The Ultimate Star Wars Quiz (hardest version)

Random and hard questions about Star Wars. No questions about the extended universe. Please use correct spellings, and let me know if I need to edit
Quiz by Knight555
Last updated: April 11, 2017
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Who is the first character to speak in the fisrt Star Wars movie made?
Who is this character walking with?
Who was a slave boy that then went to become a Jedi and then became a sith?
Anakin Skywalker
Who was his mother?
Shmi Skywalker
Who was his father?
No father/force/Sidious
What was Anakin Skywalker's Sith name?
Darth Vader
Who was his master?
Emperor Palpatine
Who was his master's master?
Darth Plagueis
Who was one with the force and the force was with him?
Chirrut Imwe
Who is the above's friend?
Baze Malbus
Who was the cyborg leader of the droid army?
General Grievous
How many lightsabers did the above wield?
Cerean Jedi who had a large head and was killed by his Commander Bacara + other clones.
Who was Anakin Skywalker's son?
Luke Skywalker
Who was Anakin Skywalker's daughter
Leia Organa
What planet is home to the Twi'leks?
Who is the blue Twi'lek Jedi killed by her clone squadron on Felucia?
Aayla Secura
Who was the two-brained, four-armed, Quermian Jedi?
Yarael Poof
Who was Anakin Skywalker secretly married to?
Padme Amidala
What Jedi was a snakelike Thisspiasian?
Oppo Rancisis
Who was the pilot of the Millennium Falcon?
Han Solo
Who was the above pilot's co-pilot
What species is the above co-pilot?
Who was the protocol droid that turned into a bounty hunter?
Who was the admiral of the Executor Star Destroyer?
Admiral Ozzel
Captain that replaces the above when Vader force chokes him.
Captain Piett
Zabrak Jedi who was killed in the attempt to arrest Chancellor Palpatine.
Agen Kolar
Bounty hunter that was trained to be a Jedi and guides Boba Fett
Aurra Sing
Planet that the Wookiees live on
Planet that the Ewoks live on
System of planets blown up by Starkiller base
Hosnian system
The Pau'an port administrator that tells Obi-Wan where General Grievous is
Tion Medon
The amount of parsecs the Millennuim Falcon did the Kessel Run in
Year Luke Skywalker was born
19 BBY
1st movie
The Phantom Menace
2nd movie
Attack of the Clones
3rd movie
Revenge of the Sith
3 3/4th movie
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
4th movie
A New Hope
5th movie
The Empire Strikes Back
6th Movie
Return of the Jedi
7th Movie
The Force Awakens
8th Movie
The Last Jedi
Name of the Cantina Band
The Modal Nodes
Name of the leader of the Cantina Band
Figrin D'an
Name of Jabba's dancer that was fed to the Rancor
Level 12
May 28, 2017
Knight555, Anakin did actually have a "father": Darth Sidious. He created him out of midi-chlorians.
Level 31
May 28, 2017
I will add that as an acceptable answer since it is a popular theory.
Level 12
May 28, 2017
Also, agen kolar wasn't a zabrak. The person you are thinking of is Eeth Koth.
Level 31
May 28, 2017
Please search Agen Kolar on Google. Look at his description.
Level 73
Dec 2, 2022
How could you not think he's a Zabrak? The two look very similar
Level 12
Jul 15, 2017
I did, and you are SADLY mistaken.
Level 53
Jun 21, 2020
What are you talking about, Agen Kolar is described as a Zabrak.
Level 73
Dec 2, 2022
He has horns and everything. What else would he be?
Level 73
Dec 2, 2022
Decent quiz, but could you accept just 'Grievous' please? Also while you're at it 'first' is spelt wrong in the first question