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Enter an answer into the box.Here is my quiz dedicated to one of my favourite movies of all time the Oscar Winning Film Titanic. The quiz includes questions about characters quotes and scenes and also questions about the history of Titanic. Hope you enjoy it all comments and suggestions welcome. Thanks for playing x
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: May 25, 2018
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In which year was the film released?
How many Oscars did the film win?
Who directed the film?
James Cameron
In what year did the film begin with the team investigating the shipwreck?
What was the full name of the treasure hunter who was in charge of this team?
Brock Lovett
And which actor played him?
Bill Paxton
They were looking for a priceless necklace called the what?
Heart of the Ocean
On what date did Titanic sink?
15 April 1912
What time did Titanic flounder?
What did the treasure hunter and the crew find underneath a wardrobe door in the wreckage of Titanic?
What did the treasure hunter tell his crew it was after finding this?
And what did they find inside it as well as soggy money?
What was the name of the crew member who covered everyone in champagne in celebration of finding this item?
Lewis Bodine
The drawing of a young woman wearing the necklace had what date written on it?
April 14 1912
What was the name of the old lady who saw the drawing on the TV? (full name please)
Rose Dawson Calvert
And what was the name of her Granddaughter?
Before she married Mr Calvert and had children Rose worked as a what?
What did Rose say she has to have with her when she travels?
The necklace featured a rare blue what?
What was the name of the Pittsburgh Steel Tycoon who bought the nrcklace for his son to give to his fiancee?
Nathan Hockley
What two items of Rose's had the treasure hunter found amongst the wreckage?
Mirror and Hairpin
On what side of the ship did Titanic hit the iceberg?
How long did Rose say it had been since she was on Titanic?
84 years
She called RMS Titanic 'The Ship of ....' what?
In which town in England did Titanic sail from?
In which country was the ship built in?
Where was Titanic taking its maiden voyage to?
New York
What was the name of the maritime company that operated Titanic?
White Star Line
How many chimneys did the RMS Titanic have?
What was written on the licence plate of the car that drove Rose to the dock?
FB 7981
What was Rose's full name when she boarded Titanic?
Rose DeWitt Bukater
How old was she?
Which actress played her in the film?
Kate Winslet
What was the first name of Rose's Mother?
Which actress played her?
Frances Fisher
And what was the full of Rose's fiance?
Caledon Hockley
And which actor played him?
Billy Zane
What colour was Rose's hat when she boarded Titanic?
RMS Titanic was described as what that Cal said that God himself could not do?
Rose told the crew that Titanic was like a what taking her to America in chains?
In a dockside pub four men were playing a card game what was it?
What was the name of the Scandanavian man who lost his tickets for Titanic in the game?
What was the full name of the American man who won the game?
Jack Dawson
And which actor played him?
Leonardo DiCaprio
What was the name of his Italian friend?
What hand did he have that allowed him to win the game?
Full House
Jack and his friend were supposed to have a health inspection for what before boarding Titanic?
Which deck did Jack find their room with bunks in?
G Deck
Rose was laying out finger paintings in one of her rooms which she described as fascinating but her Fiance said were a waste of money but who painted them?
What was the full name of the loud American woman who was a real passenger on the Titanic?
Margaret Brown
Which actress played her in the film?
Kathy Bates
Where did this woman board Titanic at?
What word was she described as in the history books?
Rose's mother described this woman as what because she recently became rich?
New Money
What was the full name of the captain of the Titanic?
Edward Smith
What creatures did Jack show his friend jumping in the sea at the bow of the ship?
Jack described himself as 'the .... of the world' what while standing on the railings at the front of the ship?
What was the full name of the architect who designed the Titanic?
Thomas Andrews
What was the full name of the English businessman who thought up the idea of Titanic?
Joseph Bruce Ismay
Which Physician did Rose compare this man to?
Dr Freud
What did Rose do at lunch that both her Mother and Fiance disagreed with?
Lit a cigarette
How did Rose and her Fiance take their lamb with mint sauce?
What nickname did her Fiance call Rose at lunch?
What colour was Rose's dress at this lunch?
What was Jack doing when he first saw Rose?
What was the full name of the Irishman Jack met on board Titanic?
Tommy Ryan
What did this Irishman say Jack would have to have flying out of him to get next to a girl like Rose?
Complete this Rose quote 'I saw my whole life as if i'd already lived it.An endless parade of parties and cotillions yachts and polo matches.Always the same narrow people the same mindless chatter.I felt like I was standing at a great precipice with no one to pull me back no one who cared or even ...' what word is missing?
What colour was Rose's dress when she ran out of dinner to the stern of the ship?
When Rose had climbed over the rail and Jack tried to get her to climb back she told him to stay back or she would what?
Let go
What did Jack take off while he was talking to Rose?
Jacket and shoes
Jack told Rose he was a good what?
Where did Jack tell Rose he grew up in where they have the coldest winters around?
What activity did he say he did there at Chippewa Falls?
Ice Fishing
He also told her the water would feel as cold as a thousand what stabbing her all over body?
What did Rose call Jack when he asked if she would climb back over and let him off the hook or he had no choice but to jump in after her?
When Rose told Jack her name he told her she would have to what?
Write it down
What happened when Rose gave Jack her hand and tried to climb back over?
Her foot got caught on her dress and ahe slipped
After hearing Rose screaming Officers found her trembling on the ground and called for who to come and arrest Jack?
Master At Arms
Rose told her Fiance that Jack saved her from falling as she was leaning far over to see what?
What did her Fiance invite Jack to the following night to thank him for saving Rose after offering him money?
When Rose's Fiance gave her the necklace he said it was how many carats?
Complete this quote from him to her 'We are ... Rose.You know there's nothing I couldn't give you.There's nothing i'd deny you if you'd not deny me.Oh open your heart to me Rose' what word is missing?
How old did Jack say he was when his parents died?
What colour was Rose's dress when she walked a mile around the deck talking to Jack about the weather?
Why did Rose really meet up with Jack the next day?
To thank him
When Rose admitted to Jack she is engaged and shows him the ring she said how many invitations had been sent out?
When Jack asked her if she loves her Fiance she called him what?
When she goes to leave and shakes his hand she also tells him he is so what?
After Rose orders Jack to leave and he calls her rude what did she grab out of his hands?
What word did Rose use to describe his art?
Where did Jack say he was when the girls agreed to pose for his art?
Rose accused Jack of having a love affair with a girl who drew more than once but he admitted he only loved her what?
Rose told Jack he had a gift because he sees what?
Who was Rose's Mother having tea with before Molly came in and asked to join them on the boat deck?
Countess of Rothes
What did Mr Ismay ask the Captain to do so it would keep Titanic in the newspaper headlines?
Go faster
How much did Jack tell Rose he charged for portraits in Santa Monica?
10 cents
Rose asks Jack to teach her how to ride like a man and chew what like a man?
Jack was caught showing Rose how to do what by her Mother and friends?
What word did Rose's Mother say to Jack after they were introduced?
Rose described how her Mother treated Jack at that first meeting like he was a what that needed to be squashed quickly?
Molly helped Jack prepare for the dinner by lending him a tuxedo that belonged to which of her relatives?
She told him he shined like a new what?
After Jack greeted Rose by kissing her hand he admitted he always had wanted to do that as he saw it on a what?
Who told Jack he could almost pass as a gentleman in his tuxedo?
Rose introduced Jack to an American businessman what was his full name?
John Jacob Astor
And what was his delicate wife's name who was the same age as Rose?
This businessman asked Jack if he was one of the what Dawsons?
Rose also showed Jack which other American businessman and his mistress Lucille?
Benjamin Guggenheim
What did Rose say this man's mistress designed for a living?
When Rose's Mother asked Jack what it was like in steerage he said there are hardly any what?
Which food did Jack say he didnt like much?
Complete this Jack quote 'I got everything I need right here with me.I got air in my lungs,a few blank sheets of paper.I mean I love waking up in the morning not knowing what's gonna happen or who i'm gonna meet where i'm gonna ... ...' what two words are missing?
wind up
Where did Jack say he was sleeping before he ended up on Titanic drinking champagne with rich people?
Under a bridge
What did Jack say was a gift he didn't intend on wasting?
What did Rose make a toast to at the dinner table?
Making it count
What did Jack throw at Rose's Fiance?
Box of matches
What do the men retire to the Smoking Room to drink with their cigars?
Where did Jack ask Rose to make it count and meet him at?
In which class on the ship did Jack take Rose to a party?
What did Rose drink really fast that surprised Jack?
Pint of Beer
What was the name of the little girl who danced with Jack and was his 'best girl'?
What type of music did Jack and Rose dance to?
Irish Folk
What did Jack tell Rose not to do while he was dancing with her so she would feel more relaxed?
What were two men doing on the table while smoking?
Arm wrestling
Complete this Rose quote 'So you think you're big ... men let's see you do this' what word is missing?
What did Rose do in front of the men to show off?
Stood on her tiptoes
Who was spying on Rose and Jack at the party?
Where were Rose and Cal having breakfast the next morning?
Promenade deck
Why did Rose say she didn't go in to see Cal the night before?
She was too tired
What word did Rose use to describe Lovejoy to Cal when she told him off for spying on her?
When Cal started having a go at her about her behaviour he told her she had to do what to him?
What was the name of Rose's maid?
What item of clothing was Ruth helping Rose to tie up when she told her off about seeing Jack?
Who did Ruth say had left them with no money and debts?
Rose's Father
What did Rose say Ruth would give herself if she didn't stop it when she was telling her off for seeing Jack?
What did Ruth say she would have to get a job as just to make ends meet?
What did she also say all their beautiful things would be sold at?
When Jack went looking for Rose in which part of the ship was she?
What was the title of the hymn Rose was singing in this place?
Eternal Father Strong To Save
When the crew member failed to recognise Jack and let him in to see Rose Lovejoy came out and gave him what to make him go away?
Despite their being ice warnings what did the Captain order the ship's crew to do to change the engines and boilers?
Speed up
When Jack climbed over the rails onto the First Class Deck what did he steal from a bench so he would blend in?
Hat and coat
Who was giving Rose and Cal a tour of the ship?
Mr Andrews
What did Rose say they didn't have enough of for the amount of people on board the ship and Cal say were a 'waste of deck space'?
When Jack caught up with Rose and pulled her away from the tour what type of room did he drag her into?
Complete this Jack quote 'Rose you're no ... all right? You're a spoilt little brat even but under that you're the most amazingly astounding wonderful girl woman that i've ever known' what word is missing?
Complete this other Jack quote 'I'm not an idiot i know how the world works.I've got ten bucks in my pocket I have nothing to offer you and I know that.I understand but i'm too involved now.You jump I jump remember?I can't ... ... without knowing you'll be all right' what two words are missing?
turn away
And this last one 'They've got you trapped Rose and you're gonna die if you don't break free.Maybe not right away because you're strong but sooner or later that ... that I love about you Rose that ... is gonna burn out' what word is missing twice?
At afternoon tea with the ladies what colour did Ruth say Rose had chosen for her bridesmaid's dresses?
Which part of the ship was Jack when Rose went to meet him to tell him she changed her mind?
When Jack held her arms out while they stood on the rails what did Rose say she felt like she was doing?
What song did Jack sing to her that made her laugh?
Come Josephine In My Flying Machine
How many hours did that happen before the ship sank?
How many years experience did Captain Smith have working against him?
When Rose took Jack back to her suite in which room did she ask him to draw her like one of his French girls?
Sitting room
What word did Jack use to describe the condition of the room in a French accent?
Which famous artist's painting did Jack comment on that was in the room because of its use of colour?
What did Rose want Jack to draw her wearing?
What did Rose say she didn't want another picture of her looking like?
Porcelain Doll
What did Jack ask her to lie down on?
Rose laughed at Jack for doing what while he was drawing her naked?
Complete this quote from Rose Calvert 'My heart was pounding the whole time.It was the most ... moment of my life up until then at least' what word is missing?
What colour dress was Rose wearing when she dressed again after Jack drew her naked?
What did Rose leave Cal in the safe with the drawing and the necklace?
Although the weather conditions made icebergs harder to see the Captain asked his crew to do what to the speed?
What did Jack and Rose use to escape from Lovejoy when he began chasing them?
Where did Jack and Rose end up after running through the boiler room to get away from Lovejoy?
Cargo hold
Jack and Rose climbed into a car and Jack pretended to drive her to where?
The stars
What flowers were in the back of the car where Jack and Rose made love?
What was left as a mark on the back window of the steamed up car after Jack and Rose left?
In the crows nest a crew member told another one that he could what?
smell ice
Back on deck Rose told Jack that when the ship docks she was getting off with who?
When the lookouts spotted the iceberg and rang the bell which direction did he tell Murdoch to steer to to avoid it?
Did the ship turn in time to miss the iceberg?
What was Fabrizio doing when the ship hit the iceberg?
What was Mr Andrews sitting at when he felt the ship shudder after hitting the iceberg?
On which side of the ship did it hit the iceberg and ice broke all over the deck in front of Jack and Rose?
Which doors were closed to try and stop the ship sinking and that blocked off the boilers and the cargo hold?
When Third class starts to flood Tommy tells Fabrizio he's following the what?
Cal asks for the Master At Arms because he had been what?
While walking with Lovejoy back to her suite who's pocket did Lovejoy put the necklace into without them knowing?
Rose said that Jack stealing the necklace was what as she was with him the whole time?
Mr Andrews said Titanic could stay afloat with four compartments breached but how many were flooded?
Complete this Mr Andrews quote 'She goes down by the head.The water will spill over the ...from one to the next back and back there's no stopping it' what word is missing?
Captain Smith suggested using what to buy them time if the doors were opened?
Who said 'Titanic will flounder'?
Mr Andrews
What was Titanic made of that means it will sink despite Mr Ismay saying it wouldn't?
How long did Mr Andrews say it would be until Titanic sank at the most?
Two hours
How many souls did Murdoch tell Captain Smith were on board?
Complete this Captain Smith quote 'Well i believe you may get your ... Mr Ismay' what word is missing?
What did Cal do to Rose after Jack had been taken away?
Slapped her face
What did the ship's crew tell the passengers to wear as a precaution as well as to dress warmly?
The Captain ordered his crew to put out a distress call asking for what?
immediate assistance
Ruth asked the maid to prepare her what so she could have it on her return to their suite?
Cal berated the English for doing everything by the what?
When Rose asked Mr Andrews about the iceberg he told her and Cal to only tell who they must that the ship will sink as he didn't want to cause a what?
At what speed was Titanic holding when Murdoch told the Captain it would take another ship 4 hours to come to their rescue?
17 knots
The crew member told the passengers that only who were allowed in the lifeboats first as ordered by the Captain?
Women and children
Which tune did the band decide to play on the deck to keep things 'cheery'?
Wedding Dance
What was Jack handcuffed to in the Master At Arms office?
What was Lovejoy rolling on the desk in this office while talking to Jack?
What did Lovejoy give Jack as a token of Cal's appreciation?
Punch in the stomach
Ruth asked if the lifeboats would be seated by what as she hoped they weren't too crowded?
Complete this Rose quote 'Oh Mother shut up! Don't you understand? The water is freezing and there aren't enough boats not enough by half.Half the people on this ship are gonna ...' what?
Cal told Rose he should've kept the drawing as it would be worth more by morning so she called him an unimaginable what?
Did Rose get in the lifeboat with her Mother?
When Rose ran off to find Jack Cal caught up with her and called her a what?
And he called Jack a what?
gutter rat
After this what did Rose do in retaliation before running off?
Spat in his face
What was the name of the maid who Mr Andrews asked to put a lifejacket on to show a good example?
On which deck was Jack being held captive?
E Deck
What was the name of the corridor on which the office he was being held in was as described to Rose by Mr Andrews?
Crewmans Passage
When Rose arrived at the correct deck in the elevator was it already flooded?
What did Rose do as soon as she found Jack in the office after apologising?
Kissed him
What colour was the key that Rose needed to find to undo the handcuffs?
When she couldn't find the key which deck did Rose head to try and find help?
D Deck
When Rose met a crew member who started to drag her away and refused to listen what did she do to him?
Punched him
Rose used the nozzle on the fire hose to break the glass to get what that she used to free Jack?
Mr Andrews told the crew member off for only filling the lifeboats up halfway but how many men could the lifeboat take the weight of when they were tested?
How did the crew member stop the steerage passengers from getting up on deck after he opened the gates and they all tried to escape?
Fired a gun
What did Jack Fabrizio and Tommy use to break the gate when the crew refused to let them through despute there being women and children with them?
Wooden bench
What was the full name of the Second Officer responsible for the lifeboats and who threatened to shoot them all like dogs unless he had order?
Charles Herbert Lightoller
Which crew member did Cal try to make a deal with that he and Lovejoy could board a lifeboat before they were supposed to by giving him money?
The band carried on playing eventhough nobody was listening to do what?
keep warm
Did Mr Ismay die on Titanic when it sank?
When Jack tried to get Rose to board a lifeboat Cal interrupted them and saud she looked a what before giving her his coat?
Was there an arrangement that Jack would get on his own lifeboat with Cal like what Rose was told about?
Cal told Jack that he always does what in the end?
What did Jack call Rose when he met up with her after she jumped back on the ship when the lifeboat was lowering down to the water?
Who chased after Jack and Rose shooting at them with a gun?
Complete this Cal quote 'I hope you'll be very ... together ' what word is missing?
While running through the ship what did Rose see standing by a door before the corridor flooded?
child screaming
When Jack and Rose found their way to a gate to find it was locked what did an officer do as he ran past?
dropped the keys
How did Cal get himself a seat on a lifeboat?
picked up a girl
Who did Murdoch shoot dead by accident before turning the gun on himself?
When Rose bumped into Mr Andrews what did he give her after apologising?
Which alcoholic drink did Benjamin Guggenheim ask for dressed in all his finery prepared tp go down like a gentleman?
Which tune did the band start playing as people started preparing for the ship to sink?
Nearer My God To Thee
What was Mr Andrews fixing while this tune was playing?
Complete this quote from the violinist 'Gentlemen it's been a ... playing with you tonight' what word is missing?
What was the Captain holding onto when he drowned?
Ships wheel
What fell on top of Fabrizio that killed him?
Which special place on the ship did Jack and Rose climb over the railings and hang on during the sinking?
First meeting place
What type of person were passengers desperately clinging onto while they preached?
What happened to the stern of the ship when the bow broke off and sank?
Fell back into the sea
Jack asked Rose if she what when he told her what to do when they hit the water?
Trusted him
What did Jack find floating in the water for Rose to climb onto?
Wardrobe door
What was a man shouting out into the darkness repeatedly after the sinking?
Please help us
Complete this Molly quote 'I don't understand any one of you.What's the matter with you?It's your ... out there There's plenty of room for more' what word is missing?
The officer in charge of Ruth and Molly's lifeboat told Molly to do what?
Shut that hole in your face
What was the full name of the officer who turned his lifeboat round to try and rescue people from the water after the ship sank?
Harold Lowe
Who did Jack say he was going to write a strongly-worded letter to about the whole incident?
White Star Line
What did Rose say to Jack before he told her not to say goodbye?
I Love You
Rose also told him she was so what?
Complete this Jack quote 'Listen Rose. You're gonna get out of here you're gonna go on and you're gonna make lots of ... and you're gonna watch them grow' what word is missing?
And this one from the same speech 'You're gonna die an old lady an old lady ... in her bed not here not this night.Not like this do you understand me?' what is the missing word this time?
What did Jack tell Rose was the best thing that ever happened to him?
winning the ticket
Complete this other Jack quote 'It brought me to you.And i'm ... for that Rose.I'm ... ' what word is missing twice?
What did Jack tell Rose to promise him that she would do?
Complete this other Jack quote 'That you won't give up no matter what happens no matter how ... Promise me now Rose and never let go of that promise' what is the missing word?
Rose promised Jack that she would never do what?
let go
When the boat came back the Officer asked his fellow crew member to be careful not to hit the dead people in the water and to do what?
check them
What did he shout out into the night as he looked for survivors? (exact words please)
Is anyone alive out there can anyone hear me
When the Officer was sad because they couldn't find any survivors and after seeing a dead mother holding her baby what did he say to himself?
we waited too long
What was Rose doing when the light from the Officer's torch lit up her face and she saw the boat?
When the boat went past near her what did she shout out to try and get their attention?
come back
Rose realised Jack was dead after she got no response from him what did she do before she let go of his hand and he drowned?
kissed his hand
What did Rose use on a nearby dead man that alerted the Officer in the boat to come and rescue her?
How many people did Old Rose say had gone into the sea when Titanic sank?
And how many lifeboats did she say were floating nearby?
And how many boats came back to look for survivors?
How many people did she say were rescued from the water including herself?
Complete this Old Rose quote 'Afterward the ... ... people in the boatshad nothing to do but wait.Wait to die wait to live Wait for an absolution that would never come' what number is missing?
What colour was the blanket that Rose fell asleep under in the lifeboat?
What was the name of the ship were all the Titanic survivors were taken aboard the next day?
Who came down to the deck to find Rose but she hid herself from them?
Complete this Old Rose quote 'That's the last time I ever saw him.He married of course and inherited his ... ' what?
In which year did Old Rose say a crash happened that hit Cal's interests hard?
And what did she say he did to kill himself that year or so she had read?
Shot himself
Which New York landmark did Rose see when the ship sailed past ?
Statue Of Liberty
When an Officer asked Rose for her name to put on a list what name did she give him?
Rose Dawson
Mr Bodine told Old Rose there was no what to say Jack had ever been a passenger on Titanic?
Complete this reply from Old Rose 'No there wouldn't be would there?And i've never spoken of him until now.Not to anyone.Not even your ...' what?
And this one 'A woman's .... is a deep ocean of secrets' what?
And this last one 'But now you know there was a man named Jack Dawson and that he ... me in every way that a person can be ...' what word is missing twice?
Where did Old Rose say Jack only exists now as she doesn't even have a picture of him?
in her memory
What was Mr Lovett doing when he was talking to Old Rose's Granddaughter?
smoking a cigar
How long did Mr Lovett say he had thought of nothing but Titanic?
3 years
In which part of the ship did Old Rose climb the railings of at night when no one else was around?
What did she do with the necklace in the pocket of her nightdress that was found by Rose in the pocket of Cal's coat?
Threw it in the sea
What was Old Rose doing when the camera panned along her photographs at the end of the film?
Which one of these activities was there not a photograph of Rose doing as shown in the film Acting,Fishing,Horseback Riding,Standing by a plane,Getting Married?
Getting married
In Old Rose's dream what colour dress where did she meet Jack on board Titanic?
At the clock
And what did they do in front of all the passengers and crew who applauded them?
In this dream what colour was her dress?
Did Rose die at the end of the film?
What was the full title of the song that featured in the film and played during the credits?
My Heart Will Go On
And which female singer sang this song?
Celine Dion
Level 50
Sep 27, 2018
Nice quizz, unfortunately not enough time to complete it :s
Level 84
Dec 13, 2021
"Dion" doesn't work for Celine Dion??
Level 72
Dec 13, 2021
Can you make it to accept last names instead of needing to type the full name? "Cameron" for James Cameron, "Dion" for Celine Dion, "Paxton" for Bill Paxton, etc.
Level 73
Dec 13, 2021
Would be nice if you can make a normal-sized version, more friendly to non-diehard fans without an hour to spare =P
Level 72
Dec 13, 2021
Agh, way too much…
Level 50
Dec 16, 2021
You are definitely a dedicated Titanic fan! Litle bit too long for me, but it was interesting trying to remember all the little details. Overall great quiz!
Level 60
Jul 10, 2023
Several wrong answers/unanswerable questions. Also frustrating how you asked for multi-word answers and only accepted specific phrasing. Also, "snogged" works but not "kissed?"