Zelda Twilight Princess Monsters

Guess the monsters and bosses from description
Quiz by aphrodite
Last updated: April 12, 2012
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Guess the monsters and bosses from description
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Cowardly creatures who always slavishly follow the strong, they repeatedly plunder and wreak havoc throughout the land like a pack of hyenas.
Boss of the Bulblin and one of Zant's most loyal followers. Instead of a horse, his mount is Lord Bullbo, a large boar-like animal. He rides throughout Hyrule together with followers committing countless evil deeds.
King Bulblin
Plant creatures that hide in the grass and attack those that venture too close.
Deku Baba
Plant creatures that hide in the grass and attack those that venture too close. Even with their stems cut, they will continue to attack.
Baba Serpent
Evil creatures that live all over the land of Hyrule.
These creatures have captures tears of light and taken on insect-like forms. They are nearly impossible to see without making use of your heightened senses when in the form of a beast.
Shadow Insect
The boss of the Monkeys who live in Faron Woods and miniboss of first temple.
These were once plants around the Forest Temple, until the dark power of the Shadow Crystals transformed them into giant monsters and boss of first temple.
Protector of the valuable treasures in the Goron Mines and miniboss of second temple.
Monster that lurks deep within the Goron Mines in a place that is sacred to the Goron tribe and boss of the second temple.
Sent by Zant from the Shadow Realm, they are intent on stealing the light from the kingdom of Hyrule. If there are more than one than you have to kill them both at the same time or the surviving one will resurrect the dead ones.
Shadow Beast
Winged creatures from the Shadow Realm that are controlled by Zant.
Shadow Kargorok
A toad-like creature living in the depths of the Lakebed Temple. Using its huge body as a weapon, it can flatten those unwise enough to venture too close.
Deku Toad
A mysterious giant creature that was turned savage by the dark power of the Fused Shadow. Lurking in the depths of Lake Hylia, it uses its tentacles to sear
Lives in the forest and likes to cause mayhem. Using his horn to control his puppet, he causes people wandering in the forest to lose their bearings.
Skull Kid
Deep within the labyrinth lies this evil fairy sword. Its true form cannot be seen using normal human perception.
Death Sword
An ancient beast that was revived by Zant's evil power. Even after coming out of its fossilized state, the sheer destructive power it possesses hasn't diminished at all.
Wielding a ball and chain, this mighty warrior uses his weapon for both offense and defense, and his attacks can be devastating.
A towering Ice Mass created by the power of evil. By using the bitterly cold winds which are cold enough to freeze people solid, this boss is able to move freely around the arena.
An enchanted knight who wields a large sword capable of inflicting tremendous damage. Boasting thick armor and a sturdy shield, his defenses are almost impregnable.
A giant spider whose nest is in the deepest, darkest part of the Temple of Time. With a body protected by a hard shell, this spider is able to deflect almost all weapons.
A winged warrior that attacks from the sky with a relentless string of hit and run attacks.
A ferocious, armor-plated winged dragon. Able to cause hurricane-like winds using its immense wings, and burn all those that dare to challenge it with its fiery breath.
A phantom created by the darkness. Able to summon up multiple monsters from a different place to aid him in his fight.
Phantom Zant
Level 29
May 7, 2016
You misspelled Armogohma and Argorok, but anyway, great quiz!