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The only nation in the world whose name in English ends in an h, it’s also one of the 10 most populousBangladesh
60,000 are at rest in a national memorial cemetery opened in 1949 in the crater of an extinct volcano in this stateHawaii
In December 2020 an international agreement added nearly 3 feet to this; one surveyor lost half a toe in the effortMount Everest
On his deathbed in France in 1890, he told his brother, “the sadness will last forever”Vincent van Gogh
One of the screenwriters of this 2001 film described it as “‘Clueless’ meets ‘The Paper Chase’”Legally Blonde
From the Greek for “ring”, the first ones were built by the Romans, including one that could hold 250,000Circus
Of their July 1957 first meeting at a church fair, one of this pair recalled: “I was a fat schoolboy… he was drunk”John Lennon & Paul McCartney
In 1752 one of the first races in this sport was run--4 miles from Buttevant Church to St. Mary’s DoneraileSteeplechase
In 1838 he took a new last name, of a family in Walter Scott’s “The Lady of the Lake”; for distinction he added a 2nd “s” to the endFrederick Douglass
France’s national theater award, it’s named for a man who died in Paris in 1673Molière
Each in a show that ran more than 2 years, Ethel Merman & Sarah Jessica Parker played 2 different characters with this first nameAnnie

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