Ultimate One Tree Hill Quiz Vol 2

Here is my second quiz dedicated to Season 3 and 4 of One Tree Hill. It features questions about plot,characters and actors. Hope you enjoy this quiz and as always any comments and suggestions are welcome. Thanks Happy Quizzing x
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: March 17, 2021
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Which song by the band Feeder was playing at the beginning of the first episode of Season 3?
Feeling The Moment
How many months after the dealership fire did this episode take place?
Which airport did Lucas meet Karen off her plane from New Zealand?
New Brunswick
What word did Peyton and Lucas use to describe Brooke returning to Tree Hill after her summer break?
What was the full name of Nathan's friend at basketball camp?
Tony Battle
Haley told Nathan she left the tour because the producer wanted her to do what?
Go solo
Complete this quote from Haley to Nathan 'There wasn't a moment while I was away when my ... wasn't with you in Tree Hill' what word is missing?
Which couple decided to date each other non-exclusively at the beginning of Season 3?
Brooke and Lucas
What was the full name of Peyton's adopted Mother as written on her gravestone?
Anna Rebecca Sawyer
Who took over Nathan's apartment and asked Haley to be their roommate?
Complete this quote from Peyton to Brooke 'My problem is with anyone who vanishes then waltzes back in and expects to be instantly ...' what?
What word did Karen use to describe the newly-decorated cafe to Deb?
Complete this quote from Nathan to Haley 'I still do love you I always will I just can't ... ...'? what (two words)?
Trust you
What was the exact number Peyton painted on her wall in red paint?
Who did Brooke say to Peyton was her 'dad crush'?
What did Lucas lose to Nathan during a one-on-one game at the rivercourt?
What was the wall mural depicting that Peyton made for Brooke's apartment?
French Riviera
Complete this quote from Peyton to Ellie 'You can't just crawl out of your hole after 17 years and cause a plague like some kind of ...' what?
What did Brooke hold to celebrate the start of their Senior Year at Tree Hill High?
Beach Party
What 'cool' hip-hop word did Karen ask Lucas the meaning of?
What did Lucas tell Peyton he saw Ellie doing?
Buying Drugs
Complete this quote by Tim 'Who wants to swim naked with Tim? Who wants to ... ... and have ... with him?' what three words are missing?
Get Drunk Sex
What did Haley and Lucas write on paper hidden in a tin within a wall on the roof of the cafe?
What did Lucas do for Brooke on the first day of their Senior year at Tree Hill High?
Pimped her locker
After having a row Whitey likened Dan to what type of insect that can 'survive anything'?
Complete this quote from Dan to Lucas 'I know it was you.I saw you that night.If you're going to start something you sure as hell better ... ...' what? (2words)
Finish it
What nickname did Whitey give Haley when she went to ask for his help with Nathan?
Avril Lavigne
What was the full name of the girl Haley had a fight with after she was teasing her?
Sue Garvey
What did Brooke use on her door handle to let Haley know she was making out with a guy?
Hair Scrunchies
Dan held a meeting with the School Board to try to get what?
Whitey Replaced
Who dragged Dan out of the fire at the dealership?
What was the name of the clothing store where Brooke got a job?
Suburban Filth
Which of these costumes did Lucas not try on while shopping with Haley? Caveman,Elvis,Gangster Rapper,Builder,Ninja,Cowboy,Pirate and Hippie
Who did Dan film in a hotel room with two women blackmailing them to resign from their job?
Mayor Mullins
What did Brooke go to the Masquerade Party at Tric dressed as?
And what did Peyton go dressed as?
Angel of Death
Haley convinced Lucas to go to the party dressed as which Motley Crue band member?
Tommy Lee
Who did Haley go dressed as?
Who dressed up as John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever?
Who else dressed as Batman as well as Nathan and kissed Haley?
Chris Keller
Which song did Peyton and Mouth perform a routine to?
Disco Inferno
Which popular Emo band performed at this same party?
Fall Out Boy
What did Deb move outside that belonged to Dan which got wet by the sprinklers?
And when Dan got into her bed with her what did Deb use to get him out?
As revenge what did Dan put superglue on so it would get stuck to her?
What did Ellie not tell Peyton she was good at so that she thought she had learnt it from her adopted Mom?
What was the special name for Tree Hill Ravens' Pep Rally?
Midnight Madness
Complete this quote from Lucas to Nathan 'You're a ... you love Haley but instead of dealing with it you avoid her treat her like dirt.God I used to wonder why you did it and then I realised something you're just like Dan' what word is missing?
What was the full name of the new girl who quickly became Brooke's arch-enemy?
Rachel Gatina
And which actress played her?
Daneel Harris
During cheerleader tryouts what did one boy use to perform with?
Which song by David Banner did Rachel perform her cheerleading audition to?
Who did Whitey make co-captains of the Ravens?
Lucas and Nathan
Which two words did Karen use to describe Dan after she found out he was running for Mayor?
Conniving Skunk
What was the number on Dan's basketball jersey that got retired?
What did Dan use of Deb's to clean his car wheels,the toilet and the neighbour's dog?
Complete this quote from Nathan to Haley 'I think you should work with Chris.I told you I need to be able to trust you again.This is your ...' what?
What was the name of the quiet girl who became Mouth's co-announcer?
Gigi Silveri
What was the quote that both Brooke and Nathan said to Rachel and Lucas simultaneously before the fights started?
Don't Push Me Bitch
What was the title of Ellie's article about Peyton?
Hello Goodbye
Complete this quote from that article 'It's tough to get to know Peyton.Like me,she tends to keep the world at arms length but in these fleeting moments she's let me in i've seen in her indomitable ... and heart.' what word is missing?
Complete this quote from Brooke to Lucas 'I wanted you to fight for me.I wanted you to say there is no one else that you could ever be with and that you'd rather be ... than without me' what word is missing?
What did Brooke create for her cheerleading squad to stop them from fighting over boys?
Fantasy Boy Draft
What was Karen's tagline for her Mayoral Election Campaign?
Roe Roe Roe Your Vote
Rachel gave Peyton a promo CD for which of her favourite bands?
Complete this quote from Chris to Haley 'Your song sucks so bad I'm wondering if it's possible to unhear a song.You got to write the ... 'what?
What did Deb put in Dan's coffee to ruin his day campaigning?
Complete this quote from Lucas to Haley 'I am the master of my fate.I am the captain of my ...' what?
Who did Peyton pick in the fantasy boy draft?
At the beginning of one episode members of the gang wake up from a dream about each other in bed with Chris Keller but who did Nathan dream were in bed together?
Brooke and Haley
What did Brooke tell Haley she would rather do to a pus-infected sore than go out with Chris?
Tongue Kiss
What did Bevin do to Skills on their date?
Notebooked him
Complete this quote from Peyton to who? 'I've got to hand it to you ... I've been on some kinky dates before but no one has ever brought me to an old folks home' ?
Which 'Happy Days' actor portrayed Mouth's Grandfather Mel on the show?
Tom Bosley
What was his racing driver name?
When Deb and Karen defaced Dan's billboard what were the exact words they spray painted on it?
is an ass
What did they use to retrieve the ladder that fell against a tree so they could get down?
What did Haley find under Brooke's bed which made Brooke mad?
Letters to Lucas
Which word was written on the shorts that Brooke designed that were in the shop window?
Which disease was Mouth's Grandfather suffering from?
Complete this quote from Lucas to Rachel 'I figured if I ever met the ... that she'd be hot and holding a basketball' which word is missing?
What was Mouth's Dad's name?
Complete this quote from Haley to Nathan 'I lost it I couldn't sing,I couldn't hear the music, Nothing because that was the moment I knew that none of it could ever be enough without you couldn't fill the ... in my heart' what word is missing?
Complete this quote from Mouth to Peyton 'Nobody should ... alone.We all have regrets Peyton but some of us have enough time to erase them' what word is missing?
After Deb and Karen ripped the billboard it read 'Dan Scott for ... ... ' what?
Erectile Dysfunction
Complete this quote from Nathan to Haley 'The ... are still there it just takes time.Don't say I never gave you anything' what word is missing?
Which radio station did both Dan and Karen appear on during their mayoral election campaigns?
101.7 fm
Complete this quote from Karen 'This town and the ... here matter to me.I find that some ... care more about being a leader than they do about the ... they're leading' which word is missing three times?
Complete this quote from Deb 'Dan is everything to me. I ... him with my heart. I ... him with my son and I definitely ... him with this town' which word is missing three times?
As a rule what did Whitey make the Ravens team wear on game days?
Brooke called Peyton 'Peyton Marie Sawyer' as she was suffering from a bad case of what?
What did Tim get a tattoo of on his back along with his jersey number 55?
Complete this Whitey quote 'You boys have worked harder than any team i've ever coached.You've got the talent and the desire to be the best team i've ever coached.I know it you know it.Now it's time to go out there and start this season like champions because that is how I intend to ... ... ' what? (2 words)
End it
Which position did Nathan play for the Ravens on the first game of the season?
Small Forward
What did Lucas throw in the river in the closing scene of one episode in Season 3?
What did Haley,Brooke and Peyton get arrested for in Season 3?
Stealing clothes
How many letters to Lucas did Brooke write and hide in a drawer under her bed?
Who paid Chris $500 to seduce Haley?
What type of guitar does Chris own?
1967 Gibson
What did Brooke call her clothing website?
Clothes Over Bros
Who was the guy Nathan and Chris lost at poker to on the Riverboat and ran away after stealing the money?
Complete this quote from Karen's final address ' I wish to ... that when I decided to run for Mayor I underestimated my opponent and the depths to which he will go to hurt and humiliate others' what word is missing?
Complete this quote from Dan's final address 'They say identification is the first stop to recovery. I stand before you a man who ... up. I am not perfect I am just trying to be a good husband and a father who sometimes comes up short and if you elect me you'll be electing a work-in-progress but you'll be electing a man who will never put himself above any of you or above the town that I love. I .... up to be your Mayor and I promise never to sleep on the job again.' what word is missing twice?
Complete this quote from Nathan to Chris 'You kissed my wife,you lost all my money,you lied to me about a poker game and you got me attacked by a munchkin and a ....' what?
Where did Lucas and Peyton take a road trip to to find Ellie?
River City
And what was the first name of Lucas' old school friend who he met whilst there?
What was the title of Haley's song that Peyton asked Ellie to help her get released?
Who left Tree Hill in the middle of Season Three?
Complete this quote from Whitey 'Basketball is a team game and there is no 'I' in team. I assume some of you morons can ....' what?
What was the name of the band Ellie and Peyton went to see live in Charlotte and persuaded them to be on the benefit album?
Nada Surf
Dan tried to convince Nathan that Haley was trying to do what so that he would stay married to her?
Get Pregnant
Rachel submitted Brooke's designs to what that won Brooke a chance to showcase in New York?
Rogue Vogue
What did Lucas discover in the dilapidated gym that would give The Ravens on edge on their opponents?
Dead Spot
What were Keith and Karen doing when he was arrested for the attempted murder of Dan?
What did the guidance counsellor call Haley in her dream?
Complete this quote from Ellie to Peyton 'If you find someone you're in love with who's also your friend wouldn't that be the greatest ...?' what?
Which college did Haley want to attend since she was 8 years old?
And which college was Nathan hoping to get a scholarship for that was 2798 miles away from Haley's?
Which subject did Nathan skip at school because Dan was the new teacher that meant he had to miss a Ravens game?
Political Science
Where did Karen and Keith go on their official first date?
Ravens game
What was the full name of the basketball scout who came to see Nathan play at the dilapidated gym but Nathan got benched?
David Shea
What was the title of the charity album that featured Haley's song?
Friends With Benefit
What film were Mouth and Rachel going to watch during the storm but there was a powercut?
Say Anything
What did Dan find a key to hidden in a photoframe when he broke into Keith's place?
Safety Deposit Box
And what did he find there that belonged to him?
What did Lucas write in a letter to Brooke that made her mad because he also wrote the same in a letter to Peyton?
You're mine Forever
Which 80s song is Peyton's saddest song because it was playing at the hospital when her mom died?
Complete this quote from Keith to Karen 'Anyone who thinks this is more than you can handle is less than the kind of person you need in your ... ' what?
According to Lucas what does Brooke do when she is trying to be cute?
Kinks her Eyebrow
Complete this quote from Ellie to Peyton 'Every ... ends but is that any reason not to enjoy the music' what word is missing?
Which song by The Replacements was Ellie listening to when she died?
Here Comes The Regular
What was the name of the place in Winston,Salem where Peyton went to spread Ellie's ashes?
The Meadow
When talking to Brooke and Haley on their road-trip to New York what word did Peyton use to describe what type of angel Ellie would be?
Who did Keith have to share a hotel room with at the Classic?
While Peyton,Brooke and Haley were playing the 'radio game' which song came on the radio that described Brooke's relationship with Lucas?
Torn Between Two Lovers
What was the name of the 15 year-old girl who modelled for Brooke at the fashion show and what did she get high on in the VIP room of the club?
Solaris Heroin
What did Rachel get Peyton drunk on before she sent her to Lucas' room?
What did Skills pretend not to be able to do to get revenge on Bevin for notebooking him?
What did Lucas and Nathan have for dinner at The Battles' house?
Which movie were Haley and Karen supposed to watch but it ended up being an adult version instead?
Must Love Dogs
What colour and type of make-up did Tony's sister Aliyah put on Lucas?
Blue Eyeshadow
What was the name of Brooke's asian cab driver in New York?
Complete this quote by them 'Time passes you by young lady.You have a long life and you can start by making it ... right now' what word is missing?
What was the first name of Tony's Father?
Which song by The Go Team did the Ravens Cheerleaders dance to at the Secret Sparkle Classic?
Huddle Formation
What happened to Karen and Keith at the Classic?
Got Engaged
Principal Turner ordered all students to go home after what was stolen?
Time Capsule
Which soft drink was official sponsor of the benefit concert?
And who posed topless on the posters for this concert?
When Dan took Keith to the park they used to play at as kids he reminisced about how Keith saved him from being bullied by who?
Dunlap Brothers
The concert Peyton organised was to raise money for which charity organisation?
National Breast Cancer Foundation
Which band was the first one on stage at this concert?
Jack's Mannequin
Complete this quote from Pete Wentz 'We love your ... so make sure you take care of them' what word is missing?
As a ritual to help her nerves Haley hides and sings the Finale from which musical before going on stage?
Les Miserables
Complete this quote from Lucas to Keith and Karen 'I'd love to be your ... there's nothing else i'd want more' what word is missing?
What was the full name of the Tree Hill High student responsible for the shooting?
Jimmy Edwards
And complete this quote from their time capsule video 'Everyday I have to come to this school is one less day I have to ...' what? (2 words)
Come back
Who got shot by accident and in what part of their body?
Peyton Leg
Where was Mouth while the shooting was taking place?
AV Room
What did Nathan and Lucas have as weapons when they went to save Haley during the shooting?
Baseball Bats
Where were Lucas and Peyton during the school lockdown?
What did Nathan slide under the door of the tutor centre so Haley knew it was him?
Driving License
What were the exact words Jimmy used when he answered the students calls from their parents?
Open Your Eyes
Complete this quote from Peyton to Lucas 'You're always saving me.If I say I love you will you hold it against me? Cos i lost a lot of ...' what?
What was the first name of the goth girl who told her Mom she was friends with Brooke?
What was the full name of the girl Jimmy let out of the tutor centre and what condition did she suffer from?
Abby Brown Diabetes
Which song by Michelle Featherstone played during the shooting episode?
God Bless This Child
Complete this quote from Keith to Jimmy 'I've been there it gets better.That pain in your heart goes away.That voice in your head.Please ....' what (2 words)?
believe me
Complete this quote from Lucas 'Does this ... have a name?This cruelty,this hatred,how did it find us?' what word is missing?
In Dan's flashback to his childhood what type of bird did he kill with a rock after it got injured?
The episode that featured Keith's funeral centred around the stages of what?
Complete this quote from Junk 'I was the worst ... on the planet but Keith gave me a summer job because he knew I needed the money' what word is missing?
What did Rachel change the school sign to that is on a light board outside?
This is our school
Brooke organised a party in the school as a way of doing what after the shooting ordeal?
Skills described heaven as having what type of gates and angels?
Chrome and freaky
What did Karen call Lucas after Dan told her he saved him from the dealership fire? (2 words)
Selfish and Stupid
Who released the time capsule?
Complete this quote from Whitey to Lucas 'Keith was your Dad no matter what.No ... or paper said he was the man who influenced your life more than anyone else' what word is missing?
Complete this quote by Dan to Keith's ghost 'It's not gonna work you know.I'm not gonna carry this around with me.You can't scare me.You started this ...' what?
Where did the gang take a weekend trip away to during Season 3?
Rachel's cabin
What did Mouth scare the hell out of while racing on the ATVs with Nathan and Lucas?
What was stolen from Haley twice during this weekend trip?
Wedding Ring
What was the word Rachel used to describe what she caught Brooke doing in the bedroom?
Complete this quote from Lucas to Pete 'Pete from Fall Out Boy, you ...' what?
Which pair got lost in the woods?
Skills and Bevin
Which character from Sesame Street did Peyton refer to Pete as?
Complete this quote from Nathan to Haley 'Over the past year I've learnt so much about life and love and even if I could I wouldn't take back all the bad stuff that's happened between us because it brought us here this moment ...' which two words came next?
Marry me
What time was Brooke and Peyton's curfew on weekdays as set by Larry?
Complete this quote from Larry to Peyton 'I don't care about how many ... he's sold all I care about is how he's going to treat you' what word is missing?
Brooke put posters up around the school about Rachel because she used to be what?
What did Nathan and Haley have to pass before the priest would let them renew their vows in the church?
Compatibility Test
Which team did the old gym belong to which were the best basketball team in the state back in the 50s?
The Monarchs
Who was Rachel's new boyfriend and how old did he think she was?
Uncle Cooper 26
Who did Peyton go to spend the week with instead of Pete?
What did Nathan tell Haley that stopped hurting once his heart stopped hurting when she came back?
What was Rachel doing when Mouth said to her 'That's really unfair.I mean it's one thing to break my heart but do you have to look like a beer commercial while doing it'?
Washing her car
Which song did Jake perform in the bar with a band?
Some Day
What team did the Ravens play to win the Tournament and what was the full name of their player who kept hitting on Haley and trying to hurt Nathan?
Oak Lake Damian West
Which two words did Peyton use to describe the feeling she got when she had to leave Jake to return home the next day?
Sunday Night
Complete these words from Brooke to Mouth 'Welcome to the dark side my friend,... for lunch and payback for dinner' what word is missing?
What did Deb and Nathan serve Dan at the Ravens game that meant he got escorted out by the police?
Restraining Order
Haley wanted her wedding dress to look like Vera Wang meets which fairytale princess?
Snow White
Complete this quote from Jake to Peyton 'You can't just fly into Savannah,get in my head all over again and tell me you want to stay then ask me to...' what?
Marry you
What was the first name of the guy who Nathan helped when Peyton's car broke down and was also in the tutor centre during the shooting?
Which member of the gang apparently talks in their sleep?
Complete this quote from Brooke 'Once upon a time in a land far far away a girl and a boy fell in love then another girl,supposedly a friend secretly taped how they fell in love and decided to ...' what? (4 words)
Use it against them
Who starred as Nathan and Haley in their first date scene?
Bevin and Fergie
Complete this quote from Deb 'I'm not a wife,i'm not even a ...' what?
Which song by Snow Patrol played whilst everyone was getting ready for Nathan and Haley's Wedding?
Chasing Cars
Who gave Haley away at her second wedding to Nathan?
What did Brooke make as wedding gifts for all the girls?
Who sang and played the piano whilst Nathan and Haley exchanged their vows?
Michelle Featherstone
Complete this quote from Haley's vows to Nathan 'It's been said that there is one word that will free us from the weight and pain of life and that word is love and I believe that i've found a stillness and a ... in myself with you' which word is missing?
Complete this quote from Nathan's vows to Haley 'Today when I look in your eyes my love only grows.My love will never ...'what?
Which Gavin DeGraw song was Nathan and Haley's first dance song?
More than anyone
Complete this quote from Lucas' wedding speech 'It's not this fairytale life that never knows any pain,but it's two souls facing it together and diminishing it with ... ' what?
Unconditional Love
Who did Brooke quote in her wedding speech?
Where were Nathan and Haley going to go on their honeymoon?
Who got drunk and stole the limo?
Where in Tree Hill did the limo crash happen?
Molina Bridge
Complete this Lucas quote 'Today was supposed to be the best day of her life but it's amazing how things can change in the blink of an eye or in this case ...' what?
29 minutes
An album from which rock band contained a note from Ellie addressed to Peyton?
Led Zeppelin
And this note told Peyton that she had a what named what?
Brother Derek
Complete this quote from Lucas 'There are moments in our lives when we find ourselves at a .... The choices we make in these moments can define the rest of our days' what word is missing?
Which special birthday did Brooke celebrate in Season 4?
Peyton once made Brooke a mug of which of the Spice Girls?
Posh Spice
When Peyton asked Lucas which girl would be standing next to him when all his dreams came true which celebrity did he say?
Kate Bosworth
Complete this quote from Karen to Deb 'I'm not playing games with your wacky ass now give me the damn ...' what?
Who did Nathan tell Lucas he saw in the river when he was saving Cooper and Rachel?
What did Dan steal from Karen's rubbish bin and fix up for her?
What did Peyton do for Brooke every year from the Mall on her birthday?
Steal her gift
Complete this quote from Nathan to Haley 'You know,no matter what goes wrong in my life every time I set foot on that ... ... it all goes away' what two words are missing?
Basketball Court
Which number did Skills have on his jersey for his first Ravens game?
Complete this quote from Whitey to the Ravens '... That pretty much sums up this season.You started out this year with a ... attitude.You played like ... You took my ... You cleaned up rat ... from a ... gym. Well,all that ... over now' which word is missing?
Dan presented Nathan with an award for what and who kissed him after he received it?
Valour Rachel
Complete this quote from Skills to Nathan 'Someone gotta tell the old man they don't call me Skills cos i'm good at picking ... out of my ass' what word is missing?
Complete this quote from Mouth to Derek 'If you want to get on my good side stop kissing Brooke,don't even look at Rachel and don't move here cos nobody likes ... ...' what?
new guys
What did Nathan,Haley,Dan and Karen hold to try and get Deb to go to rehab?
What did Derek supposedly study at college?
What was the full name of the so-called 'born again virgin'?
Shelly Simon
And what was the name of the club who she was the leader of and asked Brooke to join?
Clean Teens
What did Nathan hide of Deb's in his bag that she demanded back from him during a test at school?
Which song by Placebo was playing while Nathan crashed his motorbike?
Post Blue
Rachel was photographed for which magazine?
Which hip-hop artist did Peyton get to play at Tric?
Lupe Fiasco
How many minutes did the Doctor say Lucas could play basketball for?
15 minutes
Derek lied to Peyton that he overheard Lucas tell Brooke that he would never do what if they could get back together?
Talk to Peyton again
In which year were Dan and Karen made Snowball Prom King and Queen?
What did Lucas see Derek do whilst hugging Peyton that made him suspicious of him?
Smell her hair
Where on his body did Derek have the dark angel image of Peyton tattooed on?
What did Lucas find of Peyton's on the hooker at the hospital who was stabbed and beaten up?
Complete this quote from Brooke 'Hey people listen up. I'm not the one who's pregnant ... is. ... has got the roast on slow cook not me ... ' who was she talking about?
When Rachel made Brooke an online dating profile what did she say her age was and what her job was?
23 Fashion Designer
When Derek messaged Peyton supposedly as Lucas what was the Instant Messenger name he used?
And when he typed which letter did it type twice that made Peyton suspicious?
Complete this quote from Dan to Haley 'First of all congratulations although i'm far too young and handsome to be a .... Second of all don't worry it's not healthy' what word is missing?
Lucas referred to Peyton as the what of relationships because of her commitment issues? (geographical feature where ships supposedly disappear)
Bermuda Triangle
Which bible quote was painted red on Dan's wall?
Genesis 4 10
What did Psycho Derek hurt Lucas with when he tried to save Peyton?
What was the full name of Brooke's boyfriend and which subject did he teach at Tree Hill High?
Nick Chavez English
What rank was Derek in the Marines?
What was the full name of the loan shark who gave Nathan back his car and gave him money to pay off his debts?
Daunte Jones
What did the initials TART of the fashion show Brooke took part in stand for?
Textile Arts Road Tour
What was the first name of the model who flirted with Mouth and slept with Nick?
Lucas helped Nathan point shave by how many points to keep the loan shark off his back?
What was Deb arrested for in Season 4?
Prescription Fraud
What did the sign say that the kids stuck on Haley's back while she was babysitting them?
Kick Me
Which subject was Rachel failing which meant she wouldn't be graduating with everyone else?
Where did Tim's Mother say Tim was to Dan and Karen at the banquet?
Private Institution
At the banquet where did Gigi say was the best seat in the house?
Mouth's lap
At the banquet Lucas presented Nathan with the MVP award but what did MVP stand for?
Most Valuable Player
Principal Turner also presented Whitey with which award?
Lifetime Achievement Award
In Whitey's speech at the banquet he declared that what was his first love?
Lucas and Brooke officially broke up for good after the banquet because they both knew their relationship wasn't like who's?
Whitey and Camilla's
Complete this quote from Haley to Rachel 'No matter how nice I seem you have to remember I can't ...' what two words are missing?
Stand you
What did Lucas say to Peyton when she finally declared her love for him?
Which high school did the Tree Hill Ravens play in the final of the State Championship?
Who scored the winning freethrow to win the State Championship for the Ravens?
Which song by Jose Gonzalez was playing when this happened?
Who did Lucas choose to stand next to him when all his dreams came true?
Complete this quote from Daunte to Dan 'I didn't pick the kid because he was the star of the team, I picked him because he was Dan Scott's son turns out he has a ...' what?
Rachel only pretended to be failing Math to steal a key from Haley to help who?
Who tried to run over Nathan but ended up hitting Haley instead?
What did Dan do to make it look like he was responsible for Daunte's death?
Punched the floor
What did Lucas suffer at the scene of Haley's accident?
Heart Attack
What was the title of the Tree Hill newspaper?
Morning Examiner
Which classic film was shown on the TV whilst Haley and Lucas were fighting for their lives in hospital?
It's A Wonderful Life
Whilst Lucas was unconscious he saw Keith who showed him what life would be like if he had of been a what?
Lesser Person
In this alternate reality Brooke had become a what because who had died in the shooting?
Goth Peyton
Also Nathan went to the music store and asked for who's latest album and then smashed it?
Haley James
Which two words did Keith say to Nathan in the water and again while he was in the hospital chapel?
Just Breathe
Who asked Lucas and Haley to look after one another as they ''couldn't do it anymore'?
Brooke and Peyton
Complete this quote from Keith to Lucas 'Look into your ... Open your eyes the way you opened your ... ' what word is missing twice?
According to Peyton what are emails for ghosts?
Did Nathan actually kill Daunte?
What did Deb use to escape from the voluntary rehab programme?
Complete this quote from the Clean Teens Pledge 'Do you promise to treasure and protect the sacredness of your virginity now and forever and do you promise to uphold the values of Clean Teens to stay strong in the face of temptation and to keep man parts out of your ...' what (2 words)
Lady Business
Complete this quote from Peyton to Lucas 'I lose everyone I care about. Anytime I open up to someone they walk out of my life or they die or they move away or they get shipped off to Iraq or they turn into fricking ...' who?
Norman Bates
What was the full name of the new guy who transferred from Westerburgh and asked Brooke to tutor him in Calculus?
Chase Adams
What colour are Peyton's eyes as often referenced by Lucas?
What is Lucas' favourite food that Peyton tried to make for him but they ended up having a food fight with instead?
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Which Run DMC track did Mouth,Skills and Nathan strip to at the strip club and what was their group name?
It's Tricky Double Trouble
What were the 5 universal terms that the teacher used to describe the Seniors in his class?
Jock,Prom Queen,Geek,Loner and Friendly
What is Lucas' middle name and Glenda's surname?
Eugene Farrell
Skills took Haley to the school roof to show her the view that he described with what word?
Which film character did both Nathan and Peyton do an impression of during the assignment?
Brooke admitted to Chase that her biggest fear is not being what?
Good enough
Which of the group doing the assignment had their photo taken with a urinal as they always wanted to be a dude?
What can Peyton not to that most people can?
Which word did Peyton use to describe Nathan in his yearbook photo during the class assignment?
Which lingerie store wanted to franchise Brooke's fashion line?
Victoria's Secret
In Season Four what did Dan take Lucas shopping for in the hope of bonding more with him?
What did Nathan do with all of Deb's booze that he found around her house?
Threw a Party
Who threw a drink over Rachel and slapped her across the race at this party?
Who did Mouth lose his virginity to only for her to dump him straight afterwards?
Skills found a home movie of Nathan and it caused a lot of anger and upset for what reason?
Nathan slept with Brooke
What did Haley demand Nathan make about all the girls he ever had relations with?
Complete this quote from Lucas to Karen 'You want to go to my Prom with the guy who ... you right after yours' what word is missing?
Complete this quote from Brooke to Chase 'Sorry my past keeps coming back to haunt us. I have a lot of ... in my closet and apparently half of them are naked' what word is missing?
What happened to Rachel after she took the blame for the stolen test paper?
What did Brooke do to Peyton's house after she stole her Prom dress?
Egged it
Complete this quote between Brooke and Rachel 'Thanks for being my friend you ... ... Thanks for being my friend you ... ...' what words are missing?
Cheating Whore Crazy Bitch
Who did Mouth end up going to Prom with?
What did Peyton use to ruin Brooke's Prom dress?
UV Paint
Where did Psycho Derek keep Peyton and Brooke hostage on Prom night?
Peyton's basement
Brooke and Peyton finally defeated Psycho Derek by doing a cheerleading kick they learnt in which grade?
When Mouth texted Skills for help what was the exact word he said he needed in the text ?
According to Skills you can't have a road trip without which candy?
Red Vines
What game did Mouth teach another prisoner how to play so he could beat the guard and what was this prisoner's first name?
Chess Conrad
On the road trip the group took a detour off the highway and ended up breaking down because they wanted to see a sandwich in the shape of which rock and roll legend?
Elvis Presley
Where did Mouth need rescuing from and which state was it?
Honeygrove Texas
Who ended up helping to rescue Mouth and gatecrashed prom with the whole group?
Chris Keller
What did Mouth get arrested for?
Sleeping in the park
Who did both Lucas and Dan discover had witnessed Keith's death?
Abby Morgan
What was Psycho Derek's real name and the first name of his ex-girlfriend who he accidentally killed in a car crash?
Ian Banks Maggie
With which record company did Peyton win an internship with in L.A?
Sire Records
Which inappropriate place did Deb invite Haley to go with her to?
Shooting Range
Which famous comedienne did Brooke say in her yearbook would be wearing her designs?
Joan Rivers
Where did Lucas steal Deb's gun from in her kitchen?
Cookie Jar
Mouth asked the seniors to sign who's yearbook?
What happened to Karen when Lucas threatened Dan with the gun and shot the wall?
She collapsed
What did Principal Turner remove Nathan's photo from?
Wall of Honour
What condition was Karen suffering from that meant her baby had to be delivered by caesarean?
Where did Nathan take a job at after he failed to get a scholarship?
According to Peyton there is no problem that cannot be solved when you have which soda treat?
Root Beer Float
Which song by Paolo Nutini played when Brooke admitted to Principal Turner the truth about the calculus exam?
Last Request
Complete this quote from Brooke to Turner ''Somewhere along the way the lost little .... .... became the girl on the Wall of Honor" what two words are missing?
Party Girl
What was Skills' Father's first name?
What did Haley give Lucas as his graduation present from Karen?
His novel bound
What did Bevin's parents serve Skills' parents when they met for the first time and what were they going to serve?
BBQ Quiche
Complete this quote from Nathan to Dan 'I know you've been a ... ... but lately i've seen you change and i've been so proud of you.I know you could never kill. Look me in the eye and tell me that they're wrong and i'll stand by you' what two words are missing?
Bad Guy
Who offered Nathan a college scholarship to play basketball for them?
During the Graduation ceremony who fell over on the stage?
Which song by The Foo Fighters played during the Graduation Ceremony?
Times Like These
What was Haley doing when she went into labour?
Valedictory Speech
Where was Karen when she woke up in a dream and saw Keith and their daughter?
What did Haley and Nathan name their baby boy (full name)?
James Lucas Scott
Nathan and Haley's baby was only quiet when Nathan played what type of music?
What did Karen call her baby girl (full name)?
Lily Rose Scott
Who threw the party for all the Tree Hill High students?
Why did Haley throw a drink over Rachel?
She flicked her on the head
What was Brooke's new nickname for Haley after she had her baby?
Tutor Mom
Who did Nathan and Haley ask to be their baby's Godparents?
Lucas and Brooke
The girls all performed a dance routine to which song by The Spice Girls?
When Karen visited Dan in jail what did she do?
Spat on the glass
Lucas described Brooke as fiercely what in his book?
When a boy called Shelley a slut for wearing a leather skirt what did Mouth do to him?
Punched him
Who called Deb the most when they were out at the party Nathan or Haley?
Who span the bottle,jumped off the roof,stole a drink and kissed Brooke?
Who did Lucas describe as 'destined for greatness' in his book?
What job did Whitey give Lucas?
Assistant Coach
At the end of the party what did Brooke give Rachel?
Her Diploma
At the end of the last episode of Season 4 what did Dan try to do but failed?
Hang himself
Where did the gang all decide to spend their last few hours together?
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