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65,2102020-07-21 Modern Day Countries of the Japanese Empire on a Map
51,8382020-10-19 Modern-Day Countries of the Umayyad Caliphate on a Map
42,4942020-09-09 Countries within the Arctic Circle - Map Quiz
23,7822023-10-21Singapore MRT Stations with a Map
16,4952023-03-06 Stacje metra Warszawy na mapie
13,9442020-08-10 Pays de l'Empire Japonais sur une carte
13,2622021-06-24 Pays modernes du Califat Omeyyade
10,9182020-05-01Modern Day Countries of the Mughal Empire on a Map
10,4852020-05-01Modern Day Countries of the Mauryan Empire on a Map
9,7512020-08-05Modern Day Countries of the Kushan Empire on a Map
6,3052022-05-08 Berliner U-Bahnhöfe auf einer Karte
3,5522021-05-02Category Elimination - Major World Languages
3,3892023-06-11 Helsingin metroasemat kartalla
3,1572021-09-26Cities with a Metro Rail System on a World Map
2,2462020-09-01Dynamite~ BTS lyrics
2,1612020-04-29Districts of Maharashtra Map Quiz
1,7072020-08-28Les Stations du Métro de Lille sur une carte
1,5852020-07-16Mutant Mammoth Countries by Map
1,5102021-12-30 Suomen seutukunnat kartalla
1,4722020-07-10 Estações do Metropolitano de Lisboa com um mapa
1,1652020-04-21Country by foods Picture quiz
1,1152021-04-18New York City Subway stations by Map
1,0912020-04-26Districts of West Bengal Map Quiz
9362021-06-09Berlin U-Bahn stations on a Map
9142021-01-24Districts of Kerala on a Map
8992021-06-07Butter BTS Lyrics
8822021-01-05Major Volcanoes of the World- clickable Map Quiz
8342021-12-24 Estaciones del Metro de la Ciudad de México en un Mapa
8062022-06-07 Amsterdamse Metrostations op een Kaart
7682019-05-11Pays par aliments photo Quiz
7672020-04-27Districts of Uttar Pradesh Map Quiz
7302020-11-27Districts of Rajasthan on a Map
6342021-03-27Districts of Karnataka on a Map
5352021-09-18Landmarks of India by Picture Quiz
5342020-10-24Delhi Metro Stations by Map Quiz
5022023-05-16Random Hiragana practice
4922020-11-26Districts of Gujarat on a Map
4552020-05-04Amsterdam Metro Stations on a Map
4412020-07-05Middle Eastern Geography on a Map
4322020-04-22Vehicles by Picture
4032020-09-24Longest Air Routes in the World
3782018-10-21Trains by country
3732019-06-18Indian City Nicknames Quiz
3572021-11-10Current Heads of Asian States by Picture
3412020-12-25Cities by Emojis
3362020-07-10Lisbon Metro Stations with a Map
3172020-05-09Indian cities by a clue
3142017-10-27Most Guessed Indian cities
3032020-01-10Tasty Foods Tiles Quiz
2912020-04-14Chicago "L" Stations on a Map
2862019-06-11Sydney by Picture
2722019-08-11Hyderabad Metro Stations by Map Quiz
2542020-06-05Busiest Railway Stations in Europe
2432020-05-03Dubai by Picture
2412021-01-25Category Elimination - States of India
2382020-05-17Mumbai by picture
2272018-05-23Capital Cities of different things
2252020-11-25Districts of Delhi - Map Quiz
2242018-03-09Cities by Rail transit logos
2212020-06-12Biggest Cities once under the Japanese Empire on a Map
2212020-05-30Equatorial Countries with an empty Map
2192021-06-23Anime Titles by Synonyms
2012018-06-19Countries by Railway logos
2012020-08-24Helsinki Metro Stations on a Map
1992020-06-23Tokyo Subway Stations by Map Quiz
1902020-05-13Natural Disasters by picture
1862020-05-04Warsaw Metro Stations on a Map
1852019-08-29Union Cabinet Ministers of India
1842018-03-09World Cities by Rail transit picture
1782019-12-04Pays avec réseau ferroviaire à grande vitesse
1752018-03-10Indian Cities by picture quiz
1692020-11-02Stations on the Trans-Siberian Railway on a Map
1602020-05-14Biggest Cities ending with the following words
1522018-05-11The New Seven Wonders of the World by Pictures
1502019-02-08Languages by Cities - Picture Quiz
1492018-01-27Indian States by Cuisine
1482021-02-21Random Numerals in Devanagari
1442021-03-31Trains and Locomotives by Picture
1422019-04-12Languages by Cities
1412019-06-04West Bengal or Bangladesh
1362018-03-24Highest Grossing Anime Movies
1352019-06-07Anime by Anime Characters
1332022-03-22Rapid Transit Trivia
1302018-12-24Most Guessed Japanese Cities
1282021-04-17IUCN Red List categories by Plant and Animal species
1192021-02-13Scripts by Picture
1182020-04-20Largest cities inside the Arctic Circle on a Map
1142020-03-25Biogeographic realms of the world by Map
1122019-11-08Countries without a Rail Network
1112018-12-10Languages by Pictures
1102021-12-24Mexico City Metro Stations on a Map
1102018-10-13Bengali Poets by their Pen names
1082020-03-25Biggest city of every continent by Map
1082021-11-26Countries by its Railways- Picture
1012021-09-03Countries of the World Quiz by International Country Codes
992019-05-13Indian Railways trivia
972019-03-19Largest cities of West Bengal
922018-07-27English Words of Indian Origin
912021-03-25MCU characters by their Actors Picture
912021-05-07Geography of West Bengal on a Map
852018-05-18Downtown areas of major World Cities
832020-12-19States of India by Emojis
832018-12-10Shinkansen Trivia
832019-01-09Tokyo By Picture
822019-06-27Biggest Cities in India by Letter - A
812020-05-01Country by foods Picture quiz #2
792019-03-15Random India's State Capitals to State
782020-04-22Cities with the largest Tram Networks
782019-06-28Mumbai Metro Stations by Map
772021-05-19Most spoken languages by Suffixes
772020-05-22Biggest Cities in the Tropics on a World Map
772019-01-11Countries by its High Speed Railways-Picture
742017-10-27Largest cities on the bank of these rivers.
742020-12-26Name a Valid Indian State or Union Territory
732020-07-21Countries by slum population
712021-12-30Sub-regions of Finland on a Map
712020-08-04Maharashtra Trivia
712019-04-16Beijing by Picture
702018-01-06Busiest Stations of Indian Railways
672018-06-28Railway stations by cities
662018-05-19Word Scramble - Languages
662018-03-13Cities by Rail transit logo #2
652019-02-06Railway Stations By Cities- Picture
632019-05-13World's busiest Commuter Rail systems
632022-12-02Indian States by Wikipedia Descriptions
632019-08-10Chennai Metro Stations by Map Quiz
632020-04-15Biggest transborder Urban Areas
622018-02-25World's Fastest Trains
612019-04-17Countries by most drinks produce
572019-01-13Buildings to City- Multiple Choice
562020-05-13World's busiest Railway Stations
552021-09-14Les cinq académies de l'Institut de France
552022-01-18World Cities by Rail transit picture #2
542020-01-20Chief Ministers of Indian States
502020-04-01States and Union Territories of India by Pun clues MCQ
492019-05-20विश्व के हरएक देश
482020-04-14Ingrédients of a Classic French Baguette
462018-05-25World Cities by Rail transit pictures #3
462018-09-17Kolkata by Pictures
452018-03-08US cities by rail transit picture
452019-08-06Indian Cities to States Random Quiz
452019-05-13Kolkata Trivia
452019-05-13West Bengal Trivia
442020-03-11Common Bengali words
412020-12-12Cities in their native languages
412019-08-02Biggest Cities in Uttar Pradesh
412018-03-08Asian Cities by picture
402019-06-29Biggest Cities in India by Letter - C
382019-06-03Mumbai Monorail Stations by Map
372020-06-08The United Nations Organization Quiz
362019-01-19Languages by Cities-Picture Quiz #2
362018-01-29The only Asian Capital....
352021-02-04Countries by Military Flags
342020-11-05Japanese Cities by clues
342019-06-27Biggest Cities in India by Letter - B
342020-04-27Biggest cities in West Bengal on a Map
332020-05-02Cities by Rail transit logo #3
322023-03-06National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries of India on a Map
322020-03-19Biggest States and Provinces in the World
322020-06-29Map Projections by Pictures
312020-05-12Cities in Canada by their Nicknames
302019-06-30Biggest Cities in India by Letter- D
302019-03-27Asia by Picture
302020-09-01Landmarks of India by picture #2
292017-11-14Presidents of India
292020-10-29Random Numbers from Bengali to English
292021-02-12Flags of Countries containing Stars with the most points
292021-09-08Japanese prefectures Flag-Shape Picture quiz
282022-10-22Cities in Kolkata Metropolitan Area by Map
282022-06-26Countries with the most Unicorn Start-up Companies
272019-11-15Cities by Temples Picture Quiz
262021-06-23Fairy Tail: Countries of Ishgar on a Map
262018-08-01US Cities by Rail transit Picture #2
262020-11-07Landmarks of India by picture #3
252018-01-10The Mixed Railway Trivia
252020-08-29Venues of every Non Aligned Movement Summit conferences
242020-04-28West Bengal by pictures
242021-07-28States of India on a Cow
242017-11-05Kolkata Metro Stations
232021-01-26Far Eastern Cities by clue
222020-04-22Rail Transport vehicles by Picture
222020-05-10Cities in the Middle East by Clue
202019-04-18Lucknow Metro Stations by Map Quiz
202019-06-01Namma Metro Stations by Map (Bengaluru)
192020-05-02Cities in West Bengal by pictures
192019-05-139 Navratnas of Mughal emperor Akbar
192020-05-03Country by Travel Slogans
182023-01-02Longest Trains of Indian Railways
172020-04-25Countries with Polio
152019-11-27Trigonometric Multiple Angles~ Multiple choice
152020-03-06Map types by picture
142022-04-01Vatican City Metro Stations on a Map
112020-10-25Karst landforms by picture
32021-04-16States of the Land of the Holy Cows on a Map
22020-05-24বাংলাদেশের বৃহত্তম শহর সমূহ
22020-03-11भारतीय राज्यके राजधानी नगर
12021-01-02বঙ্গোপসাগরের দেশ মানচিত্রের সঙ্গে
12020-10-30পশ্চিমবঙ্গের বৃহত্তম শহর সমূহ (মানচিত্রের সঙ্গে)
02022-10-08The 10 principal Upanishads
02020-03-11ভারতীয় রাজ্যের রাজধানী নগর
02020-05-22ভারতের সীমান্ত দেশ