World History Quiz #1

How much History Do You Know??
Quiz by LongHistory3
Last updated: December 16, 2017
First submittedJanuary 19, 2017
Times taken1,957
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History Question
Where Was Hitler Born(Country)
What Year Was There The Christmas Truce
Biggest Empire Ever
British Empire
What Territory France Lost In The Franco-Prussian War
USSR Capital
What Was The Deadliest War
World War Two
Name Of USA States Who Wanted Slaves
Confederates States
What Does KKK Stand For
TSAR Nicholas The 2nd
Name Of War Between Canada And USA
War Of 1812
History Question
Union Between Czech Republic And Slovakia
Union Between Serbia-Bosnia-Croatia-Macedonia-Slovenia-Montenegro
Original Name Of USA When It Was Part Of British Empire
13 Colonies
Wars Between Rome And Carthage
Punic Wars
War With 40,000,000 to 70,000,000 Deaths
Mongol Conquests
USSR Stands For
Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics
Big Empire That Ruled The Balkans-Big Part Of Africa-Part Of Asia
Ottoman Empire
USA Stands For
United States Of America
Empire That Ruled More Then Half Of Europe And North Africa
Roman Empire
Norway-Sweden-Denmark-Finland-Iceland Are In What Region
Level 24
Jan 20, 2017
Who Wants Part 2? I hope you enjoy this quiz.Also tell me if you see a mistake in this quiz or tell me what quiz you would like me to make about history
Level 52
Jan 27, 2017
Not a bad quiz, part 2 could be fun. But I wasn't sure what to type for the independence from UK question; it's not really clear. Also, please learn to spell Scandinavia.
Level 24
Jan 27, 2017
I took out the UK question and fix The Scandinavia Question.Part Two Came out, also do you have a quiz suggestion about history
Level 41
Jul 31, 2017
Yeah great quiz, I'd be up for part two.

I think maybe needed "war" and "conquests" can steer one in the wrong direction. I wrote 1812 and mongol, but didn't get any results.

Interesting combination of questions though. Maybe you don't need what does the USA stand for though lol

Level 24
Aug 14, 2017 is the link to World History Quiz #2.
Level 64
Sep 19, 2017
Mongol conquests is not a war so please change the question.

France lost "Alsace-Lorraine" not Lorraine

Can you allow Punic and 1812 for the wars.

Apart from that it is a good quiz.

Level 24
Dec 16, 2017
I will fix it and thank you for your support
Level 55
Oct 7, 2019
Please allow "United Socialist Soviet Republics" instead or in addition to "Union of" because if you look it up, that's what comes up.
Level 62
Jun 19, 2020
But that isn't its name. Its name is the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
Level 76
Jul 22, 2020
Some corrections if I may: please change 'Confederates States' to 'Confederate States'; change 'TSAR Nicholas the 2nd' to 'Nicholas II'; please change '13 Colonies' to 'Thirteen Colonies (and accept both; currently only '13 Colonies' is accepted'; please change 'then' in the second-last hint to 'than'. Also there is no need to capitalise every word, and some words are in all-caps, which is not needed.