Ultimate Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone Quiz

Enter an answer into the box. Here is my quiz dedicated to the first of J K Rowling's Harry Potter series The Philosophers Stone. It features questions about the book and film. Happy quizzing and please feel free to leave any feedback Thank you
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: December 3, 2017
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Who is the first character we see on screen at the beginning of the film? (full name please)
Albus Dumbledore
What was the name of the street we see him walking down?
Privet Drive
Which town and county in England was this street?
Little Whinging Surrey
What house number on the street do they stand outside of?
What was the special magical device called that he used to turn off all the streetlights?
A cat is sitting a wall on this street what colour was it?
Silver Tabby
This cat is seen in the shadows changing into a human lady what was her full name?
Minerva McGonagall
When these two characters discuss the reason they are there who does he say he would 'trust with his life'?
We see a flying vehicle coming to land on the street what type of vehicle is it?
Where does this person say he was flying over when baby Harry fell asleep?
How old is baby Harry when they leave him at this house?
1 year old
The lady describes the people who live in this house 'the worst Muggles ... 'what?
Baby Harry has what shape scar on his forehead?
Lightning Bolt
What are the full names of Harry's Aunt and Uncle who he lives with?
Petunia and Vernon Dursley
And what is their son's full name who is also Harry's cousin? (full name please)
Dudley Dursley
What nickname does he get called by his mum?
Harry's bedroom was a cupboard but where was this cupboard in the house?
Under the stairs
Where did the family and Harry go for a daytrip for his cousin's birthday?
How many presents did his cousin get for their birthday last year?
And how many did they get this year?
Harry's Uncle explains to him if there is any 'funny business' while they are out on their daytrip he will not get any what for a week?
What type of snake did they look at in its enclosure in the reptile house in the film and which country was it from?
Burmese Python
And in the book which snake was it and from which country?
Brazilian Boa Constrictor
Who discovered that they can talk to snakes? (full name please)
Harry Potter
When Harry sets the snake free the snake hisses what word to him before slithering away?
Who fell in the enclosure and became trapped behind the glass?
According to Harry's Uncle 'there's no such thing as ...' what?
Which school was Harry's cousin going to attend after the summer?
Smeltings Academy
In the films and books what type of creature delivers letters and parcels?
Harry's Uncle receives a letter from his sister saying she is ill because she ate a funny what?
Harry's Uncle reckons which day of the week is best because they get no letters delivered in the post?
Harry's Aunt was trying to cook something with what but inside were just letters?
When Harry's Uncle blocks the letterbox to stop letters from being delivered where did they start flying out of?
In the book the family and Harry run away to what before they escape to an island?
What does Harry draw on the floor in the dust?
Birthday cake
How old was he turning on this birthday?
When Hagrid appears he bends his gun and calls Harry's Uncle a 'great ...' what?
What was written on Harry's birthday cake from Hagrid? (exact words please)
Happee Birdae Harry
What does Hagrid use to perform magic instead of a wand?
What is the full name of the school Harry has been sent an acceptance letter from?
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
And what is Hagrid's full job title at this school?
Keeper of Keys and Grounds
Harry's Aunt referred to her sister (his mother) as a what?
How did Harry think his parents died because his Aunt and Uncle told him?
Car Crash
What is the definition of a Muggle?
Non Magic Folk
What did Hagrid give Dudley for eating Harry's cake?
Harry's school supplies list as read out in a deleted scene of the film was 'one wand three sets of robes dragon hide gloves and a two pewter ...' what?
What were Harry and Hagrid travelling on in this deleted scene?
London Underground
What was the name of the pub they visited?
The Leaky Cauldron
And what was the name of the Barkeeper of this pub?
What was the full name of the witch who introduced herself to Harry in this pub?
Doris Crockford
Harry also meets one of his professors in the pub what was his full name?
Quirinus Quirrell
And which subject does he teach? (abbreviation accepted)
Defense Against The Dark Arts
What perculiar headgear does this teacher wear on his head?
What is the name of the place where Hagrid takes Harry to buy his school supplies?
Diagon Alley
What is the name of the Wizarding Bank?
What type of creatures work in this bank?
Which number Vault in this bank belonged to The Potters?
And which other Vault did they visit and take a small wrapped package from?
What was the name of the wandshop Harry visited next?
The wand that 'chose' Harry was made from a tailfeather of which mythical bird?
Hagrid bought Harry an owl for his birthday what did he call it?
What did Harry and Hagrid eat for their supper that night?
What were the names of Harry's parents?
James and Lily
Hagrid tells Harry he is 'The Boy Who ... ' what?
Which railway station in London did Harry catch a train to school from?
Kings Cross
What was the name of the train he caught?
Hogwarts Express
What colour was this train?
Which Platform number did he board this train from?
9 3/4
What colour was his train ticket?
What was the full name of the lady who helped Harry run at the wall to gain access to this platform?
Molly Weasley
What was the full name of her son who was also starting school for the first time and who shared a carriage with Harry?
Ronald weasley
Who makes 'Every Flavour Beans'?
Bertie Bott
Which flavour of these beans was NOT one that Ron said you could get Chocolate,Peppermint,Vomit,Spinach,Liver or Tripe?
And which flavour did he say his brother George got once?
Which chocolate sweet included a collectors card of famous witches and wizards?
Chocolate Frog
Ron claimed his other brother Fred taught him a spell to turn his rat which colour?
Who said this line... 'Holy cricket you're Harry Potter' ? (full name please)
Hermione Granger
What was the spell this person used to mend Harry's glasses?
Oculus Reparo
How were the students transported to school from the train station?
Who was the boy who lost a toad? (full name please)
Neville Longbottom
What type of ceremony is held for first years to determine which house they are in?
Sorting ceremony
Who said this line ... ' Red hair, hand me down robe must be a Weasley'? (full name please)
Draco Malfoy
In the book Harry meets this person for the first time in which shop whilst buying robes?
Madam Malkins
What objects were floating in the air of the Great Hall the first time Harry sees it?
Which book did Hermione say she read and learnt that the ceiling of the Great Hall is bewitched to look like the night sky?
History of Hogwarts
What is the full name of the caretaker of Hogwarts school?
Argus Filch
The third floor corridor on which side of the castle was also out of bounds?
What is the special magical object called that is used to determine which house each student will be a member of?
Sorting Hat
Using this object Hermione and Ron were sorted into which house?
What was the full name of the other girl who used this object in the film?
Susan Bones
And which house was she sorted into?
After Harry was sorted into Gryffindor which two twin students preceeded to chant 'We got Potter' in celebration?
Fred and George Weasley
An Irish Gryffindor first year introduces himself to the gang what was his full name?
Seamus Finnigan
What is the full name of the Professor who is Head of Slytherin house who stares at Harry?
Severus Snape
What was Ron eating when the head of a ghost appeared in a bowl on the table?
What was the name of this ghost?
Nearly Headless Nick
What was the name of the Slytherin House ghost?
Bloody Baron
What feature of the castle likes to move and change direction without warning?
What is the name of Hogwarts resident poltergeist who likes to torment students and teachers?
What was the password to gain access to the Gryffindor common room?
Caput Draconis
The boys dormitory was upstairs and to the left or to the right?
Harry and Ron were late for which class in the film?
What class does Professor Snape teach at Hogwarts?
According to Snape he will teach them to 'bewitch your mind,ensnare your senses,bottle fame,brew glory and put a stopper in ...' what?
Snape asks Harry would he would get if he added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood what potion would that make?
Draught of the living death
What is the name of the stonelike mass found in a goat's stomach that acts as an antidote to most poisons?
In a deleted scene from the film in Potions class Snape takes 5 points from Gryffindor because of Harry's what?
Seamus tries to turn water into what but ended up making weak tea?
What did Neville receive in the mail from his Grandmother to help him.stop forgetting things?
What colour does this object go if he forgets something?
What is the name of the Flying Teacher at Hogwarts?
Madam Hooch
What word does she tell the students to get their brooms to levitate?
Which direction did she tell the students to lean in order to touch back down on the ground?
What injury did Neville sustain when he flew off accidentally on his broom and fell off the tower?
Broken wrist
What did Hermione call Harry when he chased after Draco to get Neville's object back?
What is the sport played at Hogwarts that uses brooms?
Who is the captain of the Gryffindor team in this sport? (full name please)
Oliver Wood
Professor Quirrell was holding which creature when Professor McGonagall went to talk to this captain?
Harry and his father played which position in the Gryffindor team?
Fred and George play which position in the same team?
How many players are there in total in each team?
What is the name of the red ball used to score points in this sport?
What is the name of the black ball that aims to knock people off their brooms in this sport?
Seekers have to catch which ball that has wings and moves very fast?
Golden Snitch
When Harry Hermione and Ron found themselves on the out of bounds corridor by accident which animal with red eyes spots them?
Mrs Norris
Which class at Hogwarts was taught by a Professor who was a ghost?
History of Magic
And what was the full name of this Professor?
Cuthbert Binns
Which spell did Hermione use to unlock a door so they could escape?
What type of three-headed creature did they discover was guarding a trapdoor?
And what was this creatures name?
Charms class is taught by the Head of which House?
And what is this Professor's full name?
Filius Flitwick
What object was used in this class to teach levitation?
What is the name of the spell used to levitate an object?
Wingardium Leviosa
Which of Ron's brothers is a Gryffindor Prefect?
On Halloween what were floating in the Great Hall?
Jack O Lanterns
Who told someone they saw Hermione crying in the bathroom all afternoon after she had overheard Ron making fun of her?
Parvati Patil
Where did Professor Quirrell say he there was a creature loose before fainting?
And what type of creature did he say it was?
When Harry and Ron try to rescue Hermione from the creature in the bathroom what was this creature carrying that it used to smash things?
What did Ron call this creature to distract it so Hermione could escape?
After this creature gets knocked out by its own weapon Harry retrieves his wand which is covered in what?
When Professors McGonagall Snape and Quirrell find them in the bathroom Snape had a bleeding cut on what part of his body?
Professor McGonagall took 5 points off Gryffindor for severe lack of what?
She also rewards all three of them with 5 points each for sheer what?
Dumb luck
On the morning of Harry's debut sports match he receives a present in the mail of a new broom what make and model was this broom?
Nimbus 2000
Which team did Gryffindor play in this match?
What is the full name of this team's captain?
Marcus Flint
What is the full name of the student who commentates on the sports matches?
Lee Jordan
How many points do teams get awarded for scoring by putting the ball through the hoops?
10 points
Who did Hermione think put a jinx on Harry's broom?
To stop this person she used which spell to set fire to his cloak?
Lacarnum Inflamarae
Harry stands on his broom to try and catch the snitch but falls off but he ends up catching it with what part of his body?
How many points does he get for Gryffindor for catching it?
In the film who tells Harry Ron and Hermione about Dumbledore's friend?
What is the name of this friend?
Nicholas Flamel
In a deleted scene from the film they discovered this person's name on the back of a what?
Wizards Card
When Hermione finally found a book about this person she read that he created what special object?
Philosophers Stone
This special object allowed the beholder to be what?
Hermione discovered that this meant that the beholder of this object is how old?
In a deleted scene from the film Neville is cursed by Draco which curse was it?
Leg binding
Which board game does Hermione describe as 'barbaric'?
Wizards Chess
Where were Ron's parents spending Christmas instead of at home?
Which of their children studies dragons there?
What gift was Harry given for Christmas from Mrs Weasley and what colour was it?
Blue Jumper
He was also given another gift by an unknown person that used to belong to his father what was it?
Invisibility Cloak
Using this item Harry snuck into where at night to do research in the restricted section?
While running back out for fear of being caught by Filch he ran into Snape having an argument with which Professor?
In the next room he discovers which large magical object that shows a person's deepest desires?
Mirror of Erised
Who does he see himself with in this object?
When Ron looks at this object he sees himself as Quidditch captain and what?
Head Boy
Complete this quote by Dumbledore 'It doesn't do well to dwell on ... Harry and forget how to live ' what word is missing?
What type of dog does Hagrid have as a pet?
And what is this dogs name?
Hagrid won a dragon's egg off a stranger in the pub that hatches what type of dragon was it?
Norwegian Ridgeback
And what does Hagrid decide to name it?
This baby dragon hiccups and accidentally sets what of Hagrid's on fire?
In the film Harry Hermione and Ron were caught by Malfoy at Hagrid's hut after hours and were given detention by McGonagall they also had how many housepoints deducted each?
But in the book they were caught by Filch in which Hogwarts location?
Astronomy tower
While in detention Filch talked about how he prefers the old punishment where students were left in the dungeons hanging by their what?
Where were Harry Ron Hermione and Draco taken by Hagrid for their detention?
Dark Forest
What creatures according to Draco live there that he is scared of?
They find a puddle of silver blood belonging to which mythological creature?
Draco and Harry go off to find the injured creature and find it with a cloaked figure drinking its blood what happens to Harry when he sees this?
Scar hurts
What type of creature comes to Harry's rescue after Draco runs off and leaves him?
And what was this creatures name?
This creature tells Harry to leave as it isn't safe for him thete because the cloaked figure is who?
The gang think that Snape is trying to retrieve the stone for Voldemort so he can do what to Harry?
Kill him
They go and ask Professor McGonagall if they could see Dumblefore but he has been called away on urgent business by what?
Ministry Of Magic
What spell did Hermione use on Neville so they could escape when he told them not to sneak out again?
Petrificus Totalus
Hagrid tells Harry Ron and Hermione that in order for the three-headed animal to fall asleep you need to do what?
Play music
What instrument had been left in the room playing so it would be asleep when the gang went back there?
Which part of this creature did they have to move to get to the trapdoor?
Harry Ron and Hermione jumped down into the trapdoor and landed on what magical plant?
Devils Snare
In order for them all to escape this plant they had to do what?
Which spell did Hermione use to help free Ron from this plant?
Lumos Solem
The next room was filled with what flying objects?
After escaping that room the three friends found themselves in a dark room with a giant chessboard which chess pieces blocked their exit?
Which chess piece did Harry represent on the board?
Hermione played as which chess piece?
And Ron was which chess piece?
Which colour pieces were they all playing as?
Ron moved his pawn to which square which then got smashed by the white pawn?
After the other players moves Ron ordered the Castle to E4 and a Pawn to C3 which is smashed by the other Queen he then sacrificed himself by moving to which square?
After this move he said which chess term out loud?
Ron's piece is smashed by the other teams Queen but Harry moves for Checkmate and the other teams King drops its what?
Harry decides to go on alone and asks Hermione to stay and look after Ron and then send a message to Dumbledore from which part of the castle?
Harry finds Professor Quirrell in the next room in front of a large mirror he is ordered by a voice to do what? (Exact words please)
Use the boy
Harry tells him he sees himself shaking hands with Dumbledore as he had won what?
Harry really sees himself holding the Philosophers Stone but where did he retrieve it from?
Where was Voldemort hiding himself on Professir Quirrell's body?
When Professor Quirrell clicks his fingers what appears in the room?
What does Voldemort call Harry?
Voldemort tells Harry he will bring back his parents in return for the stone and Harry retorts by calling him a what?
Complete this quote by Voldemort 'There is no good or evil only ...' what?
When Voldemort orders Quirrell to kill Harry he tries to strangle him but his hand turns to what as it burns?
Once Quirrell has died and Harry has retrieved the stone Voldemort knocks him down as he escapes but in what form has he taken?
Dark cloud
When Harry wakes up in hospital afterwards he is surrounded by cards and gifts which Dumbledore describes as what from his admirers?
What happened to the Philosophers Stone in the end?
What did Dumbledore tell Harry lives in his skin that killed Quirrell that he got from his mother?
What flavour bean did Dumbledore say he unfortunately ate once?
And which flavour did he end up with when he ate a brown one?
Ear wax
How many Housepoints did Slytherin end with believing they had won the Housecup?
Hermione was awarded 50 housepoints for her 'cool' what?
Ron was also awarded 50 points but Harry was awarded 60 points for 'pure nerve and outstanding' what?
Neville eas awarded 10 points for showing a great deal of bravery for standing up to his what?
After Gryffindor won the Housecup the decorations in the Great Hall changed to which colour?
Red and yellow
Before Harry boarded the train to go home Hagrid gave him a gift of a red what?
Photo album
Where does Harry think is his real home?
Level 37
Aug 26, 2021
The book Hermione reads is actually called “Hogwarts: A history” not “history of hogwarts”
Level 23
Nov 3, 2021
Great job! Really helped me with my exam on harry potter which I have tomorrow.