna quote 'We should close his eyes don't you think.There Now he could be ...' what?
Complete this Harry quote 'I want to bury him properly without ..' what?
What colour was the cloth Dobby's body was wrapped in before he was buried in the sand dunes?
What were the words that were written on Dobby's tombstone? (exact words please)
Here lies Dobby a free elf
Level 43
Nov 27, 2022
Great quiz but definitely need more time to complete as there are so many questions.