Ultimate Harry Potter Spells Quiz

Enter an answer into the box Here is my quiz dedicated to the spells used in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts books and movies by J K Rowling. I will give you a clue to the spell you just tell me the name of it or the incantation spoken. If i've missed any feel free to comment.Thanks and hope you enjoy this quiz x
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: March 25, 2018
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Charm used to unlock doors
Charm used to unlock doors and windows
Charm that is used to lock doors
Charm used to light up the tip of a wand
Charm to put out light
Charm used to produce a bright light similar to a sunbeam
Lumos Solem
Charm used to summon an object
Charm that sends objects flying away from the castor Counter Charm to the Summoning Charm
Charm used to mend or repair broken objects
Charm used to shrink objects
Charm used to turn things to stone
Charm used to repel an opponent or object
Charm used to cut or tear something with precision
Charm used to gouge out parts of earth or stone from areas like holes or caves
Charm used to clean or scrub objects
Charm used to make dirty dishes wash themselves
Washing Up
Charm used to repair a broken Vanishing Cabinet
Harmonia Nectere Passus
Charm used to blast open a locked chest trunk box or crate
Cistem Aperio
Charm used to make objects fly or levitate
Wingardium Leviosa
Charm used to levitate plants and trees and move them can also be used on objects made of wood
Charm used to shatter the glass of a window safely so people can walk over it
Charm used to conjure up water
Charm that produces a spout of water from the tip of a wand
Aqua Eructo
Charm that causes objects to freeze into ice by freezing the air around the tip of the wand
Charm used to set fire to things or produce red and orange flames from a wand
Charm used to change the affect of a fire so it didnt feel like burning but more like a warm breeze
Flame Freezing
Charm that produces a ring of fire from a wand
Charm used to create small explosions often used to blast open doors or windows
Charm used to produce a very bright light that is almost blinding and can be used to light up a whole area
Lumos Maxima
Charm used to send out red sparks into the air from the tip of the wand
Charm that produces a yellow bolt of lightning from the tip of a wand
Charm that produces blue flames from the tip of a wand
Bluebell Flames
Charm that creates a magical partition in a Firestorm
Partis Temporus
Charm used to vanish a target or erase the last spell cast from the wand
Charm that causes an object or animal to grow bigger can cause it to explode
Charm that creates a retractable magical rope of light to pull an object closer or pull the wizard closer to an object
Carpe Retractum
Charm used to shrink a creature or object both internally and externally
Charm used to make an object float in the air Used by Dobby on a dessert
Hover Charm
Charm used to repair broken glasses especially Harry's
Oculus Reparo
Charm used to make a person's hair grow thicker and longer very quickly
Hair Thickening
Charm used to reveal invisible ink or other hidden messages
Charm used on a piece of writing to make it unreadable
Charm used to make an animal or object change colour
Charm used to reveal hidden passageways
Charm used to erect or straighten a sculpture or tent
Charm used to slow down the speed of an object
Arresto Momentum
Charm used to move a target downwards or cause something to fall lower
Charm used to expand the inside of an object without changing the look of it on the outside so it remains undetectable
Capacious Extremis
Charm used to fasten two objects together permanently using magic
Permanent Sticking
Charm used to link objects together to serve a purpose
Charm used to reverse time for up to 5 hours used on Time Turners
Hour Reversal
Charm used to blast holes in floors or in a downward motion
Charm used to transform a staircase into a smooth slide
Charm used to dry up puddles of water or ponds
Charm used to create a jet of hot air from the tip of the wand
Hot Air
Charm used to make heavy objects light enough to carry
Feather Light
Charm used to bring unmoving objects or sculptures to life Used by McGonagall during the Battle of Hogwarts
Piertotum Locomotor
Charm used to speed up the growth of plants and flowers
Charm used to create a magical shield around a person or an area
Charm used to create an inpenetrable magical shield around an area used to protect Hogwarts in Battle of Hogwarts (any of the three spells accepted)
Protego Maxima Fianto Duri or Repello Inimicum
Charm used by Flitwick to protect the grounds of Hogwarts
Protego Horribilis
Charm used as a defensive shield by Hermione to protect their camp in the Forest of Dean
Salvio Hexia
Charm used to create a defensive cloud of smoke
Charm that changes the wand tip to a green flare that emits smoke light and sparks
Charm used to conceal a target so it becomes like a chameleon and blends in to its surroundings
Charm that creates a magical soundproof barrier on doirs and objects to make it looks undisturbed
Charm used to make an object waterproof or to repel water from a person's face in heavy rain
Charm used to change the weather and create thunderstorms
Charm used to force a wand to echo its most recent spell
Prior Incantato
Charm used to reveal any charms or hexes that have already been cast
Specialis Revelio
Charm used to conceal a secret inside a person's soul
Charm used to remove footprints
Charm used to reveal if there are humans in the surrounding environment or building
Homenum Revelio
Charm used on a map to track the movements of every person in their vicinity
Charm to repel Muggles from an area
Repello Muggletum
Charm used to detect people or creatures in a building by setting off an alarm
Charm created by Basil Horton and Randolph Keitch to stop a broom more precisely
Horton Keitch Braking
Charm used to add a page of information on a charmed creature to the Folio Bruti or Book of Beasts
Charm used to quieten sounds
Charm that causes a magnified roar to sound from the tip of the wand
Charm used to make a rowboat propel itself without the need of oars Used on the Hogwarts boats
Charm used to place an object in a specific location without the wizard needing to do it physically
Charm that makes a surface or object bouncy and rubbery to soften it
Charm used to give someone the ability to breathe underwater
Bubble Head
Charm used to bandage and splint broken bones
Charm used to revive a person
Charm used to lift the caster high into the air or shoot up to the surface if underwater
Charm that allows a wizard to lift a target off the ground a few inches and move it in any direction
Charm that produces green sparks from the tip of the wand to use on an enemy to damage them or to reveal their secrets
Charm used to produce a Patronus to defeat a Dementor
Expecto Patronum
Charm used to change the form of a boggart from something scary to something funny
Charm to release the ties that someone has been bound with
Charm used to disarm an opponent
Charm used to erase a person's memory
Curse used to bind an opponents legs together so they cant move
Locomotor Mortis
Charm that causes a person to become confused and disorientatated
Charm used to enhance the caster's five senses making them sensitive to everything arpund them
Charm used to increase the size of a target by blowing it up like a balloon Harry used this on Aunt Marge
Charm that causes the victim to be mute or unable to speak or make noise
Charm used to freeze a person or creature
Charm used on a werewolf to temporarily change it back to human form
Charm used to render an opponent unconscious or stunned or to stop an object briefly
Charm used by someone to read the mind of a victim
Charm used to produce a buzzing sound in the ears of anyone around the caster so nobody can hear their conversations
Charm used to make someone laugh uncontrollably as if they are being tickled
Charm used to make someone dance uncontrollably
Charm used to make someone happy
Charm used to move someone who is unable to walk for whatever reason
Charm used to move an unconscious person or a seriously deranged person by inducing somnambulism
Somnambulist Charm
Charm used as a protective shield to stop someone from seeing or hearing the caster
Cave Inimicum
Charm that sets off a high pitched scream as an alarm if someone enters a certain area
Charm used to set fire to a witch or wizard's cloak
Lacarnum Inflamari
Charm used to conjure a flock of birds
Charm used to make items pack themselves away into a trunk or suitcase
Charm used to refill a container by pointing the wand at it
Charm used to clean up any liquid or substance from an object or surface
Charm used to make at least three wizard's combined spells more powerful and effective
Magicus Extremos
Charm created by Fred and George Weasley that allows a wizard to daydream for 30 minutes without being detected
Patented Daydream
Charm used to clean up the green goo or ectoplasm left behind by ghosts by scouring it and used to frighten ghouls and poltergeists
Charm used to shoot a small soft mass of the casters choosing at a target or victim
Charm that is used to make an object unable to be broken in any way
Curse that is used to blast objects to pieces
Curse used to set fire to objects by causing them to explode
Curse used to duplicate or multiply an object so it doubles when it is touched
Curse used to create explosions to blast an opponent apart or throw them against the wall
Curse used to paralyse an opponent
Petrificus Totalus
Curse that causes an opponent to speak too fast in uncomprehensible language like a baby whenever they try to talk
Curse that causes a victim to become tongue tied or to stop them from talking
Mimble Wimble
Curse that causes the victims eyes to swell till they are completely shut
Curse used to give the victim a severe and nasty cold
Mucus ad Nauseam Tria
Curse that removes an opponents hair or hat
Curse used to make an opponents ears shrivel up
Ear Shrivelling
Curse used to torture victims to death
Transmogrifian Torture
Curse that causes objects to burn victims who touch them
Curse used to make someone vomit slugs and slime
Slugulus Eructo
Curse where a word is used to give away a person's location if they say that word
Curse invented by Professor Snape that causes cuts and slashes on a victims body
Curse Unforgivable Used to cause excruciating pain to a victim
Curse Unforgivable Puts the victim entirely under the castor's control
Curse Unforgivable that causes someone to die immediately and painlessly
Avada Kedavra
Curse that produces fire in the shape of creatures using dark magic that kills all that come into contact with it
Jinx that slows an opponent down
Jinx that causes an opponent to be lifted into the air and hung upside down by their ankles
Jinx used on an opponent to make them sing uncontrollably
Jinx that sends an object or creature to attack a victim
Jinx used to stop a person from holding something making them drop it immediately or repel an object away from another
Jinx used to sting the victim's flesh that often produces a burn or swelling Hermione tried to disguise Harry from the Snatchers with this
Jinx that causes an opponent to break out in boils
Jinx that conjures up exploding Wizard Crackers
Jinx used to attack a group of opponents simultaneously
Jinx used to transform a creature into a duck
Jinx that traps the opponent inside a large bubble that cant be popped
Jinx used to make an opponent act like an insect for a short time
Jinx that affects the target's brain function and memory
Jelly Brain
Jinx that causes the target's legs to collapse so they cannot stand or walk
Locomotor Wibbly
Jinx that causes a person's tongue to become fixed to the top of their mouth making them unable to speak
Jinx that causes leeks to sprout from a person's ears
Jinx that causes the victim's head to become entirely covered by a pumpkin
Jinx used to suck a target into the ground after being levitated
Jinx used to make a target's head turn into a tentacle
Jinx used to make victims trip and fall over
Jinx that creates a spiralling wind or gust of wind from the tip of the wind
Hex that cause teeth to grow horribly fast
Hex that causes an opponent to grow antlers
Hex that turns an opponents bogeys into bats that fly out of their nose
Bat Bogey
Hex that is used to disguise something
Hex used to make a victims shoes stick to the floor firmly so they cant move
Hex used on brooms causing it to move wildly until it throws the rider off
Hex that changes the legs in a target by reversing their knees from front to bwck
Knee Reversal
Hex used to cause yellowish goo to squirt from a victims nose
Pus Squirting
Hex that causes a victim to mutate or grow another head
Mutatus Skullus
Hex that causes sardines to appear out of a victims nose
Hex that causes the victim to sneeze uncontrollably for a short period of time
Hex that tickles an opponent relentlessly leaving them weak
Hex that causes a victim's toenails to grow at speed
Toenail Growing
Counter Curse to the Jinx that causes an opponent to be hung upside down in the air by their ankle
Counter Curse to the Curse invented by Professor Snape that heals the cuts caused by the spell
Vulnera Sanentur
Counter Spell used to stop any spell if a specific counter spell is unknown (either spell is acceptable)
Finite Incantatem
Counter Spell that puts a stop to any changes to the weather caused by spells
Meteolojinx Recanto
Counter Spell used to turn back something or someone who wasnt transfigured properly
Spell that causes the wand to act like a compass and point north
Point Me
Spell used to lift an object into the air
Alarte Ascendare
Spell used to conjure up a snake
Spell to conjure thick ropes or ties to bind a victim
Spell that causes invisible ties to bind an opponent
Spell used to bind an opponents arms in luminous cords
Spell that conjures up a blindfold to cover the eyes of an opponent
Spell used in duelling that causes an oppinent to stumble and feel a sharp pain in the chest
Everte Statum
Spell that follows the target with constant speed until imthey hit the target look similar to a ball of light
Spell used to put out fires
Spell used to vanish an object (either spell is acceptable)
Spell used to make a snake vanish in a puff of smoke
Vipera Evanesca
Spell used to transfigure something or someone into a flock of birds or bats or a single bird
Spell used to transfigure an animal into a water goblet
Vera Verto
Spell used to transfigure a creature into a rabbit
Spell used to conjure up inanimate objects
Inanimatus Conjurus
Spell used to conjure flowers from the tip of a wand
Spell used to transform the colour and style of the casters hairs
Crinus Muto
Spell used to change the colour or style of an outfit
Spell used to repel spiders and acromantulas
Arania Exumai
Spell used to open doors but not the door to the Dark Tower (either one is fine)
Dunamis or Liberare or Annihilare
Spell used to bind two objects together by making one sticky
Spell that helps someone cheat in their written exams or tests
Spell used by Hermione to defend their camp in the Forest of Dean
Protego Totalum
Spell used by Hermione to try and get the dragon to fly out of the Vault in Gringotts (either one is accepted)
Leviosa or Aviatus
Spell used to turn an opponent's hair into a bunch of flowers
Spell used to heal minor injuries like broken noses
Spell used to heal minor injuries and ailments caused by magic like poisoning and paralysis
Spell used to heal broken bones
Brackium Emendo
Spell used to heal someone who is choking by unblocking their throat
Spell used by Professor Lockhart to capture Pixies
Peskipiksi Pesternomi
Spell created by Mcgonagall to create fire to use against Snape
Spell used to break magical shields Used by Voldemort to get to Hogwarts
Shield Penetration
Spell used to create a small explosion that sounds like a gunshot Used by Harry on a Horcrux
Spell used to smash glass and cause a huge explosion that destroys everything in the vicinity Used by Bellatrix in the Great Hall
Spell used to detect things or people disguised by magic
Stealth Sensoring
Spell used to swap two different objects
Spell used to make objects disappear then reappear in a diffetent location
Spell where one witch or wizard swears an oath to protect or obey another
Unbreakable Vow
Spell used to transform small objects into a dragon
Spell used to conjure the Dark Mark
Spell used by Dark Wizards to perform dark magic on objects after murder has been committed naming the cursed object as this
Wand Effect caused when two wizards with wands sharing the same core duel each other
Priori Incantatem
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