Ultimate My Best Friends Wedding Quiz

Enter an answer into the box. My Quiz dedicated to one of my favourite ever romcoms 'My Best Friends Wedding' i will give you questions about the actors and everything related to the film you just need to tell me the right answers. Good luck and happy playing all comments n suggestions welcome xx
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: November 8, 2017
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What was the full name of the female lead character in this film?
Julianne Potter
And which actress played her?
Julia Roberts
What was the full name of the male lead character in this film?
Michael O'Neal
And which actor portrayed him?
Dermot Mulroney
Which American sitcom did both these actors star in?
What was the full name of the bubbly blonde who wins the man in the end?
Kimberley Wallace
And who plays her?
Cameron Diaz
What was the full name of the homosexual friend of the lead female?
George Downes
And which British actor portrayed him?
Rupert Everett
In the opening sequence of the film which song is the lady singing?
Wishin and Hopin
This lady is dressed as a what?
How many bridesmaids did this lady have in total who help her sing the song?
At the start of the film in which setting are Julianne and George?
What does Julianne do for a job?
Food critic
What did Jules say she is writing her food up as?
Inventive and confident
When she checks her messages where did Michael say he was staying?
Chicago Drake Hotel
What does Michael do for a living?
In what year of University were Jules and Mike when they decided if they were unmarried by a certain age they would marry each other?
And at which University were they both studying?
At what age were they talking about?
How long have Julianne and Michael been best friends?
9 years
Where was Julianne when Michael called?
Book tour
Where did they both share one hot month?
How old was Julianne at the beginning of this film?
What happens to Julianne when she hears Michael is getting married in 4 days?
Falls off the bed
What was Kimmy studying to be at University?
How old was she?
Which baseball team does Kimmys father own?
White Sox
On what day of the week is the wedding going to take place?
Where does Julianne fly from to Chicago?
New York
What colour is Kimmys dress when she and Michael meet Jules at the airport?
What make of car does Kimmy drive erratically?
What injury had her best friend got which meant she couldnt be her maid of honour?
Shattered pelvis
Who did Kimmy ask to be her new Maid Of Honour?
Where were the two slutty debutante sisters who were her bridesmaids from?
And what were their names?
Samantha and Amanda
What colour was Juliannes dress for the wedding?
What happened to the dress at the fitting when Julianne tries to go out for a cigarette?
Which two words did Jules use to describe Kimmy over the phone to George?
Bright-eyed and dreamy
What item of clothing does she use to cover herself up when Michael walks in on her almost naked?
Which hotel in Chicago did Jules and Kimmy chat in the elevator?
What habit of Michaels did Kimmy say is worse than ever?
And which habit of his did she say she managed to break him of?
Smoking Cigars in bed
What brand of trainers did she say he wears to dinner much to her annoyance?
What did Julianne say his Michael's trademark move and Kimny should not touch it?
Sucking soup through his teeth
Fill in the blanks of this Kimmy quote 'You win.He's got you on a .... and me in his ...'
Pedestal arms
What are the names of Kimberley's parents?
Isabelle and Walter
Where did Jules meet up with Michael his brother his dad and his future father in law?
How did Jules refer to Michaels dad before sitting on his lap?
Papa Joe
What is Michael's younger brothers name?
Fill in the missing word of this quote from Jules 'I've got ... you've never seen'
By what term did Jules and Mike refer to public displays of affection as and how she is now comfortable with it?
Yucky love stuff
What was the name of the karaoke bar?
Which alcohplic beverage did both Jules and Mike order from the waitress?
And which one did Kimmy order?
Amstel Lite
Where in Italy did they reminisce about visiting and Kimmy said she has always loved?
What song did Kimmy murder on the karaoke?
I Just Dont Know What To Do With Myself
And who originally sang this song?
Dusty Springfield
Whose dinner was Kimmy going to that Jules said she had to on a technicality?
What were Jules and Kimmy doing when they were discussing Michael's job?
How many months did Kimmy ask Mike if he would work for her Dad for?
And in which department?
Was Kimmy going to return to University for her senior year?
What was George hosting when Julianne left him an answerphone message about Kimmy?
Dinner Party
What does George hate doing?
What colour was Julianne's facemask?
What was Michael having when he gave Julianne the ring to keep safe?
Suit fitting
Who does Julianne pretend to be engaged to which makes Michael jealous?
What does Jules tell Mike that George likes to pretend he is?
Where was Kimmy when she finds out about Jules being engaged?
What was the name of the restaurant where the rehearsal lunch was held?
Barry The Cudas
How do Julianne and George know each other?
He is her editor
Where did George say he first met Julianne?
Mental institution
Which nationality was the chef that Jules was visiting there after sending them mad with a bad review?
Which famous singer did the person he was visiting there think they were?
Dionne Warwick
What colour did George say Julianne was wearing the first time he met her?
What song did the restaurant sing together?
I Say A Little Prayer
After leaving George at the airport did Jules tell Mike the truth about her engagement?
How often did Julianne say her and Michael would have a hot affair after he gets married?
Twice a year
Where did Jules and Mike choose to spend their last afternoon together?
On a boat
Which song was Michael singing whilst he was dancing with Julianne?
The Way You Look Tonight
From who did Julianne write an email to Michaels boss at the sports magazine?
And what was the full name of his boss?
Eric Isaacson
What happened to Jules when she looked over to see if someone was coming while writing the email?
Fell off the chair
Did the email get sent deleted or saved for later by Jules?
Saved for later
What happened to Kimmys wedding ring when Julianne tried it on?
Wouldnt come off
When Michael and Julianne returned to the office building why did she say she was so desperate to get inside?
She was on a deadline
Fill in the blanks of this quote by Michael 'Give it up ... you can't ... em all'
Kid win
When they got back to the hotel Michael got a letter from his boss telling him about the email did he get fired?
What was the hotel room number?
When Julianne left the room to give Michael some privacy where did she sit to wait?
In the corridor
Why did the Bellboy tell her off but then decided to join in?
When Michael reappeared what did he say Kimmy had called him?
Crazy paranoid
Did he call the wedding off?
How did Michael get the ring off Juliannes finger?
Where did Julianne suggest her and Michael go on a trip together?
San Antonio Sweet Sacramento
What was being held at the Wallace residence on the morning of the wedding?
Michael went to this event to confront everybody because he is not a what?
What colour dress was Kimmy wearing at this event?
What colour were the wedding flowers?
The tables for this event were placed in front of which feature of the Wallace residence?
Swimming Pool
What time was the wedding due to take place?
Which food did Julianne use as a metaphor to symbolise Kimmy?
Creme brulee
And which one for Michael?
As the balloons were being blown up who got high with his friends on helium?
Which song did they all sing?
Annie's Song
Where in the gardens were Michael and Julianne talking about what Kimmy said?
Tennis courts
Julianne told Michael she loves him and asked him to do what?
Marry her instead
Who witnesses them both kissing?
What type of vehicle does Julianne steal to chase after Michael who is chasing Kimmy?
Catering van
What song was playing on the radio in this vehicle?
What the World Needs Now Is Love
Julianne rings George and interrupts him during a what?
Book reading
Which road does she tell him.she is chasing Michael down?
Michigan Avenue
Which train station did she stop the van and run inside looking for him?
Chicago Union
Where in this station did she find him?
Waiting area
When Jules confessed all to Mike what did she call herself?
Bad guy
Complete this quote from Michael 'Lower. The ... that infects the .... that cruds up the ... that feeds on the pondscum'
Pus mucus fungus
Where was the train going when he proposed to Kimmy?
Who answered the phone when Julianne rang The Wallaces to ask them.to bring the dresses to the church?
Samantha got her tongue stuck on the genitalia of a sculpture of David what was the sculpture made out of?
Where did this person say a guard had seen Kimmy?
Comiskey Park
What did Kimmy and the crowd of women in the bathroom call Julianne?
Kimmy also insulted her by calling her a ... big haired food critic?
Two faced
What were the choir singing at the church while the bridesmaids and Kimmy walked down the aisle?
The reception was held in a huge what in the gardens of The Wallace residence?
What did Julianne give to the couple as a gift until they find their own one?
Did Julianne catch Kimmys bouquet?
What colour was Kimmy's suit when she left to go her honeymoon with Mike?
Who gave Julianne a hug before they left?
What was decorating the driveway when they drove off?
What colour were the linen tablecloths at the reception?
Julianne worked out that George could see her because he was at the reception because she hadnt told him the colour of what?
How did George describe himself as on the phone to Jules?
And what did he say Julianne was like searching for him in the crowd?
Jungle cat
George said he was who while dancing with Julianne at the end of the film?
Jane Bond
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