The Silmarillion and Nightfall in Middle Earth - V2

Match the songs by Blind Guardian with the events from the book. V1
Most explanations seem pretty straightforward after you think about them, but if you disagree let me know in the comments.
Listening to the album while solving this quiz is not cheating. I'd certainly recommend it.
Took some help from this post. Opening the link now is cheating, though.
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Quiz by Karamchand
Last updated: September 18, 2021
First submittedApril 13, 2020
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01 - War of Wrath
02 - Into the Storm
03 - Lammoth
04 - Nightfall
05 - The Minstrel
06 - The Curse of Fëanor
07 - Captured
08 - Blood Tears
09 - Mirror Mirror
10 - Face the Truth
11 - Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)
12 - Battle of Sudden Flame
13 - Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)
14 - The Dark Elf
15 - Thorn
16 - The Eldar
17 - Nom the Wise
18 - When Sorrow Sang
19 - Out on the Water
20 - The Steadfast
21 - A Dark Passage
22 - Final Chapter (Thus Ends...)
23 - Harvest of Sorrow
This Song is:
Fëanor, after burning the ships at LosgarMaglor (most probably), waiting for how events will turn upMorgoth proclaims his victory after the Nirnaeth ArnoediadFinrod makes an oath of friendship and aid to Barahir and his kinThe duel between Fingolfin and MorgothMorgoth's words to Maedhros after his captureFingon rescues Maedhros from the precipiceFëanor argues with the Valar and takes the Noldor with him to BeleriandBeren and Lúthien live their second lives on an islandBeren cries Felagund's deathFinrod Felagund's farewell before his deathBeren dies, but Lúthien sings before Mandos and moves him to tearsFingolfin and his host finish the crossing of the Helcaraxe as the first moon risesMorgoth's words to Húrin after his captureSauron and Morgoth's last words before the former fleesFingolfin crossing the Helcaraxë, including the Doom of MandosA reference to the words Huor told Turgon when covering his retreatMorgoth and Ungoliant fight for the SilmarilsMaeglin is bornMorgoth's anguished cryMaeglin betrays GondolinTúrin Turambar learns of his sister's deathTurgon retreats to Gondolin, Ulmo warns him not to love the work of his hands too much
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