Extremely Hard General Knowledge #14

Answer these DIFFICULT random trivia questions.
Quiz by JoeRainford
Last updated: April 14, 2023
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First submittedSeptember 7, 2020
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What is the name of the second biggest desert in Africa by area?
What was the maiden name of the Polish scientist Marie Curie?
Who was the Southern Democratic nominee who lost to Abraham Lincoln in the 1860 U.S Presidential Election?
John C. Breckinridge
What is the French translation of "frogs' legs"?
Cuisses de grenouilles
Which UK Shipping Forecast area borders both France and Spain?
Who stars alongside Tom Cruise as Lana in the film Risky Business?
Rebecca de Mornay
How far (in metres i.e., 40.21m) did Jonathan Edwards jump when he broke the Triple Jump world record in Gothenburg in 1995?
Which college football playoff bowl game shares its name with a model of Ford car?
Who was Roman emperor from 14 AD to 37 AD following the death of Augustus?
Who plays DCI Vera Stanhope in the ITV detective series?
Brenda Blethyn
Which Italian city is home to the headquarters of Fiat?
In 1875 who became the first man to swim the English Channel?
Matthew Webb
What are the 4 main vocal ranges (going from highest to lowest)?
Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
Roy Plomley first hosted Desert Island Discs when it began in what year?
What was the former name of the current ruling house before George V adopted the name Windsor?
Who was the coach when Argentina lifted the World Cup in 1986?
Carlos Bilardo
What was the codename for the military operation of the Normandy landings in WWII?
Who won the Best Director Oscar in 1959 for directing the film, Gigi (1958)?
Vincente Minnelli
In Greek Mythology, who was called upon to judge a beauty contest between Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite?
What is the name of a green, melon flavoured liqueur originating from Japan?
Level 85
Sep 7, 2020
The vocal ranges are going from highest to lowest.
Level 64
Sep 8, 2020
Changed :)
Level 85
Sep 7, 2020
The Wikipedia article entitled "1860 Democratic National Conventions" says that Stephen A. Douglas was the official candidate.
Level 64
Sep 8, 2020
Changed :)
Level 76
Mar 2, 2024
Maybe make it clear you're only looking for the SATB choral range, because mezzo-soprano, contralto and baritone are also common vocal ranges.
Level 56
Apr 20, 2024
I was SO pleased with myself for getting the 18.29m question and then it turns out 8% of people got it! Have all these people got nothing better to do with their lives than memorise long jump statistics?!?!

Also I don't think in French you can really say "cuisses de grenouilles" - it has to be "cuisses de grenouille", even if there is more than one frog. Just like those things called cats' tongues, they're "langues de chat", not "langues de chats". I'm only nitpicking because I am loving your quizzes, you understand. Unfortunately I can't nominate all of them, at least not all at once

Level 64
Apr 22, 2024
Hi Jon,

Thanks for pointing this out and all other comments on the quizzes series it is REALLY helpful :) Some of these quizzes are a few years old so I try to get in the habit of completing them myself now and again and updating where the question is out of date. Having a second pair of eyes to spot things I've missed and suggest other acceptable type-ins is really appreciated.

I am working through all your suggestions as well as any other comments from users, some of the formatting in the earlier ones can definitely be improved so hopefully this will eliminate the need for several type-ins.

Memorising athletics statistics is also something I have spent (wasted?) a lot of time doing. Created this to make it a little easier:

Hopefully nobody beats Jonathan Edward's record for a little while because then it's just another bit of admin!

Thanks Again,


Level 56
Apr 27, 2024
Happy days :-) I always feel a bit guilty putting these comments so thank you for your kind answer! I'll feel just a little bit less guilty in future.