Ultimate Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Quiz

Enter an answer into the box. Here is my quiz dedicated to the 5th book of the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling The Order Of The Phoenix.This quiz features questions related to both the book and the film. Happy quizzing and as always all comments and suggestions are welcome.Thanks for playing
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In the opening scenes of the film the camera pans the countryside of which English county?
The radio can be heard in the background what type of extreme weather was England experiencing?
When the camera finally stops on Harry he was sitting in what feature of the town of Little Whinging?
And which piece of equipment at this feature was he specifically sitting on?
When Dudley approaches with his gang how many other people were in his gang?
Complete this quote from Harry 'Hey ... ....Beat up another 10 year old?' what name did he call him?
Big D
Complete this reply from Dudley 'Well you're one to talk moaning in your sleep every night .At least i'm not afraid of my ...' what?
Dudley then jokes about Harry moaning in his sleep about the death of whom and accuses Harry of having them as a boyfriend?
Dudley then proceeds to tease Harry asking him about which of his relatives and if they're dead?
When Harry threatens Dudley with his wand and the skies go dark where do they both run to for shelter?
Subway tunnel
Harry and Dudley are attacked by black cloaked creatures what are these creatures called?
What spell did Harry use to scare these creatures away?
Expecto Patronum
Harry and Dudley's neighbour appears what was her full name?
Arabella Figg
When this person arrives they tell Harry not to put his what away in case the creatures come back?
When this person and Harry are helping Dudley home she says that the world has gone what?
Topsy turvy
She also tells Harry that she has been asked to do what by Dumbledore?
Keep an eye on him
In the book someone was supposed to be watching Harry but they had left their post when the attack happened what was this person's full name?
Mundungus Fletcher
When Harry and Dudley get home Petunia was sat in a chair using a what to cool herself down?
And Vernon was eating what out of the freezer?
Ice cream
Vernon asks Harry if he's happy now after he's finally turned Dudley what?
Complete this quote from Vernon to Harry 'I've reached my limit, do you hear? This is the last i'm gonna take of you and your ...' what?
Harry receives a howler from the Ministry telling him he is expelled from Hogwarts for violating which decree?
Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery
In this letter what time did it say Harry violated this decree by producing a spell?
But in the book what time was it?
What was the full name of the person who sent this letter?
Mafalda Hopkirk
Which department of the Ministry does this person work in?
Improper Use Of Magic Office
After Harry has listened to this letter Vernon says what word to him cheerfully?
Who leads the Advance Guard to rescue Harry from The Dursleys house in the film? (full name please)
Alastor Moody
In the book which member of the Advance Guard had sent a letter to The Dursleys to get them to leave so they could rescue Harry? (full name please)
Nymphadora Tonks
In the film what was the full name of the member of the Advance Guard who was a close friend of Dumbledore?
Elphias Doge
What was the full name of the other female member of the Advance Guard as seen in the film?
Emmeline Vance
In the book there were three other members of the Advance Guard what were their full names?
Dedalus Diggle Sturgis Podmore Hestia Jones
In the film another member of the Advance Guard tells Harry he has not been expelled yet but will have to attend a formal hearing what was their full name?
Kingsley Shacklebolt
When Moody calls Tonks by her first name she gets angry and her hair colour changes from pink to what colour?
The ability to do this means Tonks is a what?
When Moody taps his stick what flies towards Harry and the Advance Guard to transport them to their destination?
Complete this Moody quote 'Stay in ....everyone.Don't break ranks if one of us is killed' what word is missing?
Harry and the Advance Guard flew over which London river?
What was the address of the Order Of The Phoenix Headquarters?
12 Grimmauld Place
Which area of London is this located?
When Harry and the Advance Guard arrived at the Order HQ what colour was the rubbish lorry that went past?
When Harry enters HQ who greets him with a hug and checks he is ok? (full name please)
Molly Weasley
Which door does this person tell Harry his room is on the left upstairs?
First door
Once in the room Ron and Hermione tell Harry the Order of the Phoenix is what type of organisation set up by Dumbledore to fight Voldemort?
Secret Society
Complete this quote by Hermione 'And this hearing at the Ministry, it's just ...! I've looked it up, they simple can't expel you.It's completely unfair' what word is missing?
When Harry asks why there was no contact from Ron or Hermione over the Summer they tell him who asked them not to?
Complete this quote by Harry 'But why would he want to keep me in the dark?Maybe I could help.After all,i'm ... ... who saw Voldemort return.I'm ... ... who fought him' what words are missing twice?
the one
What was the name of the ear-like object Fred and George invented to eavesdrop on people's conversations?
Extendable ears
What was the name of Hermione's cat who thought this object eas a toy and ate it?
Complete this quote from Molly when Fred and George surprise her 'Just because you can use magic now does not mean you have to ... out your wands for everything' what word is missing?
At dinner Lupin tells Harry that the Minister of Magic has launched a smear campaign against him and Dumbledore because he thinks Dumbledore wants his what?
Complete this quote by Lupin 'Fudge isn't in his right mind.It's been twisted and warped by ... Now ... makes people do terrible things' what word is missing twice?
How many years ago did Sirius say Voldemort had a huge number of followers at his command?
Sirius tells Harry that Voldemort is after something he didn't have last time like a what?
Complete this quote from Molly 'No That's enough! He's just a ...' what?
Complete this reply from Harry 'Good I want to join.If Voldemort's building an army then I want to ...' what?
Who takes Harry to the Ministry for his hearing in the film and book? (full name please)
Arthur Weasley
What mode of transport did Harry and this person use to get across London?
London Underground
What is used as the Visitors entrance to the Ministry of Magic? (be colour specific)
Red Phone Box
This can be found outside which important London building?
Scotland Yard
What was the exact number dialled to access the Ministry of Magic?
In the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic stands a golden fountain what is the name of it?
Fountain of Magical Brethren
In the book which of the Weasley children had left the family home to work at the Ministry and fully support their claims Voldemort hadn't returned?
In the elevator Arthur tells Harry they use paper aeroplanes to replace owls after they made too much mess to send inter-departmental what?
In the elevator Arthur speaks to his colleague about the hearing time being changed what was the name Arthur called them?
When the time of Harry's hearing was changed was it brought forward or put back?
Brought forward
What is the name of the Wizarding court of law that held Harry's trial?
Complete this quote by Arthur to Harry before his hearing 'You've done nothing wrong.As the Muggles say ... ... ... ' what?
Truth will out
What are Dumbledore's middle names as stated by him as defense of Harry's at his hearing?
Percival Wulfric Brian
How early did Dumblefore say he had arrived at the Ministry when he hadn't been told of the changes?
3 hours
What was the full name of the female interrogator who was impressed that Harry could conjure a patronus and voted him clear of all charges?
Amelia Bones
What was Dolores Umbridge's job title at the Ministry?
Senior Under Secretary
What number clause did Dumbledore cite that Harry acted on self defense?
After Dumbledore suggests the Ministry investigate the dementor attack and accuses them of ordering it he asks Fudge to see what and accept Voldemort is back?
Was Harry cleared of all charges? Yes Or No
Which member of the Weasley family had been sent by the Order to recruit foreigners to their cause but was never mentioned or seen in the film?
In the book before they left for Hogwarts Ron and Hermione received a letter saying they had been made what along with Draco Pansy and Padma?
While Moody escorted Harry to the platform at Kings Cross station who appeared as a dog to see him off but nearly ruined the operation?
In the waiting room this person gave Harry a what?
What was the full name of the member of the Order whose whole family were killed by Voldemort?
Marlene McKinnon
Complete this Draco quote ' I'm surprised the Ministry's still letting you walk around free,Potter.You better enjoy it while you can.I expect there's a cell in Azkaban with your ... on it' what word is missing?
After Draco says this to Harry what does he call him before telling him to stay away?
Harry shared a carriage to Hogwarts with Ron Hermione Neville and who? (full name please)
Luna Lovegood
This person tells Harry he's not what because they can see the creatures that pull the carriages too?
This person was reading a magazine upside down what was the title of it?
The Quibbler
Hermione tells this person her charm necklace is nice this person tells her its to keep what away?
What was the name of the teacher who returned to teach Care Of Magical Creatures?
Grubbly plank
Which member of the Hogwarts staff did Dumbledore tell the students was away on temporary leave?
Who was the new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher? (full name please)
Dolores Umbridge
This teacher was appointed by the Ministry under educational decree number what?
What colour clothes does this new teacher wear most of the time and her office is decorated as well?
When this teacher gives a speech saying she hopes the syudents and her will be very good what?
In a deleted scene from the film during this speech which other Hogwarts teacher chokes on their food and spills it down themselves?
Professor Trelawney
Complete this quote from that speech '... for ... sake must be discouraged' what word is missing twice?
After this speech Hermione says who is interferring in Hogwarts?
Which of Harry's classmates nearly didn't get to return to Hogwarts because their Mother believes what the papers have written about Harry being a liar?
What are the exams called that are taken by students at Hogwarts?
Complete this quote about these exams 'Study hard and you will be rewarded.Fail to do so and the consequences may be ...' what?
When Umbridge had given out the new Ministry-approved books Hermione notices that the new books don't teach them how to do what type of spells?
Umbridge tells the students they will only be allowed to speak in her classroom if they do what?
Raise hand
She also tells them that the Ministry has agreed that the students will only need what type of knowledge to pass their exams?
When Umbridge asks Harry who does he think would attack children he says who?
Lord Voldemort
Complete this Umbridge quote 'You have been told that a certain ... ... is at large once again.This is a lie' what words are missing?
Dark Wizard
What punishment was Harry given for telling Umbridge it was not a lie?
When Harry questioned Umbridge about Cedric's death she described it as a what?
Tragic Accident
What animals does Umbridge have on china plates on the walls of her office?
During his punishment in Umbridge's office Harry had write lines what was the line he had to write?
I must not tell lies
Harry had to write these with a special black quill that used what instead of ink?
Complete this quote from Umbridge 'Thst's right.Because you know deep down you deserved to be ...' what?
What were the boxes of sweets that made you ill called that Fred and George invented and used First Year students to test them much to Hermione's disgust?
Skiving Snackbox
Who notices the marks on Harry's hand and urges him to tell Dumbledore?
Complete this quote by Ron 'Bloody hell Harry the woman's torturing you!If the ... knew about this ' who ?
Complete this reply from Harry 'No it's not Hermione whatever this is it's not ...' what?
Harry wrote a letter to Padfoot using that as a codename but who was he really writing to? (full name please)
Sirius Black
When Harry was sending Hedwig this letter Filch thought he was asking somebody to send in what?
In the letter Harry tells Sirius despite being back at Hogwarts he feels more what than ever?
In the forest Luna tells Harry that the creatures that pull the carriages are called what?
What item of clothing was Luna missing that she said had been stolen?
The only people who can see these creatures are people who have seen what?
How old was Luna when her Mum died when one of her spells went wrong?
Complete this quote from Luna 'Well if I were you-know-who i'd want you to feel cut off from everyone else.Because if it's just you alone you're not as much of a ...' what?
What was Ron taking a bite out of when Hermione berates him for always eating?
What was the name of Percy Weasley's owl who delivered a letter to Ron urging him to forget about Harry?
In the book Ron tried out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team and successfully won which position on the team?
Who was Ginny dating during this year at Hogwarts? (full name please)
Michael Corner
How did Professor McGonagall describe Umbridge's disciplinary practices and teaching methods?
What does Umbridge tell Professor McGonagall she will not stand for ?
Complete this quote by Umbridge 'Things at Hogwarts are far ... than I feared' what word is missing?
Under Educational Decree 23 Fudge gave Umbridge which new job title?
High Inquisitor
What was Professor Trelawney teaching the class when Umbridge interrogated her?
Dream Interpretation
How many years had Professor Trelawney lived and taught at Hogwarts?
When Umbridge questions Professor Snape about him applying to teach Defense Against The Dark Arts being unsuccessful what word did he reply with?
When Umbridge asked Professor Trelawney to predict something what did she say she was in?
Terrible danger
Which Professor did Umbridge dismiss from their job and then tried to banish them from Hogwarts?
Once Dumbledore had told Umbridge she had no authority to banish this person who escorted them back inside with their belongings? (Full name please)
Minerva McGonagall
After this incident Hermione called Umbridge a 'foul evil ...' what?
Complete this Hermione quote 'We're not learning how to defend ourselves.We're not learning how to pass our O.W.Ls She's taking over the entire ...' what?
On which feature in the Gryffindor Common Room did Sirius's face appear to talk to Harry Ron and Hermione?
He tells them that Fudge doesn't want them trained in what?
He also tells them things are going at all well with the Order because of the what?
In the book while Sirius was talking to them in the common room a part of Umbridge's appears to grab his face what part of her was it?
Complete this quote by Hermione 'He eeally is out there isn't he?We've got to be able to ... ourselves.And if Umbridge refuses to teach us how we need someone who will' what word is missing?
Where in Hogsmeade did Hermione hold the meeting to recruit people for their army?
Hogs Head Inn
At this meeting what was the full name of the boy who asked Harry Ron Hermione for proof that Voldemort was back?
Zacharius Smith
And what was the full name of the boy who asked for details on how Cedric died?
Terry Boot
Complete this Harry quote 'C'mon Hermione let's go.They're just here because they think i'm some sort of ...' what?
When Luna asked Harry about him producing a Patronus charm who said 'Blimey Harry I didn't know you could do that'? (full name please)
Dean Thomas
What did Hermione say Harry was being when he told the others at the meeting that his achievements were just luck and because he had help?
Complete this Harry quote 'In school if you make a mistake you can just try again tomorrow but out there when you're a ... away from being murdered or watching a friend die right before your eyes you don't know what that's like' what's the missing word?
In the book what was the full name of the person who overheard this meeting and informed Umbridge about it?
Willy Widdershins
What name did Ginny come up with to call their secret group that Harry was teaching defensive spells to?
Dumbledore's Army
Where did Ginny suggest they use as a secret place for this group to meet where Umbridge wouldn't find them?
Shrieking Shack
Complete this quote by Hermione 'Who cares?I mean it's sort of exciting isn't it breaking the ...' what?
Complete this reply from Ron 'Who are you and what have you done with ... ...' who? (full name please)
Hermione Granger
In the book what was the full name of the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team?
Angelina Johnson
In the book after having a fight Harry Fred and George all were banned from Quidditch for life who did they fight with? (full name please)
Draco Malfoy
After this happened Harry's role as Seeker in the team was taken by who? (full name please)
Ginny Weasley
Which position in the Slytherin Quidditch team did Crabbe and Goyle play?
Under which Educational Decree number did Umbridge order all student organisations to be disbanded including the Quidditch teams?
What was the name for the special room hidden in Hogwarts that the D.A used to practise in?
Room of Requirement
In the film who found this room? (full name please)
Neville Longbottom
And in the book who told Harry about this room?
Complete this quote by Harry about this room 'It's brilliant!It's like Hogwarts wants us to ... ...' do what?
Fight back
Which spell was Neville practising when Harry told him he was flourishing his wand too much?
According to Harry working hard is important but believing in what matters even more?
Complete this quote by Harry 'Every great ... in history has started out as nothing more than we are now.Students.If they can do it why not us?' what word is missing?
What was the second 'stunning' spell that Harry taught the group in the meetings?
Complete this quote by Harry about this spell 'Stunning is one of the most important spells in your arsenal.It's sort of a wizard's ... ... ... really' what?
Bread and butter
In the film who was suspicious of the students and sat outside the meeting room eating a sandwich in hope of catching them?
When Ron and Hernione had a duel Hermione won but Ron told Fred and George it was only because he what?
Let her
Umbridge passed Educational Decree 84 which stated that all students would submit to questioning about suspected illicit what?
What did Umbridge give the students that was laced with a potion to make them spill all their secrets during this questioning?
Cup Of Tea
And what was the potion called that she used?
What was the spell used by Cho on Nigel to lift him into the air and dangle him by his ankles?
What was the name of the product Fred and George invented that gave people boils on their face when they ate it?
Fever Fudge
Umbridge set up a group of students led by Draco Malfoy to keep order at school what was this group called?
Inquisitorial Squad
In the film when Luna moves around the school how does she do it by running walking crawling or skipping?
When Filch Draco Crabbe and Goyle tried to follow Luna to where the group were meeting secretly the door disappeared on them and they ended up running into a what?
Broom Cupboard
What spell did Ginny use on a dummy to turn it to ash during a practise session?
Complete this quote from Cho 'You're a really good ... Harry i've never been able to stun anything before' what word is missing?
What appeared above Cho and Harry while they shared a kiss?
In the book was Cho older younger or the same age as Harry?
How did Harry describe his first kiss to Ron and Hermione when they asked him?
Complete this quote by Hermione 'I'm sure Harry's kissing was more than ...' what?
Hermione tells Ron Cho but must be feeling sad about Cedric,confused about liking Harry,guilty for kissing him,frightened about passing jer exams and conflicyed about who getting sacked from their job at the Ministry?
Her Mum
Hermione tells Ron he has 'the emotional range of a ...' what?
In a nightmare who does Harry see getting attacked at the Ministry by a snake?
The portrait of which former Professor hangs in Dumbledore's Office and The Ministry Of Magic and was asked by Dumbledore to tell the others about this attack?
And what was the full name of the former Profesdor whose portrait also hangs in Dumbledore's Office but also at the Order HQ that Dumbledore asks to inform the Order of the same attack?
Phineas Nigellus Black
What does Harry shout at Dumbledore before asking what's happening to him when in his office with McGonagall after experiencing this nightmare?
Look at me
What was the name of the ability to close the mind to someone trying to control it that Snape gave Harry private lessons in?
Complete this quote by Snape 'It appears there is a ... between the Dark Lord's mind and your own.Whether he is,as yet, aware of this ... is for the moment unclear.' what word is missing twice?
Snape also tells Harry Voldemort may be able to read,control and do what to his mind?
Unhinge it
Snape also tells Harry that Voldemort took pleasure in torturing his victims by invading their minds until they begged for death and only then he would do what?
Kill them
Complete this other quote from Snape 'In these lessons I will attempt to ... your mind.You will attempt to resist.Prepare yourself' what word is missing?
What word does Snape say before he attempts to read Harry's mind?
Which holiday did Harry and Hermione spend with The Weasleys at the Order HQ?
What were Hermione Harry Ginny and Fred and George given as their presents?
To who did everyone raise a toast to including Sirius for saving Arthur's life?
What did Ron tell Hermione he would look like if he wore his new jumper?
Bloody idiot
What was the name of The Blacks house-elf?
Complete this quote from this elf 'Nasty brat standing there as bold as brass.Harry Potter the boy who stopped the Dark Lord.Friend of Mudbloods and blood-traitors alike.If my poor ... only knew' what word is missing?
In the book this Elf told which member of the Malfoy family about Harry and Sirius having a close relationship?
On the Black family tapestry what was the full name of Sirius' 'deranged cousin'?
Bellatrix Lestrange
How old was Sirius when he ran away from home to The Potters?
Harry tells Sirius he thinks he's becoming more like Voldemort because he feels what all the time?
Complete this quote by Harry 'What if after everything i've been through something's gone wrong inside me?What if i'm becoming ...' what?
Complete this reply from Sirius 'You're not a bad person.You're a very good person who bad things have happened to.Besides the world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters.We've all got both .... and dark inside us' what?
Hagrid tells Umbridge he has been away for his what?
When Umbridge leaves Hagrid's hut what does she spray on herself and his door?
What does Hagrid tell Harry Ron and Hermione Dumbledore had sent him to parley with?
Complete this Hagrid quote 'It's changing out there.Just like last time .There's a ... coming Harry and we all best be ready when it does' what word is missing?
How many prisoners escaped from Azkaban in the mass breakout?
Who does Hermione say is going to get everyone killed because they can't face the truth?
Complete this quote from Seamus 'Harry I wanted to apologise.I know with everything me Mam is saying in the Prophet is all very ...' what?
Complete this quote by Neville 'Fourteen years ago a Death Eater named Bellatrix Lestrange used the Cruciatus Curse on my parents.She tortured them for information but they never gave in.I'm quite ... to be their son' what word is missing?
What are the names of Neville's parents?
Frank and Alice
What is the name of the Wizards Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries where his parents are residents?
St Mungos
In the book it says this hospital can be accessed via a mannequin in the window of which condemned department store?
Purge and Dowse Ltd
Which ward for long-term residents is Neville's parents on?
Janus Thickey Ward
What charm did Harry teach the members of D.A to produce a spirit guardian?
What form did Cho's spirit guardian take?
What form did Hermione's sprit guardian take?
What form did Luna's spirit guardian take?
What form did Ginny's spirit guardian take?
Ron's spirit guardian form was breed of dog?
Jack Russell Terrier
What spell did Umbridge use to blast open the secret meeting room of the D.A?
Bombarda Maxima
In the film it was Cho was told Umbridge all about the D.A but in the book it was her best friend what was her full name?
Marietta Edgecombe
Complete this Umbridge quote ' All your fear-mongering about You-Know-Who never folled us for a minute.We see your lies for what they were a ... for your bid to seize the Ministry' what word is missing?
Did Dumbledore take the blame for setting up the D.A?
Complete this quote from Fudge '.... Shacklebolt You will escort Dumbledore to Azkaban to await trial for conspiracy and sedition' name the other person?
Complete this reply by Dumbledore 'You seem to be labouring under the delusion I am going to-what was the phrase? .... .... ' what?
Come Quietly
Dumbledore disappeared in a ball of flames with his phoenix but what was the name of it?
Complete this quote from Kingsley 'Well you may not like him Minister but you can't deny Dumbledore's got .... ' what
Under which number Educational Decree was Umbridge made the new Headmistress of Hogwarts?
How far apart did Umbridge state boys and girls should be from each other under Educational Decree 31 in the film?
8 inches
Where did the members of the D.A serve their detention?
Great Hall
Complete this quote by Ron 'You did everything you could.No one could win against that ... ... ' what?
Old hag
Harry replies to Ron and Hermione that he doesn't want to play anymore because it makes him do what too much?
What was the full name of the boy who Fred and George comfort after detention as his hand hurts?
Nigel Wolpert
In Harry's meeting with Professor McGonagall about careers what does he tell her he wants to be?
What creatures did Hagrid say would cause an uprising if the Ministry restricts their territory anymore?
What was the name of Hagrid's half-brother he asked Ron Hermione and Harry to look after?
What does Hagrid tell his half-brother is not polite to do?
After this half-giant takes a liking to Hermione and has put her back down after picking her up what does he give her as a gift?
Bike handlebar
When Snape has entered Harry's mind and seen him with his parents in the Mirror of Erised what does he ask Harry if he is feeling?
What did Snape call Harry as well as lazy and arrogant after saying he is just like his father?
What does Snape tell Harry to do with his mind and to control his emotions?
When Snape invades Harry's mind again he sees a touching scene between him and Sirius what does he say he may do?
Complete this Snape quote 'You and Black you're two of a kind,sentimental children forever whining about how .... unfair your lives have been' what?
When Snape tries to read Harry's mind again what did Harry say to shield himself?
When Harry reads Snape's mind he learns his Father and Sirius bullied Snape what name did they call him?
Fred and George both agreed that their futures lay outside the world of what achievement?
While the students were in the Great Hall doing their exams a giant what was swinging behind them ticking the time away?
Which exam was Harry doing when Fred and George flew in on brooms letting off fireworks?
What was the full name of these fireworks?
Weasleys Wildfire Whizbangs
One of these fireworks chased after Umbridge and smashed all the decree signs what was it shaped like?
In the film after this incident which Professor did a secret fist punch in celebration?
In the book which Professor was attacked for defending Hagrid from getting evicted and ended up in hospital?
Which exam were students supposed to be taking when this attack occured?
What was the name of the Professor who taught this subject at Hogwarts?
When Harry collapses he sees Sirius being tortured by Voldemort as he wanted to know where what was?
In which department of the Ministry was this object that Voldemort wants?
Department of Mysteries
Complete this Hermione quote 'Harry please just listen!What if Voldemort meant for you to see this?What if he's only ... Sirius because he's trying to get to you?' what word is missing?
Complete this reply from Harry 'What if he is?I'm supposed to just let him die?Hermione he's the only ...I've got left' what word is missing?
Harry decided to use the fireplace in Umbridge's Office to access what network to get to the Ministry?
Floo network
Harry didn't want Ron and Hermione to go with him and to alert the Order because he said it was too what?
When Umbridge had caught them in her office who did she accuse them of trying to contact?
And which Professor did she call to her office to assist her in her interrogations?
This Professor tells Umbridge they cannot help her but if she wanted to poison Harry she would have their greatest what?
Complete this quote from Harry to Snape 'He's got ...He's got ... in the place where it's hidden' what is the missing word?
Which illegal curse did Umbridge threaten to use on Harry to loosen his tongue?
Complete this quote from Umbridge 'What .... doesn't know won't hurt him.' who's name is missing?
Hermione saves Harry by telling Umbridge she will show her where Dumbledore's what weapon is hidden?
Umbridge admits to Harry that it was her who ordered that what attack Harry?
When Hermione Harry and Umbridge are walking through the Forbidden Forest Harry asks Hermione what she is doing and she replies she is what?
What did Umbridge admit to Harry and Hermione that she hates while they were in the forest?
What mythological creatures did Umbridge Harry and Hermione find while in the Forbidden Forest?
Name the name of one creatures that were named in the book?
Complete this quote from Umbridge to one of these creatures 'You have no business here.This is a ministry matter.Lower your weapons!I warn you under the law as creatures of ... .... intelligence' what hyphenated word is missing?
When the creature fired an arrow at her what spell did Umbridge use to block it?
And which spell did she use to choke the creature?
When Umbridge cast this spell she called the creature a 'filthy ... ...' what?
Half breed
When Hermione asked her to stop hurting the creature Umbridge said No because she will have what?
Who came along to rescue Harry and Hermione and picked up Umbridge?
Complete this quote from Umbridge 'You ... animal! Do you know who I am' what word is missing?
When Umbridge is released she is carried off by the creatures she asks Harry to tell them she means no what?
Harry apologises saying he can't because he must not what?
Tell lies
When the gang are all reunited Hermione asks how they got away what does Ginny tell her?
Puking Pastilles
Complete this quote by Ron 'I told them I was hungry and wanted some sweets.Of course they told me to bugger off and ... the lot themselves' what word is missing?
Complete this quote by Harry 'Look it's not that I don't appreciate everything you've done all of you.But i've got you into enough ... as it is' what word is missing?
Complete this reply from Neville 'Dumbledore's Army was supposed to be about doing something ...Or was that just words to you?' what word is missing?
How did Luna suggest they get to London?
Where in the Ministry's Department of Mysteries was the object Voldemort was trying to obtain?
Hall of Prophecy
The Prophecy was an object that was what colour and what shape?
Blue Orb
On which Row did Harry expect to find Sirius lying on the floor?
And which Row was the Prophecy about Harry?
Who made the Prophecy about Harry and Voldemort? (full name please)
Sybil Trelawney
Complete this line from the Prophecy 'The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the ... month dies' what word is missing?
And this one 'and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other ...' what?
How many Death Eaters appeared to retrieve the Prophecy for Voldemort?
Which Death Eater appears to try and get Harry to give them the Prophecy for Lord Voldemort?
Complete this quote from this person 'You know you really should learn to tell the difference between dreams and reality.You only saw what the ... ... wanted you to see.Now hand me the Prophecy' what two words are missing?
Dark Lord
Harry replies to this Death Eater by threatening to do what to the Prophecy if they do anything to him or his friends?
Break it
What does Bellatrix call Harry '... .... baby Potter'?
Itty bitty
Complete this quote from Neville after Bellatrix asked after his parents 'Better now they're about to be ....' what?
When Harry asks why Voldemort needed him to get the Prophecy Bellatrix calls him a filthy what?
Lucius tells Harry he is a what type of lad?
Complete this Lucius quote 'Haven't you always wondered what was the reason for the connection between you and the Dark Lord?Why he was unable to kill you when you were just a ...' what?
Harry tells him he's waited how many years?
What spell did Harry and the others use simulateneously against the Death Eaters?
What was the name of the Death Eater stunned by Hermione after they grabbed Harry's arm?
What was the room called that Harry Hermione and Neville ran into and locked the door?
Time Chamber
What spell did they use to lock the door?
Ron Ginny and Luna were reunited with the other three in which room?
Brain Room
Which room were the group held hostage by the Death Eaters and where members of the Order come to rescue them?
Death Chamber
Complete this Lucius quote 'Did you actually believe or were you truly ... enough to think children stood a chance against us?' what word is missing?
Despite Neville's plea Harry goes to hand over the Prophecy to Lucius but who appears and punches him?
Which member of the Order stuns Lucius and saves Harry and Neville?
In the film Sirius told Harry to get the others and get out but in the boom who told him to do the same?
Also in the film Harry had the Prophecy when it got smashed but in the book who had it in their pocket when it fell through it and shattered?
Who used the killing curse on Sirius?
When Sirius died he fell into the what?
Veil of Dais
When Harry chases Sirius' killer through the Ministry Atrium what did they sing repeatedly ?
I killed Sirius Black
Which spell did Harry use to knock them to the ground?
Complete this Voldemort quote 'You've got to mean it Harry.She killed him.She deserves it.You know the ... Harry' what word is missing?
When Voldemort appears and disarms Harry he says he is what?
So Weak
When Dumbledore appears he tells Voldemort he is what for going there as the Aurors are on their way?
During the duel with Dumbledore Voldemort conjured up a fiery what to attack him?
In retaliation Dumbledore conjured a huge ball of what?
During this duel who becomes possessed by Voldemort?
Under this possession they tell Dumbledore he has lost as he is a what?
Old Man
Complete this Dumbledore quote 'Harry it isn't how you are ... it's how you are not' what word is missing?
Complete this Harry quote 'You're the weak one.And you'll never know love or ...And I feel sorry for you' what word is missing?
Before Voldemort disappears the Aurors appear and who finally sees him and believes he has returned and resigns from their job?
What was Harry doing in the Dorm when Dumbledore visits him?
Complete this Dumbledore quote 'I thought by distancing myself from you as I have done all year he'd be less tempted and therefore you might be ... ' what?
Dumbledore tells Harry he didn't tell him about the Prophecy as he didn't want him to suffer any more what?
Luna tells Harry she was not at the Feast because she lost all her what?
Complete this Luna quote 'Anyway my Mum always said things we ... have a way of coming back to us in the end if not always in the way we expect' what's the missing word?
What were hanging from the ceiling?
At the end of the film who had a black eye?
Also at the end of the film Harry tells Ron and Hermione that they have what that Voldemort doesn't have? (exact words please)
Something worth fighting for
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Dec 19, 2022
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