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63,0152019-10-02 Fruits: No Vowels
52,1572019-07-23 Top 20 Fruits Sold in the U.S.
46,8732020-04-27 Vegetables: No Vowels
46,8572019-07-09 Capital Cities with Spanish Names
41,7462021-04-09 Cyprus to New Zealand Island Nation Chain
38,6742023-11-19 "Second Best" Geography Edition #1
36,9022021-05-09 Animals: No Vowels
33,6372021-06-22 What's In The Middle?
27,3172021-08-18 Animal Stereotypes
21,6802024-02-27 If Colombia Is Morocco...
20,1192019-10-14 Mono Words
19,5432019-07-22 Top 20 Vegetables Sold in the U.S.
18,8882019-08-24 Classic Movies by Movie Posters
18,5062020-07-08 Things that Live Under The Sea
18,2632022-10-24 Body Parts - No Vowels
17,2502020-03-12 The World's Most Important Staple Crops
14,3692021-04-09 Bahamas to Singapore Island Nation Chain
11,7072019-11-19 "In" Sayings #1
11,3242019-08-19 Top Jobs Mentioned in Song Lyrics
10,9472021-04-17 Similes In Popular Songs
10,8452022-02-01World Languages with an Empty Map
9,6882020-11-19 Body in the Answers
9,4022019-08-07 Words That End in U
3,5872019-11-30Fruits: No Vowels #2
3,2372020-06-25Logos Close Up #1
2,6382019-06-26Country Alphabet Challenge
2,6322020-02-19Animals: No Vowels #2
2,4682020-05-27Medical Terminology A-Z
2,4242020-02-09Flags of Unrecognized States
2,4062021-07-13What's In The Middle? #2
2,2102021-09-10Most Famous People in the World (No Vowels)
2,0052020-02-20Car Brands: No Vowels
1,9852021-01-12U.S. Cities With Spanish Names
1,9652019-11-30Vegetables: No Vowels #2
1,8212019-11-14Colors: No Vowels
1,6642019-10-02No Vowels Allowed
1,6442019-05-18World Currencies with an Empty Map
1,5362019-02-10How Strong is Your Vocabulary?
1,5322020-02-20Car Brands: No Vowels #2
1,4982020-11-18World Religions With An Empty Map
1,4392019-10-17Top 20 Most Popular Car Brands In The U.S.
1,4292019-08-26Classic Movies by Movie Posters #2
1,4102021-08-26Most Visited Countries In Many Categories
1,3622019-05-10The G.O.A.T.s of Boxing
1,3012021-12-03Countries Where Christmas is Not a Public Holiday
1,2882020-03-12"Second Best" General Knowledge
1,2732021-08-23Countries By The Periodic Table
1,2182021-07-16What's In The Middle? (Movie Titles)
1,1862019-06-12Logos Close Up #2
1,0632021-07-0512 Modern Day European Countries That Existed in 1444
1,0212021-08-31That Can't Be True! #2
9652019-02-10Can You Solve Gullum's Riddles? (LOTR Fans)
9212021-07-14What's In the Middle (Song Titles)
9012020-06-09Countries of the World (No Vowels)
8852021-04-09Former Sovereign Island Nations
8752021-05-29Movie Logos Close Up
8732021-08-17That Can't Be True!
8582021-03-31Countries By Largest Island
8492021-08-22Countries by Arctic Perspective
7492021-06-04Rhymes With Hair
7412020-06-07Maps of World Regions
6962019-08-17Mythical Creatures Photo Quiz
6962021-04-23Countries That Use the Dollar
6932020-02-16Countries Smaller Than Rhode Island
6762021-03-19What's Missing?
6492021-08-31The Selfie That Broke The Internet
6372019-05-16Classic Toys
6242019-05-06What's Next?
6152021-10-17You Can't Sit With Us!: Countries That Do Not Recognize China (PRC)
6142021-04-09Island Countries With Man-Made Links To Continents
5892021-06-03National Animals with an Empty Map
5752021-11-17Rhymes With Feet
5702021-11-18Rhymes With Bread
5672019-05-10The G.O.A.T.s of MMA
5512019-06-11Famous Faces
5392020-10-29Top 10 Causes of Death in USA
5192019-05-10The G.O.A.T.s of NASCAR
5162021-07-20What's in the Middle (The Americas)
5142021-03-2510 Tips to Get Your Jetpunk Quiz Featured
5052019-04-18Who Wrote These Classic Books?
5042021-04-13Top 10 Most Hated Foods in the U.S.
4942019-11-19"In" Sayings #2
4882019-06-24Predominant Ethnicity By U.S. State
4872021-05-20Songs With Animals In The Lyrics
4772019-07-17Inanimate Objects With Body Parts
4722019-06-1310 Most Popular Ethnic Foods in the United States
4642021-08-31Capitals by The Periodic Table
4512019-05-10The G.O.A.T.s of Soccer
4292020-08-01Rhymes With Crash
4232019-05-10The G.O.A.T.s of Basketball
4202020-01-24Countries of the World By 1st Two Letters (MAP)
4122019-05-11Would you be a hero in a medical emergency?
4082020-05-27Name the Cartoon Characters (Photos)
4022019-08-18Best Actress Oscar Winners by Photo (2019-2000)
4002020-01-14Top 11 Languages Spoken in Europe
3942021-06-05Fruit and Vegetables Associations
3922020-08-18Rhymes With Door
3842019-06-25Ultimate World Geography Quiz with an Empty Map
3822019-06-10How Much Do You Know About Arabic?
3822019-10-31Top 5 Safest Countries by Region (2019 Data)
3812021-06-23If Jay Z is John Lennon...
3772021-06-30If Hawaii is Bali
3712021-05-04James Brown to Mark Twain (Word Chain)
3652020-08-23Rhymes With Black
3642019-08-18Best Actor Oscar Winners by Photo (1979-1960)
3562020-07-15Things That Are Dead
3552019-05-13Top 10 Countries to be Hardest Hit by Climate Change
3542019-07-05Geography A to Z #1
3532019-08-18Best Actor Oscar Winners by Photo (1999-1980)
3462019-05-10The G.O.A.T.s of Skateboarding
3452019-08-18Best Actress Oscar Winners by Photo (1999-1980)
3452021-03-25Rhymes With Light
3422019-08-18Best Actor Oscar Winners by Photo (2019-2000)
3412019-06-01Genocides and Atrocities
3412020-06-11Country By Architecture
3352019-09-24Capital Cities By First Two Letters (MAP)
3352021-04-18Alliteration in Popular Songs
3292019-06-26Famous Movie Quotes #1
3282019-07-17Commonly Confused Idioms
3252020-08-05Rhymes With Grin
3232019-08-18Best Actress Oscar Winners by Photo (1979-1960)
3202019-08-28Countries Jesus Visited
3102021-05-29Logos Up Close #3
3092021-05-23Which Film Won? (1930-1958)
3082021-02-11Nerds General Knowledge Quiz
3082019-08-18Best Actress Oscar Winners by Photo (1959-1940)
3022019-07-16Top 10 Countries With Most Endangered Languages
2992019-06-1110 Most Popular Things in the World
2972020-01-05Presidential First Names
2972020-08-21Rhymes With Chick
2942020-01-13Top Eleven Languages Spoken in Africa
2932019-12-26Hindi and Urdu Loan Words
2902019-11-09Things That Come In Threes
2862020-08-19Rhymes With Bees
2832020-07-31Rhymes With Time
2812019-07-2910 Most Common Reasons for Divorce
2732019-07-23Most Consumed Drinks in the World
2722020-08-23Rhymes With Clam
2692020-03-12Things You Should Not Feed Dogs
2642019-06-11Top 10 Most Visited Websites in the World in 2018
2642019-09-21Things That Are "Happy"
2592019-05-10The G.O.A.T.s of Baseball
2592020-08-18Rhymes With Ear
2572020-08-22Rhymes With Brain
2552019-05-20ISO Country Codes with an Empty Map
2542019-06-26The World's Population By Eye Color
2492020-08-01Rhymes With Fly
2482020-12-22Capitals of the World with an Empty Map
2482020-12-28Geography A to Z # 3
2452020-08-01Rhymes With Pay
2442019-06-15What is Each U.S. State Famous For?-Empty Map
2432019-08-18Best Actor Oscar Winners by Photo (1959-1940)
2402020-08-05Rhymes With Bone
2392019-10-12First Names That Are Homophones
2382019-05-2223 Oldest Words in the English Language
2342019-07-2910 Most Successful Music Artists by Decade
2342019-08-18Best Actress Oscar Winners by Photo (1939-1928)
2332019-05-27Top 10 Longest Living Animals
2312020-08-18Rhymes With Beak
2262019-08-30Eggs 12 Ways
2242020-06-11Things That Are Hot
2182021-06-04Rhymes With Flea
2172019-10-20Synonyms A-Z
2172020-08-03Rhymes With Hot
2172020-08-20Rhymes With Skate
2152020-01-01Countries of the World Without Vowels- Empty Map
2122021-05-04Periodic Table By First Two Letters
2112019-05-10The G.O.A.T.s of American Football
2112019-12-2610 Most Celebrated Holidays in the World
2102019-02-10Can You Solve These Clever Riddles?
2102020-08-19Rhymes With Bean
2082019-09-12Animal Compound Words
2032020-02-11Top 4 Most Dangerous Countries for Aid Workers
2022019-08-29Potatoes 12 Ways
2012019-08-04Movies by Synopsis
2002019-06-2410 Largest Ancestry Groups In The U.S.
1982019-05-18Science Questions You Should Know
1962019-05-0925 Most Popular Animals On Google Search
1962019-05-309 Easiest Languages for English Speakers to Learn
1942019-05-10The G.O.A.T.s of Tennis
1932019-02-05Guess the Person Using FIRST NAMES of Famous Black People
1922020-08-22Rhymes With Crow
1832020-08-03Rhymes With Grow
1812019-08-18Best Actor Oscar Winners by Photo (1939-1928)
1802019-10-17A-Z Top First Names Over the Last 100 Years
1802019-10-20Synonyms A-Z #2
1802020-08-04Rhymes With Out
1802021-02-27Food True or False?
1802021-06-03State Fruits, Veggies and Nuts With an Empty Map
1792019-08-0952 Mononymous Celebrties in 4 Minutes (Photos)
1782019-06-069 Countries That Have Tried Socialism
1782019-09-18Words With "GH"
1772021-02-21Five Letter Word Chain (FOOD)
1762021-08-06Two Word Junk Foods
1752021-02-21Decipher the Letter
1752021-05-07The Brain Quiz
1742019-06-26Classic Hollywood Stars
1732019-10-11Movies: No Vowels
1672019-07-28Famous Movie Quotes #2
1672020-07-13What Came First? #2
1662019-06-2610 Nations That Went from Rags to Riches
1662019-10-24European Capital Cities NOT Beginning With...
1662021-06-22Road Trip: Helsinki to Cape Town
1652019-05-10The G.O.A.T.s of Swimming
1652019-05-10The G.O.A.T.s of Figure Skating
1652019-06-1310 Longest Sleeping Animals
1652019-10-21Synonyms A-Z #3
1622021-03-27Animals: Real or Fake?
1602020-07-214 Oldest Currencies Still In Use
1592020-06-18Nursery Rhymes By Photo
1572019-06-0710 Most Common Addictions in the U.S.
1572020-01-10Antonyms A to Z
1512019-05-24Top 15 Bicycle Brands
1492020-08-22Rhymes With One Syllable Countries
1492021-11-15Countries Alphabetized By Proximity #1
1482019-07-29Most Famous Celebrity of Every Decade Since 1900
1482020-07-31Rhymes With You
1462019-08-0424 Two-Letter Words in 2 Minutes
1462021-06-23Geography True/False
1452019-10-31The Human Body A-Z
1432021-02-01Complete These Groups of Four
1432019-05-19Greatest Rivalries of All Time
1432020-06-16Unscramble Colors
1422019-07-16Languages That Contribute The Most To English
1412019-08-23Tricky Demonyms
1402019-12-125 letter Words Beginning With BL-
1402020-07-21Country Endonyms #1
1402021-03-29"B" Antonyms
1382020-08-0710 Deadliest Epidemics
1382020-02-11Hit Songs With One Word Titles
1372019-05-12Top 5 Capital Cities with Highest Muder Rates
1372019-08-11Ten Most Visited Monuments In The World
1372019-10-20Classic TV Shows
1362019-05-05What Came First?
1362019-05-10The G.O.A.T.s of Golf
1362019-05-28Key Moments in World History
1362019-06-30Company Name Etymologies
1352019-06-29Capital Cities With 5 or More Syllables
1342019-07-28Famous Movie Quotes #3
1342019-08-22Popular Sitcoms By Main Characters
1342019-11-06Body Part Idioms
1342019-12-17Famous People By First Names A-Z
1342021-06-05Complete Famous Lyrics
1332021-06-19The 11 U.S. Federal Holidays
1312019-05-05The 16 African Nations Visited by U.S. Presidents
1302019-06-14America's Favorite Cookies
1282019-07-28Oscar Winning Films To Actor Match #1
1272019-05-28Most Popular Cities For Filming Movies
1262021-05-28Most Popular Thanksgiving Dishes
1242019-05-31Celebrities Close Up
1242019-07-11Difficult Words To Spell
1242019-07-16Geography A-Z #2
1242019-09-04Countries By Number of Borders
1232019-06-0810 Countries That Still Use Child Soldiers
1222019-06-21Countries in Macedonia
1222020-01-24Countries of the World By Last 2 Letters (MAP)
1212019-05-10The G.O.A.T.s of Gymnastics
1212019-06-23Escape From Ottawa to Brasília
1202019-08-29Most Popular Cities To Visit In The World
1202021-04-16Native Languages of The World's Most Famous People
1202021-08-12Muslim Majority Countries (MAP)
1192019-12-16How Clever Are You?
1182020-06-26Weirdest Foods From Around the World #1
1182019-05-3012 Most Popular Books of All Time
1182019-06-12How Much Do You Know About Dogs?
1182020-08-23Rhymes With One Syllable Capital Cities
1182021-03-27"B" Synonyms
1182021-05-19Simple English to Spanish Vocabulary (A-Z)
1172019-06-0612 Longest Running Film Franchises
1162019-05-11U.S. States Named After European Royalty
1162021-03-28"A" Synonyms
1162021-03-30"N" Antonyms
1142021-03-29"C" Antonyms
1132019-05-22Countries With U.S. Military Bases
1132021-03-29"A" Antonyms
1132021-03-29"D" Antonyms
1122019-05-10The G.O.A.T.s of Hockey
1122019-09-21Things That Are "Bad"
1122019-10-21Antonyms A-Z
1122021-04-26The Human Body: True or False
1112019-06-23Countries Without a U.S. Embassy or Consulate
1102019-08-24Movies A-Z
1102019-10-23Three Cities, One Country, No Capitals
1092019-06-26Name That Person Using Geography #1
1092019-10-309 Countries That Dissolved in the 20th Century
1082019-07-11The World's Top 5 "Wildest" Countries
1082019-07-27Oscar Winning Films To Actor Match #2
1082020-07-19Countries: Afrikaans to English
1072019-01-28Word Chain 2
1072019-05-16Not Knowing This Survival Information Could Kill You
1062019-05-18The World's Most Valuable Brands By Country
1062019-05-31Words Without Conventional Vowels (A,E,I,O,U)
1062019-07-126 Major U.S. Political Scandals
1062019-09-19Great Actor Filmographies
1052019-05-095 Most "Useless" Body Parts
1052020-01-19Famous People Named After Places
1052020-02-11Famous People By Last Names
1052021-03-25Countries Ending in "A" But Not "IA"
1052021-03-28Proposed Jewish States
1052021-03-29"F" Antonyms
1042019-02-17True or False Obscure Trivia
1042019-05-28Languages Spoken By the Countries in the Ring
1042019-06-15U.S. State Nick Names-Empty Map
1042020-01-29Food Idioms
1042021-03-08Geography in 5 Letters or Less A-Z (Photos)
1032019-07-12Countries With Territories/Dependencies in the Caribbean
1032019-11-11Weather A-Z
1032020-01-16Films by Historical Events
1032021-04-07Countries and Capitals Containing MAN/MEN
1022019-10-24European Countries NOT Beginning With...
1022021-03-27"F" Synonyms
1012019-08-0424 Three-Letter Words in 3 Minutes
1012021-03-055 Letter S Words (Photos)
1002019-06-09How Much Do You Know About English?
1002020-01-17Nations With the Lowest Birth Rates
1002019-07-14Jetpunk Interesting Facts Quiz #1
1002019-12-18Famous People By First Names A-Z #2
992019-05-09Sayings With Body Parts
992021-03-25Jetpunk Featured Quiz Challenge #1
992020-06-02Countries That Border Exclaves and Enclaves
992020-01-1220 Most Powerful Countries
992021-03-29"E" Antonyms
982019-06-29The World's Top 10 Favorite Music Genres
982019-08-10Main Ingredients in Beer
982021-02-12Names in Cliches, Idioms and Phrases
982021-04-05Biblical Idioms
972019-06-05Words Composed of the 1st Two Letters of Countries
972019-08-19Surgical Terms
972021-03-045 Letter B Words (Photos)
972021-03-29"M" Synonyms
972021-03-30"M" Antonyms
972021-08-05Name a Country in Each Region
962021-07-08Close Up Animal Chain
962019-10-17Celebrities Named After Geographical Locations (Photos)
962020-07-21Country Endonyms #2
962021-02-22Capitals Ending with Double Consonants
962021-03-28"E" Synonyms
962021-06-18Geographical Locations starting with C
952019-06-25Space Quiz
952021-05-09Terrible Poetry Meets Geography
952019-10-24Idioms by Synonyms
952021-03-025 Letter C Words (Photos)
952021-05-18China or Japan?
942019-07-13Company Logo to Country Match
932019-06-1322 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Sleep
932019-12-05Number Idioms
932019-12-105 Letter Words Beginning With CH-
932021-03-085 Letter F Words (Photos)
932021-08-23Cartoon Characters
922019-05-11The G.O.A.T.s of Rap
922021-03-065 Letter O Words (Photos)
912019-09-21Things That Are "Good"
902021-08-17That Can't Be True! #4
902019-06-03Google Translate Romance Languages
902020-07-08Movie Posters By Country
902021-03-27"C" Synonyms
892019-06-1910 Things That Have Hardly Changed In 100 Years
892021-03-28"G" Synonyms
892021-06-18Geographical Locations starting with A
892021-06-21Things That Happen In The U.S. That Confuse Other Nations
892021-07-05Celebrities With Same Last Name (Tile Select)
882019-09-249 Cities That Were Destroyed And Rebuilt
882019-12-09Countries by Ethnic Makeup
882020-01-29No Visa Required
882021-03-055 Letter L Words (Photos)
882021-04-14Things That Are Mistaken For Each Other
872019-06-20Countries At War Right Now
872020-07-02Countries With Unique National Animals
872021-03-065 Letter H Words (Photos)
862019-05-19Countries That Legally Recognize Sign Language
862019-09-12Incomplete Idioms
862019-10-23Three Cities, One Country, No Capitals #2
862019-12-11Country Name Etymologies
862021-03-065 Letter N Words (Photos)
852021-08-17That Can't Be True! #3
852021-03-29Most Populous Mammals on Earth
852019-11-25Last Names That Started As Professions
852020-02-14"No" Idioms
852020-07-31Countries and Capitals Ending in -U
852021-03-09One Word Movie Titles (Photos) #1
852021-03-28"L" Synonyms
852021-06-18Geographical Locations starting with S
852021-10-28Countries With The Same 1st Three Letters
842019-10-17What Were Their First Names?
842020-01-12Richest Countries With Highest Poverty Levels
842020-02-07Words Ending In O (A-Z)
842021-03-013 Letter Words Ending With E (photos)
842021-03-075 Letter E Words (Photos)
842021-03-22U.S. Presidents Most Often Portrayed In Films
832019-06-07Find the Countries Scrambled Up In These Words
832021-03-30"L" Antonyms
832021-06-18Geographical Locations starting with B
822019-07-30What Country Is Missing? (A-E)
822019-08-26Crime and Justice Vocabulary
822021-03-115 Letter A Words (Photos)
822021-03-28"H" Synonyms
822021-04-1510 Weakest World Currencies in 2021
822021-04-1510 Strongest World Currencies in 2021
822021-06-27Strange Laws From Around The World
822021-10-20The Only Country
812019-06-21Countries in The United States of America
812019-07-12Color Mixing Challenge
812020-06-06A Country and a Capital A-Z
812021-03-075 Letter P Words (Photos)
812021-03-28"D" Synonyms
812021-10-205 Letter Country: Fill In The Blank
802019-08-22Famous Spouses
802020-01-15Idioms A-Z
802021-03-27"I" Synonyms
802021-03-28"N" Synonyms
802021-04-145 Largest Cities In The World (A-B-C)
792019-02-12Idioms of Impossibility/Improbability
792019-06-0115 of The Largest Sea Animals In The World
792021-03-28"J" Synonyms
792021-03-29"G" Antonyms
782019-05-22Dictator to Country Match
782019-10-24African Countries NOT Beginning With...
782020-07-19Countries: Danish to English
782020-08-13Famous Artists By Self Portraits
782021-06-18Geographical Locations Starting with N
782021-10-22Geographical Locations starting with P
782021-06-18Geographical Locations Starting with T
782021-08-15One Country To Rule Them All
782021-10-23Countries By Richest People
772019-08-12M&Ms Colors
772019-10-24Asian Countries NOT Beginning With...
772021-03-075 Letter D Words (Photos)
772021-03-2315 Largest African Countries By Size (Area)
772021-06-18Geographical Locations starting with Q and R
772021-08-15World Cities General Knowledge
762019-02-11Classic TV Quiz
762019-08-11Most Common American Movie Theater Food
762019-10-23Three Cities, One Country, No Capitals #3
762021-02-19Rhyming Compound Words
762020-01-15Idioms A-Z #2
762020-05-08The United States: A to Z
762020-06-24Ethnic Groups by Country (Photos)
762020-07-21Capital City Endonyms #1
762021-03-055 Letter G Words (Photos)
762021-03-28"K" Synonyms
762021-03-30"H" Antonyms
752019-07-25Countries with the Lowest Percentage of Women
752019-08-16Most Consumed Item From Each Food Group
752019-12-28Words Invented by Shakespeare
752021-05-10Countries Named After Tribes and Geographical Features
752021-06-18Geographical Locations starting with U, V, W
742019-08-28Singers Who Also Act
742019-10-16What Language Is This?
742019-12-03Answers Are Numbers Quiz
742020-11-0310 Most Smuggled Things In The World
742021-03-055 Letter M Words (Photos)
742021-06-18Geographical Locations Starting with F
742021-06-17Geographical Locations Starting with I and J
742021-06-19Geographical Locations starting with X, Y, Z
732019-06-2610 Foods That Never (or Almost Never) Expire
732019-05-23What Are These Groups Called?
732019-08-11Capital Cities with a K in Its Spelling
732019-08-19Back-to-Back Best Actor Oscar Winners
732020-01-29-IA Countries By Continent
732021-06-18Geographical Locations starting with O
732021-08-29Colors: True or False
722019-05-28Change 1 Letter to Get a New Word
722019-08-06Who/What Is Missing? #2
722019-08-21Compound Word Chain Quiz
722019-08-23The 8 Foreign Born U.S. Presidents
722020-02-16" And" Idioms #2
722021-03-28"T" Synonyms
722021-03-30"O" Antonyms
722021-05-28Countries of Europe (ABC)
722021-06-18Geographical Locations Starting with D and E
722021-08-03Countries Missing One of Their Official Languages
712019-10-147 Fastest Spoken Languages in the World
712020-06-03Historical Events In Art
712021-03-085 Letter W Words (Photos)
712021-03-30"S" Antonyms
712021-04-23Mistaken Geography
712021-06-18Geographical Locations Starting with H
702019-02-02How Clever Are You #2
702019-07-24Celebrity Siblings
702019-08-09Movie Co-stars
702019-08-18Countries in the European Space Agency (ESA)
702019-09-19Great Actress Filmographies
702019-10-08Mountain Ranges By Countries
702020-07-21Country Endonyms #3
702021-03-075 Letter R Words (Photos)
702021-03-075 Letter K Words (Photos)
702021-04-05Biblical Idioms #2
702021-07-27Celebrities With Capital City Names
702021-08-13Countries and Capitals With J
692019-05-20Asian Countries Ending in -AN
692019-06-04Geography Quiz
692021-03-12Who/What Is Missing? #1
692020-01-24Words Ending in -IA
692020-06-11Synonyms By 1st Letter
692021-03-09One Word Movie Titles (Photos) #2
692021-03-28"S" Synonyms
692021-03-30"J" Antonyms
692021-04-14Countries and Capitals Ending With I
692021-06-18Geographical Locations Starting with M
692021-06-2410 Most Common Birds In The World
692021-08-21Countries Ending With "S"
682019-05-05Countries Without Airports
682019-07-30What Country Is Missing? (S-Z)
682019-10-22Countries Missing First Syllables (Photos)
682019-10-31Space A-Z
682020-07-30You Figure It Out! #1
682021-02-23Countries By Movie Plots
682021-06-24Famous People In Two Words
682021-06-24Countries By Two Word Descriptions
682021-08-05Name a Country in Each Mountain Range
672020-04-079 Smallest Countries By Geographic Region
672019-05-31Animals that are Vectors for Diseases
672019-07-16Word Count Down
672019-08-03Deadliest Modes of Motorized Transportation
672019-08-17Famous Pairings
672021-02-06Jetpunk Countries of the World Acronyms
672021-03-045 Letter T Words (Photos)
672021-03-045 Letter J Words (Photos)
672021-03-085 Letter Words A-Z (New Words)(Photos)
672021-03-31"W" Antonyms
662019-06-04Countries With Mandatory Military Service
662021-02-02Country Shape to Capital Match (All Countries)
662019-08-08Who, Where, When, What?
662020-05-07Complete These Famous Catch Phrases #1
662020-07-21Country Endonyms #4
662021-03-29"P" Synonyms
662021-03-30"R" Antonyms
662021-06-18Geographical Locations Starting with K and L
662021-06-18Geographical Locations Starting with G
652020-01-24Presidents By Historical Event
652019-11-03Random U.S. President Scramble
652020-01-08Medical Specialties Challenge
652020-02-05Country Shaped Flags #1
652021-03-30"I" Antonyms
652021-10-18Countries By World News Headlines
652021-11-01Geography by 3 Clues
642019-07-19Some of the Oldest Subway Systems in the World
642019-08-12Cat and Dog Idioms
642019-08-14Last Syllable Chain Quiz #1
642019-12-28Countries With The Most
642020-02-10Coronavirus FAQs
642021-04-19Famous Biblical Figures
642021-05-17What Came First? (1st Century-Modern Day)
632019-08-06Jetpunk Featured Quiz Challenge #2
632020-01-17Countries That Take the Most Immigrants
632020-02-16Spanish Vocabulary (Food)
632020-07-02Three of a Kind (Geography Edition)
632021-03-09One Word Movie Titles (Photos) #3
632021-03-2415 Largest European Countries By Size (Area)
632021-03-30"P" Antonyms
632021-03-30"T" Antonyms
632021-05-02The Only Two
622019-02-14Weirdest Foods From Around the World #2
622019-05-12Which invention came first?
622019-08-09Supermodels Married to Rock Stars
622020-01-10-ocracies: Types of Government Rule
622020-02-16"And" Idioms
622020-06-18How Many Countries Start With...
622021-03-065 Letter V Words (Photos)
622021-03-2415 Smallest European Countries By Size (Area)
622021-03-28"R" Synonyms
622021-03-30"K" Antonyms
622021-04-145 Largest Cities In The World (J-K-L)
622021-06-20Road Trip: Key Largo to Vancouver Island
622021-06-23Road Trip: Malaga to Busan
622021-08-12Countries Without the Letter A
622021-10-207 Letter Countries In 7 Minutes
612019-07-30Country Shape to Capital City Match #1
612020-01-20Sitcom Catchphrases
612020-01-29Countries Ending In Y
612020-02-03Countries Ending In -L
612021-03-10Largest Country Subdivisions by Size (Maps) #1
612021-03-29"Q" Synonyms
612021-07-09Languages that Are Official In Only Two Countries
602019-06-24Word Scramble With Clues #1
602019-05-22The 9 Biggest Countries by Geographic Region
602019-08-13Million Dollar Questions #1
602021-03-28"O" Synonyms
602021-03-29"W" Synonyms
592019-06-21Capital Cities in Sri Jayawardenepura
592019-06-26Countries That Are Both Western and Easternmost
592019-08-18Roman Numeral Addition Quiz
592019-08-30Bread 12 Ways
592021-02-22Capitals Starting with Double Consonants
592021-08-03Countries That Share A Language
582019-01-27"-Stan" Capital Cities
582019-07-29Most Popular Dog Breeds From Different Decades
582019-10-02The First Word: Movie Quotes
582021-03-30"U" Antonyms
582021-04-155 Largest Cities In The World (M-N-O)
582021-05-01Four in Four Minutes #2
572019-01-29Word Chain 3
572019-06-19English Words That Are Actually Spanish #1
572019-07-10Countries by Percentage of Immigrants
572019-08-03Word Chain From Mali to Albania
572019-08-12Capital Cities with a W in Its Spelling
572019-10-16World's Youngest Countries
572020-06-28Countries By Metro Maps
572020-07-19Countries: Croatian to English
572020-11-01Country Acronyms #1
572021-03-02Countries by National Fruit
572021-04-06Baby's First Words (Body Parts)
572021-10-17You Can't Sit With Us!: Countries That Do Not Recognize Israel
562019-05-11Can you survive in the wilderness?
562019-05-1712 Countries Leading the Way in Renewable Energy
562019-07-30What Country Is Missing? (L- R)
562019-08-23Capital Cities Ending In 'U'
562019-08-24Events By Decade With Photos
562019-08-30Cheese 12 Ways
562021-03-29"U" Synonyms
562021-04-155 Largest Cities In The World (S-T-U)
562021-06-19Capitals With 3 Consecutive Consonants
562021-08-12Countries With X,Y or Z
552019-04-27How Much Do You Know About Africa?
552019-06-26Capital City Alphabet Challenge
552019-11-17Names That are Also Verbs and Nouns
552019-10-24Bucket List Destinations to Country Challenge
552019-10-25Three Cities, One Country, No Capitals #4
552021-03-03U.S. Greatest Foods Countdown 30-1 (No Vowels)
552021-03-25Countries With Compound Names
552021-03-31Country by 2nd Largest City
552021-08-06Name a Country in Each Organization
542019-05-12Geographical Terms Starting with C
542019-07-14Where Do the World's Most Traveled Citizens Live?
542019-08-01Jetpunk Featured Quiz Challenge #3
542019-10-31Famous Fictional Pets
542020-01-16Alliterative Idioms
542020-07-07Drinks By Country of Origin
542021-03-013 Letter Words Ending With G (photo)
542021-04-21The Only Country That Borders...
542021-10-19Countries By World News Headlines #2
532019-05-12Wars/Conflicts The United States Didn't Win
532019-07-11Name the 8 Bear Species of the World
532021-04-18Animals By Continent
532019-06-21Countries in Micronesia
532019-06-24U.S. State Nick Names With An Empty Map
532019-07-164 Most Important Early Human Milestones
532019-12-106 Letter Words Beginning With CH-
532020-04-21Geography Words Ending in ABC...
532020-05-29Four Letter Words With Double Letters
532020-06-07What Do They Have In Common?
532020-06-15COVID 19 Symptoms
532021-02-19Names In Countries
532021-03-20Territorial Disputes (Europe)
532021-03-29"V" Synonyms
532021-04-05Biblical Idioms #3
522019-06-11Country to Country ABC Chain #3
522019-06-19English Words That Are Actually Spanish #2
522019-07-30"-Stan" Country Capitals
522019-11-22AM- Vocabulary Words
522020-02-03Countries That End In -U
522020-06-18Letters That Don't End Country Spellings
522020-07-05Major European Bodies of Water
522021-03-21Most Famous Border Disputes in the World
512019-06-14Eight of the World’s Most Expensive Foods
512019-08-02Yes and No In the Top 20 World Languages
512019-08-11Capital Cities with a V in Its Spelling
512019-08-11Capital Cities with a J in Its Spelling
512021-04-30Which President?
512020-06-14Children's Books
512020-12-25Words Containing "Man"
512021-03-2315 Largest Asian Countries By Size (Area)
512021-04-06Baby's First Words (Food)
512021-04-155 Largest Cities In The World (D-E-F)
512021-04-145 Largest Cities In The World (G-H-I)
512021-05-17What Came First? (Paleolithic-1st Century BCE)
512021-07-31Modern Countries From Former Regions/Countries
502019-05-11Countries Bordering 10 Largest Lakes in the World
502019-06-016 Fictional Languages You Can Really Learn
502019-06-21Countries in Kiribati
502019-07-30What Country Is Missing? (F-K)
502019-08-06Who/What Is Missing? #3
502019-08-14Religious Vocabulary by ABCs
502019-08-26Scenes From Iconic TV Shows/Movies
502019-09-16Three Definitions, One Word
502019-09-18Geographical and Travel Acronyms
502019-09-18Famous Nicknames
502020-02-03Countries That End In -S
502020-08-23Famous Mamas and Idioms
502021-03-01Famous People In Their Youth (photos)
502021-03-16U.S. Greatest Foods Countdown 50-31 (No Vowels)
502021-03-24U.S. Presidents in Video Games
502021-03-25Add A Letter
502021-06-20Countries With No Airport
492019-05-11The 10 Most Common Surgeries in the U.S.
492019-06-12Geography Quiz #2
492019-06-21Countries in The United Kingdom
492019-07-18Things On Flags
492020-07-07Coastal Countries Loop: South America
492019-09-19Geography Trivia
492019-10-24African Capital Cities NOT Beginning With...
492021-02-19Top 10 Countries With The Most Lakes
492021-03-30"V" Antonyms
492021-07-26Olympic Teams Not Recognized By The UN
492021-08-10Countries With Letters That Don't Repeat
492021-09-01Car Trivia
482019-06-09How Much Do You Know About French?
482019-06-23Countries With A Unique First Letter
482019-08-14Which Countries Read The Most?
482019-08-25Hit Albums Photo Challenge
482019-11-05Our Solar System (Photos)
482020-02-13Countries By Their 2nd Largest Cities
482020-06-24Percentage of Muslims by Region
482021-04-17Countries By Things
482021-07-16Song Lyrics in Photos
472020-06-24Country By Fascinating Fact #2
472020-07-21Capital City Endonyms #3
472020-07-28You Figure It Out #2
472021-02-13Top Europe Facts
472021-02-22Countries Ending With Double Consonants
472021-04-155 Largest Cities In The World (V-W-X-Y-Z)
472021-05-09Your Brain vs Gibberish
472021-05-21Countries of N. America (ABC)
472021-07-09Idioms Featuring Geographical Places/Demonyms
472021-07-1110 Largest Islands in the Mediterranean
462019-05-24Holy Books of the Top 10 Religions
462019-05-28TV Couples
462019-06-22Country Names With Two As
462020-06-23Street Signs By Country
462020-07-19Countries By 3 Clues
462021-02-08Most Famous Landmarks Around the World
462021-03-29"X" "Y" "Z" Synonyms
462021-03-30"Q" Antonym
462021-05-22Countries of Africa (ABC)
462021-10-28Capitals With The Same 1st Three Letters
452019-06-11Country to Country ABC Chain
452019-05-22Statues of the World
452019-06-01Geological Features
452019-06-06Countries Visited at Least 10 times By U.S. Presidents
452019-10-05Spanish Translations of American Films
452019-10-20Bands and Performers With Animal Names
452020-02-04Countries Ending In -O
452020-02-03Countries Ending In -R
452020-02-20Most Expensive Neighborhoods in The U.S.
452020-07-14Words Ending in -NO
452021-04-155 Largest Cities In The World (P-Q-R)
452021-07-04Regions to Countries #1
442019-02-12First Two Letters of U.S. State and Country Match
442019-05-05Who Am I?
442019-05-14Celebrities and Their Religious Backgrounds
442021-04-19Members of the OECS
442019-06-21Countries in Sao Tome
442019-07-28Animals In Lyrics
442019-08-28Hit Songs Photo Challenge
442019-09-03Coastal Countries Loop: Africa
442019-10-24American Countries NOT Beginning With...
442020-02-03Countries Ending In -E
442020-05-25Countries and Capitals With Same 1st Letter
442020-07-05Major African Bodies of Water
442020-07-19Countries: Swahili to English
442021-04-23Countries That Use The Franc
442021-05-27Capitals By Google Translate Pronunciation
442021-07-11Off Idioms
432019-06-23Capital Cities With A "PORT"
432019-06-23Escape From Moscow to Rome
432019-07-24Names That Have Animal Origins
432019-08-04Jetpunk Featured Quiz Challenge #5
432019-10-17What Were Their First Names? (U.S. Presidents)
432020-04-07Countries Whose Largest Cities Aren't Capitals
432020-07-19Countries By 3 Clues #4
432020-07-19Countries: Italian to English
432021-04-14Countries and Capitals Starting With I
432021-05-012 in 2 Minutes
432021-05-29-Ologies A-Z
432021-07-05Two Questions One Answer
432021-08-12Countries Spelled With an E
432021-08-20AA, BB, CC...
432021-08-2322 Countries Never Invaded by Britain (Difficult)
422019-02-13Guess The Current Names of These Countries
422019-05-11Which Words Are Real and Which Are Fake?
422019-06-13American Immigrants
422019-07-14Countries With the Most Paid Maternity Leave
422019-08-01Hello and Goodbye in 14 Languages
422019-08-29Lion King Swahili
422019-10-24Oceania Countries NOT Beginning With...
422019-10-25Three Cities, One Country, No Capitals #5
422019-12-107 Letter Words Beginning With CH-
422019-12-17Countries That Produce the Most Movies
422020-01-26Countries Missing 1st 2 and Last 2 Letters
422020-05-25Spanish City Names in English
422020-06-18Letters That Don't Start Country Spellings
422020-07-07Female World Leaders
422021-06-19Countries With 3 Consecutive Consonants
422021-07-28Space General Knowledge
422021-08-221 Photo / 10 Questions (#1)
422021-10-02Animals by Wikipedia Info
412019-05-05Who Am I? #2
412019-08-04Jetpunk Featured Quiz Challenge #6
412019-08-09Procrastination Word Quiz
412019-08-11Capital Cities with an F in Its Spelling
412020-02-13One Word Movie Titles
412020-02-14Countries By Their 2nd Largest Cities #2
412020-07-14Words Ending in -LA
412020-07-21Capital City Endonyms #2
412021-03-245 Letter Words Ending in -AD
412021-03-28Countries That Produced the Most Refugees
412021-07-15Country by Symbol
412021-08-11Countries With No Recorded Covid-19 Cases
412021-08-21How Many Days?
402019-05-05U.S. Presidents Who Have Visited Africa
402020-05-31Up and Down Idioms
402019-09-27Common Foreign Sayings
402020-01-05Capital City Spelling Bee
402020-07-19Countries: Finnish to English
402021-02-20Body of Water Letter Chain
402021-03-31"X" "Y" "Z" Antonyms
402021-05-21Countries of S. America (ABC)
392019-01-30Country Flag Alphabet Soup
392019-12-12Many Countries Out Of One #2
392019-06-11Emergency Kit Checklist
392019-08-04Jetpunk Featured Quiz Challenge #4
392019-08-1510 Most Overcrowded Countries
392020-02-03Words Ending With -BER
392020-05-29Countries on a Partial Map
392021-02-08Name That Critter
392021-04-06Baby's First Words (Clothes)
392021-04-20Things Called Little
392021-06-2515 Countries with the Most People Exposed to River Floods
392021-05-21Countries of Asia (ABC)
392021-07-1120 Hottest Countries in the World (2021)
382019-02-12Classic Jingles
382019-06-11Capital Cities of the World ABC Chain
382019-06-10Countries of North Africa
382019-06-10Countries of Southern Africa
382019-06-21Capital Cities in Washington D.C.
382019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #1
382019-08-14Last Syllable Chain Quiz #2
382019-10-02Name My Neighbors
382019-10-06Tools of The Trade: Chef
382019-10-22Geographical Words Missing A Syllable (Photos)
382020-07-14Words Ending in -DO
382020-07-28You Figure It Out #3
382021-03-11Largest Country Subdivisions by Size (Maps) #2
382021-05-09Actors By Kill Count
382021-05-24Die Hard to Up (Word Chain)
382021-06-22Uncommon Names of Common Things
382021-08-14"Time" Words
382021-10-06Bodies of Water Named After Countries
382021-10-22Countries By Space Travel
372019-05-16Gone Too Soon
372019-08-01Countries By Dependent Territories
372019-08-01Countries With Antarctic Research Stations
372019-08-05Jetpunk Featured Quiz Challenge #7
372019-08-06Jetpunk Featured Quiz Challenge # 9
372019-08-07Stage Names
372019-08-09"I'm With the Band" Quiz
372019-08-12Nationality Nick Names
372019-09-27Meanings of the Months of the Year
372019-10-04Movies By U.S. City, Country or World Region
372019-11-03Least Ethnically Diverse Countries In The World
372020-01-14Under Idioms
372020-06-13Sweet Tooth
372020-06-16Famous Lovers
372020-06-26Country By Fascinating Fact #3
372021-02-21First Name Chain With Photos
372021-03-2410 Largest N. American Countries By Size (Area)
372021-03-28Synonym Chain
372021-08-22Brady Bunch by Names
372021-10-205 Letter Capital Fill In The Blank
362019-05-06Country to Country ABC Chain 2
362019-07-28Geographical Places in Lyrics
362019-08-15Original Names of Famous Brands
362019-08-30The Sweetest Quiz
362020-02-20Also Known As...
362020-06-09Name That Body Part ( Wiki Photos)
362020-06-14"And" Countries, Idioms and Media
362020-07-29Things That Are...
362021-04-25❤If Countries Dated❤
362021-03-245 Largest and 5 Smallest Countries in South America
352019-07-07Many Countries Out Of One
352019-05-23Countries Where Dual Citizenship is NOT Recognized
352019-06-0614 Famous Immigrants Who Helped Shape America
352019-06-21Countries By Life Expectancy
352019-06-25Colorful Things
352019-08-11Iconic Buildings Around the World #1
352019-09-03Perimeter States Loop: The United States
352019-09-15Name A Ruler
352020-01-26Countries Missing 1st 2 and Last 2 Letters #2
352020-02-13Dance By Country of Origin
352020-05-25First and Last
352020-06-24Stamps By Country
352020-07-20Countries By 3 Clues #3
352020-07-30Longest, Shortest, Highest, Lowest...
352020-08-27You Figure It Out #11
352021-02-18Rhythmic Compound Words #1
352021-06-05Who's Canadian?
352021-08-0520 Most Water Stressed Countries
342019-05-05Who Am I? #3
342019-08-1510 Least Overcrowded Countries
342019-10-02Name My Neighbours #2
342020-02-11Animals and Plants Named After Places
342020-05-30Countries by Vintage Tourism Posters
342020-07-11Clothing A-Z (Photos)
342020-07-14Words Ending in -BO
342020-07-14Words Ending In -TA
342020-07-20Countries By 3 Clues #7
342020-07-21Flags by Clues
342020-07-25Words Derived From Mythological Entities
342021-02-12Top Africa Facts
342021-03-2415 Smallest African Countries By Size (Area)
342021-04-06Baby's First Words (Animals)
342021-04-28State or Country? Shape Quiz
342021-05-03The Only Flag...
342021-06-01Highest-Earning Actors For a Single Movie
342021-07-17European Country Trivia 1-7
332019-04-27In Other Words
332019-05-12Geographical Terms Starting With A
332019-05-26Ladies Firsts
332019-06-19English Words That Are Actually Spanish #3
332019-07-30Country Shape to Capital City Match #2
332019-08-15Main Features of the Face
332020-01-09Fictional Hometowns
332020-03-14Most Memorable Book Characters
332020-06-24Country By Fascinating Fact #1
332020-07-17Alliterations A-Z
332020-07-19Countries By 3 Clues #6
332020-07-22Countries By 3 Clues #9
332020-08-26You Figure It Out #12
332021-02-22Countries Starting with Double Consonants
332021-04-28Z Geography
332021-04-27Plant Idioms
332021-06-26Harry Potter Beasts A-Z
332021-07-05Regions to Countries #3
322019-06-06Countries by Region with Most Presidential Visits
322019-06-13Ten Coolest Hibernating Animals
322019-08-06Jetpunk Featured Quiz Challenge # 10
322019-08-15American Brands With Different Names Abroad
322019-09-164 Longest U.S. Roads
322019-10-24Asian Capital Cities NOT Beginning With...
322019-11-18Guess The Country #1
322021-05-01Four In Four Minutes
322020-05-28Double Letter Geography
322020-06-15The 7 Universal Facial Expressions
322020-07-14Words Ending In -MEN or -MAN
322020-07-29You Figure It Out! #7
322021-03-22Movies About World Leaders
322021-03-24Battles By Countries
322021-03-25Countries With One Word Names
322021-06-23Match World Leaders
322021-07-30Capital and Country Sets by Last 2 Letters #1
322021-08-15Closest Foreign Islands
322021-08-231 Photo / 10 Questions (#6)
312019-02-11Which State Is This Celebrity From? #2
312019-06-01Fruits You've Probably Never Tried Before
312019-06-14African Countries With The Most Coups
312019-06-21Capital Cities in Brazzaville
312019-06-23Capital Cities With A Unique First Letter
312019-07-12The 4 Major Deserts of the U.S.
312019-07-17Country Local Names #1
312019-08-23Words Containing 'Ship'
312019-10-02The Last Word
312019-09-29Alliterative Phrases and Brand Names
312019-10-19Countries With Orbital Launch Capability
312020-05-22People and Places
312020-07-17Words Ending in -LO
312020-07-19Countries By 3 Clues #5
312020-07-28You Figure It Out! #4
312021-02-19Names In Capitals
312021-02-24Piece the Countries Together
312021-05-07The Hand Quiz
312021-05-14One Word Wonders
312021-05-21Capitals of Europe (ABC)
312021-06-29Countries That Ban Burqas In Public Spaces
312021-08-29The "Most-est" Capitals
312021-10-25Person/Place/Thing By Numbers
302019-12-12Many Countries Out Of One #3
302019-05-05Action Heroes
302019-05-05Female Action Leads
302019-05-12Geographical Terms Starting With B
302019-06-055 Famous Border Walls
302019-06-14Bite-Sized Facts About Teeth
302019-06-22Countries in China
302019-06-23Escape from Reykjavik to Havana
302019-07-13Losing Opponents of U.S. Presidents #1
302019-07-16Color Meaning Match
302019-07-18Flags By Description
302019-08-16Food In The Raw
302019-10-08Mountain Ranges By Countries #2
302019-10-20Literal Translations
302019-12-22Most Southern Neighbor
302019-12-25Animals Domesticated for Transport
302020-02-03Countries Ending In -I
302021-02-13Top Asia Facts
302021-02-24Countries Whose Leaders Were Killed in Office
302021-05-17Russia or India?
302021-07-05Regions to Countries #2
302021-07-09Countries That Share An Official Language
302021-07-10Country Flag Chain
302021-07-24U.S. States North of Canada
302021-08-20BB Words
302021-09-03Countries From Space
292019-06-09How Much Do You Know About Spanish?
292019-06-23Escape From Bishkek to Bandar Seri Begawan
292021-01-12Risqué U.S. Political Scandals
292019-07-28Historical Monument to Country Match
292020-01-02A Country and a Word (1st Two Letters)
292020-01-09Fictional Characters' U.S. Home States
292020-05-19Famous "Roses"
292021-04-25How Many Countries End With... (Difficult)
292020-07-01Three of a Kind
292020-07-20Countries By 3 Clues #2
292020-07-29You Figure It Out! #8
292021-02-01Fictional Icons
292021-02-19Grammar Food
292021-03-2415 Smallest Asian Countries By Size (Area)
292021-03-2410 Smallest N. American Countries By Size (Area)
292021-07-17African Country Trivia 1-6
292021-08-012nd Largest City Country Loop (Delhi, India)
282019-02-12Flags Up Close
282019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #2
282019-07-19Some of the Oldest Deserts in the World
282019-07-26Super Heroes by Descriptions
282019-08-07Jetpunk Featured Quiz Challenge #11
282019-08-13Million Dollar Questions #2
282019-08-24Words Containing 'Turn'
282019-08-30Peanuts 12 ways
282019-10-23California Cities
282019-11-10Answers Containing Jet
282019-12-25Capital Change
282020-01-15Something Quite Atrocious
282020-11-02Tasty Geography
282020-07-15Words Ending In -HA
282020-07-29You Figure It Out! #6
282021-02-13Top North America Facts
282021-02-13Top South America Facts
282021-03-01Words Ending In U (Photos)
282021-03-02Things With Numbers In the Name
282021-03-20Territorial Disputes (Asia)
282021-04-28People On Money
282021-07-30Capital and Country Sets by Last 2 Letters #3
272019-04-29Uncommon Names for Common Things
272019-05-11Origin of U.S. State Names
272019-09-04The 10 Most Obese States in The U.S.
272019-07-23Body Systems by Major Components
272019-08-11Iconic Buildings Around the World #4
272020-01-12The First Word: Historical Quotes
272020-01-19Known By 3 Names
272020-02-20No Relation
272020-06-07Symbols Representing Religions
272021-04-25Famous Associates By Profession
272021-02-17Rhyming Expressions
272021-02-18Rhythmic Compound Words #2
272021-04-09Most Northern and Southern Countries By Region
272021-03-20Territorial Disputes (South America)
272021-04-03Most Searched Wikipedia Pages (People) 1-20
272021-04-12Money Portraits of U.S. Presidents
272021-04-20The Only Country That Borders... #2
272021-05-21Capitals of South America (ABC)
272021-05-30Countries In Pieces
262019-05-02The Largest...
262019-06-09How Much Do You Know About Italian?
262019-07-20Places in the U.S. With the Biggest Drug Problems
262019-09-06States and Territories Loop: Australia
262019-11-03Most Ethnically Diverse Countries In The World
262019-11-04Royal Answers
262019-12-25Words With No Letters Duplicated (A-Z)
262020-04-30Youngest Countries By Region (1980-Present)
262020-05-26Countries to Capitals Alphabetically
262021-04-01Water Terms A-Z
262021-05-29Traveling Textiles
262021-05-22Capitals of Africa (ABC)
262021-05-31Capitals In Pieces
252019-06-03Match Flag to Country Capital
252019-05-05Iconic Clothing
252019-05-22Most Common Household Pests
252019-06-23Escape from Nouakchott to Gaborone
252019-06-24Name That Bird Speed Challenge
252019-07-11Elevation Extremes by Country
252019-07-20Youngest Kids To Live In The White House
252019-08-05Jetpunk Featured Quiz Challenge #8
252019-09-14Good Names, Bad Meanings
252019-11-29Phrases Containing The Word Two
252020-07-28Qu- Words
252021-01-27Three Parts Make a Whole
252021-02-14One Letter of Separation
252021-02-25Do These Famous People Have Kids? True/False
252021-03-25U.S. Mountains By State
252021-04-07Countries That Export the Most Soft Drinks
252021-04-19Famous Americans Who Became Royals
252021-05-08The Eye Quiz
252021-07-05Countries Without A State Religion
252021-08-20GG Words
252021-08-221 Photo / 10 Questions (#2)
242019-01-31Capital City Trivia Chain
242019-02-13Countries That Grant Automatic Birthright Citizenship.
242019-05-31Foreign Words Used in English
242019-07-28Historical Monument to Country Match (Country Shapes)
242019-08-25Common Things With One "Horn"
242019-08-25Fan Base Nick Names
242019-10-17Longest Tourist Visas For U.S. Citizens
242019-11-18Words Beginning With CAR- Challenge
242020-07-28You Figure it Out! #5
242021-04-14Countries Bordering Seas
242021-05-07The Heart Quiz
242021-05-20Countries With More Than One Demonym #1
242021-07-16Flags of Dead Nations
242021-07-30Capital and Country Sets by Last 2 Letters #6
242021-08-16One Capital To Rule Them All
232019-05-09Villains Vs Heroes
232019-05-18Countries in Alphabetical Order
232019-06-08The 20 Most Dog-Friendly Countries
232019-07-11Highest and Deepest Places on Earth
232019-09-14Word Tracking #2
232019-11-04World's Largest Companies Scrambled
232020-02-12Countries With Same Plug Type As The U.S.
232020-05-20One and Onlys
232020-07-10Queens of Rock and Soul
232020-11-20Back in the Answers
232021-01-29Incomplete Body Parts
232021-02-19Top 5 Countries With the Most National Parks by Region
232021-02-28Words Ending in -SIS
232021-04-23Music Lovers Muse Quiz
232021-05-06Los Angeles To New Orleans City Chain
232021-08-05Name a Country in Each Basin
232021-10-28Countries With Spanish Endings
222019-05-28Supernatural Realms
222019-06-08The 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds
222019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #3
222019-07-30Country Shape to Capital City Match #3
222020-01-12Fictional Secret Agents and Dectectives
222019-10-27Reduplicated Names and Words
222019-11-04Images to Capital City First Syllable/s
222019-11-18Guess The Country #2
222019-12-1910 Smallest Country Capitals By Population
222019-12-22Most Northern Neighbor
222020-06-18"Elementary" Geography
222020-07-01Countries With Mythical National Animals
222020-07-04Answers Are Numbers 1-206 Super Challenge
222021-02-05Jetpunk Least Guessed Countries by Continent
222021-02-26Words Containing -EW-
222021-03-19First and Last Countries by Letter
222021-08-08Best Picture Winners/Nominees A-Z
222021-07-30Capital and Country Sets by Last 2 Letters #4
212019-02-14Country Trivia With Flag Clues
212019-05-21Presidential Firsts
212019-08-11Iconic Buildings Around the World #2
212019-08-11Iconic Buildings Around the World #3
212019-10-17Wikipedia Opening Sentences (Celebrities)
212020-07-29You Figure It Out! #10
212021-02-05Countries Contain -AU-
212021-02-07A is for...?
212021-02-13Words Containing BELL
212021-03-20Territorial Disputes (North and Central America)
212021-06-21How Do You Say? (Food Edition)
212021-06-24Big Birds
212021-08-25One Question Quiz
212021-10-13-Cry- Words and Crying Things
212021-11-01BU Geography
202019-01-30Country Flag Alphabet Soup 2
202019-01-31Food Allergies
202019-05-02Six Letter Words
202019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #9
202019-07-27Terms of Office by Country
202019-11-13Material Named After Geographical Places
202020-06-07What are the Presidential Roles?
202020-07-02Three of a Kind (Man-Made Edition)
202020-07-17XYZ Words
202020-07-19The United States in 30 Languages
202021-02-13Top Oceania Facts
202021-02-22The Countries in The Neighborhood
202021-03-20Countries by 1st Syllable (Photos)
202021-03-31Countries By Number of Territories
202021-04-19Language Origin of U.S. States
202021-05-21Countries That Border Israel
202021-06-26First Two Letters: General Knowledge
202021-07-15The Closest Relative?
202021-07-16Asian Country Trivia 1-8
202021-07-31Capital and Country Sets by Last 2 Letters #5
202021-09-11Countries Bordering Great Lakes
202021-09-115 Largest Lakes By Shape
192019-01-31Capital City Alphabet Soup
192019-02-12Which State Is This Celebrity From? #3
192020-08-14U.S. States With Top Ten National Parks
192019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #4
192019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #18
192019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #19
192019-08-11Iconic Buildings Around the World #5
192019-08-24College Entrance Exam Acronyms
192019-10-301960: The Year of Africa
192020-01-15Tourist Sites In Africa
192020-01-26This And That
192020-03-09Worldly Things
192020-05-06Words Beginning With PLU-
192020-06-08Countries by Bodies of Water
192020-06-07Countries by Mountain Ranges
192020-06-18"Elementary" Words
192020-07-16Money To Country w/ Photos (Difficult)
192021-01-26Words and Phrases Containing EYE
192021-01-31Name That Continent Challenge
192021-03-21Muddled Movie Titles
192021-03-31Countries By Neighbor's Capital
192021-04-11Iconic World Monuments Up Close
192021-05-19Countries With More Than One Demonym #2
192021-05-26Quizzes by Jetpunker Comments #1
182019-05-02Eight Letter Words
182019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #5
182019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #7
182019-08-18Founder to Company Match
182020-02-19Animal Verbs
182020-02-29World Holidays
182020-07-18Old Things
182020-07-20Countries By 3 Clues #8
182021-04-27What Animal?
182021-02-27Fruity Facts
182021-04-03Most Searched Wikipedia Pages (TV Shows)
182021-05-02Countries That Ban Pit Bulls
182021-05-29Fields of Study You Don't Know
182021-08-221 Photo / 10 Questions (#4)
182021-11-20Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Watcha Gonna Do?
172019-06-27Monster Mash (Difficult)
172019-06-01US States by Date Admitted to the Union
172019-06-10Countries of Western Africa
172019-07-11The Highest and Lowest Places on Land
172020-03-13-ITY Words
172020-04-08Last to First
172021-03-20Territorial Disputes (Africa)
172021-03-20Territorial Disputes (Oceania)
172021-04-03Most Searched Wikipedia Pages (People) 21-40
172021-04-12Most Currencies Featuring the Same Person
172021-04-14Capital Facts
162019-06-11The Final Word
162019-05-02Seven Letter Words
162019-06-11Uber in Africa
162019-06-10Countries of East Africa
162019-07-29Death and Dying in Lyrics
162020-02-28-EEP Words
162020-07-193 Clues and a Creature
162020-07-23Countries By 3 Clues #10
162020-07-29You Figure It Out! #9
162020-08-01The Stages of Life
162021-02-08The Largest
162021-02-13Top Antarctica Facts
162021-02-19Animals in Countries
162021-03-31Countries Bordering Lakes
162021-04-08Beijing to Mexico 5 Million> Capital Chain
162021-07-30Capital and Country Sets by Last 2 Letters #2
152019-06-10Countries of Central Africa
152019-06-11Colorful Things
152019-09-13Word Tracking
152019-10-20The Ages of Man
152020-06-05Words From J-E-T-P-U-N-K #1
152020-06-05Words From A-L-R-E-A-D-Y #3
152020-08-02Jetpunk Featured Quiz Challenge #12
152021-02-04Large Lakes By Bordering Country/Countries
152021-05-11Guess The Animal
152021-05-28Flubbed Lyrics
142019-02-07Where's that Pyramid?
142020-01-11Primary Water Sources of Large Bodies of Water
142020-02-17Who's The Biggest? #1
142020-02-17Who's The Biggest? #2
142020-06-05Words From C-O-R-O-N-A-S #2
142020-07-27What Do I Eat?
142021-04-21Countries With No Reported COVID-19 Cases (2021)
142021-05-23Best Picture Winners/Nominees A-Z
142021-08-10Countries by Things You Find In Them
142021-08-231 Photo / 10 Questions (#5)
142021-08-23America's Favorite Pets
142021-08-25Google AutoComplete and Countries
142021-08-26One Question Quiz #3
132019-06-29Name That Person Using Geography #2
132019-08-03"ARTsy" Words
132020-06-13Dog Breed By Country (Photos)
132020-07-03Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh, My!
132021-02-13Words Containing UP
132021-04-03Most Searched Wikipedia Pages (Albums)
132021-06-23Match World Leaders #2
122019-12-12Many Countries Out Of One #4
122019-06-23Escape From Port of Spain to Havana
122019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #8
122019-08-23Historic Events CE
122019-10-17Wikipedia Opening Sentences (Animals)
122019-10-17Wikipedia Opening Sentences (Inventions)
122021-04-27Water Wars
122021-04-08Russia Border Run Via the Caspian Sea
122021-04-14#1 Producers
122021-07-16American Country Trivia 1-8
122021-07-17Oceania Country Trivia 1-6
122021-08-221 Photo / 10 Questions (#3)
112019-06-29Name That Person Using Geography #3
112019-06-11Uber in Central and South America
112019-05-11New Words Added to the Dictionary in 2018
112019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #10
112019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #17
112020-05-22All Eyes
112021-02-05Star Words
112021-03-22Nearest Cities to Capitals
112021-08-01Locked Up Abroad
112021-08-26One Question Quiz #2
102019-05-05What are the species/ethnicities of these beings?
102019-05-12Continents FAQs
102019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #6
102019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #16
102019-07-29GEO Words
102019-09-29Crazy City Names
102020-06-27Semordnilaps #1
102021-02-23One Border Countries by Flag
92019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #11
92019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #12
92019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #14
92019-07-12Major English Language Commercial Networks
92019-07-19Some of the Oldest Bars/Pubs in the World
92021-06-01You Are The Father!
92021-08-05Lake Trivia
92021-08-25Countries of Crestlandia
82019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #20
82019-10-03The Least
82020-01-13Algeria Word Link
82020-06-12Home Sweet Home
82021-08-19Mexican and Canadian States Bordering the U.S.
82021-08-27One Question Quiz #4
72021-03-19First and Last Capital by letter
62019-06-11Uber in the Caribbean
62019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #15
62019-08-17Historic Events BCE
62021-05-26Quizzes by Jetpunker Comments #2
52019-06-26Countries By Descriptions #13
52019-08-15U.S. Presidential Pets
52021-02-07Wikipedia Random Articles #1
52021-05-23Best Album Winners/Nominees A-Z
52021-05-27Quizzes by Jetpunker Comments #3
52021-07-28Countries by % of Earth’s Surface
42019-07-19Some of the Oldest Things On Earth
42020-01-13Liberia Word Link
22022-08-23Peace Corps Acronyms/Terms Quiz