Ultimate Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Quiz

Enter an answer into the box. Here is my quiz dedicated to the sixth story in J K Rowling's Harry Potter series The Half Blood Prince.It features questions from both the book and the film. Hope you enjoy playing and as always all comments or suggestions welcome.Thank you and Happy Quizzing x
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: December 3, 2017
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At the beginning of the film the camera zooms in on a character's eye as they are being photographed by paparazzi whose eye did it belong to?
Where was this person when they were being photographed and questioned by paparazzi?
The Ministry
In the film at what type of location were people looking out of the window at the skies getting dark like a storm was coming?
One of these people was holding a drink in their hands what was it?
Cup of Tea
Which UK City did the Death Eaters fly through causing chaos?
During this sequence the Death Eaters are seen smashing windows and wreaking havoc in which Magical Street?
Diagon Alley
On this street which shop was completely destroyed and the shopkeeper kidnapped?
Which English Bridge did the Death Eaters cause to collapse killing Muggles in the process?
Millennium Bridge
Where was Harry living at the start of the book? (town name please)
Little Whinging
In the film Harry was sitting reading the newspaper in a train station at what type of establishment?
An article in the newspaper described Harry as The what?
Chosen One
The same newspaper also featured an article about someone who had been sent to Azkaban prison who was this person? (full name please)
Lucius Malfoy
When the waitress asked Harry who was Harry Potter he told her he was a bit of a what ?
And what time did she tell Harry she would get off work?
Who appeared on the opposite platform at the station?
Behind this person was a billboard advertising a product as 'Divine Magic' what type of product was it?
This person told Harry his behaviour had been what this Summer?
Harry told this person that riding around on what helps takes his mind off things?
Complete this quote by Dumbledore 'The tale is ...if i say so myself but now is not the time to tell it' what word is missing?
Dumbledore asked Harry to take hold of his arm before they did what?
What does Dumbledore tell Harry most people do after their first apparition?
What was the full name of the village that Dumbledore and Harry apparated to?
Budleigh Babberton
They visited a house there what was the full name of the person who was staying in that house?
Horace Slughorn
The house was wrecked inside and had what type of blood dripping from the ceiling?
The resident of the house was disguised as a what?
How did this person say he had convincingly disguised himself as that item to hide from?
Death Eaters
Complete this quote from this person 'Oh thank you it's all in the ...' what?
Where did this person say the Muggles that owned the house had gone on holiday to?
Canary Islands
This person shows Harry photos of his ex-students including his parents what was the full name of the editor of the newspaper?
Barnabus Cuffe
He also showed Harry a photo of a woman called Gwenog Jones who was the captain of the Welsh female Quidditch team called the what?
Holyhead Harpies
Dumbledore asks if he can take a craft magazine as he loves what?
Knitting patterns
When he agrees to return to Hogwarts he demands a raise and which Professor's old office?
When Harry arrives at The Burrow the clock shows 9 hands pointing to what?
Mortal Peril
What did Hermione have on her chin?
Who did Ron say had 'lost it' and refused to let them return to Hogwarts as it was too dangerous?
Narcissa and Bellatrix are seen walking through a mill town what was the name of this town?
They are going to the childhood home of Professor Snape what was it called?
Spinners End
How are Narcissa and Bellatrix related?
Complete this Narcissa quote 'I know i'm not to be here.The Dark Lord himself ... me to speak of this' what word is missing?
Complete this Snape quote 'Over the years I've played my part well so well i've deceived one of the greatest wizards of all time.Dumbledore is a great wizard only a ... would question it' what word is missing?
What did Snape have to make at the request of Bellatrix?
Unbreakable Vow
And by making this he agreed to help and protect who during their mission given to them by Lord Voldemort?
What is the full name of the joke shop opened by Fred and George on Diagon Alley?
Weasleys Wizard Wheezes
What was the name of the product given to Harry for free and sold to Draco?
Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder
Who was Ginny dating and who bought her a pet as a gift? (full name please)
Dean Thomas
What pet did he buy her?
Pygmy Puff
Which Death Eater was 'wanted' on posters in Diagon Alley? (full name please)
Fenrir Greyback
Harry Ron and Hermione followed Draco and Narcissa to which shop in Knockturn Alley?
Borgin and Burkes
On the Hogwarts Express Luna was handing out copies of which magazine?
Luna was wearing funny glasses what were they called?
What did she say were creatures who made brains go fuzzy called that these glasses helped her see?
What was the title of the book Hermione was reading on the train?
Advanced Rune Translation
Harry causes a blackout in Draco's carriage and hides himself in what piece of luggage on a shelf?
Who were Draco's other two friends from Slytherin house he was sitting with on the train? (full names pleaae)
Pansy Parkinson Blaise Zabini
Complete this Draco quote 'Hogwarts what a pathetic excuse for a school.I think i'd pitch myself off the ... Tower if I thought I had to continue for another two years' what word is missing?
Complete this other Draco quote 'Didn't Mummy ever tell you it was rude to eavesdrop Potter?Oh yeah she was dead before you could wipe the ... off your chin' what word is missing?
What spell did Draco use on Harry to get the bag off the shelf?
Petrificus Totalus
In the film Luna finds Harry knocked out under the cloak but in the book who finds him instead?
What spell did she use in the film to uncover him?
Which Professor was at Hogwarts to greet Luna and Harry after they missed the carriages?
What was Filch trying to confiscate of Draco's before Snape agreed to vouch for him?
Luna tells Harry she wears what to bed because she sleepwalks?
What spell did Luna use to fix Harry's broken nose?
What was Ron eating in the Great Hall when Hermione told him to stop because Harry was missing?
Complete this quote from Ginny 'He's covered in ... again.Why is it he's always covered in ...?' what word is missing twice?
Which class did Professor Slughorn teach at Hogwarts?
Professor Snape became the new teacher in which subject? (abbreviation accepted)
Defense Against The Dark Arts
Dumbledore made a speech about a boy he met years ago who made all the wrong choices who was he talking about?
Complete this quote from the same speech 'Every day.Every hour.This very minute in fact dark forces attempt to penetrate these walls.But in the end their greatest weapon is ...' what?
Which Professor told the new students who were lost where to go and told Harry and Ron to go to Potions class?
What was the first potion that Professor Slughorn had brewed in the cauldron for his first lesson?
And what was the second one?
What was the most powerful love potion in the world called?
What did this love potion smell like to Hermione mown grass,parchment and what?
Spearmint toothpaste
Which potion did Professor Slughorn offer to the students as a prize?
Felix Felicis
What potion did the students have one hour to brew in order to win this prize?
Draught of Living Death
Harry's potion book told him he had to crush 13 of which bean to brew this potion?
Who did Dumbledore think Harry was having a relationship with that was more than friendship?
What was the name of the place where Dumbledore first met Tom Riddle as a boy?
Wools Orphanage
What was the name of the lady who worked at this place and showed Dumbledore to Tom's room?
Mrs Cole
This person tells Dumbledore Tom has never had any visitors and he had been involved in some nasty what with the other children?
Complete this Tom Riddle quote 'I can make bad things happen to people who are ... to me.I can make them hurt if I want' what is the missing word?
Dumbledore conjured a fire in the room on which object as it was hiding things Tom had stolen from other people?
This box contained a thimble a yo-yo and a what?
Looking around Tom's room it seemed he had an obsession with which number as he had groups of objects containing this number?
Tom also told Dumbledore that what type of animal whisper things to him?
Dumbledore asked Harry to let Slughorn do what to him so he could find out something he desired deeply?
Ron tried out for the position of Gryffindor Quidditch Team Keeper against which other student? (full name please)
Cormac McLaggen
What Charm did Hermione use on this person to stop him from winning the position of Keeper from Ron?
What word did Hermione use to describe this person when Ron tells her he is quite taken with her?
Harry's potions book gave him cheats to get him to the top of the class who did it use to belong to? (as written on the book)
Half Blood Prince
Harry wouldn't let Hermione see this book because he said what was fragile?
What did Hagrid have in his bag to give to Aragog as he was sick?
In the Three Broomsticks Hermione orders a butterbeer with a hint of what in it?
When Ron spots Ginny snogging Dean he calls him a what?
Slick Git
Professor Slughorn invites Harry and Hermione to what type of party?
Who was cursed by a green opal necklace that Harry believed was given to them by Draco? (full name please)
Katie Bell
And what was the name of this persons friend who was with them when they got cursed?
Complete this McGonagall quote 'Why is it when something happens it's always you ...?' what word is missing?
Complete this Snape quote 'Gifts mere ... could only dream of possessing.How grand it must be to be the Chosen One' what word is missing?
Harry and Ron said that Ginny and Hermione have nice what?
Who became the new Minister Of Magic after Cornelius Fudge resigned? (full name please)
Rufus Scrimgeour
What was the first name of Cormac's Uncle who went hunting with him and The Minister?
What was the full name of the male Ravenclaw student who was at the supper party and was questioned by Slughorn about his Uncle?
Marcus Belby
Which potion did this person's Uncle famously invent and develop?
What did Hermione tell Slughorn her parents did for a living in the Muggle world when he asked?
She also told them that her Father got bitten once and required 10 stitches what was the full name of the boy who bit him?
Robbie Fenwick
Which curious object of Slughorn's had sands that flowed in accordance with the conversation in the room?
According to Professor Slughorn anyone who aspires to be anyone hopes to end up on the where?
Complete this Slughorn quote 'When I first met young Mr Riddle he was a quiet albeit ... boy committed to becoming a first-grade wizard' what word is missing?
Harry pretended to put the vial of liquid luck in whose cup before the Quidditch match?
Which team did Gryffindor win at this match thanks to Ron and his new-found confidence?
Luna was seen in the movie wearing a large hat of a specific animal which animal was it?
What was the full name of the girl who Ron dated that made Hermione jealous?
Lavender Brown
Which spell did Hermione use to conjure the birds when she was upset about Ron kissing that girl?
Complete this Hermione quote 'How does it feel Harry? When you see Dean with Ginny?I know I see the way you ... at her' what's the missing word?
What spell did Hermione use on the birds so they attacked Ron?
Complete this Ron quote 'I can't help it if she's got her knickers in a twist.What Lav and I have well let's just say it's ...' what?
Complete this Hermione quote 'He's at perfect ... to kiss whomever he likes.I really couldnt care less' what is the missing word?
Which Professor held a Christmas Party for some of their favourite students?
Complete this Harry quote 'Well I just thought seeing is not the risk at going with who we'd really like to we should go together as ...' what?
Who did Hermione tell Harry was trying to smuggle him a love potion because she thought he was The Chosen One? (full name please)
Romilda Vane
What did Draco use to test out the Vanishing Cabinet first?
What was the incantation used by Draco on the Vanishing Cabinet? (exact words please)
Harmonia Nictere Passus
Who did Harry take to the Christmas Party?
Who was a waiter at the same Christmas Party?
What did Hermione tell Harry she had left Cormac under ?
She also told him Cormac had more tentacles than what type of magical plant?
The waiter was handing out a food that gave people horrible bad breath what was this food called?
Dragon Tartare
When Cormac ate some of this food who ended up being sick all over which Professor's shoes earning himself a month's detention?
This Professor told Harry that Dumbledore was doing what so he wouldn't see Harry until after the Christmas holidays?
Complete this Draco quote 'I don't need protection.I was chosen for this. No This is my ...' what?
Ron tells Harry that his lips were getting what because of too much snogging?
Complete this quote from Lupin 'Has it occured to you Harry that Snape was simply .... to offer Draco help so he could find out what he was up to?' what word is missing?
Lupin tells Harry he trusts Dumbledore's judgement because he trusts Snape but Harry doesn't because he is blinded by what?
He also tells Harry people are disappearing daily and they are doomed if they do what amongst themselves?
What did Ginny feed Harry?
Mince Pie
Who told Harry they were being followed and told Harry about the Vanishing Cabinet?
Arthur Weasley
Complete this quote by Tonks 'No we should go.The first night of the .... always the worst' what word is missing?
Who attacked The Burrow and set fire to it?
Death Eaters
Complete this Hermione quote 'You're bloody lucky you weren't ... You have to realise who you are Harry' what's the missing word?
What did Lavender give Ron as a gift?
Gold Chain
What did Tom give Professor Slughorn that was his favourite?
In the flashback of Tom and Slughorn who was Headmaster of Hogwarts? (full name please)
Armando Dippet
Complete this quote by Tom 'I was in the library the other night in the ... section .And I found something rather odd about a rare piece of magic' what word is missing?
Complete this quote by Slughorn 'I don't know anything about such things and if I did I wouldn't tell you.Now get out of here at once and don't ever let me catch you ... them again' what's the missing word?
What did Dumbledore tell Harry Slughorn had done with the memory of this conversation?
Tampered with it
Complete this Dumbledore quote 'I asked you to get to know Professor Slughorn and you have done so.Now I want you to persuade him to ... his true memory.Anyway you can.' what word is missing?
Dumbledore told Harry if he doesn't find out the truth behind this memory they are what?
Complete this other quote by Dumbledore 'Without it we leave the fate of our ... to chance' what's the missing word?
What did Professor Slughorn call Harry when he went to talk to him?
Prince of Potions
Complete this Harry quote 'Are there some kinds of ... you're not allowed to teach us' what word is missing?
Complete this reply from Slughorn 'Yes there would be no ... without the dark.And so it is with magic,myself I always strive to live within the ... ' what word is missing twice?
What colours were the two birds in the birdcage that Draco used to test the Vanishing Cabinet?
Black and White
What gift was Harry given but Ron ate that put him in a sort of trance?
While in this trance Ron described the moon as what?
Complete this Ron quote 'She could never ... me.I think I love her Do you think she even knows I exist?' what word is missing?
When Harry took Ron to see Professor Slughorn to see if he could help him get out of the trance what did Slughorn call Ron?
When Slughorn gave Ron an antidote to the love potion he told him it was a tonic for the what?
What drink did he then give Ron as a pick-me-up which was a gift meant for Dumbledore?
When Ron started choking on this drink what did Harry give him to help him breathe?
Complete this Ron quote 'These ... they're gonna kill me' what word is missing?
The drink contained subtle hints of cherry and what other ingredient mixed with poison?
Complete this Lavender quote 'Don't make me laugh.You haven't spoken in weeks.I suppose you want to make up with him now that he's suddenly all ...' what?
Complete this reply by Hermione 'He's been poisoned you daft ... And for the record i've always found him interesting.' what word is missing?
When Lavender ran out after Ron called for Hermione in his sleep Dumbledore said 'Oh to be young and feel love's keen ...' what?
When Ron was looking over at Lavender in the Great Hall he caused what type of weather?
When Harry followed Draco to find put how he disappearing off the map where was he going?
Room of Requirement
Complete this Hermione quote 'Well she came to visit you in the hospital.And you talked.I don't believe it was a particularly long ...' what?
Complete this reply from Ron 'Don't get me wrong.I'm bloody thrilled to be shot of her it's just she seems a bit ... ... ' what?
Put out
Ron tells Hermione he can't remember anything about what happened because he was a bit what?
Where did Harry and Draco have a duel?
In the book who witnessed the duel but wasn't shown in the film?
Moaning Myrtle
What spell did Harry use on Draco that left him badly wounded?
What incantation did Snape use to heal Draco's wounds?
Vulnera Sanentur
Who hid the potions book in the Room of Requirement for Harry?
In the book Harry shared his first proper kiss with this person where at Hogwarts?
Gryffindor Common Room
When Harry drank the vial of liquid luck he said he felt really what?
Who did Harry say he was going to see instead of Slughorn as it was 'the place to be tonight'?
What does Professor Slughorn say when Harry surprises him at the Greenhouse?
Merlin's Beard
What type of leaves was Slughorn stealing when Harry caught him?
How much does he tell Harry one of these leaves costs to the right buyer?
10 galleons
Complete this Slughorn quote 'My only interests are purely ...' what?
Harry admits that those plants always kind of do what to him?
Freak him out
How does Harry say he got out of the castle?
Front door
When Harry refuses to return to the castle with Slughorn he says he won't because it would be what?
Counter productive
Which of Hagrid's pets dies in this story?
Hagrid said that what type of creatures are seriously misunderstood?
He also tells them his pet was what in his prime?
Complete this Slughorn quote 'Your body will decay but your spirit lingers on and your human friends find ... in the loss they have sustained' what word is missing?
Hagrid said when his was pet hatched from an egg he was no bigger than a what?
What did Slughorn call his pet fish that vanished?
Who gave Slughorn this pet fish as a gift?
Lily Potter
Complete this quote by Slughorn 'One Spring afternoon I discovered the bowl on my desk with just a few inches of clear water in it.And floating on the surface was a ... ...' what?
Flower petal
Slughorn tells Harry he can't reveal the truth about what happened because it would do what to him?
Complete this Harry quote 'Do you know why I survived Professor?The night i got this Because of her Because she sacrificed herself.Because she refused to step aside.Because her ... was more powerful than Voldemort.' what word is missing?
Complete this other Harry quote 'Be ... Professor.Be ... like my mother.Otherwise you disgrace her.Otherwise she died for nothing.Otherwise the bowl will remain empty.Forever' what word is missing twice?
What was the rare piece of magic Tom asked for more information about called?
This object conceals part of a person's what so it lives in even if their body is destroyed?
What did Professor Slughorn tell Tom rips this part of a person apart?
What object of his mother's did Voldemort use as one of these rare pieces of magic?
And which other object did Voldemort use that put Ginny Weasley in a trance?
Complete this Dumbledore quote 'I knew then this was a very different kind of magic.Very dark very .... .But until tonight I had no idea just how .... ' what word is missing twice?
Dumbledore tells Harry if all of these objects were found and destroyed they would defeat Voldemort as dark magic leaves what?
Complete this Snape quote 'Have you ever considered that you ask too much that you take too much for granted.Has it ever crossed your .... mind that I don't want to do this anymore?' what word is missing?
Dumbledore told Harry he needed to have a what?
Complete this Dumbledore quote 'I forget how much you've grown.At times I still see the small boy from the cupboard.Forgive my .... Harry i'm an old man' what word is missing?
Dumbledore told Harry he was like his mother as they were both unfailingly what?
He also told Harry he could accompany him on his search if he agreed to do what without question?
Obey commands
Are you allowed to apparate within the grounds of Hogwarts?
In the book Harry and Dumbledore apparated to the outcropping from where?
What did Dumbledore use as payment to gain passage to the cave?
What spell did Dumbledore and Harry use to light up the cave?
How did Dumbledore and Harry get to the island in the cave where the object was hidden?
What was the object that was hidden under the potion in the cave?
What colour was the potion that Dumbledore drank to reveal the hidden object?
Emerald Green
Dumbledore wouldn't let Harry drink this potion because he was younger,much less cleverer and more what?
Which spell did Harry use to try and make water for Dumbledore to relieve his thirst?
What were the creatures called that attacked Harry and Dumbledore in the cave?
When Dumbledore created a firestorm to defeat these creatures he used a spell to make a gap so they could escape what was it called?
Partis Temporus
When Harry and Dumbledore returned to Hogwarts Dumbledore sent Harry to get who? (first name please)
What was the title of the song the choir were singing when Dumbledore was waiting for Draco?
In Noctem
Complete this quote by Dumbledore 'Hide yourself below Harry.Don't speak or be seen by anybody without my permission.Whatever happens it's ... you stay below.Harry do as i say' what word is missing?
Where was Draco before he went to see Dumbledore?
Hospital wing
In the book Harry used what to hide from Draco?
Invisibility Cloak
Dumbledore told Draco he often talks aloud to himself as he finds it extraordinarily what?
He also told Draco he is no what because his attempts at killing him were weak?
What spell did Draco use to disarm Dumbledore?
Complete this Dumbledore quote 'Draco years ago I knew a boy who made all the wrong choices.Please let me ... you' what word is missing?
Complete this reply from Draco 'Don't you understand?I have to do this.I have to ... you. Or he's gonna ... me' what word is missing twice?
Complete this Dumbledore quote 'Good evening ... I think introductions are in order don't you?' who's name is missing?
Complete this Fenrir quote 'He doesn't have the ... Just like his father.Let me finish him in my own way' what's the missing word?
What spell did Snape use to kill Dumbledore?
Avada Kedavra
When Dumbledore died he fell from where in Hogwarts?
Astronomy Tower
After the Dark Mark was called who fought off the death eaters in the book?
Bellatrix broke all the windows and trashed which room in Hogwarts?
Great Hall
When Harry chases after Snape angrily he told him to fight back because he was a what?
Complete this Snape quote 'You dare use my own spells against me Potter.Yes i'm the ... ... ...'what?
Half blood prince
What was the full name of Snape's mother who was a Muggle?
Eileen Prince
Complete this McGonagall quote 'In light of what has hapened.If you should have the need to talk to someone.You should know Professor Dumbledore you meant a ... ... to him' what two words are missing?
great deal
Complete this Harry quote 'In the end it was Snape.It was always Snape.I did ... ' what?
Who stole the real locket and left a note inside it?
Regulus Black
Complete this quote fron the note 'I face death in the hope tbat when you meet your match you will be ... once more' what word is missing?
Complete this Harry quote 'It means it was all a ....All of it' what's the missing word?
Complete this Hermione quote 'Ron's okay with you you know .You and Ginny.If I were you when he's around i'd keep ... to a minimum' what word is missing?
Did Harry tell Hermione he was returning to Hogwarts?
Hermione told Harry he was what for thinking he can find the other objects alone?
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