Statistics for Villains We Either Love or Love to Hate

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This villainous clown makes the town of Derry one to avoid. He charms the children to join him down where "they all float".Pennywise
This bad guy was twisted from his earliest days in the orphanage. He created multiple copies of his soul but didn't figure on one of them being the boy hero who would be his downfall.Lord Voldemort
This villain was extremely intelligent. Unlike most serial killers, he is capable of empathy, and it is this empathy that allows him to mentor an FBI trainee, even from behind the bars of his cell.Hannibal Lecter
It was probably an overbearing mother and repressed feelings that created this villain, who acted out against his mother, and then every attractive female who checked into his hotel.Norman Bates
This villain was usurped as the most vile villain in the world and decided to reclaim his title by stealing the moon. He adopted three daughters as his cover, but failed as the world's worst villain when he began to bond with them.Gru
This villain's plot to destroy the Moor relied on the gullibility of the Moor. He manipulated circumstances to suggest the infidelity of the Moor's wife, then stood back to watch the man kill her.Iago
Smooth, urbane, and educated, he was a villain unlike any others. Mistaken for a terrorist, the law played right into his hands. His arrogance and attitude made him "an exceptional thief".Hans Gruber
This man was a powerful and vicious force behind the mob boss. He worked for the boss because he chose to, not because he was forced to. Somehow, it made him deadlier, though he's now "sleeping with the fishes".Luca Brasi
This villain traveled a long way to reach his goal, but had a difficult time adjusting to his disguise. He was really just a pest hunting for the galaxy.The alien wearing Edgar's skin
This suave, animated villain in the sewers says things like, "This bizarre obsession with rats; it is not good for you. You are becoming what we French call 'le fruitcake!'"Le Frog

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