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2592021-10-26Far Cry Games Quiz
1722017-05-24Call of Duty Black Ops 3 All Zombies Maps
1712017-05-23God of War 3 All Bosses
782019-06-07Los Angeles Dodgers Roster 6/7/2019
712017-10-312017 LA Dodgers Roster
662018-01-18MLB 40 Players With The Most RBIs 2017
612017-05-11Dark Souls 3 All Bosses
472017-05-08Ace Attorney All Prosecutors
472022-08-29Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Shadows of Evil Quiz
452018-04-19Professional Sports Teams That Don't End in S
452017-05-12Video Games by a Clue
442017-04-11FInal Boss by Video Game
412022-02-07Four Home Runs in a Game
342018-01-25Best Selling PlayStation 2 Games
332018-01-18MLB Players With 30 Or More Home Runs in 2017
322021-01-18Little Big Planet Series All Worlds
302017-05-12Ace Attorney 1 All Characters
302017-05-30Okami All Bosses
302019-08-29The Escapists Series All Prisons
292019-06-11Grand Theft Auto V All Missions
272017-05-11Ace Attorney All Cases
272021-03-31Lakers Roster 2021
252018-01-18MLB 15 Lowest ERAs of 2017
232018-01-22MLB 20 Pitchers With the Most Strikeouts in 2017
222022-08-19Resident Evil Village Quiz
202017-05-15Ace Attorney Justice for All All Characters
202018-10-026 or More Straight Games With a Home Run MLB
192018-05-10Dodgers Roster April 2018
182017-09-12Ace Attorney Characters
142018-01-19MLB 20 Players With the Most Hits in 2017
142022-04-13Lakers Roster 2022 Season
132018-01-19MLB 10 Pitchers With the Most Saves 2017
122018-01-18MLB Pitchers With 15 or More Wins
122022-04-20Video Games By Clue 2
112018-01-19MLB 20 Pitchers With the Most Innings Pitched 2017
92018-01-1840 Best Batting Averages 2017
62022-01-17Watermelon Boy Quiz
52022-10-04PlayStation Exclusives
42017-12-07The Escapists Series All Prisons
32022-03-04Tokyo Jungle Animals
02017-09-12Okami All Trophies