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6,3062019-12-14 Actors with Alliterative Names
5,8522019-09-30 Meryl Streep Oscar Nominations
3,7292012-09-22All The Small Things Lyrics
3,2362013-09-30Green Day Albums
2,7972012-11-19My Immortal Lyrics
2,7142012-04-13National Rugby League Teams
1,6842012-05-09Film Opening Lines 1
1,6422014-01-01Mark Wahlberg Movies
1,6082012-06-01Supernatural Episode Titles
1,4372012-08-29theLAYTshow's Bacon Puzzle #1
1,4292012-08-20Bowling for Soup's 1985
1,4152012-11-19Ironic Lyrics
1,3992012-04-24Angelina Jolie Movies
1,3702012-06-05theLAYTshow's (Romantic) Bacon Puzzle #2
1,3042012-05-15Jennifer Aniston Movies
1,2772012-04-22Film Closing Lines 1
1,2632013-02-27Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Movies
1,2462012-08-29#1 Hits of the 90s (Australia)
1,2162014-04-14Lost Characters
1,1452012-04-19Film Opening Lines 3
1,0892012-08-15Highest Grossing Directors
1,0732012-12-01Anne Hathaway Movies
1,0362012-04-18Film Opening Lines 2
1,0322012-08-07theLAYTshow's Bacon Puzzle #3
1,0102012-04-25Robert Downey Jr Movies
9552014-05-06Hugh Jackman Movies
9532012-04-22Film Closing Lines 2
9492013-02-27Jason Statham Movies
9242014-01-16Ben Affleck Movies
8242012-06-15Reese Witherspoon Movies
8082014-06-13Channing Tatum Movies
7312012-04-2427 Club
7162014-04-28Scarlett Johansson Movies
6882012-08-16Edward Norton Movies
6522012-04-24Adele 21 Songs
6212012-05-12Vin Diesel Movies
6032012-11-29Highest Paid Musicians 2012
6002012-06-03Lindsay Lohan Movies
5552012-07-08Jennifer Lopez Movies
5282012-05-08Kevin Spacey Movies
4762012-05-08Orlando Bloom Movies
4202012-12-05Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Lyrics
4092013-01-20Amanda Seyfried Movies
3742012-12-02Gwyneth Paltrow Movies
3382012-11-19No Rain Lyrics
3102012-06-03Charlize Theron Movies
2732012-12-02Jude Law Movies
2252012-11-19This Love Lyrics