Everything About Russia

Answer questions about the country of Russia. These questions are about culture, history, geography, politics, and religion.
These questions will not reference Russia's part as a republic in the Soviet Union
Includes The Russian Empire and the current day Russian Republic
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Last updated: July 23, 2019
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What city is home to Russia's Pacific fleet?
What Russian mountain range is generally considered to be the separation between European and Asian Russia?
Which Russian lake is the oldest lake in the world?
Which mountain is the tallest in Europe?
Mount Elbrus
Which river is Europe's longest?
Considered to be Russia's first tsar, which ''terrible" leader blinded the architect of Saint Basil's Cathedral so that he would not reproduce something as beautiful?
Ivan IV
According to legend, which Russian monk was poisoned, shot and drowned before dying in 1916?
Grigori Rasputin
Which war opposed Russia to the Ottoman Empire, France and the United Kingdom?
Crimean War
What complex system of land organisation ,which lasted from the 12th century to 1861, included a hierarchy with Serfs and Knights?
Feudal System
Which Western-loving tsar build Saint Petersburg and implemented a beard tax?
Peter I
Who was Russia's first president?
Boris Yeltsin
Which alphabet does the Russian language use?
Which language family does Russian belong to?
Which Russian soup is made of beetroot and topped with sour cream?
What spirit is often drunk in Russia and has hundreds of regional variants?
What toys are often sold in Russia and are often called 'Russian nesting dolls' or 'Babushka Dolls'
Matryoshka dolls
Which writer wrote the famous 'War and Peace'?
Leo Tolstoy
Who composed '1812 Overture' and 'Swan Lake'?
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Which heavy piece of artillery ,used in the Napoleonic Wars, is heard in '1812 Overture'?
Which branch of Christianity does 70% of Russians practice?
Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, what country still has hazy relations with Russia?
United States
Which minority group of Crimea ,deported by Stalin, represents 12,6% of the peninsula's population?
What is the majority religion of Chechnya?
Even after the Soviet Union, which party received 11% of the votes in the 2018 elections?
Communist Party
According to Russian law, how many consecutive terms can a Russian president serve?
Who was empress of Russia from 1725 to 1727?
Catherine II
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