Ultimate Harry Potter Creatures Quiz

Enter an answer into the box. Here is my quiz dedicated to all the creatures of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter by J K Rowling.It includes creatures featured in the books and films including Fantastic Beasts. I will give you a clue to the name of the creature all you have to do is tell me the answer. Hope you enjoy playing all comments or suggestions always welcome.Happy quizzing x
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: January 28, 2018
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Domestic animal Professor McGonagall's Animagus and Patronus Featured on saucers on Umbridge's Office walls Filch and Hermione had them as pets
Wildcat native to North America Takes the form of Kingsley Shacklebolt's Patronus
Type of black dog Hagrid kept as a pet Also known as a Great Dane
Magical breed of dog
British breed of dog that Harry's Aunt Marge kept as pets
Small breed of dog bred to hunt foxes Takes the form of Ron's Patronus
Jack Russell Terrier
Canine animal hunts chickens Takes the form of Seamus' Patronus
Canine animal vicious live in Forbidden Forest Takes the form of Lupin's and Tonks' Patronuses
Farm animal related to a sheep Takes the form of Aberforth's Patronus
Equine animal that Ginny has as her Patronus
Male Deer Takes the form of James' and Harry's Patronuses
Female deer Takes the form of Snape's and Lily's Patronuses
Four-legged mammal that Professor Moody transfigured Draco into for bullying Harry
Small mammal kept as a pet by Lavender Brown
Large wild rabbit Takes the form of Luna's Patronus
Mammal similar to a ferret Takes the form of Arthur's Patronus
Semi-aquatic mammal Takes the form of Hermione's Patronus
Bird of Prey used in Wizarding World to deliver mail Harry had one as a pet
Farm birds kept as pets by The Weasleys and Hagrid
Large white bird lives on ponds and lakes Takes the form of Cho's Patronus
Flying mammal used in Dark Arts classes Sleep upside down Usually live in caves
Amphibian Used in Potions class Part of Hogwarts school choir Neville had one as a pet
Type of lizard used in Defense Against The Dark Arts class amongst others
Large Flying Reptiles that can breathe Fire Hagrid briefly had one as a pet
Type of non-venomous snake from Burma Dudley saw on his visit to the Zoo
Type of snake from Brazil that Harry communicated with in Parseltongue on his visit to the Zoo with The Dursleys
Boa Constrictor
Insect that is Rita Skeeter's Animagus
Giant octopus-like creature that inhabits the Great Lake at Hogwarts
Human being that transforms into a wolf on a full moon caused by Lycanthropy Lupin and Fenrir are one of these
White equine creature with a horn on its forehead Has silver blood
Large bird Red and Gold in colour Bursts into flames when it's ready to die then another rises from its ashes Dumbledore had one as a pet
Magical creature that is half-human half-horse Live in the Forbidden Forest Carried Umbridge off when she threatened them
Creatures used as servants in the Wizarding world Perform magic by clicking their fingers Can only be freed if their master gives them clothes
House Elf
Highly intelligent creatures that run Gringotts Bank Speak in their own language and have their own way of doing magic
Large magical creature very strong but very stupid Tried to attack Hermione in the girl's bathroom with a club
A huge humanoid Vicious Used by Voldemort in War Hagrid and Madam Maxime are related to these
Magical creatures known to live in the gardens of Wizard families and are seen as pests The Weasleys threw them over the garden wall
Small bright blue creature that cause mischief and like playing practical jokes.Professor Lockhart used Cornish ones in one of his Defense Against The Dark Arts lessons
Small Magical creature similar to a Pixie although it cant fly live in marshland
Small creatures similar to Pixies used at Beauxbatons Academy as christmas decorations that sing
Wood Nymph
Short fat humanoid creatures. Professor Lockhart used them to deliver Valentines cards during his time at Hogwarts
A small dwarf-like creature that live where blood is shed and in the grounds of Hogwarts Attack people who are lost Dangerous to Muggles
Red Caps
Spirit Residents of Hogwarts castle Each House had a resident one
Ugly creature similar to ogre that live in the attics of Wizard homes
Type of Ghoul that can disguise itself as an object to avoid being seen Hermione thought this was what was in the Chamber of Secrets
Chameleon Ghoul
Spirit Non-human Mischievious Haunts Hogwarts causing chaos
Mischievious Magical creature native to Ireland Like to play jokes Seen as a dancing firework let off by the Irish team at the Quidditch World Cup
Dark creature native to Scotland and Ireland cries are fatal Look like women Seamus was afraid of them Lockhart supposedly defeated one
One-legged creature that looks like blue grey or white smoke Make funny noises Likes to lure travellers away from their paths into bogs and cause trouble
Silver Creature Spirit Guardian conjured up to repel Dementors
Magical Humanoid famed for biting people on their necks to suck their blood Dislikes sunlight and garlic
Flying Dark creature resembling the Grim Reaper that suck happiness and turn everthing cold Used to guard Azkaban
Dangerous Magical creature similar to a Dementor looks like a black cloak
Black cloud-like creature able to fly or be invisible created by a tortured witch or wizard Credence was one of these
A non-living creature that can shape-shift into the form of a wizard's greatest fear Used in a Dark Arts lesson by Professor Lupin
Creatures that likes to steal things that Luna believes exist
Round furry creature often kept as pets by Wizards Sold by the Magical Menagerie
Miniature Puffskein bred by The Weasley twins and sold at their joke shop Ginny had one as a pet
Pygmy Puff
Small furry spirit-beings that protect the Castelobruxo Wizarding School in Brazil
Blue Insect native to Australia too fast to be seen by Muggles can sting people Newt had some that escaped from his suitcase
Tiny green magical insect lives in trees Newt owned some and kept them in his suitcase and one in his pocket that proved handy at picking locks
Small black fairy-like creature considered a pest like to bite
Large toothless worm used in fritters served at Hogwarts Hagrid used them in one of his Care of Magical Creatures lessons
Magical insect seen as a garden pest especially by Hagrid as they would eat all of his cabbages
Flesh Eating Slug
Worm-like creatures used by Newt to light up inside his suitcase in lightbulbs
Glow Worms
Lizard with silver-green skin with the ability to shrink whenever it likes
Serpent that is formed from the ash of magical fires left unattended
Small lizard feeds on fire born out of flames their colour shows how hot the flame was
Invisible creature that floats into a person's ears and makes their brain go fuzzy Can be seen if you wear Spectrespecs
Magical creature native to Sweden only ever seen by Luna and Xenophilius
Crumple Horned Snorkack
Magical creature believed to exist as Luna had seen one
Blibbering Humdinger
Spirit of Fire believed to exist by Luna that can gallop and burns everything in its path
Magical feline creature with spotted or speckled fur and a lions tail Newt had three as pets
A blood-sucking creature found in Scotland that Hagrid suspected as being responsible for killing his roosters in The Chamber of Secrets
Dangerous Magical creature with horns and tentacles Newt Scamander had two to breed
Violent Lion-like Magical creature native to Greece Cast by Crabbe in Fiendfyre during the Battle of Hogwarts
Shy creature only comes out on a full moon that has webbed feet a long neck and blue eyes Dances Newt had a herd of these in his suitcase
Dangerous cow-like creature its horn is used to make Polyjuice Potion
Magical creature resembling a piglet with long legs that suckle on pigs Cormac and his Uncle Tiberius went hunting for them in Norfolk
Magical creature similar to a rooster with a lizards tail broke free during 1972 Triwizard Tournament and injured the Headteachers of all three competing schools
Dangerous magical creature with a human-like head a lions body and a scorpions tail Repels all charms Hagrid managed to breed them with another creature
Peaceful Magical creature that can make itself invisible and tell the future Newt owned one that escaped from his suitcase and trashed a department store
Black fluffy magical creature with a long snout Attracted to shiny things Newt owned one that escaped from his suitcase twice and tried to rob a bank and a jewellery store
Large East African beast looks like a leopard moves silently has toxic breath Newt had one in his suitcase
Magical creature that resembles a hedgehog will damage a garden if left food used to make Quills
Huge African magical beast looks like a rhino Newt had one in his suitcase
Magical creature native to Egypt with the body of a lion and head of a human Used in the maze during the third task of the Triwizard Tournament
Giant arachnid native to Borneo Hagrid had one as a pet Was blamed as the monster inside the Chamber of Secrets
Giant serpent bred by Dark Wizards. Can kill people or petrify then if they look into its eyes. One lived in the Chamber of Secrets and was killed by Harry.
Small golden bird with fully rotating wings was used in Quidditch before Golden Snitches were used
Golden Snidget
Magical African bird with brightly-coloured feathers likes to sing Featured on the front window of Magical Menagerie Newt had one in his suitcase
Large bird native to Arizona similar to a Phoenix can create storms during flight highly sensitive to danger Newt rescued one in Egypt
Plump fluffy bird that cannot fly can disappear and reappear in case of danger similar to a dodo
Blue and green winged magical creature lives in a cocoon its venom is used to erase memories Newt used one to obliviate No Majs in New York
Swooping Evil
Breed of winged horse with a skeletal body reptile-like face and bat wings Only visible to people who have seen death
Breed of flying Horse Beauxbatons Academy use to pull their carriage
Breed of winged Horse native to Britain and Ireland
Breed of winged Horse grey in colour very fast
English breed of horse Guardian is able to walk on two legs
Magical creature Half-eagle half-horse Used in a Care of Magical Creatures lesson by Hagrid
Large bird with features of both an eagle and a lion Dumbledore's office had a knocker in the shape of this
Large magical beast with a serpentine body and wings that can grow or shrink to fit in any space Newt owned several of these in his suitcase
Large turtle-like crab native to Fiji that has a jewelled shell Hagrid managed to get this to breed with manticores to create Blast Ended Skrewts
Fire Crab
Small round fish with two legs and webbed feet Lives in deep lakes Nibbles on swimmers feet Seen as a pest by Merpeople
Human-like beasts that live underwater Live in the Black Lake at Hogwarts Used to protect what was taken and needed to be rescued for the second task of the Triwizard Tournament
Scottish Merpeople that lived in the Black Lake at Hogwarts
Small green water creature attack wizards Live in the Black Lake at Hogwarts
Marine beast similar to a rat with a sea anemone on its back Newt owned one that escaped from his suitcase and attacked Jacob
Japanese water beast that feeds on human blood Professor Lupin used them in one of his Dark Arts classes
Zombie-like dead bodies that move and are controlled by Dark magic Attacked Harry and Dumbledore in the cave
Name of Harry's pet Snowy Owl that Hagrid gave him as a birthday present Killed during Battle of Seven Potters
Name of Ron's pet Owl that was a gift from Sirius after Ron lost his pet rat
Name of The Weasley's pet Owl that was quite accident-prone and often got lost and confused and crashed into things
Name of Percy's pet Owl
Name of Ron's pet rat he had a habit of losing that turned out to be Peter Pettigrew in disguise
Name of Hermione's pet Cat Half-Kneazle Ginger Liked to chase Ron's pet rat
Name of Neville's pet toad that he lost on train to Hogwarts Joined the choir at Hogwarts
Name of Ginny's pet purple Pygmy Puff given to her as a gift from Dean Thomas
Name of Lavender's pet Rabbit Killed by a fox
Name of Filch's pet cat Was petrified by the basilisk
Mrs Norris
Name of Dumbledore's pet Phoenix Saved Harry from the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets and healed him
Name of Lord Voldemort's pet snake became a Horcrux Attacked Arthur Beheaded by Neville during Battle of Hogwarts
Name of Mrs Figg's part-Kneazle pet cat that could communicate with humans
Mr Tibbles
Name of Aunt Marge's pet dog that visited the Dursleys and bit Vernon on the leg
Name of Slughorn's pet Fish that was a gift from Lily Potter it died when she was murdered by Voldemort
Name of Hagrid's pet dog that lived with him in his hut
Name of Hagrid's three-headed dog that guarded where the Philosopher's Stone was hidden Sleeps when music is played
Name of Hagrid's pet Norwegian Ridgeback Dragon who was sent to live in a colony in Romania
Name of Hagrid's pet Hippogriff Injured Draco then sentenced to death but rescued by Harry and Hermione Looked after by Sirius until his death
Name of Hagrid's pet Acromantula who lived in the Forbidden Forest Died of illness
Name of Hagrid's pet Acromantula's wife
Name of a Thestral who lived in the Forbidden Forest at Hogwarts who was the favourite of Hagrid
Name of Newt's pet Bowtruckle that he carried around in his top pocket Had attachment issues
Name of Newt's Demiguise that escaped from his suitcase in New York and wreaked havoc in a department store
Name of the Thunderbird kept by Newt after it was rescued by him in Egypt
Name of a pet Bowtruckle kept by Newt and Tina (either of the four names will do)
Titus Finn Poppy Marlow and Tom
Name one of the three pet Kneazles owned by Newt and Tina (either name of three will do)
Hoppy Mauler and Milly
Resident Ghost of Gryffindor Tower Nearly-Headless Not allowedto join the Headless Hunt Surname De Mimsy Porpington
Sir Nicholas
Ghost that haunts Ravenclaw Tower Daughter of Rowena Known as the Grey Lady She helped Harry find the diadem
Helena Ravenclaw
Resident Ghost of Hufflepuff House Menber of the clergy Executed
Fat Friar
Ghost of Slytherin House Murdered Helena Ravenclaw then killed himself
Bloody Baron
Name of Ghost Ravenclaw student Haunts bathrooms at Hogwarts Killed by the Basilisk Known as Moaning Myrtle
Myrtle Warren
Name of the Ghost History of Magic Professor Died in his sleep at an old age Told Harry all about the Chamber of Secrets
Cuthbert Binns
Name of the Ghost that haunted Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch
Edgar Cloggs
Name of a Headless Ghost who is in charge of the Headless Hunt Surname Delaney- Podmore
Sir Patrick
Name of Hogwarts resident Poltergeist causes havoc and trouble for fun
Name of the Centaur who replaced Profesdor Trelawney as Divination teacher saved Harry from Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest
Name of one of the Centaurs who lived in the Forbidden Forest helped carry Umbridge off when she insulted them
Name of the Centaur who was the Leader of the colony living in the Forbidden Forest Was incarcerated by Umbridge but released when she was carried off
Name of a Centaur who lived in the Forbidden Forest Distrustful of humans apart from Harry and Hermione Led the charge of the Centaurs during the Battle of Hogwarts
Name of the Selkie Leader of the Merpeople who lived in the lake at Hogwarts
Name of the House-Elf who served The Malfoys till he was freed by Harry Killed by Bellatrix
Name of the House of Black's House Elf Loyal to his mistress became Harry's after Sirius died helped with the capture of Mundungus Fletcher who acquired the Locket
Name of House Elf Owned by The Crouch Family Sacked Worked at Hogwarts
Name of Hepzibah Smith's House Elf was framed for the murder of her mistress by Voldemort
Name of the Goblin who worked at Gringotts helped Harry get into Bellatrix's Vault and betrayed him
Name of a Goblin that worked at Gringotts that Bill Weasley tried to get to join the Order
Name of a Goblin who worked at Gringotts who escaped but was later caught and killed by Snatchers
Name of a Goblin who worked at Gringotts as a Bank Teller that was cursed by Harry when they broke into Bellatrix's vault
Name of a Goblin who was Chief Bank Teller at Gringotts killed by Voldemort for allowing Harry to get into Bellatrix's Vault
Name of the King of Goblins that created the Sword of Gryffindor
Name of the American Goblin that ran The Blind Pig in New York Told MACUSA where to find Newt
Name of the Giant who was a half-brother of Hagrid that lived in the Forbidden Forest
Name of the Giantess Mother of Hagrid and his half-brother
Name of the Giant who was the Leader of the last remaining colony on Earth
Title given to the Leader of a Giant colony
Name of the breed of Dragon native to Norway Hagrid hatched one
Norwegian Ridgeback
Name of the breed of Common Dragon native to Wales Fleur Delacour fought one in the Triwizard Tournament
Welsh Green
Name of the breed of Dragon native to China that Viktor Krum fought in the Triwizard Tournament
Chinese Fireball
Name of the breed of Dragon native to Sweden that Cedric Diggory fought in the Triwizard Tournament
Swedish Short Snout
Name of the breed of Dragon native to Hungary that Harry fought in the Triwizard Tournament
Hungarian Horntail
Name of the breed of Dragon native to the Ukraine that guarded the Vaults at Gringotts
Ukranian Ironbelly
Name of the breed of Dragon native to New Zealand Newt studied them
Antipodean Opaleye
Name of the breed of Dragon native to the Hebrides islands of Scotland
Hebridean Black
Name of the breed of Dragon native to Peru responsible for causing the Wizard disease Dragon Pox
Peruvian Vipertooth
Name of the breed of Dragon native to Romania Charlie Weasley worked with them
Romanian Longhorn
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