Buddhist Narakas

Narakas are the many levels of Buddhist Hell, where it is believed one shall go if they have accumulated enough bad karma. Can you name them all? You may recognize one of them. > According to Wikipedia
The red rows are hot Narakas
The blue rows are cold Narakas
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Last updated: September 24, 2019
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2 x10^12
Blister Naraka - Dark, frozen plain surrounded by icy mountains and continually swept by blizzards. Inhabitants of this world arise fully grown and abide lifelong naked and alone, while the cold raises blisters upon their bodies.
4 x10^13
Burst Blister Naraka - Even colder than Arbuda. There, the blisters burst open, leaving the beings' bodies covered with frozen blood and pus.
8 x10^14
Shivering Naraka - There, beings shiver in the cold, making an aṭ-aṭ-aṭ sound with their mouths.
1.6 x10^16
Lamentation Naraka - There, the beings lament in the cold, going haa, haa in pain
3.2 x10^17
Chattering Teeth Naraka - Where beings shiver as their teeth chatter, making the sound hu, hu.
6.4 x10^18
Blue Lotus Naraka - The intense cold there makes the skin turn blue like the colour of an utpala waterlily.
1.28 x10^20
Lotus Naraka - has blizzards that crack open frozen skin, leaving one raw and bloody.
2.56 x10^21
Great Lotus Naraka - The entire body cracks into pieces and the internal organs are exposed to the cold, also cracking.
1.62 x10^12
The Reviving Naraka - Has ground made of hot iron heated by an immense fire. Beings in this Naraka appear fully grown, already in a state of fear and misery. As soon as the being begins to fear being harmed by others, their fellows appear and attack each other with iron claws and hell guards appear and attack the being with fiery weapons.
1.296 x10^13
The Black Thread Naraka - Includes the torments of Sañjīva. In addition, black lines are drawn upon the body, which hell guards use as guides to cut the beings with fiery saws and sharp axes.
1.0368 x10^14
The Crushing Naraka - Surrounded by huge masses of rock that smash together and crush the beings to a bloody jelly. When the rocks move apart again, life is restored to the being and the process starts again.
8.2944 x10^14
The Screamimg Naraka - Where beings run wildly about, looking for refuge from the burning ground. When they find an apparent shelter, they are locked inside it as it blazes around them, while they scream inside.
6.63552 x10^15
The Great Screaming Naraka - Similar to Raurava. Punishment here is for people who maintain their own body by hurting others. In this hell, ruru animals known as kravyāda torment them and eat their flesh
5.308418 x10^16
The Heating Naraka - Where hell guards impale beings on a fiery spear until flames issue from their noses and mouths.
4.2467328 x10^17
The Great Heating Naraka - The tortures here are similar to the Tapana Naraka, but the beings are pierced more bloodily with a trident.
3.39738624 x10^18
The Uninterrupted Naraka - Beings are roasted in an immense blazing oven with terrible suffering.
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