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How many kinds of softness can Homer feel when he uses fabric softener on his fat-guy hat?3
When Homer imagines being the biggest man in the world and covered entirely with gold, what carat is the gold?14
How many pounds of fudge did Homer eat at the rennaicance fair?7
According to the carton Malk is "Now with ........?Vitamin R
How many times did Nelson claim he'd seen the Itchy and Scratchy Movie?17
What year does the best before date of the atomic bomb Sideshow Bob stole have on it?1959
What film is Homer turned away from because he's too fat to fit in the cinema seats?Honk if you're horny
When Homer plays Dungeons & Dragons with the nerds at college, what type of creature is Homer's character slain by?Elf
According to Grandpa, nickels used to have pictures of what animal on them?bumblebees
In the episode "The Springfield Files", what beer does Homer drink instead of Duff?Red Tick Beer
When Mr Burns disguises himself as Mr Snrub, where does he claim to come from?someplace far away
When Homer seeks relationship advice from Moe and Barney due to his infatuation with Mindy Simmons, Homer says his friend has been having trouble with a female co-worker- what is the name of Homer's friend?Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoo
According to Sideshoe Bob and Cecil, what civilisation is the only one to consider the position of Chief Hydrological and Hydrodynamical Engineer "a calling"?The Cappadocians
What is the motto of the mayor of Springfield?Corruptus in Extremis
What is the name of the movie Troy McClure makes instead of starring in McBain IV: Fatal Discharge?The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel

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