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7782019-05-01Most Visited Countries by the Dutch
1602017-11-16List of best-selling Wii U video games
1332018-09-20De Nederlandse Partijen van de Verkiezingen 2017
1302021-12-29Mario Kart Games
1282017-01-23Runescape 07 Non-Member Quests
1262019-05-01Dutch Univeristy Cities
1112020-11-23FIFA Games
1022017-01-23Former French-African colonies
992021-12-29Castlevania Games
862017-07-04Rayman Games
532017-01-23Countries That Border Russia
492020-11-23German Empire Capital Quiz
412020-11-23Mega Man Games
402017-11-16Biggest Publishers: Nintendo Entertainment System
292017-11-16Biggest Publishers: Super Nintendo
292019-05-01Halo Games
272018-01-11Borders of Xinjiang
262017-11-16Borders of Tibet
242017-11-16Biggest Publishers: Nintendo 64
232017-07-06Boer Republic Quiz
202017-11-16World War II heads of state who are still alive
192017-11-16United Kingdom Crown Dependency Capitals
192017-07-03Nintendo Virtual Boy Library
182017-07-04Pac-Man Games
172017-11-16Countries of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation
172017-11-16Autonomous Provinces in the World
172017-07-03Sega 32X Library
162017-11-16Crown Dependencies
152019-04-24Countries involved with Operation Ocean Shield
132020-11-23Top 10 Worst Selling Videogame Consoles
92017-07-04Dig Dug Games
72017-07-04Final Fight Games
72021-11-08Double Dragon Games
62017-07-04Frogger Games
42017-07-04Ecco the Dolphin Games
32017-07-03Q*Bert Series
32017-07-04Mouse Trap Games
22017-07-06Deathstalker Movie Series
22017-07-03Nokia N-Gage Library
22017-07-04River Raid Games
22017-07-06OutRun Games
22017-07-04Army Men Games
22017-07-04Space Invaders Games
22017-07-04Crazy Taxi Games
22017-07-04Road Rash Games
22017-07-04Pitfall! Games
22017-07-04Mr. Do! Games
22021-11-08Golden Axe Games
12017-07-04Battlezone Games
12017-07-05Afterburner Games