Ultimate Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire Quiz

Enter an answer into the box.Here is my quiz dedicated to the fourth book in the Harry Potter series by J K Rowling.It features questions from both the book and film. Happy quizzing all comments and suggestions welcome Thanks for playing
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At the beginning of the film we see a man using a match to light a stove what was the full name of this man?
Frank Bryce
What was this man's job at the house where he worked?
This man spots a light on in an upstairs room of the abandoned house who does he think is responsible?
In the book we learn that this house belonged to a family who this man supposedly murdered who were they?
The Riddles
This house is located in a village what was the name of this village?
Little Hangleton
When the man goes to investigate he discovers Wormtail and another man talking to who?
Lord Voldemort
What is the name of the snake that informs its master about the man who had come to see what was happening?
What spell was used to kill this man?
Avada Kedavra
In the film when Harry woke up from this nightmare where was he?
The Burrow
But in the book he was staying with who?
The Dursleys
In the book who told Dudley to go on a diet?
School Nurse
What type of sweet did Fred 'accidentally' drop on the floor that Dudley ate that made his tongue swell up?
Ton Tongue Toffee
After breakfast Arthur led Harry Ron Fred George Hermione and Ginny to meet a friend and colleague of his what was their full name?
Amos Diggory
This person along with his son led Arthur and the others to a hill what was the name of this hill?
Stoatshead Hill
In Harry's words a 'manky old ...' what was waiting for them at the top of this hill?
This object was a special magical object by the name of a what?
Which event did this special magical object transport them all to?
Quidditch World Cup
Complete this quote by Arthur 'I bet that cleared up your .... eh?' what is the missing word?
What did Harry Hermione and The Weasleys stay in while attending this event?
What was the name of the building this event was held in? (full title please)
Quidditch Trillenium Stadium
When Ron asked Arthur how far up their seats were Lucius Malfoy replied 'Put it this way if it ... you'll be the first to know' what is the missing word?
Draco boasts that him and Lucius have been invited to watch the game in the Minister's what?
The Final match was Ireland versus which team?
The Irish team produced a huge firework of a what dancing a jig?
Which Bulgarian Seeker is the best in the world? (full name please)
Viktor Krum
Before announcing the start of the match Fudge declared this was the what final of this particular event?
What is the name for Lord Voldemort's followers that arrived to ruin the celebrations after the match?
Death Eaters
In the chaos of trying to run to safety who gets separated and trampled on which leads them to pass out?
When this person wakes he sees a man casting a spell to the sky to create a green skull with a snake this is known as the what?
Dark Mark
What was the word used by the man to cast this into the sky?
When Harry Ron and Hermione are reunited what spell did Arthur cast to stop them getting attacked?
In the film it was believed by the Ministry that Harry cast this spell as he was there at the time until he tells them different but in the book it was blamed on a house-elf called what?
Because of this Hermione set up an organisation to promote the rights and welfare called what? (abbreviation please)
On the Hogwarts Express Ron got some drewballs from the trolley but didn't have enough money for a what?
Liquorice Wand
A chinese girl came to the trolley what did she get 2 of one for her and one for her friend?
Pumpkin Pasties
Who did Hermione say Harry should write a letter to telling them about his nightmare?
When the students arrive at Hogwarts they see 12 flying animals pulling a carriage being directed by Hagrid to land what animals were they?
They also a large boat emerge from the Black Lake what type of ship did this boat resemble?
In the Great Hall Professor Dumbledore announced that Hogwarts has been chosen to host which event?
Triwizard Tournament
Complete this Dumbledore quote ' If chosen you stand alone.And trust me when I say these contests are not for the .... ....' what?
What is the name of the French school that is visiting to take part in this event?
Beauxbatons Academy
And what is the full name of the Headmistress of this school who is also a half-giant?
Olympe Maxime
What colour uniform do the 'lovely ladies' of this school wear?
What did the students of this school release from their hands into the air?
What was the other school that was also competing called that were from the North?
Durmstrang Institute
What was the full name of the High Master who was leader of this school?
Igor Karkaroff
What colour robes did the male students from this school wear?
What did these students carry in their hands that they banged on the ground and twirled around?
In a deleted scene in the film the choir entertains the visiting schools with the Hogwarts song but what was the proper title of this song?
Hoggy Warty Hogwarts
What did Madame Maxime say her horses only drink? (be specific)
Single Malt Whisky
When she speaks to Hagrid he accidentally stabs Professor Flitwick in the hand with his what?
What did Dumbledore say the winner of the tournament will get if they survive the three extremely dangerous tasks?
Eternal glory
When the roof starts to leak in the Great Hall a man enters to seal it known as 'Mad-eye' but what was his real full name?
Alastor Moody
What did Harry say to Seamus that he thought this person wasn't drinking from his flask?
Pumpkin Juice
A man from The Ministry Department of International Cooperation arrives to explain to the students about the rules of the tournament what was his full name?
Bartemius Crouch
How old did this person say a student would have to be to take part in the tournament?
When was the deadline for students to put their name forward to participate in the tournament?
Thursday night
Which class did Professor Moody teach while at Hogwarts? (abbreviation accepted)
Defense Against The Dark Arts
Which Gryffindor student got told off for sticking chewing gum to the bottom of their desk? (full name please)
Seamus Finnigan
In the first lesson of this class he decided to take a more practical approach and teach them the 3 what that if they used could send them to Azkaban prison?
Unforgivable Curses
Which one of these 3 curses did Ron say Arthur had told him about once?
What creature did Professor Moody use to demonstrate these 3 curses on?
What spell did he use on this creature to make it bigger?
And what spell did he use to make this creature move around the room landing on people and hang itself ?
The second curse is created by casting which spell?
Complete this quote by Hermione 'Stop it can't you see it's ... him?' what is the missing word?
What is the third curse called that only Harry has ever survived?
Killing curse
What was the special magical object with a blue flame that students put their names in for the tournament?
Goblet of Fire
What did Hermione say Dumbledore had drawn around this object that could tell how old a person is?
Who took an ageing potion to try and fool this into thinking they were older than they were in the film but ended up in hospital instead?
Fred and George
What did they say before they drank this potion?
Bottoms Up
After Krum was chosen to represent his school in the tournament what was the full name of the student chosen to represent the girls school?
Fleur Delacour
What was the full name of the student chosen to represent Hogwarts?
Cedric Diggory
When Dumbledore also reads out Harry's name as a champion was Dumbledore calm or angry in the book?
Complete this quote from Professor McGonagall 'Do nothing? Offer him up as bait? Potter is a boy not a piece of ...' what word is missing?
While having an argument with Harry Ron calls himself 'Harry Potter's ...friend' what?
What was the full name of the reporter from The Daily Ptophet who came to interview Harry and the other champions?
Rita Skeeter
In the book this reporter was a secret animagus so they could eavesdrop on people what creature were they?
Complete this quote from this reporter 'What quirks lurk beneath those rosy cheeks? What mysteries do the muscles mask? Does courage lie beneath those ...' what is the missing word?
Where did the reporter interview Harry so he would feel at home?
Broom cupboard
What magical object does she ask Harry if she can use during the interview?
Quick Quotes Quill
How old did the reporter think Harry was?
What word did the reporter use to refer to Harry because apparently 'everyone loves a ...' ?
The quill wrote that Harry's eyes were 'glistening with the ... of his past' what word is missing?
When Harry receives a letter from Sirius he asks Harry to meet him in the Gryffindor Common Room on Saturday at what time?
He also warns Harry that his owl does what?
What was the headline on the front page of the newspaper in the Common Room that Harry screwed up and through into the fire?
Teenage Tragedy
What feature in the common room did Sirius use to show his face so he could talk to Harry?
Complete this quote from Sirius 'I haven't a clue who put your name in the Goblet,Harry,but whoever did is no friend to you. People ... in this tournament' what word is missing?
Sirius also tells Harry to keep his what close before he disappears?
What was the full title of the book Neville tells Harry Professor Moody gave him that he says is 'amazing'?
Magical Water Plants of the Highland Lochs
Hermione tells Harry that Ron said that Seamus said that Dean said that Parvati said that who was looking for him?
When Harry tells her to respond to Ron she replies that she's 'not a ...' what?
What did Hagrid give Madame Maxime as a gift on their date in the forest?
Hagrid showed Harry and Madame Maxime that the first task featured what type of creatures?
Hagrid told Harry that Ron knew about these creatures because his brother helped bring them over from Romania and in the book his brother helped take care of them what was his name?
What was written on the badges supporting Cedric worn mainly by Slytherin and Hufflepuff students?
Potter Stinks
What did Harry call Ron before telling him to stay away from him?
Foul git
Draco tells Harry that he doesn't think he will last how long in the tournament?
10 minutes
Professor Moody turned Draco into what animal for making fun of Harry?
While Draco was an animal Professor Moody made him go inside who's trousers?
Complete this quote from Professor Moody to Draco 'I could tell you stories about your father that would curl even your....hair,boy!' what is the missing word?
Professor McGonagall informs Professor Moody that he would do well to remember that he should never use what as a punishment?
Which body part does Professor Moody take off in his office in front of Harry?
What was the object called that Professor Moody told Harry helps him keep an eye on his enemies?
Foe Glass
When Professor Moody asks Harry what he is good at he tells him he's a fair what?
In the first task the champions are not allowed anything but a what?
After visiting Harry in the champions tent before the first task who was photographed hugging Harry and then written in the paper as being his girlfriend?
In the book what was the full name of the man who was in charge of making announcements as the leader of the tournament but wasn't included in the film?
Ludo Bagman
Which dragon did Fleur pick from the bag Barty was holding?
Welsh Green
Which dragon did Krum face in the first task?
Chinese Fireball
Which dragon did Cedric defeat during the first task?
Swedish Shortsnout
Which dragon did Harry manage to retrieve the golden egg from by flying in his first task?
Hungarian Horntail
What is fired to signal the start of each task in the tournament?
What spell did Harry use to retrieve his broom when he fell off it during the first task?
In the book did any of the dragons leave the enclosure during the first task like Harry's did in the film?
Complete this quote from Ron to Harry 'I reckon you'd have to be ... mad to put your own name in the Goblet Of Fire' what is the missing word?
What was the full name of the boy Ron promised to give Harry's autograph to?
Nigel Wolpert
What did Ron receive in a parcel from Molly?
What special event does Professor McGonagall tell the Gryffindor students about that is a tradition?
Yule Ball
On which holiday day is this event held on?
Christmas Eve
Complete this quote from Professor McGonagall 'I will not have you,in one night,besmirching that name by behaving like a babbling bumbling band of ...' what?
Ron whispers to Seamus about a girl on the other side of the room with bad acne what was her full name?
Eloise Midgen
Which ballroom dance does Professor McGonagall teach the students to do?
Who does she pick from the crowd to teach the dance to?
Complete this quote from Harry 'Why do they have to travel in ...? And how are you supposed to get one on their own to ask them?' what word is missing?
How old did Hagrid tell Madame Maxime he was when his mother left him?
Who did Ron and Harry joke that Neville would take to the Ball as his date only to find he already had one?
While Harry and Ron were discussing not having dates for the Ball in the Great Hall which Professor kept hitting Ron on the head for talking?
Who did Fred Weasley ask to go to the Ball with him as his date? (full name please)
Angelina Johnson
Complete this quote from Ron to Hermione 'Come with one of us!It's one thing for a bloke to show up alone,but for a girl it's just ...' what?
What was the full name of the girl Harry asked to go to the Ball with him on the Owlery steps?
Cho Chang
Ron asked Fleur to go to the Ball with him in a moment of madness because he likes the way she does what?
Who does Ron say he looks and smells like in his dressrobes?
Great Aunt Tessie
Who did Harry attend the Ball with? (full name please)
Parvati Patil
Her twin sister was Ron's date but what was her name?
Cedric took Cho to the Ball but what was the full name of the boy Fleur went with?
Roger Davies
In the book who went to the Ball with Seamus Finnigan? (full name please)
Lavender Brown
And who did Draco go with? (full name please)
Pansy Parkinson
In the book Hermione went to the Ball with Krum wearing a blue dress but what colour was her dress in the film?
The four champions and their partners had to dance first but who did Professor McGonagall dance with?
What was the name of the rock band who played at the Ball?
The Weird Sisters
The lead singer of this band is Myron Wagtail who was portrayed by which British singer in the film from the band Pulp?
Jarvis Cocker
Which Professor in a deleted scene from the film introduces this band and then crowdsurfs?
At the Ball what does Ron call Krum?
Complete this quote from Hermione to Ron 'Next time there's a Ball pluck up the courage to ask me before someone else does and not as a ... ...' what?
Last resort
When Hermione tells Harry and Ron to go to bed she tells Ron he does what before breaking down in tears?
Spoils everything
In a deleted scene from the film Harry sees Professor Snape and Igor outside talking and sees what on his arm?
Professor Snape throws two students out of a carriage what were their names?
Fawcett and Stebbins
Hermione tells Harry that Krum is a bit annoying because he doesn't really talk and all he does is watch her do what?
Cedric tells Harry that the Prefects what on the 5th floor is an ideal place to mull things over with the golden egg?
An image of what was depicted in stained glass on the window of this place?
Moaning Myrtle tells Harry to put the egg where because that's what Cedric did with it?
Myrtle also said she saw some Polyjuice Potion when she was circling a blocked what?
Complete the Golden Egg clue 'Come seek us where our voices sound we cannot sing above the ground.An hour long you'll have to look to ... what we took' what is the missing word?
Harry guesses that there are Merpeople in the Black Lake but there are also other creatures who live there what are they known as?
In the Library Professor Moody asks Neville to help Harry put his books away and he suggests a book on Herbology by which author?
Miranda Goshawk
Neville also suggests that Harry take what to help him breathe underwater?
But in the book somebody else tells Harry about the same thing who was it?
When Fred and George were taking bets on who was going to lose the second task who told them to not be so mean?
In the book Barty Crouch wasn't present for the second task because he was apparently ill but he was really under the influence of who?
When Harry swallows the plant and jumps into the lake he grows gills and his feet and hands become what?
Complete this quote from Neville 'Oh My God I've killed ...' who?
Harry Potter
Who was forced to retire early from the second task after being attacked?
What sea creature did Krum transform into to successfully rescue Hermione?
What was the name of the charm that he and Cedric used ?
Bubble Head
What was the name of Fleur's sister who Harry also rescued from the Black Lake as well as Ron?
When Harry is attacked in the Black Lake which spell does he use to get out of the water?
Harry is awarded second place in the second task by Dumbledore for outstanding what?
Moral Fibre
When Professor Moody interrupts a conversation between Barty Sr and Harry beside the lake Barty becomes suspicious because of the way he twitches his what?
Complete this quote from Hagrid 'I remember when I first met you all.Biggest bunch of ... I ever set eyes on' what is the missing word?
Where was Barty Crouch Senior found dead by Harry?
Forbidden forest
In a conversation with Dumbledore Cornelius Fudge tells him he will not cancel the tournament as he will not be seen as a what?
What was the name of the black candy Dumbledore told Harry he was free to try but they're a wee bit sharp?
Liquorice Snap
What is the large object in Dumbledore's Office that he uses to review stored memories called?
When Harry uses this object he finds himself in a courtroom sitting next to Dumbledore but who was on trial?
What was the full title of the board who the prisoner had to give testimony to?
Council of Magical Law
What was the full name of the supposed Death Eater who was already dead?
Evan Rosier
In which department of the Ministry did Augustus Rookwood work in?
Department of Mysteries
Which Professor was a Death Eater but changed sides and acted as a spy? (full name please)
Severus Snape
Barty Crouch Junior was caught and sent to Azkaban for being a Death Eater and for using the cruciatus curse on who? (full name please)
Frank Longbottom
Complete this quote from Dumbledore '.... is not a sin Harry.However,from time to time,you should exercise caution' what word is missing?
And this one 'I think it's unwise for you to linger over these dreams Harry I think it's best if you just simply ... them away' what word is missing?
What did Professor Snape accuse Harry of stealing ingredients to make from his store?
Polyjuice potion
He also threatened to use which serum on him if he ever stole from him again?
What did the third task of the tournament take place in?
What colour sparks did Dumbledore tell the champions to send into the air if they get into difficulty?
Before Harry entered the task he warned the champions that people do what in the maze?
He also told them to be careful not to lose what?
What happened to Krum during the third task which made him try to attack the others?
In the book Cedric was attacked by a creature during the third task what was this creature called?
Blast ended Skrewt
Professor Moody caused Fleur to withdraw from the third task as he performed what type of spell on her?
Stunning spell
After finding Fleur Harry cast what spell to get her rescued?
What spell did Harry use twice during the third task to disperse the Limbo mist and save Cedric from Viktor?
When Cedric thanks Harry for saving him he says which two words that Harry agrees with and says back to him?
Some game
What object was hidden in the middle of the maze that was a portkey that transported both Harry and Cedric somewhere else?
Triwizard Cup
This object transported Harry and Cedric to what type of location?
When Harry tells Cedric to get back to the cup he doesn't listen and ends up being killed by who? (full name please)
Peter Pettigrew
Using Voldemort's wand he lifts Harry and traps on a statue on top of who's grave? (full name please)
Tom Riddle Sr
Wormtail was holding a baby-like Voldemort in a blanket what did he drop him into?
What is the next item he adds to this object from Voldemort's father 'unwillingly'?
What part of his body did Wormtail 'sacrifice willingly' ?
With a sword Wormtail 'forcibly takes' Harry's blood from what part of his body?
When Lord Voldemort rises again and uses the mark on Wormtail's arm to call the Death Eaters how long does he say it's been?
13 years
He tells them he is disappointed that none of them tried to find him and removes what from their faces?
Who does Voldemort call his 'slippery friend'? (full name please)
Lucius Malfoy
Wormtail tells Voldemort he returned but Voldemort replies it was out of what not loyalty?
Voldemort gives Wormtail a fake hand but what was it made out of?
Complete this quote by Voldemort 'I'd introduce you but rumour has it you're almost as ... as me these days' what word is missing?
Voldemort tells Harry that he lost his powers because Lily's what gave Harry ultimate protection?
Complete this quote from Voldemort 'I could not ... him.It was old magic something I should've foreseen.But no matter things have changed. I can ... you now' what is the same word that is missing twice ?
After Voldemort has hurt Harry through his scar and he's fallen to the ground he tells Harry to get up grab his wand and challenges him to a what?
What did he make Harry do first to observe the 'niceties'?
When Harry hid behind a gravestone Voldemort tells him he wants to kill him and he wants to see what leave his eyes ?
He also tells him he wants to do what to him?
Complete this Voldemort quote 'After tonight if they speak of you they'll only speak of how you ... for death ' what word is missing?
When Harry comes out ready to fight Voldemort both of their spells meet in the middle what does Dumbledore tell Harry this is called?
Priori Incantatem
What spell did Harry use to cause this effect?
This effect caused the visions of Cedric,Frank,Tom,James,Lily and a woman that Voldemort had killed called who?(full name please)
Bertha Jorkins
Which of these visions told Harry to let go and run back to the portkey?
The vision of Cedric asked Harry to take what of his back with him for his father?
Once the vision of Lily told Harry he was ready to let go he ran to Cedric's body and used what type of charm on the portkey before disappearing?
Summoning charm
When Harry arrived back to the entrance of the maze Fudge asks Dumbledore what has happened and Harry tells him what?
Hes back
Fudge then tells Dumbledore the body must be moved because there's too many what?
What does Cedric's father shout through tears when he takes Harry's hands away from the body?
Its my boy
When Professor Moody drags Harry away and back to his office he asks to look at the mark on Harry's arm and what it was like to stand in the Dark Lord's what?
Harry realises something is wrong when Moody mentions the graveyard and admits it was him who caused it all he calls Hagrid a what?
Miserable oaf
He also calls Neville the what?
Witless wonder
Complete this quote from Moody 'You won because I made it so Potter.You ended up in that graveyard because it was meant to be so.And now the ... is done' what word is missing?
Moody then points his wand at Harry and says he will be rewarded for doing what to the great Harry Potter once and for all?
When Dumbledore disarms Moody Snape takes a bottle and smells it what potion did he say was in the bottle?
Once Moody admits he isn't really Moody where was the real Professor Moody hidden in a chamber inside?
The fake Moody then takes what off his face that he stole from the real Moody that twitches on the floor?
The fake Moody turned out to be who?
Barty Crouch Junior
This person tries to grab Harry's arm and says 'I'll show you mine if you show me ...' what?
When Dumbledore says to send an owl to Azkaban the fake Moody says he will be welcomed back a what?
In Dumbledore's speech about Cedric's death he described him as exceptionally hard-working,infinitely fair-minded and a what friend?
Complete this quote from the same speech 'Now the pain we all feel at this dreadful loss reminds me and reminds us that though we may come from ... countries and speak in ... tongues our hearts beat as one' what word is missing twice?
Dumbledore also said Cedric was kind,honest,brave and what to the very end?
In Harry's dorm room what feature did Dumbledore say he set fire to in his 4th year accidentally?
Dumbledore told Harry that he trusts that he knows that no spell can reawaken the what?
Complete this Dumbledore quote 'Dark and difficult times lie ahead.Soon we all must face the choice between what is ... and what is easy' what's the missing word?
Before leaving Krum asks Hermione to do what to him?
And before they left Fleur and her sister gave Ron a what?
Complete this quote from Ron 'Do you think we'll ever have a ... year at Hogwarts?' what word is missing?
At the end of the film Harry agrees to write to Hermione over the Summer but how often?
Every week
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