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Last updated: October 4, 2017
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Strait beteen British Columbia and the Queen Charlotte Islands
Hecate Strait
Sidney is on what island, the largest of British Columbia?
Vancouver Island
Capital of British Columbia
Third largest city in British Columbia
Second largest city on Vancouver Island
North and South Thompson rivers meet where?
River in BC flowing from Blackrock Mountain to Strait of Georgia
Fraser River
The Peace river flows into what lake?
Lake Athabasca
National park closest to Edmonton?
Elk Island National Park
Wagner is on what lake that drains into the Athabasca River?
Lesser Slave Lake
Mountain range in Northern Alberta
Caribou Mountains
_________-Glacier International Peace Park
Waterton Glacier
Lake Clair is in what national park?
Wood Buffalo National Park
Highest Point in Alberta
Mt. Columbia
Third largest city in Alberta
Red Deer
Edmonton is on what river?
North Saskatchewan River
Fourth largest city in Alberta
Fifth largest city in Alberta
Medicine Hat
Lake Louise is in what National Park?
Banff National Park
Large National Park on the border of Alberta and British Columbia
Jasper National Park
Largest city in Saskatchewan
Capital of Saskatchewan
Third largest city in Saskatchewan
Prince Albert
Fourth largest city in Saskatchewan
Moose Jaw
Large lake between Lake Athabasca and Reindeer Lake
Cree Lake
"Mouse River" (in southern Saskatchewan)
Souris River
National Park named for Queen Victoria's husband
Prince Albert National Park
Highest point in Saskatchewan is in what hills?
Cypress Hills
Second largest city in Manitoba
Third largest city in Manitoba
Largest city in northern Manitoba
Northernmost province of Canada
Lake NW of lake Winnipeg
Cedar Lake
Dauphin is north of what National Park in SE Manitoba
Riding Mountain National Park
The Owl River meets Hudson Bay in which National Park?
Wapusk National Park
Third largest city in Ontario
National Park on the Bruce Peninsula
Bruce Pen National Park
Largest island in lake superior
Michipicoten Island
Cockburn island is between Michigan and what large island in Huron Lake
Manitoulin Island
Large city on the Thames river between Detroit and Toronto
River between Quebec and Ontario
Ottawa River
Large lake in NW Ontario
Lake Nipigon
Highest point in Ontario
Ispatina Ridge
City across Quebec border from Ottawa
Largest city in Quebec South of the St. Lawrence river
Island between the Jacques Cartier Passage and the Honguedo Strait
Ile D'anticosti
National Park Near Cape Gaspe
Forillon National Park
Highest poing in Quebec
Mont D'iberville
Above is in what mountain range?
Torngat Mountains
Largest city in New Brunswick
Second largest city in New Brunswick
Saint John
Capital of New Brunswick
Bay famous for high tides: Bay of ____
Bay between the Gaspe Peninsula and New Brunswick
Chaleur Bay
Ile D'Anticosti is in what gulf?
Gulf of St. Lawrence
Strait between New Brunswick and PEI
Northumberland Strait
Second largest city in Nova Scotia
Sydney or Cape Breton
Largest island in Nova Scotia
Cape Breton Island
Capital of Nova Scotia
The Long range Mountains are on what island?
Second largest city in Newfoundland and Labrador
Mount Pearl
Largest city in Labrador: ___________ City
Strait between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia
Cabot Strait
Strait between Newfoundland and Labrador
Strait of Belle Isle
Highest point in Canada east of the Rockies
Mt. Caubvick
Largest lake in Newfoundland and Labrador: _______ Reservoir
Capital of Prince Edward Island
Bridge between PEI and NB: _____________ Bridge
Northernmost point in Newfoundland and Labrador
Cape Chidley
Easternmost point in Canada
Cape Spear
Southernmost point in Newfoundland
Cape Race
Capital of Nunavut
Largest city on mainland Nunavut
Rankin Inlet
Resolute is located on what Canadian Island
Cornwallis Island
Melville Island and Bathurst Islands are part of what Island group
Parry Islands
Island home to Brodeur Peninsula
Baffin Island
Wollaston Peninsula is on what island
Victoria Island
Jones sound is between Ellesmere and what island
Devon Island
Largest lake on Baffin Island
Nettilling Lake
Second largest lake on Baffin Island
Amudjack Lake
Large basin between Baffin Island and the Melville Peninsula: _____ Basin
The Foxe Peninsula is on what island?
Baffin Island
The highest point in Nunavut is on what island?
Ellesmere Island
Mt. Nirvana, the highest point in the Northwest Territories is in what Mountain Range?
Mackenzie Mountains
Capital of the Northwest Territories
Above is on what lake
Great Slave Lake
Northernmost point in Canada
Cape Columbia
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Oct 3, 2017
Very tough, and I'm Canadian. Well done!
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Mar 27, 2018