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Quiz by calebvue
Last updated: April 27, 2018
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First submittedApril 12, 2018
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What do you use to farm materials?
Place where chests are on boats?
Loot Lake
Daequan loves using
Double Pump
Grenades that launch you forward
Impulse Grenades
Place where Burger Joint is located that you can loot
Greasy Grove
Place where you can loot houses and stores
Retail Row
Place near middle of map and consists of 5 houses near a mountain
Salty Springs
Place that contains 3 big buildings with one chest each usually
Dusty Depot
Squeakers scream when they find a(type of gun)?
Myth loves
Useless gun that has unlimited ammo
A loot chain that gives you content that costs 10 dollars
Battle Pass
Place that consists of many houses with a soccer field
Pleasant Park
Place that many people love going to and get murked at with a city theme
Tilted Towers
Place that is located at top of map that is a farm
Anarchy Acres
Place that is surrounded by trees with a maze and treehouse in middle
Wailing Woods
What gives you 15 health every time you consume
What gives you 25 sheild every time you consume
Mini Shields
Place that contains many cars and "Junk"
Junk Junction
Place that contains a moisty environment with lots of trees
Moisty Mire
Throwable that makes you dance
Boogie Bomb
Strongest material in the game
Sniper that can shoot multiple times before reloading
Semi Auto Sniper
Max amount of people that can play in a match
What throwable can you throw to instantly create a base
Port A Fort
Type of sniper/rifle that can shoot once with no scope
Hunting Rifle
Sniper that can shoot once before reloading
Bolt Action Sniper
Consumable that gives you 25 health and shield over time
Slurp Juice
Developers that made fortnite
Epic Games
Place that is pretty quiet with huge tower and some trees with many cabins located there
Lonely Lodge
Place that contains a huge tomato
Tomato Town
Type of weapon in fortnite #8
Grenade Launcher
Type of shotgun #3
Heavy Shotgun
Type of shotgun #2
Tactical Shotgun
Type of shotgun #1
Pump Shotgun
Healing object that brings you to 100 health
Type of weapon in fortnite #9
Desert Eagle
Type of weapon in fortnite #7
Rocket Launcher
Type of weapon in fortnite #6
Type of weapon in fortnite #5
Type of weapon in fortnite #4
Type of weapon in fortnite #3
Type of weapon in fortnite #2
Type of weapon in fortnite #1
Assault Rifle
PVE version of fortnite
Save The World
Rarities of weapons in battle royale in order
Grey Green Blue Purple Gold
Skin that resembles Star Lord from guardians of the galaxy
Rust Lord
Ninja played with famous rapper
Tier 75 skin of battle pass sesaon 1
Black Knight
Max amount of resources you can carry for one type
Tier 100 skin of battle pass season 2
John Wick
Best White Fortnite player
Place that has 5 mansions, a rich community theme
Snobby Shores
Place that is located at bottom of map that is a farm
Fatal Fields
Consumable that brings you to 100 health and 100 shield
Chug Jug
Place that has horrible loot but is a "scary" place
Haunted Hills
Level 23
May 19, 2018
Ok so Great Quiz but has some issues: 1) The pickaxe is actually a Harvesting Tool, 2) The John Wick was the tier 100 for Season 3, not 2, 3) The desert eagle is called the Hand Cannon in game.
Level 23
May 19, 2018
Also the rarities in game are Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary not the colors