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1122021-07-19UFC: Top 20 Pay Per Views of All-Time
962021-04-04Cricket: Highest Individual ODI Scores
872022-09-05Cricket: Highest Individual Career Test Batting Average
772022-02-04UFC: World MMA Awards Fight of the Year
752022-02-04UFC: World MMA Awards Knockout of the Year
662022-06-26UFC: Current Fighters With Undefeated MMA Records
562021-03-29UFC: Name the Fighter by their Fighting Name
442022-06-11Cricket: Highest Individual Career ODI Batting Average
442021-02-14Cricket: Highest Individual Test Scores
442021-05-21UFC: Iconic Fighter Lines
432021-05-07Chess: List of FIDE Male World No.1 Players
412022-06-27Cricket: Most Individual Career Test Runs
372021-03-28Cricket: Most Individual Career ODI Runs
362021-12-28UFC: TUF Winners and Runners-Up Who Became UFC Champions
352021-05-15UFC: Most Individual Career Submissions
352022-05-09UFC: Most Consecutive Wins
342021-07-11UFC: Most Individual Career Wins
332021-12-23Cricket: Most Individual Career T20i Runs
322021-06-26UFC: Fastest Finishes
312021-08-28Cricket: Most Individual Career Test Wickets
302021-06-21UFC: Most Individual Career Knockouts
292021-05-31Chess: Top 20 Highest Rated Players of All-Time
282022-05-31Cricket: Most Runs in Each IPL Season
272021-03-01Cricket: Most Individual Career Test Hundreds
272021-06-21UFC: Most Individual Career Fights by Weight Division
262021-12-16UFC: Most Post Fight Bonuses
252022-01-11Cricket: Test Players with 2000 Runs and 200 wickets
242022-09-08Cricket: Highest Individual Career T20i Batting Average
232021-02-14Cricket: Most Individual Career ODI Wickets
232021-03-23Cricket: Fastest Individual ODI Hundreds
202021-03-05Cricket: Highest Individual First Class Scores
202022-03-06Cricket: Players to get a Century and 5 Wickets in a Test
202021-04-14Cricket: Highest Individual T20i Scores
202022-05-31Cricket: Most Wickets in Each IPL Season
192021-08-28Cricket: Batsmen to Average Above 50 in Tests and 40 in ODIs
192021-12-30Cricket: Batsmen to Hit Two or More Hundreds Across All Three Formats
192021-11-20Cricket: Most Individual Career T20i Wickets
182022-01-03Cricket: Test Batsmen to End Calendar Year at No.1
182021-12-14Cricket: Most Career Test Runs by Batting Position
182021-02-16Cricket: Players to Appear on Both Lord's Honours Boards
172021-06-04Cricket: Highest Individual Test Score by Country
172021-03-19Cricket: Men's All-Time ICC ODI Batting Rankings
172021-03-17Cricket: Most Career Test Dismissals by a Wicketkeeper
172022-05-09UFC: Champions with Worst Win Percentages
172022-05-31Cricket: Most Individual Career IPL Runs
172021-03-23Cricket: Most Individual Career Test Ducks
172021-03-05Cricket: Fastest to 300 Test Wickets
162021-12-30Cricket: Most Test Runs in a Calendar Year
162021-06-07Cricket: Most Individual Career International Hundreds
162021-12-28Cricket: Most Test Runs in Each Calendar Year
162021-03-28Cricket: Most Individual Career ODI Sixes
162021-03-01Cricket: Most Individual Career Test Double Hundreds
152021-05-03Cricket: Leading Run Scorer in Each Men's World Cup
152022-05-31Cricket: Biggest Sixes in Each IPL Season
152022-05-31Cricket: Most Individual Career T20 Hundreds
152022-01-31Cricket: Most Individual Career T20 Wickets
152022-01-13Cricket: Non-English Centurions at Lord's post-1930
152021-05-04Cricket: Most Individual Career T20 Runs
152021-06-04Cricket: Highest Individual ODI Score by Country
152021-04-24Cricket: Highest Individual Career Test Batting Strike Rates
152021-12-28Cricket: Most ODI Runs in Each Calendar Year
152021-02-14Cricket: Fastest Individual Test Hundreds
152021-05-26Cricket: ODI Players with 2000 Runs and 150 wickets
152021-02-25Cricket: Highest Individual Test Score by Batting Position
142021-12-30Cricket: Most Test Wickets in Each Calendar Year
142021-03-11Cricket: Most Combined Runs in a Calendar Year
142021-03-24Cricket: Highest Test Partnerships
132021-06-29Cricket: Highest Individual Career First Class Average
132021-12-28Cricket: ODI Batsmen to End Calendar Year at No.1
132021-11-14Cricket: Fastest Individual T20i Hundreds
132021-12-28Cricket: Most T20i Runs in Each Calendar Year
132021-08-28Cricket: Greatest Batsmen by Combined Test and ODI Average
132021-03-05Cricket: Most Individual Career ODI Hundreds
132021-03-09Cricket: Most Test Wickets in a Calendar Year
132022-09-08Cricket: Centurions Across All Three Formats
122021-05-04Cricket: Most Test Runs Without a Century
122021-03-22Cricket: Fastest to 8000 Test Runs
122021-12-30Cricket: Lowest Individual Career T20i Bowling Average
122021-06-07Cricket: Best Test Bowler/Fielder Combinations
122021-02-14Cricket: Highest Individual T20 Scores
122021-05-21Cricket: No.1 Batsmen in Both Tests and ODIs
122021-02-25Cricket: Highest Individual ODI Score by Batting Position
122022-01-31Cricket: Most Individual Career T20 Sixes
122021-04-27Cricket: Greatest Batsmen by Combined ODI and T20i Average
112021-03-07Cricket: Most Individual Career Test Sixes
112021-12-30Cricket: Most Test Wickets for a Bowler vs Batsman post-1960
112021-03-30Cricket: Batsmen Dismissed for 199 in Test Matches
112021-12-14Cricket: Highest Test Average by Batting Position
112021-05-04Cricket: Batsmen to Average Above 70 in a World Cup
112021-03-22Cricket: Fastest Individual T20 Hundreds
112021-10-18Cricket: Best 50 to 100 Conversion Rates in Tests
112021-12-30Cricket: Most Test Catches by an Outfield Player
112021-03-30Cricket: Name the Player by their Nickname
102021-03-19Cricket: Fastest to 4000 Test Runs
102021-02-24Cricket: Best Bowling Figures in an ODI Match
102021-03-23Cricket: Most Individual Career T20i Fifties
102022-02-02Cricket: ICC Men's Cricketer of the Year Winners
102021-06-13Cricket: Lowest Individual Career Test Bowling Strike Rate
102022-01-02Cricket: Highest Test Batting Average Away From Home
102021-03-15Cricket: Men's All-Time ICC ODI Bowling Rankings
102022-01-11Cricket: Highest Test Batting Average in the 1st Innings
102022-01-03Cricket: Test Bowlers to End Calendar Year at No.1
102021-03-15Cricket: Men's All-Time ICC Test Bowling Rankings
102021-12-28Cricket: ODI Bowlers to End Calendar Year as No.1
102021-10-28Cricket: Highest Individual Career ODI Batting Strike Rate
102021-12-28Cricket: Batsmen to Average Above 50 in a T20i Calendar Year
102021-12-11Cricket: Most Cumulative Runs in a Test Match
102021-12-28Cricket: Batsmen to Average Above 70 in an ODI Calendar Year
102021-03-17Cricket: Fastest to 5000 Test Runs
92021-05-05Cricket: Most Runs in Men's T20 World Cups
92022-05-31Cricket: Fastest Balls in Each IPL Season
92021-05-04Cricket: Most Wickets in Men's World Cups
92021-05-04Cricket: Leading Wicket Taker in Each Men's World Cup
92021-04-04Cricket: Greatest Domestic Batsmen by Runs Scored
92022-01-13Cricket: Fastest to 100 Test Wickets post-1950
92021-03-17Cricket: Fastest to 1000 Test Runs
92021-03-09Cricket: Most ODI Wickets in a Calendar Year
92021-08-28Cricket: Most Combined Career International Runs
92021-03-09Cricket: Most ODI Runs in a Calendar Year
92022-09-05Cricket: Highest Individual Career List A Batting Average
92021-03-30Cricket: Most Individual Career T20i Sixes
92021-03-14Cricket: Iconic Commentary Lines
92021-03-17Cricket: Most Career ODI Dismissals by a Wicketkeeper
92021-03-22Cricket: Fastest to 7000 Test Runs
92021-03-24Cricket: Most Runs Off One Over in a Test Match
92021-05-25Cricket: Batsmen to Have Hit 6 Sixes in an Over
92021-03-24Cricket: Highest ODI Partnerships
82021-12-30Cricket: Lowest Test Bowling Average Away From Home
82021-03-08Cricket: Best Bowling Figures in a T20i Match
82021-03-19Cricket: Fastest to 3000 ODI Runs
82021-03-19Cricket: Fastest to 1000 ODI Runs
82021-07-28Cricket: Bowlers to Average Below 26 in Tests and ODIs
82021-03-07Cricket: Player of the Match in Men's World Cup Finals
82021-05-03Cricket: Most Runs in Men's World Cups
82021-12-14Cricket: Highest ODI Average by Batting Position
82022-06-11Cricket: Most Combined Career International Wickets
82021-03-24Cricket: Highest Team Totals in ODI History
82021-04-20Cricket: Youngest Test Centurions
82021-04-01Cricket: Batsmen Dismissed for 99 in ODI Matches
82021-12-30Cricket: Bowlers to Average Below 17 in a Test Calendar Year
82021-08-30Cricket: Lowest Individual Career ODI Bowling Strike Rate
82022-01-25Cricket: Most Test Runs in 10 Consecutive Innings
72021-03-19Cricket: Fastest to 6000 Test Runs
72021-12-14Cricket: Best Bowling Figures in a Test Match Innings
72021-10-28Cricket: Highest Individual Career T20 Batting Average
72021-12-30Cricket: Most T20i Runs in a Calendar Year
72021-03-24Cricket: Highest Team Totals in Test History
72022-01-13Cricket: Fastest to 50 Test Wickets post-1950
72021-05-21Cricket: No.1 Bowlers in Both Tests and ODIs
72021-03-12Cricket: Player of the Tournament in Men's World Cups
72021-08-28Cricket: Most Career ODI Runs by Batting Position
72021-03-01Cricket: Fastest to 400 Test Wickets
72021-07-18Cricket: Lowest Individual Career Test Bowling Average
72021-12-28Cricket: Most Individual Career Test Caps
72021-04-25Cricket: Highest ODI Average After X innings
72021-12-28Cricket: Most ODI Wickets in Each Calendar Year
72021-03-16Cricket: Most Sixes in an ODI Innings by a Single Batsman
72021-03-16Cricket: Most Sixes in a T20i Innings by a Single Batsman
72021-06-29Cricket: Lowest Individual Career ODI Bowling Average
72021-03-19Cricket: Fastest to 5000 ODI Runs
72021-03-10Cricket: Highest Individual List A Scores
62022-04-02Cricket: Fastest to 4000 ODI Runs
62022-09-20Cricket: Highest Test Batting Average by Decade
62021-02-16Cricket: Fastest to 3000 Test Runs
62021-04-15Cricket: Batsmen to Average Above 99 in a Test Calendar Year
62021-07-19Cricket: Highest Team Totals in T20i History
62021-04-24Cricket: Progression of Leading ODI Run Getters
62021-03-09Cricket: Scoring a Hundred in Their Hundredth Test
62021-06-29Cricket: Fastest to 6000 ODI Runs
62021-02-14Cricket: Highest Individual Score on ODI Debut
62021-03-14Cricket: Most Combined Wickets in a Calendar Year
62021-03-19Cricket: Fastest to 7000 ODI Runs
62021-02-14Cricket: Highest Individual Score on Test Debut
62021-03-19Cricket: Fastest to 2000 ODI Runs
62021-03-24Cricket: Highest Test Partnerships by Wicket
52022-08-24UFC and Strikeforce Champions
52022-01-04Cricket: Highest Test Batting Average in the 4th Innings
52021-03-05Cricket: Most Runs Conceded in a T20i Innings
52021-02-14Cricket: Fastest to 200 Test Wickets
52022-02-22Cricket: Highest Mean First Class and List A Average
52021-12-30Cricket: Bowlers to Average Below 17 in an ODI Calendar Year
52021-03-17Cricket: Most Sixes in a Test Innings by a Single Batsman
52021-03-24Cricket: Highest ODI Partnerships by Wicket
52021-06-28Cricket: Players to Take a Test Hat-trick
52021-03-08Cricket: Best Bowling Figures in a T20 Match
52021-03-15Cricket: Men's All-Time ICC Test Batting Rankings
42021-12-23Cricket: Fastest to 2000 Test Runs
42021-03-25Cricket: Players to Take an ODI Hat-trick
42021-03-22Cricket: Fastest to 8000 ODI Runs
42022-01-31Cricket: Players to Take a T20i Hat-trick
42021-03-17Cricket: Fastest to 100 ODI Wickets
32021-02-14Cricket: Most Runs Conceded in an ODI Innings
32022-09-24Cricket: Most Test Runs by Decade