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2,3852018-05-14Jetpunk comments that cause a storm
2532018-08-25Best British TV sitcoms ever
1992018-01-31English Word Etymologies
1962017-07-16Swedish words - easy.
1812018-08-17Oldest living languages (still in use)
1562017-07-06Countries which have elected female leaders
1302017-07-28Middle East Countries: Who is bombing whom?
1282017-10-30Countries of Europe with Secessionist Movements
1252017-01-30Famous ski resorts A-Z
1232017-10-01European Capitals Chain
1122017-07-05Famous cartoon characters
1072018-07-02Countries grouped by border (or islands)
882018-01-11Musicians with one word names
872019-07-10Top 25 MCU Characters ranked
842017-11-24A-Z proverbs
822017-07-26Top Thirty Movie Characters
742018-02-06European Cities: largest 3 per European country by population
692019-06-18Top 30 Box Office Movies Worldwide
682017-11-22Foreign words in common English usage
642019-07-16A-Z famous quotes
612017-02-16Countries with highest rainfall
612017-07-05Ten of the most famous endangered species
492018-08-17Harry Potter Chain
482017-01-22'Divide' between Asia and Europe
472018-05-08A-Z Former Capitals of Sovereign Nations
432018-02-01Book by Opening Line
422017-09-19Top ten Hymns - Songs of Praise UK
422018-08-17European Yes
422018-10-04Top 20 Authors with most translated works
412018-01-05Countries along the Danube river
402018-10-19Countries with Environmental Performance Index >70
392017-06-30A-Z Foods by Place
392017-01-25Nordic languages one to ten
382018-10-25Ten countries where women’s suffrage > 100 years
372018-10-19World War I Timeline
372017-02-05False friends- French
352018-04-06Ten biggest Nordic cities
342017-06-24Ye canna change the Laws of Physics
342017-07-20Top Twenty Movie Themes
312017-04-28City by landmark
282017-05-05A-Z Eponymous Characters
272018-01-05Idioms using the same word
252017-07-24Words with monger
252018-01-13Countries with Oldest Famous Centers of Learning
212017-06-24A-Z elements
212017-06-30River to Sea
192017-10-16Top 10 best selling fiction authors
152018-05-05Book title: pairs
142018-05-09Seven Gates of London City
122017-07-02Water, water everywhere
122017-02-08First books
122017-02-15Geography- As the crow flies, Paris
12018-02-14America - poem by Henry Van Dyke