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Advanced North Dakota trivia. Enjoy.
Quiz by Damangio
Last updated: August 13, 2023
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Largest City
The next largest cities
Grand Forks
West Fargo
Bordering states
South Dakota
Bordering Canadian provinces
North Dakota is part of what large, flat region of North America?
Great Plains
Term for a temperate grassland ecosystem
Most of North Dakota has what climate classification?
warm-summer humid continental
Highest point (3508 ft/1069 m)
White Butte
The Laurentian Divide or Northern Divide passes through North Dakota and separates the waters that flow where?
Hudson Bay
Gulf of Mexico
Most of North Dakota is covered with rolling hills and small lakes, carved by what between 95,000 and 20,000 years ago?
glacier (the Laurentide Ice Sheet)
The eastern part of the state is very flat because it was under what lake following this period?
Lake Agassiz
Wooded plateau in the middle of the northern border
Turtle Mountain(s)
Semi-arid region in the southwest of the state comprised of rugged gullies and buttes eroded out of layered clay soil
Gravel roads in this region are pink, due to the use of what rock formed from clay sediment baked by burning coal veins?
porcellanite clinker (colloquially "scoria")
River that flows through the heart of this region
Little Missouri River
Largest river
Missouri River
Large river that enters North Dakota from the west just a few miles before its confluence with the above
Yellowstone River
River that forms most of the eastern border
Red River
River that forms the southern part of the eastern border
Bois de Sioux River
Other major rivers
James River
Sheyenne River
Souris River
Largest natural lake, an endorheic lake
Devils Lake
Largest lakes (manmade)
Lake Oahe
Lake Sakakawea
Dam that formed the above lake
Garrison Dam
Town which purports to be the geographical center of North America
Town which is actually the geographical center of North America, according to a 2016 study (no pun intended)
Interstate highways
U.S. highways (having over 100 independently signed miles in North Dakota)
Time zones
Central Time
Mountain Time
Number of counties
Rodents that build underground "towns" which can house thousands of individuals
prairie dogs
North America's most endangered mammal, which preys on the above
black-footed ferret
Largest wild carnivore
mountain lion
The fastest animal on land in the Americas
Species of deer
elk (wapiti)
white-tailed deer
mule deer
Species of wild sheep
bighorn sheep
National Park
Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Park that spans the international border
International Peace Garden
Native American peoples that comprise the Three Affiliated Tribes
Other federally recognized Indian tribes
Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate (Sioux/Dakota)
Spirit Lake Tribe (Sioux/Dakota)
Standing Rock Sioux (Dakota & Lakota)
Turtle Mountain Chippewa (Ojibwe)
Dome-shaped Native American dwellings in riverside villages
earth lodges
Rock quarried in North Dakota and traded across a huge area of North America by Native Americans
Knife River flint
Explorers who spent time in North Dakota during their exploration of the Louisiana Purchase
Lewis and Clark
The name of their expedition
Corps of Discovery
Their Native American guide and interpreter
Building material used by homesteaders in places where there were few trees
Territory North Dakota was a part of before it became a state
Dakota Territory
Large, industrialized wheat farms of the late 19th century
bonanza farms
President who, in 1889, shuffled the statehood bills on his desk before and after signing them, so no one actually knows whether North Dakota or South Dakota became a state first
Benjamin Harrison
19th-century transcontinental railroads that traversed North Dakota
Northern Pacific Railway
Great Northern Railway
Left-wing rural populist political movement that controlled the state government from 1918 to 1921 and continued to wield significant power through the 1950s.
Nonpartisan League
The only state-owned institution of its kind in the US
Bank of North Dakota
The only state-owned industrial facility of its kind in the US, and also the largest in the US
North Dakota Mill and Elevator
North Dakota's largest crop by acreage. It is the #2 producer.
North Dakota is the #1 producer of these oilseed crops, producing over 75% of the US's total.
North Dakota is the #2 producer of this oilseed crop.
North Dakota is the #1 producer of this grain.
North Dakota is the #1 producer of this variety of wheat, used to make pasta.
North Dakota is the #1 or #2 producer of these legumes.
black beans
navy beans
pinto beans
peas (dry)
North Dakota is the #1 producer of this sweet agricultural product.
North Dakota is the #2 producer of oil, thanks to a 21st-century boom centered around this oil-bearing rock formation.
Bakken shale
Technologies that have enabled the commercial extraction of oil from this formation
hydraulic fracturing ("fracking")
horizontal drilling
North Dakota has the world's largest known deposit of this kind of coal.
North Dakota has the US's only commerical-scale facility that turns coal into what?
natural gas
Second-largest source of electricity in North Dakota, behind coal
North Dakota has two of these military establishments.
Air Force bases
North Dakota is one of only two states where these bomber aircraft are stationed.
North Dakota has 150 Minuteman III units. What are they?
nuclear missiles
North Dakota is the only state in which this number decreased during the Great Recession of 2007-2009.
A manmade structure in North Dakota was the world's tallest from 1991 to 2008. What is it for?
television transmission
The town of Dunseith has the world's largest sculpture of a turtle. What is it made of?
car wheels
Rural highway decorated with huge metal sculptures
Enchanted Highway
North Dakota has more of these buildings per capita than any other state
States with a smaller population than North Dakota
The largest group of North Dakotans (35%) trace their ancestry to this country.
24% of North Dakotans trace their ancestry to this country, by far the highest rate of any state.
Only 0.42% of North Dakotans trace their ancestry to this country, but that's by far the highest rate of any state. They live mainly in the northeast of the state, where there's a state park named after them.
Largest branch of Christianity
North Dakota has the US's oldest religious building of this kind.
North America's largest annual Scandinavian heritage festival
Norsk Høstfest
North Dakota is the only state which does not have this in its election process.
voter registration
North Dakota State University's mascot
The University of North Dakota's mascot
The University of North Dakota is one of the NCAA's most dominant teams in what sport?
men's ice hockey
Official state nickname
the Peace Garden State
State nickname (in honor of Theodore Roosevelt)
the Rough Rider State
State nickname (a Native American people)
the Sioux State
State nickname (a rodent)
the Flickertail State
Most prominent object on the state flag
bald eagle
Animal on the state quarter
State bird
western meadowlark
State tree
American elm
State fish
northern pike
State flower
wild prairie rose
State insect
State fruit
State beverage
State dance
square dance
State motto, a quote from Daniel Webster
and union
and forever,
and inseparable
Number of domes on the state capitol building
Level 64
Mar 3, 2021
I haven't lived in my native state for 13 years. Now that I'm on the East Coast, people's responses when they learn I'm from North Dakota generally imply a belief that there is nothing interesting about North Dakota except its cold winters. So I compiled a list of interesting facts about North Dakota which I keep on my phone in preparation for such interactions. That list became this quiz, so now you get to learn all this stuff too!

I recommend that you look up pictures of the North Dakota Badlands and the canola and flax fields.

Level 64
Jul 8, 2022
My favorite North Dakota fact that didn't really work as a quiz question: North Dakota is well known for its cold winters, but many people don't realize it also has hot summers (this is what's meant by a "continental" climate). Most summers reach triple digits Fahrenheit. On July 6, 1936, the town of Steele recorded 120.4°F. That's hotter than the record high temperature of Texas. Only five states have recorded a temperature higher than North Dakota's record. 1936 was a bad year.
Level 51
Mar 4, 2021
The average score is.... 0.
Level 52
Apr 27, 2021
good quiz, north dakota
Level 65
Jul 23, 2021
So this quiz was removed by r/northdakota?
Level 64
Jul 23, 2021
Yeah. They must have though it was self-promotion or something.
Level 64
Jul 27, 2021
I've updated the ancestry statistics based on the 2019 American Community Survey. Wisconsin has edged out North Dakota for the highest rate of German ancestry.