Extremely Hard General Knowledge #1

Answer these DIFFICULT random trivia questions.
Quiz by JoeRainford
Last updated: April 15, 2024
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First submittedApril 24, 2020
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The Jeddah Light is the tallest lighthouse in the world and is in which country?
Saudi Arabia
Which empire ran from 330-1453 AD and had Constantinople as its capital city?
Who won the first Snooker World Championship held at The Crucible in 1977?
John Spencer
In November 1952, who claimed the first Number 1 in the UK single chart with "Here in My Heart"?
Al Martino
In March 2023, who was named as the newest (42nd) Blue Peter presenter?
Abby Cook
The Rome Colosseum began construction in 72 AD under which Roman emperor?
Who became the first president of India in 1950?
Rajendra Prasad
In the Bible, who betrayed Samson to the Philistines?
The island of Réunion became an overseas department of which country in 1946?
Which building in Chicago is the 3rd tallest in the USA, behind the One World Trade Center?
Willis Tower
In which year did Burma change its name to Myanmar?
In which city did Sir Roger Bannister complete the first sub-4-minute mile in 1954?
Sebastian Coe came 2nd in UK's Sports Personality of the Year in 1980 and 1984, losing both times to athletes from which sport?
Figure Skating
When South Africa won their 3rd Rugby World Cup in 2019, who scored the most points for them that tournament?
Handrè Pollard
Sirius (Dog Star) is the brightest star in the night sky and is found in which constellation?
Canis Major
What is the name for a doctor that specialises in glands and the hormones they make?
Karl Benz is widely credited for what invention, created in 1885?
Which band performed the title song for the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough (1999)?
Who has provided their voice as the announcer for University Challenge since 2001?
Roger Tilling
Who won their first Oscar in 1961 for Butterfield 8 (1960)?
Elizabeth Taylor
Level 82
Nov 21, 2020
Al Martino had the UK's first no.1 single in 1952, not 1972. Excellent quiz. Thanks!
Level 64
Nov 21, 2020
Thanks for pointing this out, have edited and resubmitted :)
Level 85
Apr 14, 2024
Pretty UK-centric. Snooker isn't really played outside of the UK. University Challenge and Blue Peter aren't watched outside of the UK.
Level 56
Apr 14, 2024
The current snooker world champion is Belgian. When you think of the number of questions on the NFL and baseball you see on Jetpunk, one single question on snooker on a user-created quiz is hardly something to complain about. As far as I'm concerned it makes a nice change.
Level 64
Apr 15, 2024
I am from the United Kingdom and the majority of quiz shows that I watch have majority UK-centric questions. Because of this all quizzes in this series will have niches that are UK-specific as well as other questions from other cultures, just like a US quiz would have
Level 85
Apr 17, 2024
It's not good for quizzes to have questions that only Americans can answer, either, unless they have a name like "U.S. Trivia". Outside of quizzes that are specifically American, the U.S.-centric questions are usually known outside of the U.S. There are many British shows that are watched outside of the U.K., but those two aren't among them. Doctor Who, Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Mr. Bean, Blackadder, The Avengers, Space: 1999, Blakes 7, and many more British comedies and sci fi shows have been syndicated outside of the U.K. (in the U.S. on such channels as PBS, A&E, and Syfy). I'm pretty sure that no station outside of the U.K. syndicates Blue Peter and University Challenge. I've only heard of them because of Doctor Who and The Young Ones, respectively.
Level 64
Apr 18, 2024
There's a difference between questions being favoured towards people from the UK and questions that only people from the UK can answer. I am not trying to make a quiz that provides equal benefit to the masses, as JonOfKent stated there is enough stuff on this website to cater for Americans. That by no means results in it excluding Americans, it's not like the material in the questions is not easily accessible. Even if the TV show is not regularly shown on US channels you can quite easily find hundreds of articles and websites going into great detail about them. If you think this is futile then maybe just glance up the title of the quiz and the quiz series it is kept in and realise why you might not immediately know the answer :)
Level 56
Apr 21, 2024
I vaguely agree with the idea that, in quizzes of general interest, questions should be guessable by people from any country (although I'm not sure how realistic it is to keep to that rigorously) but I absolutely disagree with the idea that the US questions on here are usually known outside of the US. There are any number of questions which are about companies and brands operating exclusively in the US, or arcane points of American history, the history of the NFL or of baseball, obscure US geography... the list goes on. Just today there is a featured quiz called 'famous people from Minnesota' with 9 people in I've never even heard of, much less know who they are, and I don't think I'm such an ignoramus.

Personally i think it's fine, as this is after all an American website, but by the same yardstick I think people creating their own websites should be able to make them as parochial as they want to.

Level 70
Apr 14, 2024
Really should accept eastern Roman Empire
Level 64
Apr 15, 2024
Thanks for pointing out, have added this as an acceptable type in