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Quiz by Remymer
Last updated: December 15, 2022
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First submittedDecember 15, 2022
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Dodge (2). Magic: Add a Bone to the enemy hand.
Sans Dog
Haste. Magic: Paralyze a monster. Delay: If it's dead and this is alive, return to your deck with +1 base ATK. At 4, turn into Snowgrave.
Haste. Dust: Return to your hand with -1/-1/-1 base stats. At 1 base ATK or less turn into Demon Flowey.
Whenever you cast a spell that isn't Generated, add a copy of it to your hand.
Hooded Ralsei
Magic: Add Flour, Eggs, and Milk to your deck. Dust: Draw a TOKEN card.
Killer Cook
Magic: Look at all non-DT monsters in the enemy hand. Choose one. Halve its ATK and HP. Add an exact copy to your hand.
Mio Mio San
Charge. Whenever this attacks the opponent, give 2 random monsters in your hand +1 ATK.
Biker Lancer
Shock: Give +2 HP to you. Support: Give the attacker +2 HP and trigger the Shock.
Butler Ralsei
Taunt. Magic: Fill your hand with Too Many Dogs.
Legendary Artifact
Magic: Add a Royal Invention of your soul to your hand.
Magic: Add a Jevilstail to your hand and add the Freedom artifact. If you spent 4+ G on spells last turn, increase its counter by 1.
Caged Jester
Magic: Fill your board with Blue Houses and the enemy board with Red Houses. Delay: Kill all Blue Houses.
Captn Rouxl
Need: You spent 18+ G on TOKEN cards this game. Magic: Add the IQ artifact.
Magic: Have another non-DT monster's stats (rounded up) and add an exact copy of it to your hand. If it was an ally, earn 3 G.
Mad Mew Mew
Need: You spent G on spells last turn. Magic: Cast the highest cost spell in your deck (max cost: 10, targets the monster in front).
Transparency. You are Invulnerable. Magic: Add a Puzzle Box to the enemy hand.
Rouxls Kaard
Charge. Dodge (3). Magic and Turn start: Add a Gaster Blaster to your hand.
Magic: Look at the enemy hand. Choose a card to send to the enemy deck.
Teacher Toriel
Magic: Remove negative effects from all other ally monsters and fully heal them.
Armor. Magic: Add a random different Gerson's artifact.
Magic: Look at all non-DT monsters in your hand and choose one. Summon a 3/3 copy of it.
Magic: Return a non-DT ally monster to your hand with -8 cost (except Reporter MTT). Delay: Burn it if it's not on the board.
Reporter MTT
Magic, Dust, Shock, Support, and Turn end: Shuffle a Hyperlink Blocked into the opponent's deck.
Taunt. Magic: Set the stats of all other ally monsters and the monster in front of this to 3/3.
Enemy monsters take +2 DMG from spells. Magic: Add 2 Spades to your hand.
Magic: Catch a monster. Dust: Release it. Turn start: Silence this and add a Shadow Crystal to your hand.
Magic: Kill a damaged monster. Heal HP to you equal to its ATK.
Baking Queen
Magic: Shuffle your hand into your deck. Add a copy of each unique Amalgamate in your dustpile to your hand with -1/+1/+1.
DT Extractor
Haste. Delay: Add a Spider Donut to your hand and a Spider Croissant to your deck. Turn end: Add another Spider Donut.
Taunt. Magic: Kill all monsters with <= 2 HP.
Spade King
Magic: Set an enemy monster's ATK to 1 and gain HP equal to the amount of ATK decreased.
Haste. Whenever this attacks and kills a non-DT monster, add a 5/5/5 copy of the dead monster to your hand.
Cool Papyrus
Can only be damaged by 4 or more DMG. Magic: Deal 3 DMG to all monsters and the opponent. Excess DMG is healed as HP to you.
Mad Dummy
Magic: If either player has 10 or more G (after spending G on this), set both players' G to 0.
Mettaton Ex
Dust: Deal DMG equal to its ATK to all monsters and half to the opponent.
Mettaton NEO
Haste. Magic: Give Taunt to all monsters with 9 or more base cost in your hand and deck.
Royal Papyrus
Need: 40 or more monsters in both dustpiles. Magic: Burn them to add a copy of the enemy hand to your deck (except DT cards).
The Reflection
Haste. Deal the difference of DMG dealt to an enemy monster to the enemy player.
Casual Undyne
Need: More cards in your dustpile than your deck. Magic: Summon a 5/5 Cake and two 3/3 Spincakes.
Grilling King
Haste. Whenever this attacks and kills a monster, it can attack another monster. Magic: Program (2): Gain Armor.
Taunt. Magic: Choose An Enemy Monster. Summon A 5/5 Werewire That Catches That Monster.
Magic: Kill all damaged monsters.
Haste. Magic: Trigger all Synergy effects you triggered this game. Can only trigger the same effect up to 2 times.
Magic: Look at all Chaos Weapons and choose one to cast.
Support: Give the attacker +2/+2.
Placeholder Kris
Magic: Deal 1 DMG to the lowest HP enemy monster 8 times. Summon a Spear with base stats equal to DMG not dealt.
Magic: Heal its owner by 30 HP.
Asriel Dreemurr
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