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1,0232021-07-20Barrios de Buenos Aires
5442020-04-12Middle Earth - with map
4432019-08-31Argentina con un mapa vacío
4062019-12-08Estaciones de subte de Buenos Aires
3602020-04-28Gran Buenos Aires - Partidos
2702019-03-29The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe
2682021-09-07Equipos de fútbol argentinos por color
2542020-04-11Silmarillion - Most mentioned characters
2212019-07-29Progressive rock - top 20 albums
2192020-05-25Estaciones de subte de Buenos Aires - con mapa
2162019-01-02The Silmarillion - Death causes
2092019-01-02Time - Pink Floyd
1982020-05-25Italy 1494 - with map
1812018-09-22Estadios del futbol argentino
1762020-03-26Apodos de clubes argentinos
1762020-07-10Clubes por barrio de Buenos Aires
1732020-05-25Italy 1843 - with map
1672019-01-02Silmarillion quotes: who said...?
1632021-11-03Finales de Mundiales
1532020-04-28Campeones de fútbol argentino 2000-2020
1472021-09-23Adivinar las provincias argentinas mientras se dibujan
1362020-04-28Anagramas - ciudades sudamericanas
1312018-09-23Español Latinoamericano
1252020-05-25Italy, year 1000 - with map
1152016-12-05Equipos argentinos que no descendieron
1142020-04-18Argentina with an empty map
1132020-05-28Iberia (Spain and Portugal), year 1037 - with map
1062019-01-01Most populous European nations by century
952019-01-01Brain Damage - Pink Floyd lyrics
942020-11-08The states that have decided every US election since 1896
902018-11-30Origen de los clubes argentinos
882019-01-01Beleriand - with map
842021-11-03Batallas Famosas
822020-03-05¿De quién es el tema? (Rock Argentino)
812019-01-02The Silmarils
762020-04-28Naciones europeas más pobladas por siglo
752022-07-26FIFA world champions squads
732020-03-23Nombre completo de equipos argentinos
702021-05-25Echoes - Pink Floyd lyrics
692019-01-01Breathe - Pink Floyd Lyrics
672020-04-28Los 10 barrios más poblados de Buenos Aires
662020-06-14Ciudad más poblada por provincia argentina (excepto capital)
662021-09-18Fall of Communism - Timeline
632020-04-28Rock Argentino
602019-01-01Eclipse - Pink Floyd lyrics
562020-04-11The Silmarillion and Nightfall in Middle Earth
532021-11-03Jefes de Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
532020-05-11Un'estate italiana
522021-09-18Estadios del Gran Buenos Aires
522019-01-01Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd
512020-04-14World Cup Finals
512020-04-28Completar letras de rock argentino
502020-04-28Ciudades argentinas por fundación
482020-06-08Weird borders
472021-09-18Timeline of Historical People
442021-09-18European Battlefields
432020-05-25Anti-Napoleon coalitions
422021-09-18The Silmarillion and Nightfall in Middle Earth - V2
412020-08-28Estadios de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
402019-01-02The Silmarillion Chapters
362022-07-28Ballon D'Or / FIFA World Player
342020-05-15Famous Battles
312018-09-23Discos de Spinetta
312020-07-08Covid-19 deaths by city
302020-04-28Discos de Charly García
282021-11-04Rock argentino por imágenes
282020-04-14Every World Cup Final scorer
272020-03-05Word Scramble - Rock Bands
222017-01-24Great Band Members
212018-09-23Canciones de Serú Girán
212021-09-18Argentina Cities Map Quiz
212019-12-19National teams outside their continent's confederation
212021-11-03Montalbano - romanzi
202020-04-16World Cup controversies
192019-07-25Word Scramble - South American cities
192020-04-28Les Luthiers - Espectáculos filmados
182020-05-13Countries reporting no COVID-19 cases
182020-02-10Latin American dictators from the School of the Americas
172020-07-04First kings
152020-07-11Countries by Covid-19 impact and response
142016-12-03Spanish variants
142020-10-17Presidents for life
142021-11-03Mal Puntuado - Les Luthiers
142020-05-06States that voted the same in 1916 and 2000
132019-07-25Word Scramble - football teams
112020-04-28Les Luthiers - El explicado
112021-11-03Les Luthiers - frases
102019-12-29Set the controls for the heart of the sun - Pink Floyd
92020-04-28Les Luthiers - El rey Enamorado
92020-05-03Currencies by highest value bill
82020-04-28Les Luthiers - Payada de la vaca
72020-04-28Les Luthiers - El regreso de Carlitos
72020-03-03Discos de Serú Girán
62020-05-16Oceania by Hemisphere
52019-03-07Seats of Government
52016-12-04I, Robot trivia
52020-05-01Countries that observe Workers' Day/Labour Day on May 1st
32021-10-22Supper's Ready - lyrics
12016-12-09Heads of state / government of Europe