Wentworth Prison Quiz

Here is my quiz dedicated to the Wentworth TV Series it features questions about characters and plot from series 1-8. Happy quizzing and as always please feel free to leave me any comments or suggestions. Thank you
Quiz by Teessidemumof4
Last updated: November 24, 2020
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In which country is this TV series set in?
Wentworth is what type of women's institution?
Correctional Centre
The theme song to the show is a song called what by Pleasantville?
You Don't Know Me
What is the full name of the woman who is the lead character who has been sent to Wentworth for the first time?
Bea Smith
Which block did this woman have her unit in with 5 others including the new woman who is mentioned in question 3?
What is the name of the woman who is the prisoner's peer worker?
Liz Birdsworth
What is the red button on the wall that must never be pressed by prisoners called?
Panic Button
Which condiment is rationed in Wentworth?
A prisoner in Wentworth is only to wear their own clothes if they are on what?
The Wentworth prisoners had to white t-shirts or vests and tracksuits of which particular colour?
Sky Blue
The prisoners had to stand in the doorway of their unit twice a day for the officers to perform a what?
Head Count
How long were prisoners allowed to speak to someone on their call list for once a day?
12 minutes
What is the name of the female officer who was Deputy of Wentworth for 2 years?
Vera Bennett
When prisoners break the rules officers take them to stay in where?
The slot
Who was Governor of Wentworth at the beginning of Series 1?
Meg Jackson
What job did Bea have on the outside?
The woman who thinks she is in charge of the rest of the women is known as what?
Top Dog
And what is the full name of the prisoner who is this person in Series 1?
Jacqueline Holt
What is the name of the other prisoner who wants to be this person and is their sworn enemy?
Francesca Doyle
What nickname was Bea given by the prisoner mentioned in the previous question?
What was the name of the man who visited Bea and kissed her to give her drugs so she pretended he was her boyfriend?
When a dog squad is called in to sniff out drugs what is this known as?
When Bea was punished for the drugs what song was the prisoner in the next cell sing while the raid happened?
On The Inside
What was the name of Bea's abusive husband?
What was Bea charged with as well as Offence to administer substances,causing serious injury and conduct to endanger life?
GBH and Attempted murder
What is the full name of the male prison officer who used to serve in the armed forces?
Matthew Fletcher
What type of event happened in the first episode caused by rival gangs?
During this event the Governor was killed but how was she murdered?
Also during this event a prisoner used a sharp object to cut another prisoner on what part of her body?
What was the name of the little girl who celebrated her 4th birthday in Wentworth?
For this birthday the prisoners sang and danced to 'Hot Potato' by which Australian kids TV show?
The Wiggles
What was the full name of this little girl's Mother who had a drug habit?
Toni Goodes
And what was the full name of the prisoner who looked after this little girl?
Doreen Anderson
Which two courses were rolled out in Wentworth for the women to learn new skills?
Barista and Dance
In Doreen's flashback she got drunk and took drugs and she lost her unborn baby in a what?
Car Accident
What item of jewellery was stolen by the culprit behind the murder of the Governor?
Gold Bracelet
What was the name of the English tutor who was fired from his job for supplying a prisoner with drugs?
What was the full name of the new Governor of Wentworth after the previous one was murdered?
Erica Davison
In Franky's flashback she was a contestant on what type of reality TV show?
What had she made that wasn't tasty enough for the presenter so he made fun of her?
Tempura Vegetables
What did Franky throw on the TV presenter that burnt him?
Hot Oil
Where were Bea and the other prisoners in her unit put to work in?
When prisoners are found drunk or high on drugs they are put in what type of cell?
Wet Cell
What was the name of Franky's Father who walked out on her when she was younger and wrote her letters?
Alan Doyle
What was the name of Bea's daughter?
What did Jacs use to burn Franky's hand to prove she wasn't good enough to be top dog?
Steam Press
What was the prisoner known as 'Boomer''s real name?
Sue Jenkins
In Liz's flashback her son was admitted to hospital with what?
Alcohol poisoning
Also in her flashback Liz got drunk and killed her mother-in-law by driving a what over her?
Liz's mother-in-law was also played by veteran Neighbours actress Anne Charleston but what was her Wentworth character name?
What was the name of the prisoner who used her own daughter to smuggle drugs into Wentworth and what was her daughter's name?
Ronnie and Amy
Neighbours actress Carla Bonner guest starred in Wentworth as this character's sister but what was her name?
In Liz's place who became the new peer worker?
What was the name of the journalist who hung around outside Wentworth waiting for stories to report?
What did Doreen put in Liz's drink that led her to collapse to get her to stop drinking alcohol?
In Erica's flashback what was the name of the bdsm club she visited to meet with a client?
The Velvet Curtain
What was the name of Vera's imaginary boyfriend?
After Toni was moved back to the compound Jacs ordered her to tell on Franky by burning her with what?
Boiling water
What is Vera's favourite meal according to her Mother?
Chicken Cacciatore
Which subject did Franky decide to study for a degree in?
What was the name of Erica's fiance who she had been engaged to for 5 years?
What was the name of Jacs' husband who demanded a divorce from her?
Where did Bea tell Jacs her daughter had gone away on school camp?
Blue mountains
What was the name of the prison officer who was married to the Governor who was murdered?
What did Jacs suffer from in her hands and legs and needed medication for that was smuggled in by Vera?
In a flashback Jacs killed a man called Max witnessed by her son with what weapon?
What was the name of Jacs' son who killed Bea's daughter by injecting her with heroin?
What did Bea ask Mr Jackson to say to her daughter in the morgue as she wasn't allowed to attend her funeral?
Mummy loves you to the moon and back
How did Bea try to kill herself in Season One?
Which country was Fletch stationed when he witnessed a girl being killed in front of her mother?
East Timor
What is the Australian slang term for a person who informs the Governor about another prisoner's illegal habits?
When Vera spent the night at Fletch's she found his journal and read that he had an affair with and dreamt of killing who?
Who hid the missing bracelet in Jacs' face cream?
But who actually killed the Governor although it was only an accident?
What did Bea use to stab Jacs in the neck to kill her?
Blue Biro Pen
In Season Two what was the full name of the new Governor?
Joan Ferguson
Which flowers did Doreen plant for Bea as they are her favourites?
White Roses
How many years was Bea sentenced to manslaughter for?
12 years
What was the full name of Franky's girlfriend who was moved block in Season Two?
Kim Chang
Where did the Governor find Boomer's hidden phone?
What medication did Bea become temporarily addicted to as they allowed her to be with her daughter?
What type of revenge did Bea's husband take on Jacs' son but it failed?
Set fire to his business
What was the full name of the prisoner who Fletch sprayed in the face after she slit her wrist?
Skye Pierson
Which prison did the male prisoners come from that helped build Doreen's garden?
What was the full name of the female prison guard who acted as a spy for Franky and enjoyed gambling?
Linda Miles
What was the name of the Korean prisoner who died after swallowing heroin?
Su Yun
Which alcoholic drink did the Governor get Vera drunk on so she was reveal all the details about Fletch and Will?
What was the full name of the male prisoner Doreen slept with and became pregnant with?
Nash Taylor
What type of creature did Doreen and this male prisoner help nurse back to health?
What word did Skye spray paint in black on a wall in the yard about the Governor as well as a big penis?
What was Will's job before he became a prison officer?
Social Worker
What was Simmo's full name?
Simone Slater
When Brayden came to visit Simmo where did Bea slash him using a knife she found in the soil in the yard?
Franky asked Boomer to kneecap Simmo using a what but she was stopped by Bea?
8 Ball
What was the first name of Wentworth's new nurse who had a relationship with Will?
What was the nickname of the Walford male prisoner who smuggled drugs in for Franky but also tried to rape her?
What was Simmo's daughter's name and where did The Holts pay for her to go on holiday to?
Carly Thailand
What weapon did Franky give Bea for defense but it didn't work?
Zip Gun
When Boomer went missing during lockdown in Season Two where was she found?
Laundry Chute
What was the nickname of Simmo's husband?
Where did Skye escape to while on a drug high but was saved by Will?
What was the name of the drug that Liz told the Governor was being brought in?
Pink Dragon
What did Ferguson steal from Vera's fridge when she visited Vera and her Mother?
What type of gardening tool did Franky use to stab Bates in the scrotum but was acquitted of the charge after claiming self defense?
Who killed Simmo after giving her an overdose of heroin?
What was the full name of the transgender prisoner who was sent to Wentworth for assaulting their partner with a pair of scissors?
Maxine Conway
And what was the name of the young prisoner who came to Wentworth for supposedly being responsible for the death of a child?
Jessica Warner
What was the full name of the prisoner who was a chef who suffered from varicose veins and haemophilia that Bea asked if she would save some of her medication for her?
And what was the name of this medication that helped the blood to clot and prevent bleeding?
Who's clothes did Maxine steal for an escape attempt but was spotted by Vera?
After Boomer poured vinegar all over the floor and Vera slipped and hurt her wrist what did all the prisoners nickname her?
Vinegar Tits
Which disease did Vera's Mother die of although Vera helped her die by giving her an overdose of morphine?
What did Bea give Maxine to wear as a hat until she got a new wig?
Franky tried to kill Bea after the Governor was told about the drugs hidden in the laundry bag but who was it that actually lagged?
The Governor found an anomaly in Doreen's drug test and discovered she was pregnant because she used Maxine's urine sample which had traces of what?
After Doreen was slotted what type of dead creature was put through the hatch as a warning?
What did Will break of Harry's after he angrily ran him and Rose off the road and caused his motorbike to crash?
What was the full name of the new Chief Executive of Wentworth who was an ally of Fletch's and stopped him being transferred to a male prison?
Derek Channing
What was the name of Liz's parole officer who dated the man in the previous answer and was played by ex-Neighbours star Annie Jones?
What was the name of the halfway house Liz stayed in after she left Wentworth?
Standstead House
Which vegetable did Doreen have a craving for whilst pregnant?
What was the name of Liz's children's adopted Mother who Liz visited while on the outside?
In Season Two a prison officer and a prisoner had sex in the shower who were they?
Fletch and Jess
When Bea borrowed Fletch's swipe card to gain access to the mailroom what did she steal that she used to cut herself with?
What did Bea ask Will to get for her while in hospital as a distraction so she could make her escape?
What was in the special package that Bea arranged to get delivered to Liz?
What was the name of the cemetary where Bea's daughter had a memorial that Bea visited after she escaped?
Reflections Hill
What was the name of the prisoner who knew Ferguson from Blackmoor Prison who was tortured by her and transferred to another prison?
Kelly Bryant
Where did Bea shoot Brayden that instantly killed him?
What type of vehicle ran Fletch over causing him extreme injury which meant he had to go to rehab?
White Van
In Season Three what did Ferguson temporarily ban leading the women to riot?
And what did the women set fire to in protest as well as their bedding and clothes?
Which disease did Vera contract from a needle when she was held hostage during the riot?
Hepatitis C
Which department should the Governor have called in during the riot to save Vera but refused to?
Which Imagine Dragons song played at the end of the riot episode in Season Three?
Which takeaway food did Bea ask the Governor to provide for the women after the riot mess was cleaned up?
Which type of raw poultry did Franky use to smuggle drugs in?
Who did Bea punish for bashing Liz by burning her hands on the laundry press?
What were the names of the two Asian women who threatened Franky after she failed to supply them with drugs?
Cindy Lou and Tina
What did Vera have Franky charged with after she trashed the educational suite but then retracted it later?
Verbal Abuse
What was the name of Liz's daughter who was sent to Wentworth for killing a man on a bike by hitting him with her car whilst drunk?
Where did Vera find a shiv that was used on Bea by a prisoner who was tortured by Ferguson?
What was the full name of this prisoner who tried to bring charges against Ferguson but got admitted to the psychiatric ward instead?
Jodie Spiteri
What did Ferguson keep in her locked safe as well as her fencing mask and four mobile phones that she used to wear to carry out her dirty deeds?
Black leather gloves
What was the name of the group of female vigilantes who killed and assaulted men who hurt women who looked up to Bea?
Red Right Hand
And what was the full name of their leader who ended up in Wentworth in Season Four?
Karen Proctor
Which two essential human needs did Bea and Franky deprive Jodie of until she told the truth about Ferguson?
Food and Sleep
What was the name of the baby girl who Jess was a Nanny to who she claimed died of cot death but she actually killed her?
Which spice did the Detective say Will had used on his kebabs when the police interrupted his dinner with Rose to search the house?
What was the murder weapon used to kill Bea's husband that the murderer planted in Will's woodshed?
Wood Splitter
Who did Ferguson have her henchman drug so they couldn't attend Jodie's hearing which led to them having a psychotic episode?
What was the full name of the psychiatrist who became romantically involved with Franky after she got parole and who helped Vera bring Ferguson down?
Bridget Westfall
What did Ferguson keep as a pet?
What did Doreen crave that Ferguson gave her a full tub of to eat but weirdly watched her eat?
Choc Chip Icecream
What did she call her baby?
After Ferguson taped Franky confessing to murdering the Governor who did she send it to in hope they would kill her?
What was the full name of the Blackmoor prisoner who was killed by inmates after she had a relationship with Ferguson?
Jianna Riley
Where did Jodie stab herself using a pencil?
In what type of toy did Ferguson plants drugs so that Nash would be sent back to prison?
Teething Blanket
Who planted drugs in Franky's cell so she wouldn't get parole out of jealousy?
What did Jess use to make sure Doreen had drugs in her system when she had to take a urine test?
Where did Will go to dispose of the murder weapon although he claimed it wasn't him on cctv?
Spencers Lake
What was the full name of the homosexual inmate who had a steel plate in her ankle and spent time in a wheelchair?
Lucy Gambaro
But what was her nickname?
Big Juicy
Who was the relative of Ferguson who she saw in hallucinations and Fletch caught her talking to?
Which operation did Lucy have that left her suffering from Hep C?
What did Franky give Boomer as a leaving gift after she was granted parole?
Appeal papers
What was the full name of Ferguson's henchman who drugged Bea and tried to kill Fletch twice?
Nils Jesper
On which part of her body did Bea get blood that was used as DNA evidence of her attacker who was this henchman?
Which body part did Fletch shoot his attacker when he tried to kill him as revenge?
Who stole Doreen's baby and was strangled to death and set on fire by Ferguson?
Which two inmates and prison guard saved Ferguson and Doreen's baby from the fire?
Bea Franky and Will
What were the last three words Franky spoke before she left Wentworth? (sorry for the swear word)
Fuck This Place
Which radio station did Franky give an interview about her time in prison?
Heat FM
In Season Four who was the new Governor of Wentworth?
And what was Will promoted to in Season Four?
Deputy Governor
In Season Four Fletch had left Wentworth to become a farmer herding which animal?
During the VIP event Kaz organised the women to throw tampons soaked in what over the fenced walkway?
Franky got a job as a paralegal with which type of company?
Legal Relief
Complete this Ferguson quote 'Dead men tell no ...?' what?
Vera requested Bea teach the women hairdressing as part of which program?
Grooming For Success
Kaz organised a protest in the yard over the women's right to have conjugal visits and ordered a what to be sent over to film it but Will shot it down?
What was the name of Franky's 3 year old Sister who she met with her Dad in the park?
What was the name of Ferguson's psychiatrist who raped her?
Dr Foster
What disease did Maxine get diagnosed with in Season Four?
Breast Cancer
Who was gang raped by Juice and her crew in the showers and found by Bea?
What was the name of Boomer's ex-boyfriend who started dating her sister but visited her for a conjugal?
Which song by Blondie played when Boomer was walking to the conjugal room?
One Way Or Another
During Kaz's childhood flashback which fairground ride was she sitting on?
The actress Debra Lawrence appeared in an episode in Season Four as Kaz's Mother but what was her first name?
What did Kaz's abusive father called Jim die of?
What was the full name of the new male prison officer who joined Wentworth in Season Four?
Jake Stewart
What was the full name of the member of Kaz's crew who befriended Bea in the slot after they found a mutual interest in rapping?
Allie Novak
What was the full name of the new prisoner who pressed the panic button after Juice and her crew tried to attack her?
Tasha Goodwin
Which type of dessert did the women give Maxine for showing mercy to the new prisoner for pressing the panic button?
Bread and Butter pudding
In the last of Kaz's childhood flashbacks her Father shot her horse dead for punishment for doing what?
Telling lies
What was the full name of Maxine's ex-partner who offered to pay for her medical bills?
Gary Tucker
What was the full name of the homicide detective who asked Liz to befriend an inmate to get them to confess to murder?
Don Kaplan
Nash told Doreen that he and the baby moved in with his ex-girlfriend Miranda because his daughter was diagnosed with what?
Who saved Tasha's life after she hung herself with a knotted sheet in the showers?
Where on her body did Bea self-harm?
Who joined Kaz's crew temporarily after she disagreed with Bea's punishment rule?
The women held a vote to see if they still wanted a topdog to remain in charge did they vote yes or no although it was rigged by the Governor?
What was the exact time when Bea and Allie met in the equipment room to make out?
What was the full name of the prisoner who inherited a cosmetics company after her husband died and supposedly murdered her best friend?
Sonia Stevens
What did Ferguson put in Bea's orange juice to drug her?
Kaz created a distraction for Ferguson by holding a sit-in for Maxine who was in hospital having what type of operation?
After drugging Bea Ferguson tried to kill her by doing what to her?
After hearing Ferguson was responsible for her arrest Kaz got her revenge by burning her arm in which kitchen appliance?
Who was going to be the surprise witness called for the prosecution at Ferguson's trial?
What did Kaz use to write RRH on Will's chest after tying him up and gagging him in the boiler room and then filming him on a secret phone?
What was the name of Ferguson's Godson who Franky saved from a custodial sentence for car theft?
Which word did Ferguson use to describe Vera which led to Jake seducing her in the boiler room?
What did Maxine use to smuggle the syringe of sperm inside to Boomer in the slot?
Where did Nash and the baby move to after he was kicked out by Miranda when Doreen failed to stop Kaz's outside crew from trying to hurt him?
What did Jake use as an excuse to ask Vera and Will to invest in a fake business in Collingwood when he was really paying off the drugs supplier?
And what was the full name of this drug dealer?
Greg Turkwall
How long were Kaz and Allie sentenced to prison for?
12 years and 10 years
Where did Jake hide the drugs amongst for Tina to find in the kitchen store room?
What is the inmate code at Wentworth?
Never involve the screws
What was Shane ordered to do by the Courts after Franky got his sentence reduced?
Community Service
Where was Will when Shane caught him taking drugs and accused him of being responsible for all the bad stuff that happened to him?
What did Bea and Allie use to sign their names on the wall in the yard in a heart?
After spending the night with Bea where was Allie when she was given a near-fatal overdose of drugs by Ferguson?
What make and colour did Shane drive?
Red Commodore
What did Sonia do to Maxine that Liz thought was suspicious as the dead body had the same done to her?
Shaved her head
What type of weapon did Franky throw in the bin that belonged to Ferguson but Shane was going to use to kill Jesper with?
Who shot and killed Jesper in exchange for money for Ferguson?
When Maxine called the prison to tell Bea how Allie was what did she say Allie was dying of?
Acute Respiratory Syndrome
What part of the outside of the prison did Bea and Ferguson have their final showdown?
No Man's Land
What tool did Ferguson use to repeatedly stab Bea to death?
As Bea lay dying what image did the clouds show that reminded her of Allie?
The Crown Prosecution changed Ferguson's charge of murder to that of what?
What type of necklace does Franky wear as a sign of Freedom?
What was the first thing Kaz banned when she became topdog?
What did Allie put in a sock to try and knock Ferguson put with which led to her and other women being viciously attacked by Ferguson?
Billiard Ball
Where was Maxine transferred to as it was closer to her cancer treatment centre?
What was the full name of the man who stalked Franky and she was imprisoned for supposedly killing?
Mike Pennisi
What did this man use to attack Franky in her car?
Who did Jake and Vera frame as the culprit who left Ferguson alone and lost their swipe card so Bea could escape ? (full name please)
Brenda Murphy
What type of bottle did Sonia use to keep her single malt whiskey in?
Who was Witness X who testified against Sonia in her murder trial?
What was the full name of Sonia's best friend who she murdered for trying to blackmail her?
Helen Masters
What was the name of the area in Melbourne where the body of this woman was discovered?
Ferguson sent a letter to the Ombudsman about who having a secret relationship with who?
Bridget and Franky
What was Liz charged with that kept her in Wentworth for another 15 years?
What did Franky steal from the emergency plumber after she purposely broke a tap in the kitchen?
Liz was told that Detective Kaplan had resigned due to what but he really went missing after Sonia tried to kill him?
Stress Leave
What was the name of the Lake where Sonia's husband Geoffrey's body was found?
South Gippsland
What type of bins did Jake and Tina use as a way of bringing drugs into the prison?
Sanitary Bins
What is the nickname of the white transit van that is used to escort prisoners to court or hospital?
What on this van did Franky loosen that led it to crash with Will and Kaz inside?
Wheel Nuts
Who was so badly bashed by Lucy and her gang in the showers she couldn't walk?
What is Lucy most scared of?
What time of year does Vera hate celebrating the most as it reminds her of her traumatic childhood?
Who did Ferguson tell Jake to sleep with so that she could later blackmail her?
Nurse Lee Radcliffe
Sonia created a project to beautify prison walls by making a what?
Vertical Garden
What trade skill was Boomer an expert in that led to her partnering up for this project with Sonia?
What did Ferguson do to Lucy after she tried to rape a new inmate by pretending to be a dentist?
Cut off her tongue
Who became topdog after the women sided with her instead of Kaz?
When the women burnt the bins new blue bins were delivered but what shape were the holographic stickers on the ones with drugs stashed inside?
Which of the inmates was given parole in Season 5?
Whose office did Franky use to gain access to the air vents to get to the roof only to find she had no means of escape?
What did Ferguson make Allie do to Bea's sketchbook after she stole it as revenge for stealing the cash?
Burn it
Who tried to drug Ferguson in the shower by pretending to be high but was overpowered?
What did Marge die of?
Heart Attack
What was the full name of the inmate who was part of Juicy's boys and was slotted for nearly causing the garden project to be shut down?
Stella Radic
Franky and Allie borrowed Miles' swipe card to get access to where to find a possible escape route?
Who fell on Mr Channing after a fight escalated during his visit to the workshop?
Allie recognised Mr Channing because she used to work in what type of establishment that he owned?
After Vera called the CSDS to search the guards for drugs who did Jake plant some in their locker as revenge?
What was the full name of the new inmate who was sent to prison for bashing an internet troll?
Iman Farah
What does Franky's Father do as a job?
Franky used Bridget's password to print out a copy of a blueprint to which part of Wentworth?
Sewer System
Franky's Dad used this blueprint to smuggle in what to Franky but almost got caught by Ferguson?
Walkie Talkie
What was Iman's Facebook name as seen on the print out of the messages? @.......790
What was the full name of Iman's therapist?
Zoe Taylor
When Sonia deliberately got Liz drunk she confessed that she had killed who?
In what way were Iman and Mike connected to each other?
How did Ferguson murder Iman but framed Franky for doing it?
Broke her neck
Which board game was Ferguson playing when talking to Jake about mercy killing?
What did Vera always have to check under for monsters before she went to sleep at night?
Ferguson signed a statement absolving Wentworth from any blame if what happened to her?
Injury or Death
What did Franky claim she was suffering from when she visited the nurse to steal scissors from her drawer?
Which method did Jake use to try and kill himself?
Gas Himself
When Kaz held court in the yard against Ferguson what did she tie her to with bandages?
Basketball post
After this court concluded the women hung Ferguson but who gave her CPR that saved her life?
What did Franky and Allie leave out of the shipping crates so they could fit inside?
Planter boxes
Vera discovered that Jake must have killed Jesper for Ferguson after checking the staff roster and what?
What did Liz put in Sonia's tea that poisoned her?
Liquid Nicotine
Who provided a distraction for the guard so that Franky could hide in the shipping crate in the workshop?
How did Franky discover that their escape had been rumbled by Jake so Allie was still left in Wentworth?
How did Will kill Ferguson?
Buried Alive
Whose picture was taped to the top of the crate that Ferguson escaped in?
Which Wentworth Officer discovered they were pregnant in Season 6?
What was the full name of the leather jacket-wearing inmate introduced in Season 6 charged with armed robbery?
Rita Connors
This prisoner was a member of a biker gang known as The ... what?
What was the full name of the prisoner who was moved to H1 from J Block after the women trashed her cell?
Ruby Mitchell
In what type of disused vehicle did Franky use to hideout in?
Train carriage
How were Ruby and Rita related?
What was the full name of the inmate Ruby badly beat up in the showers after she accused her of trying to steal her girlfriend?
Spike Baxter
Where was Murphy working when Jake visited her to get information on how Vera framed her?
What did Kaz use to hurt Rita's hand after she took the blame for Ruby bashing Spike?
Sewing Machine
Ruby asked Allie to keep the fact that she suffers from what a secret due to a neurological condition caused by a car accident?
What was the name of the secret group held by Lucy in various areas of the prison which Ruby was asked to join?
Fight Club
Where did Franky break into and stole Iman's file from?
Psychiatrists Office
What fake name did Franky use to get an appointment with Iman's Psychiatrist?
Jenny Blake
Which sport did Ruby and Rita both partake in?
Which nickname did Rita have for Ruby as shown in one of Ruby's flashbacks?
In which part of the body was Franky shot by the police while on the run?
In which country was Ruby going to fight in her first official boxing match?
When Franky's charges were dropped and she was last seen on screen what were her Bridget and her Dad and Sister doing?
Flying a kite
What did Spike hide under her boxing gloves before fight club so she could win against Ruby?
What was the full name of the new prisoner who was sent to Wentworth for assaulting her son's doctor?
Marie Winter
This new inmate gave Liz a box of chocolates that a fellow prisoner gave her but what was inside the chocolates that hurt Boomer?
What was the full name of the prisoner in charge of fights and drug dealing?
Vicky Kosta
What was the full name of the prisoner Sonia stabbed to death in the shower thinking it was Liz?
Sharon Gilmore
What did Sonia use to kill her and then planted in Spike's cell?
Poultry Fork
Marie got mad with Kosta because her bag of drugs contained what other white substance?
Baby Powder
Which kitchen appliance did Liz use a knife with that caused her and Jake to get electrocuted?
What was the name of Marie's son's teddy bear in which she hid the memory card?
Roger The Dodger
After the media were invited to see the workshop Sonia was given which nickname in the papers?
Angel of Wentworth
What was the full name of Marie's aide who was Serbian and was charged with human trafficking?
Zara Dragovich
What colour were the pills Jake asked the nurse to supply Will with to help him sleep?
What was the full name of the shockjock who interviewed Sonia and Liz live on radio?
Marshall Adams
After talking with Ruby Boomer discovered she was probably not as intelligent as she should be because her Mother made her a victim of what?
Foetal Alcohol Syndrome
When Ruby and Allie stole the test paper for Boomer they got the wrong test as it was a paper about what?
What were the three items the doctor asked Liz to remember for her memory test?
Teacup horse basketball
Where was Detective Kaplan arrested and extradited from?
Boomer passed her Welding test with what grade?
What was Liz diagnosed with in Season 6?
Marie and Sonia planted Kosta's phone on who to make Kaz have to punish her by burning her hand on the laundry press?
A maintenance worker was on the roof which Liz convinced herself was Don but what was he up there to fix?
After Sonia was bashed by Spike who wore a wire to record her confession to the murder of Sharon?
Which inmate and officer found something in common and slept together in Season 6?
Will and Marie
What did Sonia try to kill Liz with on the roof before she was pushed over the edge by Kaz?
What were Ruby's and Allie's nicknames for each other while they were dating?
Mightymouth and Sugartits
Who pushed Ruby that caused her to fall on the stairs that led to the officers finding out she suffers from epilepsy?
Kaz agreed to let fight club go ahead for half the profits to set up what for female ex-convicts?
Halfway House
What was Ruby holding in the photos from the bar where Marie's son was last seen before he was attacked?
Snooker cue
What was the name of Marie's son who was declared brain dead in hospital after being attacked?
What was left on Vera's pillow by her blackmailer to make Vera think it was Ferguson?
Black leather gloves
What was the name of Rita's boyfriend who proposed to her but then later broke up with her and who was played by ex-Neighbours actor Shane Connor?
Ray Houser
When Rita rang her police colleagues she used the code name what?
Uncle Frank
Who did Boomer lose to in the fightclub match in the showers?
Cherry Li
Who bashed Cherry Li in the showers as witnessed by Liz?
What was written in the first text Vera received from the blackmailer?
I know what you did
Which Neighbours star made a few guest appearances in Wentworth playing Sonia's Lawyer Michael Armstrong?
Stefan Dennis
What had Sonia hired and paid her lawyer to do for Boomer?
Help her get parole
What was the name of Ruby's friend who was raped by Marie's son?
Kaz exchanged Marie's drug stash with a stash of heroin mixed with what?
Rat poison
Who gave Liz the heroin hotshot that she was going to use to kill herself?
In what type of abode was Channing living in when Will and Vera paid him a visit?
Fishing Shack
What did Kaz convince Liz to create so she could remember important things?
Memory Box
What shape was the tattoo on the back of Ruby's head?
Double Shafted Arrow
Who announced over the tannoy system that Liz had dementia?
What was the file of information on Channing's illegal brothels called that Marie gave Will?
Golden Showers
In which part of the prison did Kaz and Marie have a shiv showdown before they were both slotted?
Laundry Room
What time did the blackmailer tell Vera to leave the bag of money by Bea's grave?
What was the bag actually filled with instead of the money demanded by the blackmailer?
What was the full title of the book by Riya Bakshi in which Marie hid her dirtfile memory stick?
The Bombay Gentleman
In one of Liz's memories which rude word was Boomer trying to get baby Joshua to say?
With help from Rita Boomer's assault charge against Cherry was dropped due to lack of what type of evidence?
Who was Vera's blackmailer who was shot dead by Channing as he thought it was Ferguson?
Who deleted the CCTV footage of the garages before the police could see it?
Who killed Drago in the last episode of Season 6?
What did the note say that Drago gave Liz to give to Marie but she put it in the memory box instead?
Ruby is the killer
What was the full name of the inmate who became Marie's drugs mule in Season 6?
Taylah Bullock
What did we discover Ruby is suffering from that could end her boxing dreams?
Brain Aneurysm
How many months after the end of Season 6 did Season 7 begin?
How many years in prison were both Marie and Rita sentenced to?
What did Ray organise for Rita to propose to her after she broke up with him?
What was the full name of the new psych doctor at Wentworth?
Greg Miller
What was the full name of the new inmate Marie gave ice to and told her to go after Kaz with a knife and kept Vera hostage?
Kylee Webb
Who did Rita find out shot and killed Ray as revenge for her killing Drago?
Who became Acting Governor and Acting Deputy Governor after Vera stood down to protect her baby?
Will and Linda
What did Costa use to get drugs into the prison discovered by Liz?
Dead Birds
Who did Kaz try to kill by throwing an explosive device into their cell and locking the door?
What type of dance did Jake teach Liz to do?
What was the full name of the new prisoner who belonged to a renowned drug dealing family?
Narelle Stang
This prisoner hated Kaz because she bashed and disabled which of their family members and what was this family member's name?
Brother Jimmy
What was the full name of the new officer who joined Wentworth in Season 7?
Sean Brody
What did the male prostitute suffer and die of after sleeping with Liz?
Heart Attack
When Kaz was murdered which two letters did she manage to write in her own blood?
M and A
What did Ruby take the blame for for Narelle to protect Rita?
Smash and Grab
Which song by Freya Ridings played at Kaz's Memorial?
Lost Without You
Who did Marie try to frame for Kaz's murder by hiding a hoodie with their drugs stash?
Who became Top Dog after Kaz's murder?
Whilst on day release Boomer was arrested for shoplifting what?
Baby Formula
Because of this her Mum ended up in Wentworth but what was her name?
During her time at home Boomer found a ticket stub for a concert by which 80s trio?
Jake reported Dr Miller because he failed to say that Liz had what whilst taking her new medication?
Psychotic Episode
Where was Drago's note found during the ramp in H Block?
Waste Paper Bin
Why was Jake suspended from work during Season 7 after an accusation made by Sean?
Sexual Harassment
In which breakfast food did Marie put powdered Rohypnol to drug Ruby?
Baked Beans
Who saved Ruby from getting killed by Marie in medical by lagging about drugs in her cell?
What did Rita do after learning she couldn't visit Ruby in hospital which led to her cutting her arm?
Climbed the fence
Who undermined Will and took Rita to visit Ruby in hospital?
Marie's lawyer leaked information to the press and police about Channing's involvement in illegal what?
What was the full name of the nurse who tried to kill Marie with a hotshot?
Jane Bell
What did Marie use to try and escape Wentworth the first time with Sean's help only it backfired?
Linda got herself in debt by twenty thousand dollars because of her addiction to what?
What was the name of Marie's lawyer and who did he supposedly die?
Rodney Suicide
What was the first name of Liz's Son Artie's girlfriend who wanted to visit her in prison?
Which pair did Vera overhear on the phone having sex in the Governor's Office?
Marie and Will
Sean blackmailed Linda to change the roster so he covered which part of the prison?
Visitor's Entrance
Who was Liz's surprise visitor although she couldn't remember who they were?
What type of dramatic event did Sean cause in the last episodes of Season 7?
The brawler officers hid their guns and ammo inside a bag labelled what?
First Aid Kit
Which officer was taken hostage and pressed the panic button to alert Will?
Which room did Liz escape from leading to an officer getting knocked out by Sean?
Strip Search Room
When the prisoners tried to escape the laundry during the siege what did May drop on the floor that alerted Sean to what they were doing?
Which room was Rita locked in who told Will about Marie being behind the siege?
Admissions Holding Cell
Which two prisoners did Sean shoot dead in the laundry?
Kosta and May
What was the full name of the Special Operations Officer who was in charge of the police during the siege?
Rachel Marsh
What did Sean want the police to provide for him and Marie to escape?
What were the surnames of the two fake prison officers who aided Sean in the siege?
West and Hancock
How many weeks early was Vera when she went into labour?
Who admitted to killing Kaz?
What did the gunmen wear on their way to the roof so the police and Will wouldn't know Sean wasn't with them?
Prison uniform
What was the full name of Marie's protector on the outside who Sean was working for?
Michael Heston
And what was their job title?
Attorney General
Who delivered Vera's baby in the plant room and who assisted them?
Liz and Boomer
Who shot Marie in the leg and shot Sean dead?
What did Vera name her baby girl?
What did Liz suffer from after she suffered a stroke in Season 7?
Locked-In Syndrome
What did Boomer use to euthanize Liz to end her suffering?
Where was Rita moved to after the siege until Heston's trial?
Protective Custody
In the closing scenes of Season 7 Rita was riding in a police car past a homeless person but who was it?
In the opening scenes of Season 8 what type of store did two women rob which led to them ending up in Wentworth?
Jewellery Store
What was the full name of the woman who had been in Wentworth before and knew Boomer?
Louise Kelly
And what was the name of her partner who was transgender?
Rebecca Keane
Who was topdog at the beginning of Season 8?
What was Lou's nickname when she was in Wentworth before?
What was the full name of the new General Manager?
Ann Reynolds
Where did Vera and Ann first meet and become friends?
How much did Lou have to raise to pay for Reb's surgery?
Which finger of Lou's did Allie cut off with secateurs as revenge for Boomer?
When Vera returned to Wentworth what was her official job title?
Industries Officer
What happened that meant Marie could face life imprisonment?
Heston died
What were the prisoners sent to work in as market researchers?
Call Centre
Where did Ruby tell the cops she got her scar when Marie became suspicious that she killed her son?
Car Accident
Which two items did Lou and Reb use to hustle the women in the yard for money?
Pea and a cup
What was the first name of the man who beat up Ferguson as he knew the woman she killed?
Who saved Marie's life when she tried to kill herself in the gym?
What was the full name of the British hacker who came to Wentworth on terrorism charges?
Judy Bryant
What did this person suggest to Allie the inmates should do to complain about the poor food?
Hunger Strike
What did Boomer eat that gave her salmonella?
How did the police find out where Judy's laptop was hidden?
Bugged Allie's cell
Reb ended up in hospital after taking steroids which caused her to suffer from what?
What was the full name of the police officer who was working with Ann to ensure Judy got found guilty of terrorism?
Tony Cockburn
Which unit did Ann close to save money much to the dismay of the officers and inmates?
Protection Unit
How much money was found on Joe when he was arrested for bashing Ferguson?
The police revealed to Will,Jake and Vera that which former Prison Officer helped Ferguson cover up Kath's murder?
By what nickname did Judy's Father call her when Vera allowed her to phone him in London?
Who did Lou attack in the showers but Boomer thought it was Marie to blame?
What was the name written on the label of the bottle Jake stole from the medical room intending to kill Ferguson?
Who was the detective in charge of ensuring Ferguson went down for attempted murder?
Detective Collins
What did Boomer use as a distraction in the Auditorium so Judy could use Ann's laptop to find Rita's address?
Where did Will want Ferguson transferred to?
Judy ruined Ann's slideshow presentation by putting in a photocopied picture of what?
Boomer's bum
What was the full name of the inmate who Lou threatened to cut her fingers off if her brother didn't pay $5,000?
Zaina Saad
Then what did Lou use to threaten Boomer in the showers for information on who ruined Ann's slideshow?
Cigar Cutter
How did Miles assault Judy after slotting her leading her to be reprimanded by Vera and Will?
Pepper Spray
What was the first name of Ruby's boxing manager and sponsor who looked after her on day release and what time was her curfew?
Eddie 4pm
Which relative of Ann's was killed in a terrorist attack and what was their first name?
Daughter Charlotte
When Ruby met Rita and gave her the burner phone what relative's name did Rita tell her to put on her call list?
Auntie Mary
Rita's ex-colleague Jones rang her on the burner phone to blackmail her to change her statement because he had done what?
Kidnapped Ruby
Marie and Lou went into business together smuggling which drug into Wentworth?
What did Rita use to break her electronic tag off her leg so she could escape?
Ice pack
What was the full name of the inmate who Marie bashed after she tried to rape Reb?
Cynthia Rattray
When Ferguson returned to Wentworth she was confined to the psych unit as she was seemingly suffering from what?
Where did Eddie ask Jones to meet him to give him money owed for helping kidnap Ruby?
Williamstown Cemetary
Greg performed the Rorschach Test on Ferguson but what did she say she saw two of drinking from a fountain in the third image?
Baby Elephants
What did Allie try to do to Marie when she thought she had something to do with Ruby's disappearance?
Drown her
What was the full name of Rita's other ex-colleague who she shot whilst trying to rescue Ruby?
Paul Morelli
Once back at Wentworth Ruby lied and told everyone she missed curfew because she was what?
Where was Judy going to be extradited to?
United States
What was the name of the market research company the inmates worked for in the call centre?
Maynard Market Research
When Miles caught Judy trying to phone her Dad in the call centre who did she hit with her baton?
Which of the inmates became Ann's mole and protector of Ferguson and Marie?
What was the first name of Lou's younger brother?
What happened to Will when he went for a drink with Ann?
She tried to kiss him
Judy likened her lawyer to which type of British children's TV characters popular with toddlers?
What did Reb decide she wanted to be called after her transition?
Boomer flirted with a call centre customer and described herself as a 25 year-old blonde what?
Swimwear Model
And what was this customer's first name?
When Judy attacked Ann in the canteen what word did she say to her just as Ann had said the same to her earlier?
What did Ferguson steal from Greg's office?
What was the name of the mental health facility where Reb met Lou?
True Path Retreat
And what was the full name of the doctor who was in charge of this place?
Brian Mendel
What is the name of the condition that Reb suffers from?
Body Dysmorphia
What happened to Greg when he tried to stop Reb from walking out of her therapy session?
Got punched
How did Lou want Ferguson's help to get revenge on Greg for not helping Reb get her surgery?
Poison his tea
What was the full name of the new prisoner who was sent to prison for causing the mass murder of 9 people and theft?
Sheila Bausch
Which officer and inmate plotted together to try and film Ferguson to prove she was lying about her memory loss?
Vera and Allie
What did Gavin do to Boomer?
Catfished her
What was the full name of U.S General Secretary of Defense who was in Australia for a conference that Judy paid someone to shoot dead?
Michael Schwartz
Who stabbed Allie in the shower block?
What was the last thing we see Ferguson say to herself in the closing minutes of the final episode of Season 8?
I am The Freak
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