Ultimate Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part Two Quiz

Enter an answer into the box. Here is my quiz dedicated to the seventh story in J K Rowling's Harry Potter series The Deathly Hallows but specifically the second film of this book.It features questions from both the book and the film. Hope you enjoy playing and as always all comments or suggestions welcome.Thank you and Happy Quizzing x
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: December 3, 2017
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At the beginning of the film the scene begins with a particularly shaped tomb being disturbed what shape was it?
And which material was this object made out of?
This object was the magnificent tomb of which famous wizard? (first and last name please)
Albus Dumbledore
Who broke into this wizard's tomb?
Lord Voldemort
And what special object did they steal from it?
Elder Wand
When the camera pans away from this scene where did it show next?
Black Lake
What creatures surrounded the castle protecting the Death Eaters?
How were the students led into school by twin death eaters in line?
What were the full names of these twin Death Eaters?
Alecto and Amycus Carrow
When Harry is first shown in the film what was he holding in his hand?
Mirror shard
He was sitting beside the grave of somebody who's grave was it?
In what town was the safe house Shell Cottage situated?
Complete this Bill quote 'It was our ... We used to come here as kids.The Order uses it now as a safe house - what's left of us at least' what word is missing?
What did Luna touch that she said Muggles wrongly believe keep evil away?
Wind Chime
Complete this Griphook quote 'that I showed you to your ... the first time you visited Gringotts?Even amongst Goblins you are famous Harry Potter' what's the missing word?
What word did Griphook use to describe Harry as a wizard?
Griphook told Harry he left Gringotts because the Death Eaters would soon control it and that was what to him?
How did both Harry and Griphook describe the situation over the Sword being in his possession and not in Bellatrix's vault?
When Harry told Griphook he wanted to get inside one of the vaults he was told it would be what?
Complete this Harry quote 'The sword presented itself to us in a ... of need.We didn't steal it' what word is missing?
Complete this Griphook quote 'There is a sword in Madam Lestrange's vault identical to this one but it is a fake.It was placed there this past ....The replica is very convincing.Only a Goblin would recognise that this is the true Sword of Gryffindor' what's the missing word?
What did Harry offer to give Griphook for his help in getting into a vault at Gringotts?
But what did Griphook want instead? (full title of object please)
Sword of Gryffindor
Complete this Harry quote 'She was terrified when she thought we'd been in there.She kept asking you what else we'd taken.I'd bet anything there's a ... there.If we find it we can kill it.And if we kill it we're one step closer to killing him' what word is missing?
Who told Harry he couldn't see Ollivander because he was too weak?
What did Ollivander tell Harry Bellatrix's wand was made out of?
Walnut Dragon Heartstring
And whose wand was made of hawthorn and unicornhair? (full name please)
Draco Malfoy
Harry tells Ollivander he talks about wands as if they can think and have what?
Complete this Ollivander quote 'The wand chooses the wizard Mr Potter.That much has always been clear to those who have studied ...' what?
Did Ollivander admit that he believed that the Deathly Hallows existed?
Complete this Hermione quote 'But I hate that thing that's the wand that killed ....How can I hold it and not feel' who's name is missing?
Harry told Ron and Hermione that he knows when a Horcrux is near because it does what to him?
Who did Hermione transform into after adding one of their hairs to a Polyjuice potion? (full name please)
Bellatrix Lestrange
What did Fleur give Hermione to help with her disguise?
Complete this Bill quote 'Listen I don't know what you're up to but I know goblins.If you've struck any kind of bargain with ... you must be exceptionally careful to live up to it.' who was he referring to?
In a deleted scene from the film Luna tells Harry that her Father used to say the sky lost a what when a child died?
Where did Luna disapparate from the safe house to?
What colour was Ron's hair when he disguised himself as someone else?
Who did Harry say he could see in the mirror shard when Ron asked him about it?
What word did Harry use to describe Hermione in her disguise?
In the movie when Hermione had disguised herself did her voice change to sound like them like it did in the book?
How did Harry and Griphook hide themselves to get into Gringotts?
Invisibility Cloak
What was the name of the Goblin who was suspicious of Hermione's disguise at Gringotts?
What spell did Harry use on this Goblin?
What was the name of aged goblin who challenges the other's decision to let Hermione into the vault?
And what was the name of the guard who was told to see to the door?
What was the waterfall inside Gringotts that washed away all enchantments called?
Thiefs Downfall
What type of dragon was guarding the Vault?
Welsh Green
What was the object called that had to be shaken to make this dragon retreat?
Hermione described the noise this object made as what?
What did Hermione touch in the vault that felt hot and multiplied?
silver bowl
What were the two curses that were placed on the objects in the vault to make them do this?
Gemino and Flagrante
What was the Horcrux that was hidden in the vault? (full title please)
Helga Hufflepuffs Cup
In the book what spell did Hermione use to lift Harry up to this Horcrux but wasn't included in the film?
What did Ron call Griphook when he leaves them to get caught by the goblins outside the vault?
Foul little git
What spell did Hermione use to set the dragon free so they could ride on its back out of Gringotts?
In the book who had the idea of setting the dragon free to escape from the bank?
When the trio had climbed on the dragons back name one of the spells Hermione used to try get it to fly?
Complete this Voldemort quote 'The boy has discovered our secret Nagini.We must find out just how much he knows.We must return to our ... ... and see if the others are safe' what two words are missing?
hiding places
When Harry was reading Voldemort's minds and saw images of the Horcruxes an old woman had one of them in a box in her parlour what was her full name?
Hepzibah Smith
Complete this Harry quote 'He knows.I saw him.He's angry.But he's ...too.He's going to make sure the other Horcruxes are safe.' what word is missing?
And this one 'I saw the ... and Rowena Ravenclaw.i think it must have something to do with her.We have to go there now' what's the missing word this time?
After Hermione told him they needed a plan Harry told her 'When have our plans actually worked?We plan we get there and all ...' what?
hell breaks loose
How did Harry say they would get into Hogwarts using a secret passage from where in Hogsmeade?
Harry told Ron that Voldemort feels more dangerous because he is wounded and feels what?
Complete this Ron quote 'Maybe it's because of the Horcruxes.Maybe he's growing weaker.Maybe he's ... ' what?
The trio apparated to Hogsmeade and travelled to this place under the invisibility cloak in the book,film or both?
Who came to the rescue of the trio after they were discovered by Death Eaters in Hogsmeade?
And where did he take them into?
Hogs Head Inn
Complete this quote from the rescuer 'You bloody ...What were you thinking coming here?Do you have any idea how dangerous it is' what's the missing word?
Who did this person say had given him the mirror shard after Sirius died? (full name please)
Mundungus Fletcher
When Hermione asked this person about the Order he replied 'The Order is finished.You-Know-Who's won.Anyone who says otherwise is ...' what?
kidding themselves
Complete this Harry quote 'We've been hunting Horcruxes.We think the last one's in the school.If we can find it and ... it then we ... him and then we can end this war once and for all' what word is missing twice?
Complete the reply 'It's not a job my brother's given you it's a ... ... .Do yourself a favour boy go home live a little longer' which two words are missing?
suicide mission
Harry told this person that he trusted Dumbledore because he what?
needed to
What was the name of Dumbledore's sister who died?
Complete this Hermione quote 'Did save our lives twice Kept an eye on us in that mirror.That doesn't seem like someone who's ...' what?
given up
Who appeared in the painting with Dumbledore's sister?
When the trio saw how awful they looked who did they say looked worse than them?
What were The Carrows in charge of at Hogwarts?
Which curse did he say he refused to use on first year students in his Dark Arts lesson?
Complete this Neville quote 'Don't be grim.We're used to it by now.And the thing is it helps when people stand up gives everyone ..' what?
Who did Neville ask to inform Lupin and the other Order members over the radio that Harry had returned?
What was the lost item that belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw called that Luna told Harry about?
In the film who told Ron what this object was like? (full name please)
Cho Chang
But in the book who told Harry what it was? (full name please)
Terry Boot
Complete this Ron quote about Ginny 'Six months she hasn't seen me and it's like i'm .. First-Year.I mean i'm only her brother' what name is missing?
What was the full name of the Ravenclaw student being threatened by one of the Carrows for not smiling?
Maisy Reynolds
Who did Harry walk hand-in-hand with to the Great Hall?
Complete this Snape quote 'It has come to my attention that earlier this evening Harry Potter was sighted in Hogsmeade.I mention this in the hope that truth will not be supplanted by rumour.For myself and a select few members of staff this comes as little ...' what?
And this one 'We have for some time considered Mr Potter's return to Hogwarts to be not only possible but inevitable.Consequently in the past several months and under my specific direction exhaustive ... strategies have been employed to defeat any attempt Mr Potter might make to breach these walls' what word is missing?
And finally this one 'Should anyone - student or staff - attempt to aid Mr Potter that person will be punished in a manner consistent with the severity of their ...' what?
Snape asked the students and staff to do what if they had any knowledge of Harry's movements that evening?
step forward
And who does this?
Complete this Harry quote 'I think I can help you out with that.It would seem that despite your exhaustive defensive strategies you have a bit of a ... problem Headmaster and i'm afraid it's rather extensive' what word is missing?
And this one 'How dare you stand where he stood.Tell them how it was that night.Tell them how you looked him in the eye a man who ... you and killed him.Tell them!' what's the missing word?
In the book Harry duelled Snape in the Great Hall but in the film it was the teachers led by which Professor?
During this duel this Professor used the fire from what against Snape and the Carrows?
What word did this Profesdor call Snape when he fled the scene?
Complete this Minerva quote 'It appears your Headmaster to use the common phrase has done a ... ' what?
Complete this Voldemort quote 'I know that many of you will want to fight some of you may even think this wise.But this is ...' what?
And this one 'I wish you no harm.I have great respect for the students of Hogwarts.I was once one myself after all.I ask for but one thing and if granted no magical ... will be spilt' what word is missing?
And this last one 'Give me Harry Potter.Do this and none shall be harmed.Give me Harry Potter and I will leave Hogwarts untouched.Give me Harry Potter and you will be ... ' what?
How long did Voldemort give them to hand over Harry?
1 hour
Which Slytherin student told the students to grab Harry? (full name please)
Pansy Parkinson
What did Professor McGonagall call Filch once he ran into the Great Hall shouting about the students being out of bed?
blithering idiot
Where did Professor McGonagall ask Filch to lead the Slytherin students from the Great Hall to?
What did Harry tell Professor McGonagall he needed 'as much as she could give him'?
Complete this McGonagall quote 'We teachers are rather good at magic Potter.We've even been known to turn out a worthwhile witch or wizard on occasion.I think it's time I ask a few of them to take their magic beyond the ... ' what?
Before Harry left Professor McGonagall told him it was good to what?
see him
In the book the underage students where evacuated to where before the Battle of Hogwarts began?
Complete this Neville quote 'Let me get this straight Professor.You're giving us permission to do this?To blow it up ... ' what?
What was he referring to ?
Who did she say Neville should ask for help from because they had a 'particular proclivity for pyrotechnics'? (full name please)
Seamus Finnigan
Which two other Professors helped McGonagall secure the castle?
Flitwick and Sprout
What was the spell McGonagall used to make the statues and suits of armour move that she always had wanted to use?
Piertotum Locomotor
Complete this McGonagall quote 'Hogwarts is threatened! Man the ... and protect us! Do your duty to our school!' what word is missing?
Name one of the three spells the Professors used to create the magical shield around Hogwarts?
Protego Maxima
What word did Hermione use to describe Ron's idea to use a basilisk fang to destroy the Horcrux ?
Where did Ron and Hermione go to get this?
Chamber of Secrets
What did Harry give them both so they could find him afterwards?
Marauders Map
Where did Harry tell the pair he was going to start his search for the Horcrux?
Ravenclaw Common Room
Complete this Luna quote 'Don't you remember what Cho said about Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem? There's not a person alive who's seen it.It's obvious isn't it? We have to talk to someone who's ... ' what?
Which Hogwarts ghost did she tell Harry to go and speak to about it?
Grey Lady
Luna didn't go to talk with this ghost with Harry because the ghost is very what?
And what was this ghosts real full name?
Helena Ravenclaw
Complete this quote from the ghost 'Many have sought my mother's diadem.it's powers are ..' what?
Complete this Harry quote 'But I don't care about its powers.Honestly.I don't seek it for myself.You have to believe me.I want to destroy it.That's what you want isn't it? You want it ...' what?
Complete this second quote from the ghost 'But I only ever wanted to be more like her clever and wise.She wore it so beautifully but on me I grew to hate it the ... I felt the .. I feel even now' what word is missing twice?
Whose memory did Harry swear on to destroy the Horcrux?
What was the name of the strange boy with the strange name who lied and defiled the diadem with dark magic?
Tom Riddle
Where did the ghost say the Horcrux was hidden? (exact words please)
place where everything is hidden
Complete this last quote from the ghost 'If you have to ask you'll never ... If you ... you need only ask' what word is missing twice?
Which Gryffindor student was with Lupin and Kingsley on the other side of the castle and relayed messages to McGonagall? (full name please)
Dean Thomas
Complete this Lupin quote 'It's the quality of one's conviction that determines success not the number of ... ' what?
What did Lupin and Tonks call their baby son?
Complete this Tonks quote 'He'll sleep til dawn and ... like his father.It's you who needs me tonight.' what word is missing?
How did Ron say he had learnt to say 'take me inside' in parseltongue from Harry when Harry is doing what?
Who destroyed the Horcrux with the basilisk fang?
What did Ron and Hermione do after they had destroyed the Horcrux?
Which group battled Neville Seamus and Ginny on the bridge?
When Neville nearly fell to his death after the bridge collapsed he described the experience as what?
What creatures battled the knights at the entrance to the viaduct?
In which area of Hogwarts were Arthur and Fred and George stationed during the battle?
In a deleted scene from the film what did Pansy call Filch after he refused to let them out from the dungeon?
filthy squib
Who did Draco grab from the crowd of Slytherin students after they escaped? (two names)
Blaise and Goyle
Complete this Neville quote 'Never better! Feel like I could spit fire.Haven't seen .. have you? I'm mad for her! Think it's about time I told her seeing as there's a pretty good chance we'll both be dead by dawn!' who's name is missing?
Did Harry and Ginny kiss in the film when they were reunited on the marble staircase?
Where did Voldemort hide the Horcrux at Hogwarts?
Room of Requirement
In the book on who's statue in Ravenclaw Tower did Harry find the Horcrux before he was caught by the Carrows?
Rowena Ravenclaw
When Draco asks Harry for his wand back he already had a wand but who did it belong to?
Complete this Draco quote 'It's very powerful but it's not the same.It doesn't ... me know what I mean?' what's the missing word?
Harry asked Draco why he didn't tell someone at Malfoy Manor that it was him who was he talking about?
Complete this Harry quote 'Besides it's .. is to me now.If you want it you'll have to win it back.Perhaps even kill me' what word is missing?
Who called Draco a prat and then fired a killing curse at Harry? (full name please)
Gregory Goyle
What spell did this person cast that set fire to everything and created fiery dragons and serpents and chimaeras?
In the film Goyle was killed in this fire but in the book it was who? (full name please)
Vincent Crabbe
What did Ron Harry and Hermione use to escape from the fire?
Ron shouts at Harry that he will do what to him if they die trying to save Draco and Blaise?
kill him
Complete this quote that was written on the Horcrux 'Wit Beyond Measure Is Man's Greatest ...' what?
After Harry had destroyed that Horcrux who did Voldemort kill in the film? (full name please)
Pius Thicknesse
What was the last Horcrux?
In the film in what location did Harry see Voldemort with Nagini in?
But in the book where were they?
Shrieking Shack
Complete this Voldemort quote 'Stop looking at her.She smells your fear.It agitates her.Be grateful she's just ... ' what?
Complete this Lucius quote 'Forgive me my Lord but wouldn't it be more ... to call off this battle and seek the boy yourself?' what word is missing?
When Voldemort told him he didn't need to as Harry will come to him who did he tell him to bring to him immediately? (full name please)
Severus Snape
Which Professor did Seamus see send a Death Eater flying during the battle?
Who was killed by Fenrir Greyback? (full name please)
Lavender Brown
Aberforth Luna and Seamus battled dementors using their Patronuses in the book with which other student? (full name please)
Ernie Macmillan
Complete this Snape quote 'There is no wand more powerful.Ollivander himself said it.Tonight when the boy comes to you it will not ... you I am sure.It answers to you and you only' what word is missing?
Complete this Voldemort quote 'The Elder Wand cannot serve me properly Severus because i'm not it's true ... The Elder Wand belongs to the wizard who killed its last owner Ollivander was quite explicit about that.' what word is missing?
And this one 'You have been a good and faithful ... Severus.But only I can live forever' what's the missing word this time?
Before Snape died what did he ask Harry to take of his?
What did Hermione give Harry to put them into?
What did Snape say Harry had the same as his mother Lily's?
Complete this Voldemort quote 'You have fought valiantly but in vain.I do not wish this.Every drop of magical blood spilt is a terrible waste.I therefore command my forces to retreat.In their absence dispose of your dead with ...' what?
And this one 'Harry Potter I speak now directly to you.On this night you have allowed your friends to die for you rather than face me yourself.There is no greater ...' what?
Where did Voldemort tell Harry to join him to confront his fate in one hour?
Forbidden Forest
Complete this Voldemort quote 'If at the end of that time you have not given yourself up then I shall ... every last man woman or child who tries to conceal you from me' what word is missing?
Which two members of the Order were killed together in the Battle of Hogwarts?
Lupin and Tonks
Which member of the Weasley family was also killed in the same battle?
Harry used what item in Dumbledore's office to view Snape's memory?
What was Lily and Petunia's maiden name?
In the memory Snape told Lily that Petunia was jealous because she was so ordinary and Lily was what?
In the memory where were James and Lily in Hogwarts when they first met each other?
Great Hall
In the memory Snape is seen telling someone about Voldemort thinking that the Prophecy was about Harry and his intention to kill him and Lily who was he talking to?
Complete this quote from that person 'You disgust me.You would sacrifice the life of an innocent child over a schoolboy ...' what?
Snape described Lily as different beautiful and what when he begged that person to hide her and baby Harry?
Snape asked this person to give him their what that no one would ever find out what he had done and how he felt about Lily?
Complete this Snape quote 'He exhibits no measurable talent.His ... ruials even his Father's.And he seems to relish his fame' what word is missing?
How did Dumbledore say he finds Harry to Snape?
How long did Snape say it would take the curse from the ring to spread from Dumbledore's hand to the rest of his body?
a year
Snape told Dumbledore that he asked what when he was told he had to kill him if Draco failed?
too much
Complete this Dumbledore quote 'There's a reason Harry can speak with snakes.There's a reason he can look into Lord Voldemort's mind.A part of Lord Voldemort ...inside him' what's the missing word?
Snape told Dumblefore that he had been raising Harry like a what to the slaughter?
What form did Snape's and Lily's Patronus take?
Silver doe
What was the full name of the boy who carried Nigel's dead body to the Great Hall?
Oliver Wood
When Harry got to the forest what did the Golden Snitch open to reveal?
Resurrection Stone
When he turned this object four people appeared before him name one of them?
Lily Potter
Complete this Lily quote 'You've been so brave ...' what?
What did Sirius tell Harry dying was quicker than when he asked?
falling asleep
Complete this Lupin quote 'Others will tell him what his mother and father died for.Someday he'll ...' what?
Where did Sirius tell Harry they would be in as Voldemort wouldn't be able to see them?
When Harry found Voldemort and the Death Eaters in the forest who was imprisoned against a tree?
Complete this Voldemort quote 'Harry Potter.The Boy Who Lived.Come to ... ' what?
What spell did Voldemort use to kill Harry?
Avada kedavra
When Harry came to after he was killed by Voldemort where was he but it looked a lot cleaner?
Kings Cross Station
Complete this Dumbledore quote 'You cannot help Harry.You wonderful boy.You ... ... man.Let us walk' what word is missing twice?
And this one 'I suspect you now realise that you and Voldemort have been connected by something other than ... since that night in Godric's Hollow all those years ago Harry' what word is missing?
Dumbledore told Harry that Voldemort never meant to make him the what?
Seventh Horcrux
Complete this Dumbledore quote 'Little is ... in this world Harry.Call it an educated guess' what word's missing?
Dumbledore told Harry he didn't tell him about the Deathly Hallows because he didn't trust him not to become intoxicated with what like he did?
Who did Dumbledore say was the worthy possessor of the Deathly Hallows and a better man than he was?
Dumbledore admitted to Harry he took the Resurrection Stone because he wanted to see who again?
Complete this Dumbledore quote 'You are the true master of ... Harry because the true master does not seek to run away from ... He accepts he must die and understands there are far worse things in the living world' what word is missing twice?
What did Dumbledore say are our 'most inexhaustible source of magic capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it'?
'Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who most ... it' what word is missing?
Complete this Harry quote 'With all due respect Sir I think what we need is a ...' what?
Complete this Dumbledore quote 'Do not pity the dead Harry.Pity the living and above all those who live without ...' what?
When Harry came to back in the forest who saw that he wasn't dead but pretended he was and told Bellatrix and Voldemort that he was dead? (full name please)
Narcissa Malfoy
What did Neville find amongst the chaos and rubble of the courtyard?
Sorting Hat
Who joined Neville on the courtyard steps and asked him who's body was Hagrid carrying in his arms? (two people)
Ginny and Arthur Weasley
What did Voldemort call Ginny for crying over Harry?
Complete this Voldemort quote 'While your hands ran dark with the blood of mothers and sons fathers and daughters brothers and sisters his were clasped in ... but it was a ... for one and one only' what word is missing twice?
And this one 'While you battled courageously until you could no longer will yourself to stand he had long since fallen to his knees.While you cursed me until your voices grew ragged he begged me for mercy in a voice as ... as a childs' what word is missing?
And this one 'So do not cry for that.He's not worthy of your tears.And do not despair of his ... You were never in his heart.Not for one single solitary beat' what's this missing word?
Voldemort told them all they had to put their faith in him or suffer the what?
When Voldemort asks people to declare themselves who tells Draco to not be stupid and join the Death Eaters?
Who stepped forward next that Voldemort said he had hoped for better? (full name please)
Neville Longbottom
What did Bellatrix say Neville could do after Voldemort said he would find a place for him in their ranks?
Complete this Neville quote 'It doesn't matter that Harry is dead.People die everyday.Friends family.Yes we lost Harry tonight.But he's still with us here and so is Fred Remus and Tonks all of them.They didn't die in ... but you will and you and so will you because you're wrong.Harry's heart did beat for us all of us' what's the missing word?
What did Neville pull out of the object he had in his hand?
Sword of Gryffindor
What spell did Harry fire at Nagini?
After Voldemort and Harry duelled on the staircase who started throwing fragments of rubble at Nagini?
Nagini used her tail to knock the basilisk fang out of who's hands?
What did Voldemort use to trap Harry by tangling him up?
When Voldemort asked Harry why he was still alive Harry replied because he had what?
something worth living for
When Bellatrix nearly caught Ginny with one of her spells Molly said 'Not my daughter you ...' what?
Complete this Molly quote 'Back off boys she's mine.You will never touch my ... again' what word is missing?
Complete this reply from Bellatrix 'Be thankful we only took one.Besides it's not like you don't have a ...' what?
Complete this Harry quote 'But what if the wand never belonged to him?What if the wand's allegiance was to someone else? Come on Tom let's ... this the way we started it together' what word is missing?
How did Neville kill Nagini with the sword?
In the book when Voldemort died did his body remain intact or disintegrate like it did in the film?
Complete this Ron quote 'Not exactly leaving the place ... than we found it are we?' what word is missing?
Complete this Hermione quote 'Can't make an ... without breaking a few eggs.Something my Mum used to say' what's the missing word?
Who did Harry say the Elder Wand really belonged to because they disarmed Dumbledore the night Snape killed him?
In the film what did Harry do to the Elder Wand before throwing it away?
snapped it
But in the book he returned the wand to where?
Dumbledores tomb
How many years later in the story did the film show the trio as adults at the end?
19 years
How old was Harry during this scene?
Who was he married to?
What was the name of their eldest son? (first and middle names please)
James Sirius
And what was the name of their youngest son? (first and middle names please)
Albus Severus
And what was the first and middle name of their daughter?
Lily Luna
What were the names of Ron and Hermione's children?
Rose and Hugo
Hermione told her daughter to give their best to which Professor?
What did Harry help his son with before he boarded the train?
What was his son scared of?
Complete this Harry quote 'You were named after two Headmasters of Hogwarts.One of them was a ... and he was probably the bravest man I know' what word is missing?
Did Harry tell his son that he could choose to be in Gryffindor if he wanted as the Sorting Hat will take his choice into account?
The film also showed Draco and his wife at the station what was her name?
And what was their son's first and middle name?
Scorpius Hyperion
As the Hogwarts Express pulls away from the station what did we see climb up the window in the carriage?
Chocolate Frog
Level 38
Aug 16, 2020
The dragon at gringotts was a Ukrainian ironbelly not a welsh green and harry returned the elder wand to Dumbledore's office not his tomb. good quiz tho