Who am I? Surely you know...

Fictional people describe themselves. You have to name them. It's that easy! Oh, and by the way, it's only easy if you know them.
You may only need a first name, unless the description states otherwise.
Although the above is true, a nickname might be enough as well.
Quiz by Kevin1
Last updated: July 21, 2021
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I'm the famous green plumber. My brother takes all the limelight.
Luigi Mario
As the leader of the Gatekeepers, it's my job to make sure Chaos and the Old Ones don't get back to our world, and if they do, we put them back where they should be. And don't talk to me about Raven's Gate.
Matthew Freeman (Better known as Matt)
My black-and-red jersey and my Abyssinian wire-haired tripe hound will probably tell you who I am. And my catapult will otherwise.
I'm the main character in a 'Drag & Drop' coding software. I'm a yellow and white cat. The company/software/site features in my name.
I've been the hero of Time, of Seasons, of Ages and of... trains?
Just call me 007. And my full name, please.
James Bond
I'm a scientist; because I invent, transform, create, and destroy for a living, and when I don't like something about the world, I change it. I've built a neutrino bomb and I've outwitted the Devil himself.
Rick Sanchez
My silhouette appears on the cover of a book called LIES, as the letter I. Also, my left arm is a snake-like whip. I worship The Gaiaphage, and later, Gaia.
Drake Merwin
I have light skin, bright brown eyes, lots of bushy brown hair, quite a well known friend, and although I might be Muggle-born, that doesn't mean I'm not good at magic.
Hermione Granger
I carry a shield made out of Vibranium. It is nearly unbreakable. I am recognisable from it and the letter A on my helmet.
Captain America
I am a weasel that lives in a dinosaur world underneath the ice age. I stole a tooth out of a dinosaurs mouth, but he got my eye. I will defeat Rudy. Or just avoid him.
I am a consulting private detective, I would be surprised if you have not heard of me before. As a gentleman, I carry a cane, but I’m not a pushover. I am an expert at singlestick, and an expert swordsman, but you’ll likely know me for my detective skills of deduction and my pipe.
Sherlock Holmes
You need my surname, as I don't say my first. I don't say anything, actually. My surname is similar to red. I'm going to stay in the mansion, as I might be murdered, or accused, next.
Miss Scarlet
I still remember when the Master of Jordan College gave me the alethiometer. Oh, shut up Pan, that's not too much information.
Lyra Silvertongue
I am known to act a bit like 'Hey! I'm smart, I can do anything, I get into trouble, but I can get out of it... I'm sort of rebellious, you know. I live by my own rules.' I'm a jack-of-all-trades by the number of different things I've done, and am a major staple in a certain company. I am portrayed as the antagonist against MatPat when he does theories on this company or on a certain group of females in the company.
Mickey Mouse
I live in a video game in which I have 3 lives. I carry Dr. Bravestones' gear and will explode if I eat cake. Oh, and I have both strength and speed as weaknesses.
Franklin "Mouse" Finbar
I'm a very rich man who created a VR experience called the OASIS. It costs only 25 cents to create a membership. I die and I leave behind my entire fortune and control of the OASIS to whoever can find all the keys.
James Halliday
My mentality is described as "I don't have time for my emotions. I've gotta make sure that everybody else is okay", which is about right. Well, I have to be, being a leader of a team of 4 and a Huntress isn't easy.
Ruby Rose
I spent twelve years honing my survival skills in preparation for the Proving, and two days before the ceremony, I helped Rost track down a Sawtooth that had been causing problems for the hunting parties. I killed the machine single-handedly.
Born in Riverside, Iowa, on March 22, 2233. Raised by my parents, George and Winona. I’ve been in the position of Chief of Starfleet Operations and I took command of the Enterprise and of the Enterprise-A, before it was recommissioned.
James Tiberius Kirk
Does anyone know where Dr. Ivo Robotnik is hiding? I've a suspicion he's up to something. Again.
Sonic The Hedgehog
I live on an island. If I told you its name you'd know who I am. I also have friends, and a pet, but the books and the films on me, especially my pet, vary drastically. Even I'm no longer sure if I'm friends with Astrid or Camicazi. Oh, I've given it away, haven't I?
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
Me and my pals, and my dog, will go solving mysteries. Unfortunately, I am very easily scared and would much prefer to eat, well, anything, including my dogs' food. You'll need either my first name or both my nickname and my surname.
Norville "Shaggy" Rogers
My fighting style is Ansatsuken. I don't think I need to say anymore.
During my initiation training, when I went through my fear landscape, it was discovered I only had four fears, with the average being between ten and fifteen. As a result, my instructor, Amar, started calling me "Four." The name stuck.
Tobias Eaton
I'm the most stubborn of my group, and I'm known to have a short temper. I have a daughter called Yum-Yum and some of my friends include Sue and Clyde. I've been given the nickname 'Shadow'. Oh, shoot. He's got a thing that makes us blue again, hasn't he?
When they pulled my name from the bowl, it was terrifying, until my sister volunteered as tribute, and it was worse. The games are never on our side. Well, they weren't; the rebels did everything they could, but I won't know any outcomes. Not now, not ever.
Primrose Everdeen
I'm normally known for shouting "SKINNER!" and I'm the superintendent of the Elementary School.
Gary Chalmers
I'm a green ball with legs and arms and one eye. I'm good at physical comedy, but not at scaring humans.
Mike Wazowski
I can control many things, including time, space, karma and gravity, but I can't control this fricking kid. He's persistent to do what he likes, even if that includes killing everyone I know.
I am very IT savvy, It'd be strange for me to carry a pink laptop around with me if I wasn't. I am normally talkative, unlike my brother, but he's good at his job, and so am I. Our 'job' involves defeating my brothers' creator and all his minions, though I'd prefer to do it with Pura, my pet tiger. Oh, and you need my full name.
Coco Bandicoot
I have to traverse a world in which 'delicious fruit', spikes, Bowser, Dracula, Dr. Wily and many other things will try to kill me. I have a double jump and gun, and my father, in giant form, ends up dead in a row of spikes just outside his castle because of me.
The Kid
I am depicted as a portly old man with a moustache who wears a morning suit with a bowtie and top hat. You may connect me with hating your friends and family. Though, that's not my job. My job is to be / make you a millionaire, whether with cash or cards. Or to get you to bankrupt everyone else, that is.
Rich Uncle Pennybags
I really like reading, and I read and write poetry, and I'm in a game, but don't worry. I'm not sentient... And I'm definitely not hiding an entire conversation to you in my code. Or plan to edit the other character's files and thus influence their actions or personality. Have I gone too far?
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Apr 30, 2019
Version 2 is here! Enjoy 5 new characters describing themselves!
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Apr 30, 2019
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