The Theodore Roosevelt Presidency

Answer these questions about Theodore Roosevelt and his presidency.
Quiz by Lucam
Last updated: June 19, 2019
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What state was he born in?
New York
In what state did he live as a frontiersman in the 1880s?
North Dakota
What was the nickname of Roosevelt's regiment that fought in Cuba?
Rough Riders
Under what President did he serve as Vice-President?
William McKinley
What political party did he represent as President?
Franklin Roosevelt called for a "New Deal". What kind of deal did
Theodore Roosevelt propose?
Square Deal
As President, what type of businesses did he "bust"?
Trusts (Monopolies)
What canal was he instrumental in building?
Panama Canal
What government agency was founded in 1906 spurred in part by
Upton Sinclair's book "The Jungle"?
Fill the blank in the Theodore Roosevelt quote
Speak softly and
carry a big stick
Who was his Vice President from 1905-1909? (Hint: an Alaskan city)
Charles W. Fairbanks
What state was admitted to the Union during his presidency?
What award did he receive for his actions to stop the Russo-Japanese War?
Nobel Peace Prize
What party did he found in 1912?
Progressive Party
(aka Bull Moose)
What was he doing when someone shot him in a failed assassination attempt?
Giving a speech
After his Presidency he almost died during a scientific expedition.
Where did the expedition take place?
The Amazon
Level 89
Apr 16, 2019
Apparently Vice Presidents are even more obscure a century after they're in office, if that's possible.

But I knew Juan Valdez wasn't V.P.

Level 82
Apr 17, 2019
I was like, Juneau? Nope.... anchorage? Nope... next question haha
Level 66
Apr 17, 2019
Same here.
Level 77
Apr 19, 2019
Would you please allow "monopolies" to count for "trusts" (especially because the word is inside the parentheses)?
Level 50
Apr 19, 2019
Level 84
Jun 27, 2019
On the trip to the Amazon, his son Kermit went with him. You don't get a lot of Kermit's any more ...
Level 77
Dec 2, 2023
It actually mostly became a given name because of Kermit Roosevelt. Before that, it was primarily a surname, with Roosevelt himself being named after his maternal great-uncle, Robert Kermit. It came into fashion as a men's name after Teddy came to national prominence, but of course you'd be hard pressed to find many people born after the 1970s with the name. You can blame the frog for that.
Level 75
Jun 27, 2019
I might add "campaigning" as an answer to the assassination attempt. He had yet to actually begin speaking when he was shot (and the speech in his pocket helped stop the bullet!)
Level 82
Jun 27, 2019
And he went on to give the speech anyway in spite of bleeding through his shirt. He quipped that it would take more than getting shot to stop a bull moose.
Level 43
Jun 27, 2019
There's a great book about him that I just read called "The River of Doubt." It details his trip down an uncharted river in the Amazon to which the penultimate question refers.
Level 51
May 17, 2021
Fantastic president! Perhaps take away Lincoln, and by far, I mean FAR, the best Republican who has set face on this planet.
Level 74
Jan 19, 2022

I aspire to have facial hair within a few orders of magnitude of that of Charles Fairbanks.